Stevie Nicks

Trouble in Shangri-la

8/8/01 Fiddlers Green Amph. Denver CO

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Lyndsay Stahl
It was just a few days before my 18th birthday and I was so excited about seeing this concert for my present. I have never seen Stevie Nicks in concert before, just on tapes, but WOW it was great. I was so pumped up and when Stevie came out on stage it was just like that rush you get when your a little kid and you get to go to the fireworks or a, deffinately way better. It wasn't like any other concert I went to where the performer just sang and that's it, she actually talked to us and there was a point durring one of the songs where she actually went to the edge of the stage and recieved flowers from the people in the front. She was so happy and excited herself, and way better in person than on cd, she never messed up once. Words cannot say how great that night was. I wanted to meet her so bad too but the concert alone was enough to make me happy!

Jackie Gonzales
I want to start off by saying that I have not been a devoted Stevie fan for as long as some people, but after seeing her in concert, I can honestly say that I am a fan for life!

For this concert I spent a little extra money to get into the first row(not the pit area,but the first actual row).From the moment that I heard "Bootylicious",my heart was pounding.I could not wait to see her on the stage and hear her voice.When she walked out,I couldn't believe it!STEVIE NICKS!Right there in front of me!

She was AWESOME!The weather was perfect,no rain.There was a small little breeze,but the only thing that did was make her even more magical,her hair and shawls gently blowing.She truly is a beautiful woman with an equally beautiful and haunting voice.I sang along to each and every song,never sitting down.It was AMAZING!

The only thing that I was disappointed by was the fact that I couldn't rush to the stage.I was in the first actual stadium row. But the disappointment vanished when she was right on the stage directly in front of me,waving and blowing a kiss.I was overcome with emotion,as I like to think that she was looking straight at me,knowing that I am out here somewhere.(There was nobody in front of me,they were all at the stage)I would have liked to be at the stage,but this was just as exciting. As a young female fan,there is nobody that I would rather be like. She is a beautiful person,inside and out,sharing herself with her fans like they are close friends.

And taking Stevie's advice,I'm going to take care,for her,so that I can do it again.

Aimee Stefanelli
Stevie's charismatic personality set a mystical mood over Fiddlers Green in Denver last Wednesday. Stevie sang beautifully and suddenly the audience joined in by dancing and swaying to the music. I truly enjoyed the new songs that she sang, especially, "Too Far From Texas." At the end of the concert she touched my heart when she said, "Please take care of yourselves, so we can do this again." Thank you Stevie, for sharing your musical gifts with others. Take care of yourself and know that you are loved very much.

I saw Stevie at Fiddlers Green on Aug 8. I went with my gal pal from work. We had a GREAT time! We were about 10 rows back, when Stevie came on, I thought I was going to faint. I can not believe I was that close to my HERO, GOODESS, IDOL! Looking back I can honestly say the concert was a surreal experience. All the people around me were so happy. If only the world could revolve on that kind of positive energy every day! Oh what a place this would be! I honestly think at one point Stevie looked straight at me and tipped her head. Ok, maybe not, but I can let myself THINK that! I had a great and wonderful time and I thank you for letting me share my experience with other Stevie fans.

Shanti Campbell
There is one word to describe Stevie: mystical. I am 21 years old, and I grew up listening to Stevie Nicks, being as my Mom was always a fan. The concert at Fiddler's Green was just amazing! Stevie was spell bounding! She looks terrific and she did plenty of her signature spins. I don't know if artists know how capable they are of touching people's hearts and souls, but she does it. The highlight to me, though it was at the end of the concert, was Stevie coming out in her beautiful feathered hat and singing "Has Anyone Ever Written Anything for You". Of course I cried! She is beautiful and I hope she is aware of how much she means to her fans!

