Stevie Nicks

Trouble in Shangri-la

10/1/01 Chronicle Pavilion Concord CA

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Ariane Estrada
Hey there, I am a 21 year old student at Boston University, who lives in San Francisco and grew up listening to songs by Stevie (thanks dad) and of course, Sheryl. In this email, I just wanted to show my love for the concert of a lifetime! Of course, when I heard that Stevie was touring I immediately found out when tix would be on sale at the Chronicle Pavillion. Needless to say, I bought a pair and was ever so anxious to see her before returning back to school. Truthfully, it was the one event all summer that I was looking forward to. And when I found out that Sheryl would be there too..well, I just about had a heart attack! Both singer-songwriters have strongly influenced me and the direction I plan to take in life. (sorry so cheesy, but it's true!)

So, when I found that the show was cancelled I couldn't believe it. I had to return back to Boston, but kept the tix with me. Now, some people thought me insane when I bought plane tix to return back to California for the weekend to see them for the make-up show! But, it just wasn't something I could pass up. Anyhow the show was absolutely amazing, the atmosphere was perfect and I couldn't have asked for anything else right there and then. On TV, Stevie always seems to be very personable and sweet, so when I heard her talk to the audience and tell the stories about some of her songs, I was thrilled to know that the TV didn't lie. Sitting there and having both performers as well as an incredible band on the same stage (that I graduated from high school on) made me realize that some things are just worth it in the end. I cannot express the level of contentment that I reached..only through hearing those songs sung live can any one person know. Thanks Stevie and Sheryl! Let's do it again! Love from 3,000 miles away! Ariane Estrada

Stevie, Talena and Kim
In all seriousness, I have made the comment "I can die a happy woman now.." in regards to attending my first Stevie concert at the Concord Chronicle Pavillion. My only regret is that I waited this long to see her. I will be 28 this month and have been (along with millions of others) a HUGE Stevie fan since I was so very young, when my parents first introduced me to her and Fleetwood Mac. My disappointment with the postponed show was eventually replaced with overwhelming excitement as each day passed and the concert grew near. The horrible and devastating events of September 11 had made feel a sense of vulnerability that I had never experienced before. I wondered if Stevie would continue with the tour..and I must say that I was so thankful that she did..That night took us away for a few hours- to dance, to sing, to enjoy the company of strangers around us, and for me, to look and listen in awe of Stevie.

The set was gorgeous, and she was absolutely beautiful!! Even after the concert began, I couldn't quite contain my excitement, I felt like a kid, as I jumped up and down at times. Our seats were good, considering I had made a last minute purchase to pick up another set of tickets for closer seats at the box office. Since it was late the night before, I didn't have time to give my friends (who some would have loved to go) the extra tickets- I ended up giving them to the firemen who were out front collecting money for the disaster relief. As long as they were able to attend- the $160.00 was my donation for the evening to men who have probably had it much rougher than I over the last month.

With the appearance of Sheryl Crow, the night was surely one of the best of my life. The drum solo amazed me- and it leading in to the powerful Edge of Seventeen had me really dancing!! That was the most powerful, rockin' song of the evening ( although it's hard to pick one) But alas- when it had to end- Stevie did it in style...her final song brought me to huge tears..I was overwhelmed with emotion, as many of those were around STILL brings back a knot in my throat as I write this nearly 2 weeks later..Some of the reviews said Stevie had tears, also. I'm afraid I couldn't see them through the tears in my own eyes..I did, however, see her waving the American flag that someone had waved the entire show- that was touching and truly Stevie- mesmerizing, beautiful and gracious.... I must stop this rambling- I will say that I am still listening to her music to and from the way to work each and every day- I keep thinking I may tire of them after listening to nothing but them in my car, but somehow I don't think there will ever come a time. We love you

I attended my first Stevie Nicks concert in Concord . My sister(Hi T!) and I were able to get good seats in section 102 at the last minute. And although my mom was not thrilled with the idea of us going, since we live about 2 hours away, she had to let us go cause she knew we were die hard fans. When Stevie came out singing "Stop Draggin' My Heart Around", the crowd went wild. The entire concert was really cool because you can tell that people really enjoyed her music and everyone was on their feet rocking out to her songs. Sheryl Crow was great too, although we were a little disappointed that she sang only two songs. But she and Stevie harmonized very well together on the songs they sang together. Stevie looked great and was adorable when she talked about "Planets of the Universe" and Lindsey Buckingham.

