Stevie Nicks

Trouble in Shangri-la

7/7/01 DTE Energy Music Theatre Clarkston, MI
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Stevie Fans, My friend, Kim, and I, attended the July 7th show in Clarkston, Michigan. We have seen Stevie's shows for decades now. Stevie's voice was powerful and her attitude was even more so. You could tell that she was truly enjoying herself. It was nice to see her so strong and healthy. Ms. Crow added a playfulness to Stevie's performance which was felt by the audience. You could tell that they enjoyed working together very much.

Personally, the show was wonderful, yet it was not the best show that I have seen. I'd have to say that my favorite had to be the Enchanted tour. Being a fan of Stevies for so long now, it was really a thrill for me to hear the "other" songs for once rather than just the standard set. Hearing songs like "Sleeping Angel" and "Gold and Braid", were just amazing to me. Those are the songs that make going to concerts exciting. I really wouldn't care if I ever hear "Rhiannon" or "Dreams" live again, but I do understand the reasons for them being played. Of course, being the die hard fan that I am, if Stevie had a show that was 2 hours of "Rhiannon", I'd be there!! Newer fans and people who have never seen Stevie in concert would love the tour. I would recommend it to anyone wanting to see a good concert.

Hi, My name is mandy V. I went to the Stevie Nicks concert at the DTE music theater in clarkston Michigan. What a concert...I have waited since i was about 7 years old to see Stevie Nicks and/or Fleetwood Mac in concert. When Stevie walked up onto the stage..i literally felt every part of my body go numb and tingle with excitement. She has to be THE most beautiful woman i've ever seen (well for a woman!) Not only that, but her voice is magical. It seems through the years and growing up with her music, almost every one of her Albums had one or two songs i could relate to or almost feel "in touch" with when she wrote them.

The concert was the BEST concert I've ever seen. She was just wonderful. I dont think i've ever yelled, screamed, danced, or been that excited before in my lifetime. I was even more excited during the encore of Edge of Seventeen, when she walked to the edge of the stage and shook MY hand and said "I love you" That was so it for me I stood in such shock and amazement!!! i came home and told EVERYONE how wonderful it was..and that she touched MY hand!!!!! hehe

I would definately pay again the money i did to see her in concert again...GREAT JOB stevie and do it again!! hopefully the next time around i'll actually get back stage tickets and actually get to meet the woman who inspired me and gave me the ability to write poetry and have it come from my heart!!

Samantha C.
This is the second concert that I've seen of Stevie's, and it really ROCKED! It didn't just "Rock A Little", it ROCKEDDDDDD!!! Her voice and performance was absolutely at it's peak, and the new music was as powerful as all of her other hits. She is a Rock & Roll Enchantress!

Dean Martelle
Linda and I left very early. I wanted to get a parking place that was very close to an entrance because Linda injured her foot last week. That effort paid off we got very close to one of the entrances. We arrived about 5:30 p.m. I walked around the area meeting and talking to fellow fans while Linda rested in the car. When we got in we bought 2 T-shirts and the tour book. We found our seats quickly (Linda was not up to standing too long). The time passed quickly as we struck up conversations with fellow fans. There was a definite high excitement level in the crowd dampened only by the dull weather.

This was my first time seeing Stevie in person and I was definitely catching the feeling. By the strangest coincidence Dennis and Brenda, the organizers of the 2000 Rock A Little Party, had seats in the row right in front of us. There were two fans from Canada behind us that drove 3 hours to get there. We also met a girl from Argentina who had come to see Sheryl Crow. Jeffrey Gaines has to get a nod. He performed alone on stage with an acoustic guitar. He did an excellent job. I give him a lot of credit for both musicianship and courage. It was like a club date with 10,000 people. During and after Jeffrey Gaines performance the theater filled up. The crowd was not a sellout but it was close. There may have been 100 to 200 empty seats in the pavilion. The lawn was packed. During Jeffrey Gaines performance the set was veiled with a large black cloth. When it was taken down I was struck by the sets¹ elegance. The centerpiece was a large doorway backed with a picture of the sea and sky. Stevie was going to take us through that doorway into her own beautiful world. There was a vase full of plants and a golden statue on each side. There was a two level stage set up. The top level of the stage was where the keyboards drums and percussion were set up.

