Stevie Nicks

Trouble in Shangri-la

8/3/01 Smirnoff Music Center Dallas, TX
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Jessica Lowe
It was a hot night in Dallas (are there any other kind?) when Stevie took the stage and made me forget all about the heat-and everything else! Everyone cheered when "Bootylicious" played and I knew it was finally time. Ever since the first months of 2001 I've been waiting anxiously for this moment. The house lights go off and the cool sounds of a short remix of "Trouble in Shangri-La" fill the air. My heart pounds. The anticipation builds...then "Stop Draggin'..." kicks in, the lights come up, and THERE'S WADDY!

All sense of time and years begins to fade away. Stevie steps out of the shadows looking and sounding as radiant as when it all began so long ago. I felt a deeper appreciation this time, somehow. Even though I'd seen her live in '86 '87 '89 '90 '91 '94 '97 and '98, it was new all over again. Every twinkle in her eyes, every sly grin. All moving in slow motion and fine detail. From 2nd row center it was so personal and intimate. She seemed to be enjoying herself so much. The show was a smooth mix of passionate old songs and exciting new ones. I love that she did so many new songs! Everyone knows the setlist by now so I won't go into that again. If you're reading and writing these reviews, you know and love all the songs already. I will say this: if you're standing there in million-degree heat soaking with sweat and look down at your arm and see big goosebumps and feel the sodden hair on the back of your neck somehow manage to stand on end, you know it's a damn good concert!!

I especially loved "Bombay Sapphires". She wore the big blue burnout velvet shawl from the Blue Lamp pictures. It's one of my favourites and I love to see her still wearing it! Toward the end of "Edge of 17" the girls in the front row let me climb over and stand up front. I could see Stevie coming down the line. I was so excited! Would she touch my hand? Hands were up everywhere as she got closer, then THERE SHE WAS. My right hand reached up and Stevie squeezed it ever so gently. It was so magical (like being blessed by the Pope or something)! My heart was pounding so loud I thought it might drown out the music!

I watched as she made her way down the line. So many happy glowing faces as she shook as many hands as she could. Then it was encore time already. "I Need to Know" blazed, then the mood quieted with the first piano notes of "HAEWAFY". Stevie strode out in her most beautiful look of the whole show. Sparkly peachy-pink top with matching shawl draped over her arms. And THE HAT. That magnificent hat! You've all read about it or seen it already, but I just have to mention it again. A tall black top hat with several giant soft fringey feathers on it. White and peachy-pink ones. So big and heavy she had to hold it by the brim sometimes to keep it on straight. So cute!! The song ends with her saying ..."priests of...nothing". Then she pointed to herself and said, "priestesses of EVERYTHING!" like she was saying girls are cooler than guys in a lighthearted, tongue-in-cheek kind of way. She laughed and we laughed with her. Then the band all take a bow and Stevie waves one last time. Then she's gone (and my life knows no answer)!

It was over much too soon. I was sad to see it end, but not as much! ! as usual-I was headed to The Woodlands for the next show!! Aside from the concert itself, the whole atmosphere of the crowd and venue was full of fun and love. Before the show I sat nervously in the car watching people go by. I was dressed up like Stevie in a black chiffon layered skirt and black velvet top with Rhiannon sleeves. I did my hair like the "Every Day" video-straight with crimps here and there. Everyone else seemed to be in shorts and t-shirts. Would they make fun of me? I took a deep breath...(sigh) time to go inside. Waiting in line for souvenirs, I got a compliment from a girl next to me. I began to feel better. Walking through the space between the seats and the grass area, I was surprised by a teenage girl. She had run down from the grass to catch me. She said she loved my outfit and asked if she could take a picture with me! I was so thrilled! I posed with her and she thanked me for being a good sport. I began to relax a little more. Maybe this wasn't such a bad idea after all! A couple of other girls asked where I got my outfit. I told them I made it myself and they thought that was cool. They were so sweet!

I felt a little nervous again making my way down to the 2nd row. No sooner had I sat down when another girl came up and talked to me. She was dressed up too. I WAS SO GLAD!! Her name was Christine and she was on the 10th row. She looked great dressed in black also, with cool black lace fingerless gloves. Just as "Bootylicious" began I noticed a girl on the front row of the next section over to my right. She was dancing in the aisle wearing the most beautiful Stevie outfit I've ever seen (that wasn't on Stevie herself). It was almost like mine in style but the color was a beautiful pale pink. She also wore pale pink platform boots that matched exactly (I had on sandals-it was just too hot!). I really wanted to talk to her but the concert was about to start. I hoped she would still be there after the show-and she was! Her name was Lizzie and she said Bear made her outfit. (That's why it looked much more professional than mine!) She looked AMAZING and was very nice. Then the coolest, strangest thing happened! While I was talking to Lizzie this cute sweet young boy (he couldn't have been more than 8 or 9) came up to me. Program in one hand, pen in the other, he actually ASKED ME FOR MY AUTOGRAPH!! I said, "Oh honey, I'm not Stevie." He said "oh" and went on by to talk to the security man. I was stunned! Only a very young child could possibly mistake me for the real deal, but BOY DID THAT MAKE ME FEEL GREAT! Cloud nine!! I can honestly say, there's a question I've never been asked before and never will be again! That was so weirdly cool!!

Needless to say, I was glad I dressed up after all and didn't chicken out. Everyone I met was so kind. It was a great concert in a wonderful atmosphere and I had SO MUCH FUN!!! This Stevie tour is a MUST-SEE. Even for the most casual of listener, YOU WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED! Now get your tickets and GO!!!