First of all it was a dream come true to be able to seat 12th row dead center at the Fiddlers Green (Denver) tour stop. My wonderful husband upgraded our seats an hour before the show and as we walked up to our new seats, I just started crying. I couldn't believe I would be that close to my obsession. I read that the fans were teased with Bootylicious and that we all screamed and then sat down when we realized it wasn't her. Well, I knew it wasn't her. I just knew that meant it was starting. She looked & sounded awesome. She prayed to the Rain Gods to please have it not rain and it didn't. I cried the first 4 songs. I was just so overwhelmed. She is truly the Queen Of Rock. The Denver Post gave her a much deserved review.

The set list as I remember it was: Trouble In Shangri-La Intro Stop Draggin' My Heart Around Enchanted Dreams Gold Dust Woman Everyday Sorcerer Rhiannon Stand Back Planets Of The Universe Too Far From Texas Band Intro Fall From Grace Bombay Sapphire Edge Of Seventeen I Need To Know Has Anyone Ever Written Anything For You

Stevie, if you are reading this, Thank you for rocking my world day after day. See you next year.

Cara Briggs
The Stevie Nicks Concert was beautiful! I am from Denver...and she played here at Fiddlers Green...and wow...she is just an amazing woman who I greatly respect and who I admire . I am only 19 but I was raised with mom loves her and thats all I can remember listening to...Even when i was around 7 years old I remember sneakin into my step dads 8 track tapes and takin the "Rumors" album and listening to "the chain" and "gold dust woman" over and over again...while everyone my age was listening to New Kids on The Block....

The concert was incredible the only thing that would have made it better is if I would have been able to meet the Rock Goddess...I read a lot of the reviews papers across the country gave...they were good...but they just didnt describe the feeling and the electricity in her music and in the crowd...she just set all 17,000 fans here in Denver in a trance. If anyone reads this review you should really read the review the Denver Post gave just made me all tingley inside reading when you hear the national anthem...that kind of beautiful feeling....Stevie will Rock forever!! Denver

Roxanna Winslow
Stevie looks and sounds more amazing than ever. Her beauty is as deep as her lyrics and her voice is the most unique heart stopping experience. You will never hear anyone belt out a note like her. She shares her soul with us and that connection will never be broken.

Aimee Miller-Stefanelli
I attended Stevie's concert at Fiddlers Green in Denver on Wednesday, and I would like you to know it was wonderful. We enjoyed the music and the atmosphere. Stevie worked very hard and sang beautifully. She touched my heart at the end of the concert when she told us to take care of ourselves, so we could do this again. I have loved her music for a long time, and to be able to attended her concert was truly an honor. Thank you Stevie, for sharing your beautiful musical talents and gifts with others. Take care of yourself and know that you are loved and cherished.

mendy eckard
It was awsome to have stevie back in town doing what she does best (rock).And deliver her best performans .I have seen her four times alone and two times with fleetwoodmac.In my thirdy seven years of life,The nights set sarted the same in all the other city with Stop Dragon My Heart Around.I did though miss the intro because i had gone and gotten a pepsi for my husband which had come with this year.unlike my sister last time for Enchanted.(It was both cindy and my birthday that night ) It was wounderful to have jim with me this time.

The rest of the night was awsome rocking all night along,to bad it always ends to soon.Waddy was tearing up the place on his guitar,everyone else was great too,carlos,al,mark,lenny always on percussions,scott,brett,and her lady back up singers sharon,mindy.I'am glad that the weather held out and did'nt rain stevie stated this at the begining of Outside The Rain that it had rain all night the night before in albuguerque and she seemed she did'nt like it,so she look up and asked please ,and through Dreams she waved her hands,her answers were honerd,this is how magical she is.