The show opened with an overture of Trouble in Shangri-La, as the musicians took their places. I was glad to see Waddy Wachtel, Al Ortiz, Carlos Rios and Lenny Castro as part of band. I have never seen any of them live, but I knew of them from the work they have done with Stevie before. Then I saw Stevie. I was taken with how beautiful she looked in her stage makeup and clothes. My first thought was that her pictures don¹t do her justice. My second thought was of her smile. It was radiant and sincere. She seemed really happy to here with us. After Stop Draggin¹ my Heart Around Stevie talked to the audience saying that this was the second show and they were going to fix all the things that were wrong with the first show. This got a laugh from the audience. She also said she was going to do some new things and there were some surprises in store for us. She did not waste any time with the first surprise. Enchanted was the next song, guaranteed to get even the most jaded fan out of their seat and dancing. Then came Outside the Rain and Dreams. When Dreams started the audience started to sing along with Stevie. It was amazing. Gold Dust Woman is always a big fan (and personal) favorite, and Stevie put a lot of heart and energy into the song. I was very happy to see Sheryl Crow come out during Gold Dust Woman with no introduction and just pick up the harmony.

Stevie paused again to introduce Sheryl Crow and to say it was their dream ever since they met to perform together with one band, and that Sheryl is part of this band. Then they launched into a powerful version of Sorcerer. Stevie then left the stage to Sheryl who sang My Favorite Mistake. Then Stevie came back and sang Everyday, and very long version of Rhiannon that got the crowd into a frenzy. Fans were singing along, and dancing at their seats. I had never heard this version of Rhiannon live. It was the best Rhiannon I had ever hear and I was very impressed. A percussion interlude followed and then my favorite Stevie song: Stand Back. Again this was delivered with enthusiasm and energy. Of the songs she played from Trouble in Shangri-La, Planets of the Universe got the most positive response. The fans did not go as crazy for it as Rhiannon but it was very well received. During Planets of the Universe a photograph of Earth from space was projected on the doorway, a very nice effect. Sheryl Crow came out again and did Everyday is Winding Road with Stevie on harmony. Then Stevie said that Natalie Maines was not available but Sheryl is going to sing her part, with that they launched into Too Far from Texas. There was a shawl change and then what was for me the highlight of the night. Stevie sang Bombay Sapphires live! Bombay Sapphires is my second favorite Stevie Nicks song and I was hoping Stevie kept it in the set list. The arrangement, Stevies vocal, the mood and emotion it invoked were perfect! I would have to describe the fans response as polite overall but there were some people like me who were cheering very loudly. Stevie really poured her soul into that performance and it merited a much bigger response then it got. Stevie took a moment to say that you have to experiment and try new things. Stevie next introduced the band. Then Sheryl came out again and they did Fall from Grace. Just a little more energy was needed here. The performance was very good but could have been better. So many other songs had hit the mark that the slight miss here stood out. A fantastic percussion performance by Lenny Castro, and a great guitar performance by Waddy Wachtel followed and led into Edge of Seventeen. This got the crowd going again with singing, dancing, clapping, and just letting this great song wash over them. This version of Edge of Seventeen was excellently done with a slightly different arrangement than I have heard before. This version was the best I have ever heard. Stevie did do her traditional walk along the front of the stage. It was great for the people in the front rows. One young girl fan had her uncle hold her up to touch Stevies hand. Stevie acknowledged her with a nod and shook her hand. That was very gracious of Stevie. It is the things like that she does that make fans like us love her all the more.

The encores were I Need to Know, (this was done with the energy Fall from Grace needed) and Has Anyone Ever Written Anything for You. Poor Stevie, she flubbed the first line of Has Anyone Ever Written Anything for You. She pointed at her head with both hands like ŒCan you believe I just did that?¹ recovered and finished out the song beautifully. Overall this was a wonderful, fantastic show!! I have been having some tough times personally in recent weeks. The show lifted a burden from my mind and soul. I felt refreshed and healed in my heart. The two songs from Sheryl Crow were a seamless fit with Stevies songs. It was wonderful to see that Sheryl contributed in a very positive way to Stevies world. Stevie and Sheryl compliment each other very well. I applaud Stevies courage in putting 6 songs from Trouble in Shangri-La on the set list and leaving off Landslide. I would loved to have heard Landslide live but I wanted to hear Bombay Sapphires live even more.

Stevie is in excellent voice. She sounds as good or better she does on Trouble in Shangri-La. Not every artist can say they sound better live than in a studio, but Stevie Nicks can! She was very animated and energetic on stage. Stevie did a lot of twirling and dancing. She was also doing air guitar, air drums, and during Everyday air violin. Stevie spent most of her time singing and facing the audience. Stevie looked to be in excellent spirits, and just seemed to emit a comforting glow that filled the venue. Other bands this year are going to have bigger and flashier shows but Stevie Nicks is at the top of her musical form now. This is a great show and not to be missed. Stevie earned her status as a living legend in my mind that night. The weather and circumstances: July 7 was very humid in the Detroit Area with high temperatures in the high 70¹s.