Rhonda Ramirez
I flew in from McAllen, TX to Dallas with my boyfriend and had the pleasure to see Stevie Nicks in concert. It was especially emotional for us because we had a heated discussion prior to the show starting. However, we stayed together and watched Stevie's performance and I am so glad we watched her together because Stevie was great! Stevie Nicks looked her fabulous self and was really into each song she sang. When she sang "Gold Dust Woman" she started swirling and it was surreal watching her and the whole audience get into it. "Planets of the Universe" and "Sorcerer" were great to hear especially when Stevie gave an intro of when she wrote the songs and why. Stevie's renditon of "Rhiannon" on this night was especially poignant to hear.....I was crying when she sang it. Watching my favorite female music artist along with my boyfriend who is the Love of My Life is a memory I will cherish forever.

Melody Silvio
I have seen Stevie many times in concert over the years as well as Fleetwood Mac. The Dallas concert has been her greatest gift to Dallas...ever. It was amazing to see all the loyal fans welcoming her back to the life of music she has created over her career. The TISL tour is by far he most magical and persona concert ot date from a fans point of view. Her magestry swept across the faces of all in attendance. I looked over the crowd watching the mesmerized faces and the tears that flowed for the Queen of Rock. We were all so proud to be there for her come back. She has been down such a dark path over the past few years and to see her perform like she did in Dallas left us all aw-struck.

By this time, other fans have described the enchantment of the set, the band, the singers. Under the full moon she declared he love for us her fans with the compliments of "we are all legends". Stevie was so personable and talked so much between songs. The experience was like she was talking to every person there fac to face. Under the fullest of moons in Dallas, she left her fans honored and exhausted by the great performance of our shooting star.....Stevie Nicks. Thank you Stevie for touching all our lives with you presence and we welcome you back from that darkness that tried to take you away from all of us who love you. The gypsy that remains in Shreveport, Louisiana.

Jay Beal
Stevie had just gotten over laringittas when I saw her in Dallas and at first she struggled vocally on some songs, but you know what it did not matter one bit. Stevie does not have to rely on being perfect; the songs, the music, lyrics -that magic always comes through and everyone is so forgiving because all of us fans love her so, so dearly. After the third song, she was truely the Lilly in "Rock A Little"

Sara Brooke Schneberger
All i can say was the whole night was a wonderful dream, come true!! i felt like i was floating in my own dream. I know God allowed the whole thing to happen the way it did. I was able to get right up to the stage, only by the help of a young woman in front of my seat! Thank you so much, I think her name is Tina, please forgive me for not remembering your name, i was just so amazed and in awe the whole night! Stevie has been such an inspiration to me this past year, by her words, her music, and her life. I now see that i have a destiny, to write and sing too. I will never be anything like her, but she is my inspiration, and always will be. She shook my hand and smiled, saying hi, i was just i total shock, it happened so quickly!!

To see the woman who has inspired me, and who i only dream of seeing someday, is the best thing that has ever happened to me in my life. The whole performance was amazing, and Stevie looked beautiful!!! i loved those big- soled reeboks with those flashing red lights!! When i woke up the next morning, i truly thought it was all just a dream, until i saw my Stevie teddy bear i bought! and i keep going back to that night in my mind. It could not have been any better. i also had the chance to meet my new Stevie friend, Heather, who I've been chatting with for several months now. Its awesome to meet other people who feel the same way I do about Stevie. I just thank God for it all, and pray that God blesses Stevie's life like never before. ~~

DJ Henderson
All I can say is Stevie was as always perfection. From the beautiful harmonies from the chorus from Trouble in Shangri-La to the simple ballad that brings everyone to tears " Has Anyone Ever Written Anything for You " Stevie had the crowd of about 12,000 people in the palm of her hand. I have not missed a solo concert of Stevie's and have seen Fleetwood Mac three times. Each time I take someone that has not seen Stevie or is not familiar with her music. But like the Pied Piper that she is they are mesmerized by her depth of emotion in her songs. " I Need to Know " is always my favorite rock song but " Fall From Grace " rocked the Dallas night and " Planets of the Universe " has become a stable song in my CD in the car. Stevie sang her final encore " Has Anyone Ever Written for You " and made everyone feel that she did indeed write it only for them.

Thank you Stevie for such a magical night.


After flying in from Austin, I picked up my rental car (a white Mustang) and checked into my hotel. I was so excited, I didn't know what to do with myself. I got ready and hooked up with "my people" at the VIP entrance of the venue (thank goodness for cell phones). The VIP pre-concert area had a full bar, but they wouldn't let you take your drinks into the venue. So, I helped my new friends slam their frozen drinks and off we went. Although they had let people into the venue, they weren't allowing anyone to go to their seats yet, including the lawn. We milled around for a bit and checked out the merchandise.

Two of the people with me had laminated passes, I had the "stick-on" kind. You may have seen them, they have a Buddha woman on them, they're cool looking. Anyway, while Bob Schneider was still setting up, we asked one of the ushers if we could go in. He was kind enough to allow us into the empty venue. That's when I noticed the 3 rows of folding chairs in front of the permanent seats. I asked the usher, "What's considered front row?" He said the folding chair rows were 1, 2 and 3, then Row A. Like I said in my earlier post, if I had Row A, thinking it was front row, I'd be mad! Guess Colby Donaldson from Survivor is really milking his fifteen minutes... Anyway, they started to let people in and it was really funny to watch the stampede of people on the lawn claiming their spots. We headed backstage at that point to seek some air conditioning. We ran into Lenny, Al, and Scott. I got a close-up look at Lenny's dragon tattoo. He said, "How's that for being committed to a band?" LOL We hung out with some of the crew and soaked up all the A/C we could. I wanted to see Bob Schneider, so I headed back out to the venue to check out my seat. I think this was around the time Brian spotted me - he was sitting in the front row of the 2nd section back. So that was cool, to meet a fellow Ledgie. :) Al and Lenny walked up and were just hanging out, scoping out the scene. I pointed them out to Brian and then went to check out my seat. I had 7th row, to the right of the stage, directly in front of the speakers. Not too bad, but I moved to the center with Julie (she's in the tourbook too) to watch Bob.