She did play alot of the new stuff (Sorcerer,with a story about it's becoming,Everyday,Plants of the Universe,Too far from Texas,with a little cute remark she thought she would change the city to what ever city she was in that's her.Bombay Sapphieres,Fall from Grace.)Some old (Rhiannon,always good,Gold dust Woman,Stand Back, Enchanted,and the oncord Edege of Seventeen.I need to know.Has anyone Ever witten Anything for you.)The whole time rocking,trulling danceing and giving use the best she had.she's the greatest aiways and forever.Your geatest fan ( mendy eckard)

Harlan Greenstein
The concert was outstanding, and it left me spellbounded and breathless. From the minute Stevie took the stage I never sat down one time. I cheered louder than anyone in my seating section. The concert was a surprise pre-birthday gift from my spouse to me since I love Stevie Nicks so much. We got to the show 2 hours early to find seats, car parking and check out Fiddler's Green since it was our first time at this venue. Stevie came out at 8:15PM sharp wearing her trademark black batwing dress singing "Stop Dragging My Heart Around." and ended the show with "As Anyone Written Anything For You." Ms. Nicks never skipped a beat, missed a lyric or missed a dance step or her trademark twirls. It was a wonderful, vibrant show, with a great set of songs. Stevie singing "Dreams" live was for me the highlight, and her stage set matched this and every song perfect. my fandom for Stevie grows and grows each and every year, and this concert was one more link in the chain for me. If I could, I would re-live this night all over again, thanks Stevie for the wonderful and happy memories, keep rockin Ms. Nicks!!

It's 1:15 a.m. Just got back from the Stevie show at Fiddlers Green in Colorado. The night was wonderful, the skies were a bit threatening but no rain in sight.

The song set was pretty much the same as described in previous reviews. Stevie sounded and looked great. She rocked the house with her spins and twirls dancing across the stage having fun and talking to the audience. Towards the begining of the show she mentioned that she just came form Albuquerque and it rained during the hole show, and she prayed to the rain gods that there would be no rain tonight.

She introduced the bang and Waddy got a big standing O, he played liked he had never been out of touch. His guitar solo was absolutely threaling and was nice to see him having as much fun as Stevie was up there on that stage.

It's amazing how powerful Stevie's voice is and just how well she can still carry such a wonderful tune, some of the songs that she sang 10yrs. ago still sound the same today as if she were singing them for the first time. I just want to Thank Stevie for all her music and all the shows that she has put on over the years. I hope she continues to Rock a Little.

Stevie Nicks has been by far a rock icon of mine since I started listening to music and knowing for real what music really is! Her days with Fleetwood Mac and as a solo artist still inspire me! August 8th at Fiddler's Green Amphitheater, on the "Trouble In Shangri-La" tour, Stevie did me no wrong. Opening with "Stop Draggin' My Heart Around", Stevie gave me a sense of familiarity that I enjoyed with my friends Jessica and Lorrie who had never seen Stevie before! Though I regret that "Outside the Rain" wasn't played, "Dreams" was a perfect intro for her touch on FleetwoodMac.

When she came walking out with a gold shawl wrapped around her shoulders, I knew that the night was only getting better and more into perspective with "Gold Dust Woman". "Planets of the Universe" sounded really good live, as well as "Everyday" and "Too far From Texas" seemed too real to be live! But she was real, and she was there! Stevie's energy was that of an artist that was there for us (the fans, the people). She made us feel like we were part of the recording experience and of the writing process. "Rhiannon" came about halfway through the show with an energy from the crowd that would have made a jealous Christine McVie re-join Fleetwood Mac if she wanted too! The piano sounds were indubious! "Fall From Grace" totally took me back to the days when Stevie was at her rockin' best and reminded me that she still knows how to rock!

Of course (like she does with Fleetwood Mac) "Stand Back" is a popular favorite that was pulled off with perfection! Then there was the Drum Jam between Mark Shulman and Lenny Castro that lasted for what seamed like forever! But it worked because before you realized what was going on, Waddy Wachtel was playing the all-too-familiar guitar chords of "Edge of Seventeen" and boom; the chemestry on stage became pure dynomite and Stevie did her meet-and-greet with the audience when the song was ending. "I Need To Know" was shown off as the encore, this girl can rock at 53 yrs old, and then the miracle happened.........