The day had a dull gray overcast threatening rain all day. It was good for driving. Sound carried beautifully but singing must have been hard in the heavy humid air. I know what humidity does to voices and musical instruments and it is not good. Fashion Linda and I were both using powerful binoculars so we did not miss much. Stevies¹ stage clothes were all black, a plain jacket cut black dress with a chiffon skirt over black tights. She wore a radio mike and earphone pack on her right side in plain sight. I never saw the mouth piece but Linda did. She was not wearing her usual boots. She was wearing what looked like some kind of orthopedic shoes with 3 inch platforms. She wore shawls for Gold Dust Woman (the gold one), Stand Back (a red one), Planets of the Universe, Too Far from Texas, Fall from Grace (a black one with rhinestones), Bombay Sapphires, Edge of Seventeen (a White one). Sheryl was also in the gypsy spirit. She wore a flower embroidered black tunic over black leather pants. Sheryl was also in a clearly playful mood, in excellent voice and very glad to share a stage with Stevie. Fans There were not a lot of fans dressed in gypsy style but enough to know where you were. The weather made dressing that way a bit uncomfortable. There were several sections of fans who literally danced their way through the whole show. The crowd was enthusiastic but polite. The fans earned the accolade ³The best rock and roll fans in the world.²

Amazing is the only word I can think of to describe her show. I've been a fan of hers since the late 1970s but this is the first time I've seen her live. I couldn't believe it when she walked out on stage. She looked beautiful and sounded great. The drum/conga intro to "Edge of Seventeen" was incredible. It took awhile for some people to realize what song it was but we veterans knew! She did the same version of Rhiannon that is on "The Dance" CD. Just beautiful. Thank you Stevie!!

My only question: Where where the famous "Stevie Boots?"

Julie Anne Lackey
Inkster Stevie has many, many fans in the Detroit Metropolitian Area, and I would have to say that everyone showed up for her concert at the DTE Music (Formerly Pine Knob) amphitheater on July 7th. She opened with "Stop Dragin my Heart Around" and continued to do many of her classics such as Dreams, Gold Dust Woman, Enchanted, White Wing Dove etc......while mixing in the new stuff like Sorcerer, Trouble in Shangri-La and Bombay Saphires etc.... She sounded excellent and having Sheryl Crow back her on many songs added a unique sound to the mix. But everything Stevie does is unique in its own right. As I was leaving the show I heard one guy say "Oh, I wish she would have done Beauty and the Beast", and one of the people I was with said " Oh, I really wanted to hear Gypsy." It must be hard for her to decide which songs will make the set list since she has written so many. Her music is timeless and everyone has their own favorite. She ended the night with "Has anyone ever written anything for you" and yes Stevie...... we will remember you!

WOW! We were in the front row and she just "rocked our world"..everything was fantastic, except for one thing..and I truly cannot believe another Stevie fan would do this, but my two tour books were stolen from under my seat!! Shame on you! Of course, I bought two more, but I thought Stevie's fans were better than that!

David Anthony
Hey, Just wanted to congratulate Stevie on a really kick ass performance the other night. I was totally impressed, can't be easy for her - touring is hard work ya know but she shows no signs -- she still rocks! I am a singer/songwriter in the studio right now recording my debut album, look for it out in the fall, David Anthony is the name. I could have done a better job than Mister Jefferey opening though. I fell asleep during his set! We were in row 10 center, industry seats .. so I got to see everything really close up -- I was really impressed with Stevie, I was really was .. and Sheryl too --I did feel at times that songs like Planets of the Universe and Bombay Saphires -- which I love .. could have been made more powerful on a live spectrum. The mix of Trouble that opened the show sounded amazing, really built up intensity .. I had a lot of fun but wasn't expecting what happened at the very end of the show ... When Stevie sang the lines .. "Poets Priests of Nothing .. Legends " I started to cry, I think that is really beautiful and she really tried to give it to us .. so next time people let the woman stop singing before you start clapping -- there's a lot of magic to be heard in those quiet moments ... listen to it! You'll learn something! Thank you Stevie ...

Melissa Turner
I became a Stevie Nicks fan in 1997 at the age of seventeen when I heard the dance cd. One lady in the group stood out to me. From that point on I have been a huge admirer of Stevies work and talent. The Clarkston, MI (DTE) concert was my first concert I have gone to of hers. I had decent seats. Center row about 30 rows back. She was so majestic in her presence. The stage was so beautiful. Stevie sounded even better in person than I could every imagine. Sheryl Crow was nice, but I was there for Stevie. When she first came out I was in total awe. I could not believe how wonderful it all was. I think planets of the universe was great. I brought my friend who had never heard of stevie nicks before and now she is a fan. When we heard the guitar for edge of seventeen, we could not hold in our screams!! It was wonderful!! It was also very nice to hear her perform stand back and Has anyone ever written anything for you. All I can say is that I am addicted now. I had my parents drive me and my friend 3 hours to see her in Mi, but I am afraid we will be driving longer to see her again this summer. She was fantastic!!!!!!! I just want to know how I could get even better seats? Do they sell the good seats to companies!! What I would do to be able to be close up on the stage where Miss Nicks is playing, it would be so wonderful.