Bob went into "Tarantula," his "obligatory audience participation song," which, being from Austin, I've seen 20 times. But he did get the crowd going. It's a very uptempo, salsa number. And the chorus is very "Stevie," actually...."there she goes, under the moonlight, under the stars, tarantula!" He's probably not used to people NOT going nuts for him, so he said, "I hear Stevie Nicks is gonna be here tonight," to get the crowd screaming. The only thing I like about the Smirnoff Music Center is that they have a VIP concession line for people w/ passes. That was very convenient. And, it's on the fairgrounds, the ferris wheel looks really cool behind the lawn, even though it wasn't running. As far as amphitheaters go, the roof over this place reminds me of a parking garage. Not at all conducive to live music.

After Bob's set, I went backstage for another blast of A/C, used the restroom, took my place in the VIP concession line to get a drink and I knew it was almost time.... I went to my seat and was immediately recognized, "Hey, you're the NicksFix girl!" Heh. I was chatting w/ the diehard fans around me and then "Bootylicious" started. I instantly got goosebumps. I absolutely LOVE the TISL vocal re-mix intro. I could listen to just that over and over... I was surrounded by TOTAL Stevie fans, it was great. I couldn't see Brett at all, and I thought I'd wait a few minutes to see of any of those empty seats got filled from people arriving late. When Stevie started Gold Dust Woman, this guy, I'm trying to be PC here, uhhh, very effeminate, shall we say, started yelling, "OH...MY...GAAAAWD!" It was sooo funny! He was so thrilled that she was doing that song, he just kept screaming and jumping up and down. In the meantime, there was a woman in about the 3rd row, right in front of us, who was wearing a duplicate of the TISL cover outfit, except it was pink instead of peach. I guess it looked more like the white outfit from the Mirage tour. Anyway, this woman seemed to be channeling Stevie, literally. She kept doing Stevie moves and seemed almost oblivious to what was happening onstage, 'cause she was doing Rumours-Mirage era things, like that pose with her elbows pointed upward, hands under the chin, leaning over and spinning until she was on the ground. You just had to see her, she was freaky! And I hope she's not reading this, and maybe she is a perfectly "normal" person, but she just struck me as one of those fans that security should keep a close eye on. It was funny at first, but after a couple more songs, I was just too distracted by her to enjoy the show.

I did ask some of the band and crew afterwards if they'd seen her, they did, and kinda rolled their eyes. LOL So, I made my move toward the middle and a few rows closer. I ended up 4th row, behind the folding chairs and just to the right of Stevie. Several seats around me remained empty all night. As I mentioned in my earlier post, I think this stage is the most beautiful set she's ever had. And whoever's in charge of lighting should win an award! I loved the pillars of color with their roses dangling down to the ground - and the Buddha women with their skirts. Stevie flubbed up a few lyrics here and there, but she always manages to recover nicely. Someone else mentioned her mike going out during the "surviiiiiiiive" part of Fall From Grace, that was a bummer. Stevie kinda looked at the mike, like "is this thing on?" I noticed she purposely changed a few lyrics here and there.

In Planets, she sang, ...leaving nothing left of us to "desire," instead of "discover." I liked that. I didn't take any pictures until I felt it was safe. I saw some people come up the side aisle and the usher actually told them it was okay to move up front to take pictures, as long as they came right back. So, out came my camera and I started snapping away. I got the kick in Stand Back, and when Stevie did the "sweep" during Edge of 17, I got a nice pic of her waving to the crowd when she was right in front of me. I didn't rush the stage this time. Been there, done that, and it was too friggin' hot!

My favorites - Planets (my favorite album cut) ROCKS live! Sorcerer does too, it just has that pounding bass/drum thing that reminds of, oh, I dunno, Fleetwood Mac maybe? Bombay Sapphires, wow! I wasn't crazy about this song the first few times I heard it, but it has become one my favorites on the album. And it is SO good live! I also love the "meandering" ending, "I can mend your heart, mend your heart..." Fall From Grace was 10 times better than the Blockbuster performance, which rocks. I also love the end of that song, "MAKE sure, MAKE sure, MAKE sure..." It reminds me of Sister of the Moon live too. And I don't know if it was the hat or what, but HAEWAFY was ultra touching this time.

By this time, I had moved even closer to the center, where my friends were sitting. I was standing behind 2 couples - the guys were standing behind the girls, with their arms around their waists. They were swaying along to this beautiful ballad and I really felt the energy and love and magic that was all around everyone. It made me get all verklempt. These are the moments that I live for...

After the show, we were herded into the VIP room (which we nicknamed the holding tank) and quickly informed by security that if we left the room to use the bathroom or smoke, we had to leave the venue. Most of the band came in to chat and sign autographs, but no Stevie. :( Lori Perry was there and apparently had several friends in tow. Guys with walkie-talkies kept coming in and out. Next thing we knew, we heard the crowd outside yelling and clapping and off Stevie went, in her black limo. So you see, being backstage isn't all it's cracked up to be. I've been backstage at many Stevie shows, but only got to meet her at one. I know, POOR me, right? LOL But my point is, you just never know....a backstage pass is not a guarantee. I hung out with my crew buddies for awhile before heading back to the hotel for some rest before doing it all again the next day...