I've always been teary eyed when I hear "Has Anyone Ever Written Anything For You". This was the last song of the show and if you know the story behind it, well you'd cry too! Anywho, I was NOT dissappionted with Stevie this time around, I think I could never be! "Trouble In Shangri-La" is a fine album, and this concert was a fine representation of her art on tour!! By the way, the tophat with the white feather at the end of the show was way cool!!

George Craft
A perfect evening that left me dizzy and thrilled. Stevie looks marvelous, and the crowd adores her. Her selections span 25 years of her career, from Fleetwood Mac favorites to cuts from TISL. From her first appearance on the stage until the lights went on, the fans were on their feet, swaying, dancing, singing. Stevie's voice was strong and clear, and the band rocked. Waddy Wachtel added his magic guitar to the band, and Mindy Stein's vocal backup to Stevie couldn't have been better. The Colorado skies stayed rainless at the outdoor amphitheater. It just doesn't get any better!

Doug Wolff
Was defenitly one of the best concert that she has put on!! Fiddlers Green is a very nice venue for concerts. Can't wait for the next album/tour.

John D. Rosemeier
GOOD EVENING DENVER..... I have to start out saying that I have seen Stevie in Denver so many times; but, each time is new. It was the typical Denver evening consisting of storm clouds over the mountains and strong winds in the valley. The colors (blue, orange, purples and pinks) in the sky enhanced the beauty of the stage decor. We were all headed for the magic we've always come to expect daily; but, tonight we had Stevie in the Mile High City.

Stevie started out with "Stop Dragging My heart Around", and ended with "Has Anyone Ever Written Anything for You?". This is my observation, but I think the crowd really got stirred during "Rhiannon" and "Gold Dust Woman". How could you not? Especially for us "older" rockers. We understand what this stuff means!!! It was very exciting to see the vast age differences in her fans. I have been a fan since 1978. I was sitting next to younger fans that just discovered her. How wonderful that all of us can enjoy and appreciate Stevie's musical talents. The wind blew her hair all night. What a great "special" effect. She did wear a top hat with a large white feather in it for her final song. That was kind of interesting. Maybe she got tired of the wind blowing her hair. Stevie told us to "take care of each other so we could come back and do this again". I remember her saying that at the Enchanted Tour a few years ago. Looks like we took her advice!!! As I left Fiddlers Green, I was excited to hear all of the cars playing her music. There were smiles on everyone's faces. Where else can you go and get this much?----- Maybe a Bronco game!!! Love ya Stevie!!!!

Jim Cleary
This was by far Stevie's best show ever... She lit up the stage as if she'd never been gone. She was charming and gracious, and most of all, as beautiful as ever. Her voice was as strong and never waivering. She is truly THE DIVA. Planets of the Universe was one of the most theatrical songs I've seen her do in a while, and the rest of her performance lives up to the tradition she started so many years ago. Stevie, we love you!!!! Jim Cleary, FanSupreme

Cyndi Miller
Wow!!! For those still waiting to see Stevie, I can tell you it is a "5 coupon ride". I was 6 rows back with my cousin, and 10 yr. old daughter. Stevie was very complimentary to her band. And of course the audience. She was "sparkling" and never missed a beat. She did seem a bit tired. But the more her show went on the stronger she seemed to become. Rhiannon left me totally breathless!! and I did say to my cousin that my heart hurt...Stevie KICKED IT, like you would never was like the first time I had seen her with Fleetwood Mac, many moons ago. Edge of Seventeen seemed to "lift" the whole audience to another plain. Sadly it ended TO daughter has not STOPPED was worth every penny...Stevie is truly the Queen. I will never forget last night.....or my child's smile