Heather "LilyRhiannon" Mills
Hello, My name is Heather and I went to the July 7th concert at DTE Energy Music Theater in Clarkston Michigan. Here is my review: ENCHANTING!!!!! That is how I would describe last nights concert in one word. It was my very first concert and sooooooo great. In August I'll be 18 and all my friends thought that going to the concert was my birthday present from mom and dad. It wasn't. Sort of as a gift and partly just so I could go. . . . I paid for the tickets (don't buy tickets online) We went out to dinner at Chi-Chi's and then after the concert we went and had breakfast at Denny's (at 2:00 in the morning?!?) How cool is that? My parents loved it!! Okay now I bet you all want to hear about the concert right? Okay here goes: Stevie wore her Tennis Shoes instead of her platform boots and still danced around. She didn't dance like she normally does but that was O.K.. She still did the HIGH KICK!!!! All the songs were great. Sheryl and Stevie did Too Far from Texas and my cousin and I went absolutely crazy. I screamed so much that my jaws and throat hurt!! Stevie introduced her whole band at almost the middle of the concert, Brett Tuggle the Keyboard player was there, Sharon Celani (backup singer) was there but Lori Nicks wasn't. Does anyone know why? On guitar was. . . .Waddy Wachtel!!! He jammed on the intro to Edge of Seventeen! That was some amazing guitar work.The intro was really long and so incredibly awesome. My dad loved it! During "Edge of Seventeen" everyone went crazy, singing and dancing. Amazing. I started to cry during Edge when Stevie started. I just couldn't believe I was there, I was going to pinch myself to make sure it wasn't a dream then I decided that if it was a dream . . . I didn't want to wake up. When Jeffery Gaines was warming up they had up this see throughy black drapey thing and then as Stevie came out It dropped. The set behind her was made to look like the window on the front of the TISL cover. In the beginning of the concert I think it was Stevie announced that Sheryl was now an official member of the band, the crowd went wild!!! Incredible! The set and lighting was just amazing. During Planets they projected a picture of earth on it then during another song they projected the dragon-like design(ed) by Sarah McLachlan.My souvenirs were SOOO expensive, but worth it. I bought the black t-shirt ($35) that says Stevie Nicks and has a picture of her with her arms stretched out, the 2-button set ($5): #1 is a normal circular button that has the picture from the front of the new CD cover on it #2 is an oval shaped button with the picture of just Stevie from the back of the CD cover (Lori and Sharon aren't on the button though) and I also got a keychain for 10 bucks. I would have got the hat too but the stupid dillweed in front of me got it first. Has Anyone Ever. . . was so so so great at the end Stevie started talking about how the men (in her life, I think)are poets, yet priests of nothing, but they are all LEGENDS. I have loved this music forever (my whole 17 years) and seeing Stevie in concert just made me love it more if that's even possible. After all that I'm definitely going to see Stevie in concert again as soon as possible. Hopefully next time I'll get better seats. After the concert I didn't know what to do, I was on major overload. All I could keep thinking was : The feeling remains even after the glitter fades. I always KNEW what she meant by that but I finally KNEW what it FELT like after the concert. "I will not forget this night"