I have to admit that I am not much of a concert goer. I have only been to two concerts in my life and I hated the crowds! But when I heard that Stevie was going to be coming to Dallas I knew that I COULD NOT let the crowds keep me away. The concert was everything that I could have ever expected it to be. Stevie was sensational! I didn't have the money to be one of the lucky ones that got to shake her hand. I was in the lawn seats, and in truth, the screens that they have didn't really have a good picture. But I was lucky enough to get the whole picture of Stevie on the stage and the beautful full moon moving, as the concert progressed, above her head. Listening to her music on CDs is great. I sit an listen for hours. And I was always of the opinion that I wouldn't enjoy a concert all that much, dealing with the crowds, not hearing all the music because of the noise etc. But now I know that with Stevie, it just isn't the same listening to a CD. Her songs were so much better live. There was so much energy and magic to the whole evening.

My boyfriend had gone to the concert with me and his whole opinion had been that this was something that he was doing for me. He likes her okay, but he isn't a big fan. After the concert he had to tell me how glad he was that I had wanted to go so badly. He commented on how gracious she was unlike many artists who take their fans, and the band behind them for granted. That was the main thing that he noticed about her. It showed that she cares about her fans.

I have to admit that the whole concert gave me chills and had tears in my eyes. But when Stevie started singing "Has anyone ever written anything for you" I was in full blown tears. My boyfriend looked over at me and told me that she was singing it for me. The thing is that he was right, well almost, she was singing it for me and for all the other fans that she had out there, but the thing was that I am sure that everyone out there felt like she was singing it directly to them just as I did.

Melody Silvio
I have seen Stevie many times in concert over the years as well as Fleetwood Mac. The Dallas concert has been her greatest gift to Dallas...ever. It was amazing to see all the loyal fans welcoming her back to the life of music she has created over her career. The TISL tour is by far he most magical and persona concert ot date from a fans point of view. Her magestry swept across the faces of all in attendance. I looked over the crowd watching the mesmerized faces and the tears that flowed for the Queen of Rock. We were all so proud to be there for her come back. She has been down such a dark path over the past few years and to see her perform like she did in Dallas left us all aw-struck. By this time, other fans have described the enchantment of the set, the band, the singers. Under the full moon she declared he love for us her fans with the compliments of "we are all legends".

Stevie was so personable and talked so much between songs. The experience was like she was talking to every person there fac to face. Under the fullest of moons in Dallas, she left her fans honored and exhausted by the great performance of our shooting star.....Stevie Nicks. Thank you Stevie for touching all our lives with you presence and we welcome you back from that darkness that tried to take you away from all of us who love you.

David Menon
Because Stevie is not bringing her current tour to Europe, I decided to fly 4750 miles from London to Dallas to see her show at the Smirnoff Music Centre on Aug 3rd. And I wasn't dissapointed. The show blew the roof off all my expectations. With the jet-lag I was exhausted but for two hours I was on my feet singing and dancing. This is the lady who interprets my life through her lyrics. She ' kills me softly with her song' and she was there performing with an energy and enthusiasm that wipes the floor with many of the newer performers.

All the way through the new CD I'm struck by a Stevie who really believes in what she's doing again. She has a message to put out to the world and I'm hearing it loud and clear. The high spot of the show for me was 'Fall from Grace', my favourite track on 'Trouble in Shangri-La' and if I could have wished for more it would have been that she performed 'Sara' which is my all-time favourite Stevie song. Waddy on guitar was magnificent and Lenny Castro too gave the band real bite. It was only when the show was over that I remembered how tired I was. I returned to my hotel full of the 'Sorceror' and went to sleep feeling elated that I'd come all that way to see the high priestess. .... there's a plane it's headed for London ... 24 hours more and I'll be on it ... all that I really know is that I'm going 'Too far from Texas' And another 4750 miles later I was home. from David Menon, dedicated Stevie fan since 1975. Windsor, England.

Hutch Phillips
As a three time solo tour veteran and someone who has been madly in love with Stevie since the Buckingham Nicks days, I can honestly say Stevie's Trouble in Shangri La tour is her best so far. Nicks seems determined to show the surviving members of Fleetwood Mac that she really doesn't need them, especially Lindsey Buckingham. From the opening tease of Destiny's Child, her new production project, to her intro before the Sorcerer, "this is a song I wrote in 1974 when things weren't going well in the band and with Lindsey and myself, well' you know the story, Nicks proved time after time throughout the night that she was just fine on her own, especially, by her own admission, as long as guitarist/musical director Waddy Wachtel was around.

Mixing the best of the new with the best of the old, Stevie achieved perfection in my opinion. Sure, there are notes she can't hit, but Sharon Celani has been hitting them for her for years and still is. Stevie, with her poetic lyrics, versatile melodies, and sweet lovable charm is strong as ever and appears to intend to be a force in music for many years to come through her own efforts, Destinys Child, Sheryl Crow, and Fleetwood Mac. I still love you Stevie!

Lance Powell
I am back at work after seeing Stevie Friday night in Dallas at the Starplex. All I can say is if you are wondering if you should go to one of her concerts on this tour. GO! You will not be sorry for the decision. Stevie, I would say you are the Queen of Rock, but you are way to young and look more like a darling princess. Thank you for bringing your music to those of us out here needing some light. I feel like you read my mind and write your songs. You are an angel. I cannot begin to tell you the many emotions I felt at the concert. Your performance was superb! I can't imagine you being any better. Thank you for making life so much brighter.