After she finished her last song, the crowd went wild and she came back out to sing "I Need to Know" and "Has Anyone Ever Written Anything For You" as encores. All in all, this was a very surreal experience for me.( I still can't believe I was there!) Stevie's voice was perfect. I was not at all disappointed with her performance. She sang a lot of my favorite FM songs and songs from her new album. I was only saddened that the concert ended so soon. You can bet we'll be there when FM plays in Northern California.

Danielle Dennis
Dear Nicks Fix,
My name is Danielle Dennis and I went to the concert at the Chronicale Pavillion on 10/1/01 in Choncord. I am 9 years old. I was really exited about the concert! It was really cool when we walked to our 7th row seats and saw the show lights dimming. I kept telling my mommy how exited I was!!!!! Miss Nicks was the most radiant thing I have ever seen with my eyes!!!! During "White Winged Dove" I got to shake my Role Model's hand!!!!! If you read this Stevie, I hope you liked the song Mr. Young gave you. I was the one who wrote it!!!!! If you are going to the Stevie Nicks Concert, It was sure worth my life's allowence to go!!!!!!!!

We sure love you Stevie

Susky Zumbro-Caceres
When one attends a Stevie Nicks concert (or Fleetwood Mac) not only is the atmosphere magical and enlightning, but as always, the Music great, the lyrics with a different meaning each time and I cannot tell you from my first encounter seeing Stevie Nicks way back with Fritz (a different time, but yet still enchanting) I have yet to ever be disappointed by this Lady of Rock. I still do not understand the underestimated lady who because she was not the "little priestess" any longer, could be reviewed by her looks, when her music was still as magical and her loving emotions for her fans were very much felt. We are all glad to have her back on stage, giving us more of her wonderful music on CD's and seeing her so very very happy.....Stevie if it means anything, you are up in the top 5 with Janis, Grace, Ann and Bessie in My book of classics with soul from the heart....and to let you know, we recently went to a Trisha Yearwood concert in Lake Tahoe at Caesars and she did you proud with just herself and her lead guitar player on 12 string guitar and sang "Landslide". She said she always dreamed of singing with some of the people she grew up listening to with a live album and their songs, but she couldn't get up the nerve and she wanted to do one of her favorite songs and she knew Stevie Nicks wasn't in the audience, so she'd go ahead with the song, Landslide. Stevie, Welcome back.......Love Susky Zumbro-Caceres

Shelly Davis
Warm weather was on hand for this magical night. Everywhere you looked people were at peace, and were happy to see the "lady from the mountain". This is my fourth Stevie Nicks concert and will not be my last. I bought tickets for my best girlfriend and I to go in August. I was my gift to her since she took me to the "Enchanted Tour" and it was my last outing before major surgery I was having just a week or so later. When I found out the concert was re-schulded I'll admit I was a tad disappointed but when we found out Steve was sick, all I prayed for was that she would get well soon. So the night came 4 weeks after surgery. I was sore but, I didn't care, I was wanting to see the "Queen of Rock", Stevie.

New outfits were bought, dinner was planned. My buddy Susan and I rocked out to "Trouble in Shangri La" and a CD I made of all the songs that Stevie was going to play that night the entire 45 minute drive. We weren't the only ones though. Every stop light we were at someone was rocking out was great. Before the concert we made several new "Stevie" friends and share stories of this and that. We bought shirts and cups (I have coffee in it right now as a matter of fact) and walked down to our seats in the 107 section. Got settled and became excited when they played the Levi's commercial with "Stand Back" in it. Then the stage when dark, when it became light again the stage was decorated in Stevie style, it was breathtaking to say the least. Every show I have seen of Stevie has had a unique flair to it. And again this was no different. When Stevie walked out on stage everyone got up and didn't sit down for the entire two hours. I would like to say THANK YOU to those "untrue" Stevie fans who didn't show up. We were able to move over a couple of rows and get even better seating, it made out night!