Robert L Berndt
The second show of the tour ROCKED!!! We had a group of nine people and we had a blast!! Three of us were dressed in Stevie style. We got a range of reactions for that. I was in a white dress I made after the cd cover, my daughter wore a black one I had made for "The Dance" tour (and also wore to the Enchanted tour) and her friend wore a dress that her mother had made for her. I loved the reaction of the crowd when they played "Bootylicious" The first notes of the guitar rif started and everyone went wild. When they realized it wasn't "Edge of Seventeen" it quieted down and people sat down. There were a lot of people that kept dancing though. Then we heard part of "Trouble in Shangrila" and the band just came out on the stage, no big "Please welcome..." Just walked out on the stage and started the show. It was so cool! They started off with "Stop Draggin' My Heart Around". Waddy did a fantastic job on the song. I had my daughter with me and it was her third time SEEING Stevie(the first Stevie concert she went to was when I was pregnant with her and that would be her fourth) but she was still so excited that she couldn't contain herself. It was just as enjoyable watching her get into the show as watching the show!! The other seven in our group were seeing Stevie for the first time. It couldn't have been a better show for the first one!! I've seen Stevie six times (twice with FM) and this was by far THE BEST show I've ever seen. Stevie was absolutely incredible! She rocked all night long! I was very surprised to hear so many songs from the TISL album. She still does her dancing and high kicking and twirling!!! That was awesome! Every song was intense. I was amazed when I still had a voice afterward. We were surprised that Lori Nicks was not on stage with Stevie. AND THE STAGE!!!! Oh my God it was gorgeous. Just like the cover! I would love to have been a lot closer, We were center section 3/4 of the way back, but still closer than I've ever been for one of her shows. It was a fantastic set list, so many of her ROCKER songs!! TISL, Stop Draggin my Heart Around,Gold Dust Woman, Sorcerer, Outside the Rain/Dreams, Stand Back, Planets, Too Far from Texas, Everyday, Enchanted, Bombay Sapphires,Edge of Seventeen,Fall from Grace, Rhiannon, I need to Know, Has anyone written(ever written)anything for you : ) I loved her own reaction and come back for that little blooper. And then she finished the song like it didn't happen. She's AWESOME even when she makes a little mistake. It was a perfect evening, as always when you see Stevie!!! She just keeps getting better!!!! Thank You Stevie!!!!!!

Detroit MI, by Jill Rocks
Hello***SIGH***........what a stupendous show Stevie graced us with in Detroit!!! I have never been to Pine Knob....nice Venue. As usual, Stevie never fails to "Enchant" her audience. As always...she looked and sounded fabulous. Her smooth, rich voice cascaded over us like a colorful waterfall.

The stage was absolutely stunning....she always has the most awesome sets. I have seen Stevie 11 times...soon to be 13 counting Chicago and Indianapolis. :o) GGGGGOOOOOO STEVIE!!!!!!!!!!!! What a treat to see Waddy!! He of course is totally way cool.....he and Stevie were having a most excellent time on stage together again!!!!! I really enjoyed Sheryl. I am not familiar with her music although I will be buying some of her cd's now. Thanks Stevie!!!! She and Stevie sound so good together!! And she did a fantastic job of covering for Natalie Maines on "Too Far From Texas". Great song!!!

It was really nice to hear "Outside the Rain" that song. The sky looked ominous all evening and my husband kept saying "it's going to rain". I wouldn't have cared in the least bit. The only thing that would stop me from following her around like a puppy is death or lack of funds....LOL. I am totally oblivious to my surroundings when it comes to seeing Stevie!!!

I was happy to hear her do so many of her new songs!!!!! Especially "Scorcerer"....that is a killer song!!!! Not that they all aren't killer in thier own right..... :o) What else can I say?? Stevie's concerts are always awesome. ***SIGH*** WHOOOOOO-HOOOOO....GGGGGOOOOOOO STEVIE!! Well it's time to check the map for the road trip to Chicago :o) This time I am taking my neices...ages 15 & 16. They have grown up listening to her music and the are HUGE fans!!! We are all decking out in way cool Stevie lace skirts...shawls's going to be WAY TOO MUCH FUN!!!! Thanks you soooooo much Stevie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Take care all :o) Jill Rocks

Robert L Berndt
The show at the DTE Energy Music Theater was AWESOME!!!!! I went with mydaughter, her step sister and three of her friends and three of my friends. What a night to share with so many loved ones.Evryone but my daughter and myself had never seen Stevie.I was so happy to share this first Stevie experience with them. We arrived before Jeffrey Gaines, found our seats and did all the necessary stuff before the show like buying our shirts so that we had the sizes we wanted before they were gone. My daughter, one of her friends and myself dressed in Stevie style. It was so much fun to do. The show was just absolutely incredible. We didn't want to sit at all but the people behind us kept yelling for us to sit down . There were times though that it just was not possible to sit any longer. We didn't have close seats but it was the closest I've ever been in all the times I've seen Stevie. 6. We were center section 3/4 of the way back. It was so great to see my daughter soooooo excited . She was beside herself. Stevie gave an incredible performance! I was actually quite surprised by the number of songs done from Trouble in Shangri-La. The power of the entire show outshined other Stevie shows I've been to. She is definitely back in top form for this tour. It was fun to see her laugh at herself for the tiny little oops on "Has anyone ever Written". She is human after all. And she recovered herself and finished in beautiful fashion. Earlier in the day one of my daughter's friends said she hoped that Edge of Seventeen would be done. I told her it was a given and we weren't disappointed! We loved the intro to Edge of Seventeen. Lenny Castro began his solo and Autumn (my daughter) and I just looked at each other and knew. Then Waddy started the intro and we went crazy. Sheryl Crow was a terrific addition to the show. I was expecting that she would just do guest vocals on some of the songs but it was nice to hear her do some of her own songs also. We were quite surprised that Lori Nicks was not there but Mindy gave an awesome performance. There seemed to be a problem with Stevie's earpiece, she kept putting her hand to her ear and there were a few momentary sound problems but it did not take away from any part of the show. The ones in our group that have never seen Stevie before walked away having seen the best Stevie Nicks concert to date. Thank You Stevie!