At the end of theshow, you said, "I love you guys, I really do" We love you too Ms Stevie. It showed on the thousands of tear stained faces after the lights came on. "Has Anyone Ever Written Anything for You" put us all in tears. Your words touch so many of us in ways that nothing else does. I don't know if this will mean anything more than any of the other letters from adoring fans, but, thank you Stevie Nicks. For just being part of my life. I hear your words and see my life.

We are all so very lucky that you are still around to touch us like you do. I recently lost a 28 year old friend to AIDS. He was so young and beautiful. I sometimes still can't believe he's gone. He knew that I had tickets to your concert and I was going to take him along, but he never left the hospital. With tears in my eyes I'm writing this. The day he finally left us, he went to sleep listening to Trouble in Shangra-La. You made such a terrible life so much more bearable for him. He'll always be young and beautiful like a white winged dove in my memory. Thank you, just for being there., Oklahoma City.

Hello Fans, I attended the concert in Dallas and just wanted to let you know that she was at her finest. I had lawn seats and couldn't help but notice that there was a full moon that night. It just shown down upon Stevie. How appropriate! I saw her in Denver at RedRocks during her Bella Donna tour and she is still awesome. I had a huge lump in my throat and tears in my eyes when she sang her last encore song. "Has Anyone Ever Written Anything for You." I will continue to pay homage to one of the finest Rock & Rollers of our time.

Bill Gamelson
After surviving a flat tire on a Greyhound bus and being tremendously and intentionally overcharged by a Cowboy Cab in Dallas, I arrived at my motel the night before the show. I was excited because I had brought a special gift for Stevie - a Poloroid picture of Stevie and Matthew sitting at a piano when Matthew was just a little baby. I was going to give it to Stevie somehow, and I was hyped!

I arrived at the venue at about 1:00pm via Cowboy Cab, this time the driver I got was very nice. He showed me where to shop and which neighborhood to stay out of <giggle>, and I had fun shopping around before the show. I met a few nice people before the show and lost about ten pounds of sweat, as it was hot and humid. The gates opened and I hung around the door where the backstage dressing room was in hopes of meeting someone I could trust enough to give the pic to so they could get it to Stevie, but no such luck.

Well, there was always the show. I had a pretty good seat, right in front of the stacks with a clear path to the stage, so my hopes were still alive. The show was great! They started out with a really neat rendition of Edge Of Seventeen that really got the crowd fired up! Then the curtain was drawn and the show began. Stevie was in great form! The crowd was alive! I do not recall ever being to a show where the crowd was so fired up! Waddy's guitar has a unique sound and all I can say is go see the show! You will definately not be disapointed! Security did a very good job of keeping people in their proper seats. There were a couple people who were kicked out for taking pictures (cameras were not allowed and they knew that) and one lady got her digital camera confiscated. I don't know if she got it back or not, but she probably did after they emptied the memory. They have those rules in place for a reason, you know. The concert was unforgettable. I never did get close enough to give the picture to Stevie, but then there's always a next time. Maybe I can scrounge up enough money to sneak off to Kansas City.

I've just read all of the reviews of the Dallas show so far, and they cover it really well. One thing I'm surprised no one mentioned was the end of "Has Anyone Ever Written Anything For You." She said (and this is to the best of my memory) "And when they ask her about the men in her life, she'll say, 'Well, they were poets'. (Pause, cheering), "but they were priests of nothing." (Pause, cheering) "And they were definitely legends." Then she said "Priests of Nothing!!!" then she held her arms out to the audience and said "Priestesses of EVERYTHING!!! ROCK ON!!!" and everyone went wild.

WOW! What a fabulous performance in Dallas, TX at the Smirnoff! Our party enjoyed our spots on the lawn. It was far away but it had more room for dancing! I need to make a correction from a previous fan review... Stevie did in fact do her high kick at the end of "Stand Back." I saw it with my own two eyes through a pair of binoculars! Any way, the concert was perfect. The set was beautiful. I really liked the changing background throughout "Planets of the Universe." It showed the earth which went well with the almost full moon outside. Then again, it's hard to pick out highlights of the concert because every moment was fabulous! Stevie has the best voice and her band rocks beyond belief!! No one can leave unsatisfied!

Alecia and Craig
It was a very Hot night in Dallas at the Smirnoff Music Center on August 3rd when Stevie took the stage. The song list was the same as other concerts except for removing Outside the Rain from the list that evening. Stevie sounded better than ever and as always the concert ends way to soon! We missed the boots all summer long but that didn't ruin her appearance. The stage and the lighting were spectacular. She introduced many of the songs with a story. Her band remains fantastic as always. We were expecting a guest appearance for Too far from Texas but there were no Dixie Chicks to be found. Even Bob Schneider did not have Sandra Bullock by his side for his first perfomance of the tour but he didn't need her because his set of songs were great. Overall, this was a great show and we are looking forward to heading to Kansas City in two weeks for her concert. Sitting in the third row was wonderful and shaking Stevie's hand after Edge of Seventeen made the night more Enchanted!

Amber Edwards
Stevie Nicks was awesome. She sang alot of her new stuff along with many of her classics. She looks wonderful (minus the sneakers). Her band hit every note perfectly. The Smirnoff in Dallas was packed full of fans of all ages (Even TV star Colby from Survivor was there.) Colby was spotted signing someones Stevie Nicks tour book by the merchandise booth. Stevie is a legend in her own time and it was an honor to see her. Everything ran home Friday night; it was just one more of those enchanted nights. I had the time of my life.