Stevie was still sick and you could see it in her eyes, but let me tell you that it didn't let it stop her. Her voice was as ALWAYS in perfect form. Her voice only got stronger as the show went on...Sheryl Crow was a nice addition, I am a fan of her also. I was so wonderful when she sang with Stevie on Sorcerer (one of my favorite songs). The whole show was just magical, that is the best word that I could use for it. My favorite part was the last encore, when Stevie came out in one of her signature hats and sang "Has anyone written anything for you?". That song brought me to tears and as I sang with her I had a chill go up and down me. I felt Stevie feelings go right through me with every word of that song. I asked my friend if she had the same experience and she did! I was just a very magical evening for everyone.

THANK YOU STEVIE for continuing your tour, it made many people forget the world's problems for a time and bring us all together for a magical evening. Please continue to get well and continue to sing. I can't wait for the next album. I have all of them and I must admit, 'Trouble in Shangri-La' is my favorite (but Riannia is my all time favorite). Thank you Stevie for brighten up my night..again you will always be the "Lady from the Mountain"....

Kim Schmidt
This was the most AWESOME Stevie concert I've ever attended. And yes... I FINALLY SHOOK STEVIE'S HAND!!! Her voice was the strongest it's been in such a long time. Seeing Stevie and Sheryl together was an experience that I won't soon forget. Their voices mesh together so well and they seem very comfortable with each other. I truly hope they collaborate again in the future.

Back to the concert... it opened with Stevie and Waddy doing "Stop Dragging My Heart Around". I love Waddy and I was thrilled to find out that not only was he touring with Stevie, but that they would be doing this song together. Let's just say I wasn't let down, it sounded great. Stevie did many favorites, "Rhiannon" and "Gold Dust Woman" were awesome. These are my two favorite songs, but these were the best live versions I've ever heard. She also did "Edge of 17", "Enchanted", and "Dreams". She did "Sorcerer", "Fall From Grace", and "Too Far From Texas" with Sheryl. Sheryl did "My Favorite Mistake" and "Everyday Is A Winding Road".

I was surprised that they didn't do the typical "Outside The Rain" into "Dreams", but I'm not complaining. The set list flowed extremely well. I was thrilled when they played "I Need To Know". You see, I'm 20, I've been to many Stevie shows, but, there were a few songs that I thought I would never be able to see live... "I Need To Know", "Stop Dragging", and "Gold and Braid". 2 down, 1 to go. "HAEWAFY" was the final song, it was especially emotional. At the end of the song Stevie took an American flag from someone in the auidence, I lost it. I swore I wouldn't cry at this concert, but I did. I think everyone did, but it was beautiful. The whole night was, as always, enchanting.


Kristina Johnson
I just went to Stevie's show in Concord, and it was AMAZING!!! This was my first Stevie concert(I'm only 14). I was so excited that I was finally going to see her LIVE!!! We got there around 6:00 and bought some tour stuff. Then we walked up to someone who worked at the pavilion and asked them if they could give the card I made to Stevie. Then they escorted us to the stage door where some security people said they would try to give to her. Then we took our seats(on the lawn! I wanted better ones, but we got the tickets kinda late). While we were waiting for California, we met two really cool ladies and we talked to them for a while. Next, California came on.

After they were on I was freaking out waiting for Stevie, then out of nowhere-Bootylicious came on!!!! I was so excited!! Next I heard Trouble in Shangri-La. I was freaking out. After that Stop Draggin' My Heart Around came on and I screamed as l loud as I could. Then I saw Stevie, she was so amazingly beautiful. She her show was so awesome!!! She didn't sing Outside the Rain and Bombay Sapphires, but she sang her heart out and rocked all the other songs, so that made up for it. HAEWAFY was so beautiful, I started to cry(along with everyone else around me). The biggest disappointment of the show was when it ended. After it was over and everyone was clearing out me and my friend walked up to the stage and let us touch where Stevie walked(I didn't get to touch her hand). After the show ended I couldn't stop thinking about how great it was. I hope I get to see the next FM tour. ROCK ON STEVIE!!!!! AND THANX FOR PUTTING ON A GREAT SHOW!