Brian Minbiole
Hello Fellow Stevie Fans,

I enjoyed the Stevie Nicks concert on July 7th at the DTE Music Theatre in Clarkston, Michigan.

Stevie was in excellent voice and seemed thrilled to be back on stage again. She commented several times that this was only the second show of the tour after opening in PA and that they had worked the kinks out!

A great set and the compliment of Sheryl Crow was much appreciated. It is great having Waddy back on lead guitar and his additions to Edge of 17 made that the hit of the evening.

The place was packed and since this was my fifth concert of the year at the DTE Energy Music Theatre - I was proud that our girl created the largest attendance of any of the concerts I had seen there this year.

Many new tunes from the Trouble in Shangri-La CD - Sorcerer, Planets of the Universe, Every Day, Too Far from Texas, Bombay Sapphires and a rockin' Fall From Grace.

The only slip-up of the night was in the second encore song, "Has Anyone Ever Written Anything For You" where Stevie messed up the opening line.

The band was tight and our crowd made Stevie and the band feel at home in Detroit! Lori Nicks is missed alongside Ms. Celani but Mindy Stein hits the high notes just fine!

All hail the Welsh Witch is back and she looks as great as she sounds!

Greetings to all from Motown!

This is the first time I have ever seen the one and only Ms. Stevie Nicks in concert and let me tell you that it was just magical. A couple of my girlfriends and I caught the show at the DTE in Clarkston, MI. Stevie, of course sounded amazing and looked beautiful. I am a huge Stevie Nicks fan and I had such a great time at her concert. She did some of her new songs (which I love) and all the classics. She totally rocks. The only one that I thought for sure that she would sing would be "Landslide" and she didn't perform that one. Regardless, this was an outstanding concert and I'm glad I was a part of it! I love Stevie Nicks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I recently had the pleasure to attend the second show in detroit this sunday; and I was definately pleased with the show. This was the first time that I ever had the chance to see her and I hope that it will not be the last. Her presence on stage was powerfull and her voice as always was captivating. If you do get a cahnce to see this tour you will not be dissapointed.

Well, it was over too fast. I just got back from Clarkston, MI where I saw Stevie rock the house at the DTE Energy Music Theater. It was well worth 20 hours in the car. Great blend of old and new. Great blend of power rock and mystical balad. This is the third time I've seen Stevie live. This show was the best yet because she seemed so healthy and genuinely happy. While I've loved every show I've seen, she's on the top of her game now folks. DON'T MISS THIS TOUR. I'm going to catch her again at the Target Center in Minneapolis and I'm counting the days. Stevie, if you're reading any of these reviews I truly hope you're feeling as good and having as much fun as you seem to be. Thanks for the magic.

Brandi Carter
Clarkston, Michigan- July 7, 2001

We drove ten hours from Iowa to see Stevie Nicks and Sheryl Crow perform in Clarkston, Michigan on Saturday night. After this show I have know seen Stevie six times and Sheryl seven times live. But this was the absolute best and a dream come true as I have been a Stevie fan pretty much from birth ( I was born in 1978) because my parents were really into Fleetwood Mac. I really became a fan of Sheryl back in 1994 and I always hoped that they would get together and play music and now it's happened. When we watched the weather channel on Saturday afternoon, we were pretty nervous because severe thunderstorms were forecasted for Michigan and the skies over Detroit were very dark. But the magic pulled through for us, because come show time it was not raining. But anyway here is my review of the show:

The setting of the concert was an outdoor theatre tucked down in a valley and surrounded by trees. Stevie and Sheryl and the band sounded absolutely amazing. The crowd was very loud all night. Stevie came out and did the first four songs. She welcomed the crowd saying something like "Welcome to the second show of the Trouble In Shangri-La tour, we learned some things last night that we brought here with us tonight." Sheryl made her first appearance on Gold Dust Woman and the crowd went wild. Sheryl was wearing black pants with a studded long-sleeved black tunic that looked like vintage Stevie clothes that she used to wear in the 1970's. Stevie introduced Sheryl after Gold Dust Woman and Sheryl said "it's great to be here with the best fans in the world." Then they played "Sorcerer" and in my opinion this was probably the best song of the whole show. (They were all excellent though)

My friend and I stood and danced the whole time and got pretty wild and crazy, but for the most part the rest of the crowd that were sitting in the reserved seats only stood and danced for the popular "radio hits." The only thing I didn't like about this theatre in Detroit is that the stage is so small that, from the angle we were sitting, the speakers were in our way so we couldn't see the design on the back of the stage or the backup singers and the percussionist. We were about 40 rows back to the right of the stage.