Having spent so much time reading fan reviews and knowing the set list beforehand, I was not prepared for how incredible the concert actually was...I was totally enraptured... Stevie came out looking so her black dress sparkling in the lights...and her Reeboks. It seemed to me-at first- that she was still a bit tired and not "up to snuff" because she appeared to be wavering a bit and not going too far away from her ribbon bedecked mike stand...and as in the reviews from other fans she indeed "cut out" if you will on the emotional high spots in "Gold Dust Woman", and "Rhiannon" and the like. Her high kick at the end of "Stand Back" was really more raising her leg really high...but, lest anyone think I'm a party pooper here, lemme tell ya...that is soooo not the case. I showed up at the venue waaay the heck too early and had to wait for a good hour and forty-five minutes before they opened the gates and about another half hour till they let us all get inside the amphitheatre. Everyone was milling about in the food court and buying the usual concert souveniers.. Her opening act was great...once he got going. He seemed to me to be still not possesing a great amount of confidence onstage and needs to work on getting a rhythm and flow going...although towards the end of his set he had people on their feet cheering and clapping! I sat next to some fabulous people who loved my outfit and gave me room to do my "white-winged dove" thing during "Edge of Seventeen"!

As it did last time on the Enchanted was a big concern...a brief shower in the afternoon but it stayed dry for the show...something Stevie remarked upon...rain all through the Albequerque (sp?!) show.. "Bootylicious" faked 'em all...everyone stood and cheered and then when nothing happened slowly they all sat back down... I looooved the outfit with the huge hat with the feather she wore for HAEWAFY"...that recieved one of the biggest cheers of the night.... I still can't believe that I was actually there last night... One of the personal notes of the evening for me was what happened on my drive home...cruisin' down the highway I came upon not one but two of Stevie's tour busses!! Actually drove alongside one of them for a few seconds... If I had the money and the time I'd follow her around the country on the rest of her tour...kinda like the one gal I met in line..she came aaaalll the way to Denver from Connecticut!!!

Adam Goldstein
Wow! Stevie is an amazing woman. This was the first time that I had seen her live, although I have been a fan for years. She teased the crowd by starting the show, with "Bootylicious" by Destiny's Child. This song has that amazing riff from "Edge of Seventeen". Everybody around me got up and started dancing, because they thought it was Stevie. However, we all really knew that Stevie was coming on, when "Trouble in Shangra-la" started to play. I actually felt my hairs stand on end in anticipation. I felt so emotional and happy to see her live...Goodness, what a rush.

Although Stevie was still obviously recovering from her bout with laryngitis, she was still incredible. She played many songs from "Trouble in Shangra-la" including "Sorcerer" and "Planets of the Universe" (my personal favorite). Before the show started, Stevie deemed that the rain "GO AWAY" in her usual witchy fashion. There was not one drop of rain throughout the entire show. Stevie looked absolutely beautiful (as always) wearing black for most of the evening. She also was talkative and social as she explained what "Planets of the Universe" was about. I can't describe to you, how amazing this woman is. I absolutely adore her.

The highlights of the show included Stevie singing an old Tom Petty song, "I need to know", "Gold Dust Woman" and "Edge of Seventeen". "Edge of Seventeen" was particularly impressive to hear live. You know how her voice sounds....Amazing. I also just love how she has that sparkly thing hanging from her microphone that just played with the wind all night.

The only thing that I wasn't sure about was during an encore, she put on a crazy hat. I was kind of far away, so I couldn't see it well except for on the TV screen displaying her. What's the hat about, Stevie?? I also wish that Sheryl Crow had been there as well, because she is also amazing. However, her backup singers really did the job. She has a beautiful new backup singer now, too, who also was incredible. I also would have loved it if Stevie had sung "Silver Springs". However, I completely understand how difficult it must be to pick songs after such a long and successful career.

Anyways, Stevie ROCKS and I love her to death. I hope she infused me with a little bit of Wicca power, because she is absolutely incredible. She ended the show with "Has anybody ever written anything for you". Everybody in the audience felt a good sense of well being upon leaving the show as Stevie exclaimed, "Take care of yourselves, so that we can do this again". Man, Stevie is the best. Peace to all of you Stevie fans.

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