Tracey Bold & Carolyn Gould
As always, Stevie enchanted the full house with every move. Age makes no difference with the Lady. She sounds better with every passing year. What a nice surprise for Sheryl Crow to join her friend and mentor on stage. It was a beautiful night to watch my favorite entertainer allow us into her world for just one night. Doing lunch with her would work also!! Last time she was here, people rushed the stage and we took off as soon as possible. I stood in awe of her wonderful presence. It was one of the very best moments of my 35 years. This time, it was not to be. In light of what happened, I do not blame her. But, anytime she is in town, make no mistake, Carolyn "Dick" Gould and Tracey "Big Mama" Bold will be in attendance regardless of seating. She never fails to bring joy into our busy mom lives. We love you!!!

Maria Halstead.
Stevie was absolutely amazing at the concert in Concord. The atmosphere was electrifying. Her voice remains stronger than ever and her love for her fans plainly came from her heart. It was so magical watching her sing 'Has Anyone Ever Written Anything For You' holding the American Flag.Waddy was a joy to watch as he treated us to his very talented guitar solo. Only when I listened to Stevie singing with Sheryl Crow, did I fully appreciate Stevie's wonderful sense of harmony. Stevie's voice came across as so distinctive and harmonic. The whole concert was breath-taking.My favorite part was the piano solo just before Rhianon.

Thank you Stevie for giving us happiness and joy in this sad time.

What a night! There was electricity in the air as Stevie took the stage. The crowd went wild when she starting singing the chorus to "Trouble in Shangri-La" with Mindy and Sharon. With the band launching into "Stop Dragging My Heart Around," Stevie appeared on-stage, looking absolutely incredible - rested, beautiful, regal. I saw Fleetwood Mac 4 years ago during The Dance Tour, but nothing prepared me for the sheer intensity of a solo Stevie show. My friends and I were floored the entire time - we just couldn't believe how good she sounded (and Sheryl Crow looked and sounded great, too!). What struck me was how much fun the band seemed to be having on-stage. Highlights: Rhiannon, Gold Dust Woman, Stand Back, Planets of the Universe, and last but not least, Has Anyone Ever Written Anything For You, during which Stevie reached out into the crowd to grab an American flag from a fan. The whole place went nuts. Thank you so much, Stevie, for taking us away for a bit and bringing us all into your world. This was a night I won't soon forget.

Jenni Ellenberger
I had purchased these tickets for my sister and I to go in August for her birthday. I am so happy that the concert was rescheduled. Stevie looked absolutely beautiful and radiant. I loved watching her twirl around and move her hands like she does. I am 10 weeks pregnant and am proud to say that Stevie is my baby's first concert. I am definitely into starting early introducing my child to Stevie's wonderful music. I enjoyed every song, but as always loved Stand Back, Edge of Seventeen, Gold Dust Woman and HAEWATFY. It was a nice suprise to see Sheryl Crow. The two of them seem to enjoy each other. All in all I could watch Stevie every night if I had the chance. It was a magical evening.

I am 27 and grew up listening to Stevie Nicks. Stevie's songs mark different times in my life. I remember the first single," Stop Draggin' My Heart Around" It was the summer of 1981---I was 7 years old then. I was 8 when "Gypsy" was so huge…and I remember every bit of it…Truly for me the concept of Timespace. My friend, Cheyenne, and I spent hours designing our own retro Stevie concert shirts a month before. Sleeveless with razor slashes around the images-complete with a few safety pins. Our slashed-up shirts turned out to be the envy of all because they were unique and cool. The night air was very warm in Concord. We were all pumped up because of the reaction that the "Bootylicious" intro received from the psyched-out audience. We knew it wasn't "EOS" though!