At two points in the show, Stevie turned the stage over to Sheryl to perform two songs of her own while Stevie went backstage and changed. Sheryl sounded incredible and rocked the crowd with "My Favorite Mistake" and "Everyday is a winding road." Sheryl danced very sexy and seductive, much like Stevie has done throughout the years and still does. When Stevie was introducing the band and she introduced Sheryl, Sheryl said while laughing "Stevie has a very sexy, seductive band and I don't trust them one bit, that's why I refuse to stay in the same hotel as them." Stevie laughed at this one too.

After Stevie played Bombay Sapphires she said "It's always hard to play new songs that the audience is not familiar with because you never know how they are going to react, so thanks for hanging in there with us." The crowd erupted with cheers and Waddy looked over at Stevie, and if I can read lips, he said "I think they liked it" and Stevie smiled. Edge of Seventeen started with the bongo and drum solo, much like the Enchanted tour. Then Waddy came out alone to play the riff and he totally rocked out, vintage Waddy style like only Waddy can. This reminded me so much of the 1980's performances of Edge. Then the Stevie and the rest of the band came out. Sheryl was standing on the side-stage watching and dancing along. The encore was "Has Anyone ever written anything for you" and Stevie started in on the first verse with "has anyone written anything" then she caught herself and sang "ever written anything for you," it was so cute, she looked a little nervous.

Well this show was like a dream come true for me to see Sheryl and Stevie perform live together. I will be headed of to Chicago tommorow to see them live again and I can't wait. This is a must see show and a once in a lifetime opportunity and if you miss this you are crazy.

Here's the set list (probably not in the exact order, but pretty close):

Stop Draggin My Heart Around
Outside the Rain
Gold Dust Woman (Sheryl makes her first appearance)
Sorcerer (w/ Sheryl)
My Favorite Mistake (Sheryl alone w/ band)
Stand Back
Planets of the Universe
Everyday is a winding road (Sheryl solo w/ band)
Too Far from Texas (w/ Crow)
Bombay Sapphires
Fall From Grace (w/ Crow)
Edge of Seventeen

encore: I Need to Know (w/ Crow)
Has Anyone Ever Written Anything For You



i see there are already very detailed revues for the show in clarkston, so i'll just share this little story. we arrived a little after 5 and i've never heard so many cars in one place blasting stevie was great!! (this was my first stevie concert) so we get up to the gates and i can hear the sound checks and i'm about flippin out! so once we're inside i buy my souveniers and get something to i was just checking out the arena and the people i see waddy wachtel getting stuff to put on his hotdog at a food stand!!! and i didn't have a pen so i borrow one from a seating attendant and i walk over there (calmly as i ever thoughti could be) and say, "hiiiii......could i have your autograph please?" and he's just like totally flattered that he was recognized at all, and by a 19 yr old girl!......nobody else seemed to notice that stevie nicks' lead guitarist for 20 years is just wandering around in the crowd! so he goes..."ya sure! thanks! whats yo! ur name?" and my name is lindsey but its just a coincidence....and he's like "reallly?" so he signs my tourbook and i shook his hand and walked away, totally in shock! all of this was like at 6pm an hour and a half before the concert started and it already made my night!!! i just thought i'd share that and i think everybody already knows any stevie concert can't be described with words!!! it was perfect and i'll never forget it!!! i can't wait till the last show!!

michele from michigan
i have seen stevie many times, and many times at this venue. i have to say, it was the best yet. stevie just gets better with age! i love this new album so much, and she performed alot from it. my fav. was planets of the universe. she sounded incredible. the stage was very pretty and calming. it was so awesome to see waddy up there with her again. i was however alittle dissapointed that sheryl crow was with her. i love stevie by herself. stevie's performance of rhiannon was fantastic. and how could i forget those beautiful shawls she wears. this is a show you will never forget!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

from NtenseSilence
The second show of the tour was amazing! We sat in the fourth row, alittle to the left of the stage. We had a great vantage point to see someof the backstage happenings. When there was a bustle of activityoffstage, we knew the time was at hand! We stood up and eagerly waitedfor the introduction, but instead heard the chords of "Edge of Seventeen". Then we realized (and the rest of the crowd did, too!) that it wasDestiny's Child "Bootylicious"!! The crowd went crazy, and the in-house camera started flashing people in the audience dancing and jamming to the tune. It was great!