Chad Copeland
Stevie Nicks's concert tonight in Dallas was absolutely phenomenal. She has such energy and emotion in her music, and she lets it all hang out. Personal favorites of mine were Gold Dust Woman, Stand Back, Planets of the Universe, Rhiannon, and Edge of Seventeen. No one rocks harder or better than Stevie.

Sam Garber
It's 12:44 AM, and I just got home from seeing Stevie at the Smirnoff Music Center in Dallas, Texas with my sister, brother-in-law and 3 year old niece. What a fantastic show!

I understand this was the first show to have Bob Schneider as the opening act. He did pretty well--he has a good blues/rock sound. He sang about 7 or 8 songs, one of which got the audience involved by singing parts of the chorus. After his last song, though, everyone getting really excited about seeing Stevie. The crowd even went wild when they were just testing the lighting! Soon all went dark, and "Bootylicious" started playing. Most of us new what was to come.

The acapella chorus of "Trouble In Shangri-La" started and went straight into "Stop Draggin'." The audience was so loud with excitement we could hardly hear Stevie singing until the chorus came! Next was "Enchanted", followed by "Dreams." With this being my first Stevie concert, I was mesmerized when I heard this song because it was the first song that got me hooked on Fleetwood Mac to begin with. She effortlessly made this song flow, as usual. She put on the gold cape for "Gold Dust Woman" and then went into "Everyday". The rest of the set was as follows (to the best of my recollection): Sorcerer, Rhiannon, Stand Back, Planets of the Universe, Too Far From Texas, Fall From Grace, Bombay Sapphires, Edge of Seventeen, then the encore w/ I Need to Know and Has Anyone Ever Written Anything For You. The highlights of the show were "Rhiannon" (absolutely glorious--especially with that piano intro), Sorcerer, Too Far From Texas, Edge of Seventeen, and both songs on the encore. Waddy totally ripped the place apart with his guitar on Edge of 17. And the drum solo at the beginning was a nice touch. This is the best performance I have ever heard Stevie and her band do of this song.

There were a few problems with tonight's show. Stevie forgot a little of the second verse to Stand Back, there was a technical problem (I think) with Waddy's guitar at one point on "Planets". Stevie's mike seemed to go dead at one point on "Fall From Grace" right when she sang the line of "...just to make sure you SURVIIIIIIVE!!" It was funny, though--after the song, she said "That's a hard one!" However, the encore was great with "I Need to Know." Stevie then came back in a gold outfit and hat to sing "Has Anyone Ever Written..." I was feeling kind of sad because I knew the show was over at this point.

As this being my first ever Stevie Nicks concert at age 24, I would have to say that I am in awe of a woman with such stamina and heart. Stevie is indeed Rock-N-Roll's Gypsy Queen, and I still hear her saying she would never break the chain. Now, for Fleetwood Mac in 2002!

Ron Headrick
Wow! It has been said that music is the highest form of expression of art. This having been said, then let it also be said that Stevie was Monet on that stage in Dallas. What a marvelous masterpiece she created for us this hot and steamy night. The band was red hot and so was Stevie, Mindy and Sharon. The set list was the same as the last few shows. Stevie was energetic and really interacted with the crowd numerous times throughout the show. This is my first time for my wife and I to see her in concert. She is so cute and down to earth and yes the crowd danced and stood most of the time. My wife likes to dance. As for me I've never been much of a dance guy, but tonight I danced. You couldn't help it, you had to move it sounded so good. Stevie's voice was strong and Waddy, wow he was amazing. This man can jam! I have never seen a performance this good and I have been to many good concerts over the years. Well, time to get some sleep because I am heading for the Woodlands show tomorrow night to do it all over again. I can't wait. I'll tell how that show went when I get back to Dallas. Rock on Stevie!

Well,... The moon was hanging so bright, like a Candlebright! Stevie was so beautiful, I can't begin to tell U how much She meant to Me. As usual, the trademark Goth clothing was so much there, cept for the platform suede boots ... but... Who Cares? Every note was carefully sung, and well told. She seemed a little tired at first (isn't it any wonder, after so many years of such great wailing) There was no "Outside the Rain," as is trademark, but, All was fine. Anyway, I love Stevie, always. Have seen Her 11 times, and "If I had to do it all over again..."I would... Peace & love to All

Hi my name is Joon and I was at the Smirnoff last night for the concert.

Everything was as one would expect and TheNicks was her wonderful self.

IM from the UK but came over to stay with friends so I could see the concert and it was as always worth every penny.

The one thing i would say about it <yes as a Brit we always find fault lol>

She said hi to a few in the front row by touching hands, etc., <always fond memories for the ones lucky enough> however I was surprised she never did the wave to each side of the crowds and the people sitting on the grass.

She stood to her left and waved to the rows of people but then back to the center where she stayed most of the night....

Other than that yes I would pay to go again and yes she is the queen of rock in my heart and always will be.

Derek Sanderson
Well, needless to say, the excitement on Friday, August 3rd in Dallas, Texas was at an intoxicating level. The Queen of Rock 'n' Roll, The Ruler of Gypsies, and the Godmother of all Priestesses was in our midst. This concert was my birthday present from my mother. I just turned 21 and I have loved Stevie Nicks ever since I was one year old playing 'Bella Donna' on my Little Tykes record player.

First of all, Bob Schneider was fantastic. Go early and support him! He is ultra hot in Austin, Texas right now and he is so good that I am sure he is set to be the next big thing. Some people in the audience were not so supportive, but hey, Stevie has him on her tour so he has got to posess a little magic, right? Check him out.