At first I was excited, but not star-struck. It was like an old friend visiting. However, I lost my composure was when I heard the percussion and keyboard intro to "Stand Back!" I felt as if I were nine years old again spinning in my living room in front of the stereo like Stevie. Basically I went nuts on the 12th row. I was sitting up front in the same section as the very sharply dressed "Stevie" female impersonator. She was getting into it just as much as Stevie! All the songs were very well done! Her pitch was right on-better than any live performance I've seen her do before. The audience was on its feet most of the time. We took our seats for "Dreams". But even the toughest looking guys were singing along to the chorus. It was awe-inspiring! It was like being in the most fabulous party ever. People of all ages were dancing and rocking with Stevie.

We all went nuts when Stevie did her signature spins. I looked at Cheyenne and said, "That's Stevie Nicks!" The night simply flew by. Before we knew it, it was time for "Edge of 17". Waddy did his thing with the guitar and we all knew what kind of magic was about to happen. Decked out in a white shawl, Stevie nailed that vocal-"On the edge of seventeen…Oooooh---ahhhhhhh!" I got chills from that. She calmed us all down and transported me back to the sixth grade when she sang "HAEWAFY. She truly is a gifted songwriter and vocalist. Cheyenne had tears in his eyes as we made our way back to the car. It was a night of magic, music and memories. It took me way back. I'll always remember 2001 by Shangri-La and the time travel that took place at Stevie's concert.

Paul Crowell
I am no longer a Stevie live virgin!!!!! The show at the Chronocle Pavilion in Concord was incredible! Well worth the trip in the sweltering heat from SF. The venue however had a cool breeze. It was beautiful there, high in the hills under a full moon, with cows grazing right there. Hung out for a while on the lawn even though we had excellent seats, and suffered through the opening band for what seemed like an eternity. Finally we heard the first riff from "Bootylicious" and shortly after the lady appeared. We were so close she looked me in the eyes twice! I won't go into the set list as I'm sure you all have read a million of these reviews like I have! ( Remind me next tour not to read them!!!) Stevie was energetic and excited, twirling and dancing magically and shaking her tambourine. (By the way her tambourine and mic stand were done up in ribbons to look like the US flag, I was happy it was done tastefully and subtly.) Her high kick duing Stand Back was really high!!!! Sheryl looked incredible too, hanging with Stevie has made her into a real lady.

As soon as Stevie said something about a special friend I knew Sheryl would be there. You could tell they were really comfortable rocking together. Sharon and Mindy were incredible also, the whole band was excellent, especially Lenny Castro ( so cute!!!). Stevie had me laughing out loud when she was telling the story of Planets, how Lindsey never let her record it because he knew it was about him. She said something about thier breakup and the crowd all went " Awww". Stevie started laughing and said" Oh, well, that's the way it goes!" Every time she spoke to us it was very personal, I felt she was talking directly to me. Well, this review is turning into a novel! In closing, Please see this show if you get a chance, it will definitely be one of the besyt experiences of your life!!!!

First I have to say that I have been preparing for this concert since JANUARY!! It was so exciting from the moment we got there, getting our bags checked, my fiancé, my mother, and my friend. We were so upset when the August 15th concert date was cancelled, but I am sooo glad I waited for this concert and for her to heal. She ROCKED! Spiritual, exciting, dreamy, not a care in the world, just Stevie. Smiling, crying, touched, proud, friendly. That is one thing that makes Stevie so special, her fans are devoted not only to her, but to each other. And we know who we are. We gather together, goddesses and gods, and rock the house.

We walked in and we saw all of the fans dressed up like Stevie, especially the guy and the girl in the purple and cream, I was envious of their garb. How do they walk in those high heeled boots, I wish I could! We went down to the lower level, and were there for the National Anthem. Everyone singing. Talk about powerful, everyone so proud. We couldn't help but dance while listening to California. They were wonderful! I definitely want to know more about them.

And then finally, she was there. Singing her heart out, and absolutely flawless. She didn't falter once. It was pretty hot tonight, I know I was sweating, she didn't even break a sweat under her black lace. Then we got a surprise when Sheryl Crow came out and her and Stevie twirling and chanting, I was twirling with them.

It seemed to end too fast, I thought we were only there for an hour and we were there for three. I actually got to run down to the stage with the letter that I wrote to her, I hopped like a bunny to her with the sweet sound of her voice guiding my way, I knew that I couldn't go wrong. I got to the crowd of anxious fans and didn't think that I had a chance to deliver my message, I leaned over the crowd and to my excitement Stevie Nicks surpassed about 20 people and leaned out and took the letter right from my hands, as though no one else was around but her and I. It was one of the most magical moments that I have experienced in my life and I will never forget it.

This REALLY happened. I promise.

LuAnn Watkins
Stevie was the hostess of yet another magical night - the moon was full and the night air was perfect. You could feel the tension in the audience growing as her time of appearance neared. There were so many women paying homage to Stevie, by wearing her signature clothing - the night was filled with velvet, chiffon, lace and mystery. She whirled, twirled and weaved her spell over the entire audience. I have been to see her everytime she comes to the San Francisco Bay Area since 1986, either solo or with Fleetwood Mac. She appears to be healthy, and very much at ease with herself and who she is. Song after song, the audience was on it's feet, singing and dancing along with her. Her voice was stronger than the last time I saw her at the Enchanted tour, and she really seemed to get into the songs, even with her older ones which she must have sung at least a million times! But, as we all know, Stevie's songs are her children, and you never tire of them...

Thank you, Stevie, for continuing your work and remembering your fans. By the way, my son is stationed in Ft. Hood, Texas, waiting to be called to duty for our country. His favorite song is "Has Anyone Ever Written Anything For You", and it was so appropriate for you to finish with his song. He wanted to be here to see you. God Bless you, and God Bless all my fellow Stevie Fans

I am 20 years old and this was my first Stevie concert! Let me just say that it was the most amazing MOVING, magical experience! I bawled, it was an amazing show, with a surprise appearance from Sheryl Crow. Stevie has a way of drawing you in, and I just wanted to hug her and tell her THANK YOU! Its easy to see how much Stevie loves her fans, I feel priveleged to call her my hero!

Nancy B
This night was magic. Its my 14th Stevie concert and I know the routine. But I was wrong. Stevie sang her heart out. She came out and said she had an emotional day and it was apparent in her voice and her eyes . What blew me away was Rhiannon, Planets of the Universe and Edge of 17. The crowd went crazy when she did her famous frenzied overpowering singing at the end of those songs . There were 2 moments I will never forget. In the middle of her sentence "Take care of yourselves" she had to stop for tears in her eyes. I couldn't believe it. During anyone written for you, she stopped before "so if not fo me" went and took a flag from front row and finished the song with the flag clutched to her chest. the crowd was silent. I was crying and on the video screen I saw that she was crying too. It was the best night of my life.

Cody T.
Stevie's concert last night at the Concord Pavilion was incredible! Despite her recent illness and the events on the East Coast, Stevie delivered an almost two-hour long performance that was fun, high energy and a real joy to watch. Sheryl Crow and Stevie's band deserve similar praise for delivering flawless performances with passion and enthusiasm. This was our first Stevie concert, but now it will certainly not be our last!!!

Wow! I was at the Shoreline show on the 30th, and I wrote a review about the sound quality being too loud for the band, and not loud enough for Stevie. Well, the Concord show definitely had it balanced! The sound was PERFECT! It was miles better than Shoreline!
I went with my friend Scott (Hi Scott!!) and we had a fabulous time. We were in the 11th row, and since the lower reserve section at Concord isn't elevated, we were quite close - much closer than my 12th row seats at Shoreline. Stevie did the same set as the night before, and Sheryl was there again! The sound was great...Stevie told her stories...and it seemed that Stevie was more comfortable at Concord. I think that she was happier because the sound was balanced, and she didn't have to strain to be heard. She was fidgeting with her earpiece a few times, but I think that aside from those problems, she was much more relaxed at Concord.

Since I already wrote a review, I just want to add one more thing. I was able to smuggle in a camera to the Concord show, and I took what I hope will be some great pictures. I did try to go down front during Edge of 17 with Scott, and another girl we met...but security said we couldn't go. But, the guard was nice enough to let me stand where he was for Edge, so I took some even closer photos of Stevie as she was shaking hands. If they turn out, I will send them to the Nicks Fix!