Everyone knew what was coming when 'Bootylicious' by Destiny's Child pounded through Smirnoff Auditorium. What a great way to start the show. It's a 'get on your feet and dance your butt off' kind of song. Then, we hear the voice we have been waiting for. She is singing "Trouble in Shangra La". The lights go down, and there she is looking fabulous as ever. She pounded through 'Enchanted', 'Dreams, and 'Gold Dust Woman'. In the middle, there was a "Trouble in Shangra La" set which included 'Sorcerer', 'Everyday', and 'Too Far from Texas', which was extra special since we were in Texas! She was even able to sing 'Bombay Sapphires' and 'Fall from Grace', which were some of the highlights of the evening. Of course, gems like 'Standback' and 'Edge of Seventeen' absolutely rocked, but, interestingly enough, Stevie seemed more comfortable and happy to be singing her new songs from her beloved new album. That pleased me, because I love the album as much as I love classics like "Bella Donna" but other patrons were not so pleased. I guess it was because they had not yet been exposed to the magic that is TISL. In other words, if you don't have the album and you are about to see the show, go and buy it and get very familiar with it very quickly. This will make the night more enjoyable.

Among the other highlights was a great guitar solo from Waddy Wachtel. No one rocks like Waddy. He was riveting! The show closed with "Has Anyone Ever Written Anything for You". Stevie appeared on stage in a dress covered in gold sequins and jewels at the top and on her head she wore a black top hat with a magnificent pink feather flowing behind her. Yes, they were poets, priests of nothing, legends... My mother commented to me that Stevie was incredibly gracious. She thanked us, her audience, after every song, as Stevie always does. You are welcome Stevie. It was our pleasure. And thank you for showing us a world where gypsies dance in the moonlight, Sorcerers cast spells, and hearts run wild. As she sang 'please remember me' in "Has Anyone Ever Written Anything for You", I thought to myself, 'we will remember you Stevie. Until the end of time you will be the Queen of Rock 'n' Roll and the keeper of our hearts. Thank you............

Stevie Didn't come out until 9:15. They played Bootylicious, and everyone was screaming. the set was awesome. it looked just like the album cover with the columns .

They started playing TISL. Everyone went crazy. When that was over Waddy started playing Stop Dragging My Heart Around, and Stevie came out. I couldn't hardly hear her at first. People went wild and started yelling. Her voice sounded great and she looked great!!! April has all ready given yall the setlist so i won't do it again. God Dust was awesome. She put on her gold shawl and was twirling and it sounded so good.

I'm like April, I think Rhiannon was my favorite. it was so peaceful and her voice sounded so good. Standback was real good, but she didn't do the little kick at the end. I can't recall too much after Edge of 17. They let us run up to the stage, and my mind is blurred after that I was so shocked that my daughter and I got up there. I was singing to the top of my lungs and dancing. When Stevie came out to sing Edge of 17, I was in awe! I couldn't believe, i was there down front.

At the end of the song, she came down to the edge of the stage and started shaking hands. She got down to us, and shook our hands, and I told her I loved her, and her songs so much. She said Thank you so much. I love You. My fans mean everything to me. She leaned right over us and looked me in the eye. I couldn't believe I was there looking at Stevie Nicks in the face.

I thought I was going to Hyperventilate. It was such a great feeling. She backed up from the edge and threw kisses and looked down and waved at us. I was so excited, I didn't know what I was doing. Then she went off stage and we waited and she came back on with the tophat and the big feather in it.

She had her hair tucked up under it. She started singing HAEWAFY. She sang it so pretty. My daughter started crying. It was so overwhelming for both of us. We got some great pictures, as she was standing right above us.

She just looked and smiled as we took the pictures. She acted like she was ging to cry. She said it meant so much to her for us to be there and hear her new songs, and said she wanted to come back. Everyone started yelling and she left the stage. An awesome concert. I couldn't have seen a better one, and seeing Stevie so close just topped the whole thing off. Made me one happy camper. Hope yall don't get tired of reading this. I had to give every detail. Hope yall all enjoy the concert when yall see Stevie.

Walter Slaven
Hello, Nicks fans.

I attended Stevie's concert at the Smirnoff Music Center in Dallas Aug 3. As hot as it was here in Texas (over 90 at showtime) Stevie was hotter. She looked and sounded even better this time than she did on her enchanted tour three years ago.

She did a mix of her new "Trouble in Shangri-La" songs along with some great Fleetwood Mac classics such as "Rhiannon," "Gold Dust Woman," and "Stand Back." She also did some of her earlier solo hits. She was lively, witty, engaging and, even in the heat, made numerous costume changes. Her band was vibrant and supported her singing very nicely. Sheryl Crow was not at this performance, but the two female back-up singers were marvelous.

Like a fine wine, Stevie gets better with age. I have seen her in concert four times over the last 25 years (2 solo and 2 with Mac) and this performance was by far the best. I had a blast and you will, too. GO STEVIE!

Ross Watson
I am 25 y/o & have never been to a concert, but I knew I had to see Stevie Nicks. I live in So. Oklahoma & so about 1pm a friend & I started our 2 hour trip south to Dallas. It was sooo hot. I was afraid we'd get to the Center too early, but with the rush hour traffic we encountered & the car trying to overheat several times, I'm glad we left early. We got there at 5:30pm. Just an hour before the gates were to open. Right off I saw Stevie merchandise, I saw a few people buying so I opened the gate & went in, next thing I knew I was being escorted out by security. A few minutes later I saw more people going up to the merchandise table, the security guard was gone, so I went back in. Just as the guy was taking my order here she came telling us we could not be in there. She was very unfriendly. My first concert & I've been escorted out of merchandise Stevie went on about 9:10, I think she started with Stop Draggin' My Heart Around, Everyone went wild, Stevie was beautiful & her voice was awesome. Her dark chiffon gowns blowing and sweeping the stage. The music was sooo loud, but I loved every minute of it. I asked myself once if this was real. I just couldn't believe I am watching Stevie Nicks live. To be in her 50's, this lady has a lot of energy and puts on a hell of a performance. I screamed & sang so much, today my throat is sore. This is the best thing I've ever done. If anyone gets a chance to see Stevie, go. I promise you won't be disappointed. I love you Stevie

Stevie was purely enchanting! I was surprised at how well she did, despite her recent illness. You could tell that her energy level was not quite 100%, but she pulled off a stunning performance. I took my 7yr. old daughter, Rhiannon, who said to me that Stevie looked as beautiful as she had hoped and upon hearing the first notes of "Rhiannon", exclaimed, "That's my song!". She was thrilled to see her and said that she couldn't wait to see her again! Bottom line, she was magic!!!!!!

Kristi Helms
I have to say that tonights show was so awesome for me. Stevie Nicks rocked in Dallas with beauty and grace. We were sitting about the 5th row. Our tickets said Row B - but they had put three rows of fold out chairs in front of Row A, turning Row B into whatever we had. Kind of a bummer, but I still have a perfect view.

Before the show started I notice a man walking two people down to their seats which were right in front of me. The guy looked so familar, but I could not figure out where I knew him from. Then it hit me! It was Colby Donaldson from the Survivor Show! I tapped him on the shoulder and said hi. He was so nice. I asked him if he was a guest of Stevie's and he said no that he lived in Dallas and wanted to come see the show. He told me that Stevie was kind of a Survivor of own and that he was really looking forward to seeing the show. He had brought his cousin with him and she was a nice lady also. I asked him if we could take our picture with him and he agreed!! (I am attaching two of these pictures with the review.) We talked a little more and then the lights dropped and the show was on.

Stevie came on with Stop Draggin' My Heart Around. Her hair was super straight with fans blowing on her at all times.She was gleaming and in a wonderful mood. Her happiness spread over the crowd as she belted all her songs with power and emotion. During Dreams I started to cry! She looked picture perfect and sounded flawless. Colby never sat down, he and his cousin were on their feet and having a good time. Kind of neat watching him watch her.

I loved the old stuff - Rhannion, Gold Dust Woman, Stand Back, Edge of Seventeen. I missed hearing Landslide, Gypsy and my favorite song ever, SARA !!! However, I enjoyed hearing some of the new stuff. She played a lot of it. The only thing that I was unsure about was why she was wearing black tennis shoes with some of the most beautiful clothes I have ever seen. Hello? - I think I missed something. Maybe she had a hurt foot or something. I have never seen anything like that before. Regardless, she was right on with everything else. And I mean RIGHT ON!

During her encore she came out in a HUGE top hat with big feathers and her hair pulled back. She was beautiful! You just seem to stand there in awe!

I wanted to ask Colby how he like the show but, he left after the first encore. He turned around and winked at me and started out. I know he had a great time but the fact he never sat down. I think he left then because it gave him a head start on missing the crowd leaving.

I can't wait to see her again!!! All the glamour, beauty, talent, grace and love... It was all there and more. It reminded me of when she use to sing, "the feeling will remain, even after the glitter fades...'' Stevie, your glitter is not fading anytime soon, baby! Rock on! -

Jason Baird
My nephew and I were front row at the August 3rd concert at Dallas. Stevie can still perform like no other. At the end or Bombay Saphire the first 5 rows were allowed to move to the stage to shake her hand after Edge of Seventeen. My nephew and I got to shake Stevie's hand. I finally had a dream come true she talked to me also. I said I love you Stevie and she said " I love you too". This was the first time I have touched and talked to a famous rock legend and star. We both loved the show and we both love her.

Anna Eby
In a crowd of 12,000, a lone figure garbed in black and a flowing shawl takes the stage, extending to the farthest reaches of the lawn seats an energy so kinetic as to embrace each individual in an aura of light and passion. Such was the experience of seeing Stevie Nicks perform live in Dallas on August 3, 2001. The venue seemed quite appropriate, with silent planes from Love Field taking off over the Smirnoff Center, their lights shining, and stars twinkling brightly in the open air. The beauty of the surroundings was matched, and far surpassed, by the beautiful set, with its luscious colors, mystical vines and flowers, and archway. It was certainly a feast for the eyes, but then a certain blond individual stepped up to the microphone, her husky, lived-in voice encompassing the center and its inhabitants, and spectators' eyes were glued. Arms extended, spinning slowly with her shawl flowing almost mystically, Stevie delivered a knockout performance on a beautiful Friday night! before an adoring crowd.

Accessible and warm, as well as extremely gracious and humble, she and her incredible seven-piece band raised the roof with beautiful music, seamlessly mixing the old and the new; at times, fans held lighters aloft and swayed slowly back and forth (I saw a shooting star during "Rhiannon"); then they jumped to their feet, dancing and singing along at the top of their lungs. It's questionable to say that Stevie's still got it; that implies that the pinnacle of her career has already passed. If any person in their right mind saw what I saw last night in Dallas, they would say without doubt that a legend exists who can create an ethereal experience with a few notes, a shawl, and...oh yes, a tambourine. And she's got a lot left to give. Her name is Stevie Nicks.

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