It was a warm and nearly full moon last night. The crowd was small at the Pavillion but the we were finally seeing our lady! Sheryl was with her too and it was rumoured she was only going to be with Stevie at the Shoreline show but Sheryl was there!

Unfortunately, I got there right as she was coming out. It was early too, like 8:40pm. I had guessed around 9pm, but I think there's a sound ordinance in Concord that everything on a week night has to end by 11pm. She did sing for 2 solid hours though (with Sheryl singing her songs too). I had to wait at Will Call for a few minutes and then I got my tickets. I had lawn, which wasn't too terrible, hell they were comp tix, so I can't complain. Lots of room to dance and twirl and that's what I did!

She looked and sounded amazing. "Everyday" took on new meaning for me and I think for the crowd too. She is so cute when she talks about her songs. She did talk about "Sorcerer" and "Planets of the Universe", which I think is what she's been doing on this tour. "Rhiannon" was as always, the crowd pleaser and going right into "Stand Back". "Fall From Grace" just kicked ass. However, the fav part for me, were the encores. "I Need to Know" literally brought the house down!!! "Has Anyone Ever Written Anything for You" well, she went over to someone in the crowd and pulled the American flag they were waving at her. She held it up to her face with that wonderful hat she's been wearing during that song. I bet there are some awesome pictures of her!

Even though it was a week night and the crowd, I"ll be surprise if there were even 5,000 people there, was small, it was a magikal experience as always. We love you Stevie!! She kept telling us "You're so awesome!" Thanks for being an awesome part of my life, Stevie.

Debbie Kay
The night was perfect as a full moon rose over the Chronicle Pavilion just as Rhiannon started-very cool! How you planned that, Stevie, I'll never know (we all have secrets to keep). I've lost count of the many times I've seen Stevie in concert, having been a fan since the Fleetwood Mac album. This was a truly special show, in light of our recent tragedy. Stevie, thank you for taking me away from myself for 2 hours of rock'n roll! Your music has always made me feel blessed that I am alive to enjoy it. My friend LeeAnn and I had a terrific time;this being LeeAnn's first Stevie concert. We were mesmerized by the light show and musicianship of the band-ROCK ON! Fall from Grace was terrific and we really enjoyed Sheryl Crow singing on Too Far from Texas. Thank you,thank you, thank you, Stevie for being the gracious lady that you have always been and telling us your stories. Thank you,Sheryl for being a good friend to Stevie. I will never forget this night of enchantment and love. P.S. I hope you got my t-shirt that I threw onstage with the picture of my black Lab, Rhiannon, 16 months old now and a frisbee fanatic! Take care, everyone and Keep ROCKING, Stevie-we love you! Thank you-much love!

Kristina Johnson
I just went to Stevie's show in Concord, and it was AMAZING!!! This was my first Stevie concert(I'm only 14). I was so excited that I was finally going to see her LIVE!!! We got there around 6:00 and bought some tour stuff. Then we walked up to someone who worked at the pavilion and asked them if they could give the card I made to Stevie. Then they escorted us to the stage door where some security people said they would try to give to her. Then we took our seats(on the lawn! I wanted better ones, but we got the tickets kinda late). While we were waiting for California, we met two really cool ladies and we talked to them for a while. Next, California came on. After they were on I was freaking out waiting for Stevie, then out of nowhere-Bootylicious came on!!!! I was so excited!! Next I heard Trouble in Shangri-La. I was freaking out. After that Stop Draggin' My Heart Around came on and I screamed as l loud as I could. Then I saw Stevie, she was so amazingly beautiful. She her show was so awesome!!!

She didn't sing Outside the Rain and Bombay Sapphires, but she sang her heart out and rocked all the other songs, so that made up for it. HAEWAFY was so beautiful, I started to cry(along with everyone else around me). The biggest disappointment of the show was when it ended. After it was over and everyone was clearing out me and my friend walked up to the stage and let us touch where Stevie walked(I didn't get to touch her hand). After the show ended I couldn't stop thinking about how great it was. I hope I get to see the next FM tour. ROCK ON STEVIE!!!!! AND THANX FOR PUTTING ON A GREAT SHOW!


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