After the song ended, the band and the lady herself walked onstage withoutfanfare. The crowd was deafening! They launched into "Stop Draggin' MyHeart Around". It was awesome to see Stevie and Waddy together again. Stevie looked like she was having a blast! The sound throughout the showwas a little sketchy, but nobody seemed to mind. I won't list the set,because by the time you read this, you'll already have it memorized!

What I can tell you are the cool things I noticed during the show. Thestage is absolutely gorgeous-truly a re-creation of Shangri-La! There arehuge columns topped with flowering urns framing the band. In front ofthese columns are golden statues of a figure sitting in the lotusposition. There is an enormous window behind the band through which yousee a blue sky and a glittering calm sea. Stevie's hair is quite longnow, and straight, although the humidity brought out some curl as the showprogressed! The lighting onstage is the best of any of the tours I'veseen. Stevie was wearing her black platform tennis shoes, and dancing upa storm! She was also having quite a time with her earpiece-she wasplaying with it throughout the show. She looked happier and moreenthusiastic than I've ever seen her!

The true knockout of the show was "Planets Of The Universe", Stevie really went all-out on the vocal, and the lighting was incredible. Picture a huge "planet" orbiting across the stage and through theaudience!

After she sang "Bombay Sapphires", Stevie confided in the audience thatshe didn't know how the crowd would react to the new song. She thankedus for "hanging in there" with her through the song! Um, your welcome!Thank YOU!

Sheryl was a welcome addition to the show. She added a lot, and it wasfun to watch the interplay between her and Stevie. They were making alotof silly faces at each other and cracked up a few times!

Lastly, for the clothes-watchers...we're all used to Stevie's beautifulclothes, but the wrap Stevie wore for "Has Anyone" is the most beautifulgarment I have ever seen. It was a pinkish shell worn over her blackdress. The bodice was fitted around the bust, and beaded with tinycrystals. The sleeves were "bat wing" style in the same gauzy pink. Amazing!

Hope you all get a chance to see the show-it is truly remarkable!!

from khbarker
i am so very excited to write this review!! i just got back from seeingStevie at DTE(Pine Knob) in Clarkston, Michigan. i have been a fan ofStevie Nicks from the beginning. i never got a chance to see her inconcert till tonight. i almost did not get to go tonight either becausethe weather was threating. My son finally came in and said - if you don'tgo you will always regret it ! He was right too! So i grabbed my purse andwe went. Clarkston is an hour and a half away from my home in Michigan -on the freeway : Well - i dont do freeways - it was 6:30pm when we leftand the concert was going to start at 7:30pm - we had no tickets - so wedrove to a local ticketmaster and they told us we could buy them at thedoor (DTE). So - we jumped in the car - knowing we were going to be late -and knowing heavy rain was coming etc.. we took off anyway for theconcert. On the way - we got turned around in direction - time isticking.. we hit two detours and all - hair raising. It didnt lookpromising like we would actually get to see Stevie. Still we pressed on -it was 8:30pm when we arrived - we didnt have to pay to park because theconcert already was underway.. we parked - then RAN to the ticket office -the end of Dreams was playing in the air - suddenly we heard the beginningof Gold Dust Woman (intro) after that we flew! We got our tickets and rantoward the stage - people were on their feet - dancing was everywhere -total energy surged the place!! i was out of breath from running - so hot!When we got to the pavillion area - we saw Stevie and we just stoppedwhere we were - we stood there all night! No one sat down!! NOT ONE! Wesaw all the songs come alive - after all the years of listening to her -what a lady! The stage looked much like the CD - only where the ocean is -there was a moon that spun as she sung Planets - Rhiannon was awesome -Stand Back - Edge of Seventeen were fantastic - Every song she did - shedid with so much power and ease - she is one amazing person! i ABSOULUTLYENJOYED this concert - i hope it goes on DVD for all those who have tomiss it for one reason or another. It is Worth every moment! On the wayout - my son wanted to look at the tshirts - well - we were broke so wepassed it by .. sadly. Then my son stumbled over something on the walk infront of the tshirt stand - it was a Stevie Tshirt - he took it to thelady at the cashier - she told him he could keep it - looked at me andsaid - go on! . We Were Blessed Beyond our Wildest tonight - because ofStevie! i always heard magical things happen with Stevies fans and now iknow it is true - i am one of them! (By the way It NEVER did rain at all -it simply disappeared.....)

Stevie, Stevie!!!

What a concert. We drove 3 hours to DTE, arriving late (of course) but just in time to hear...a cappella...I hear there's Trouble in Shangra La..." sung by the girls, then Sheryl Crow, then STEVIE! One bu one they walked onto the stage, and rocked the house! The place was alive with energy!

I never sat down. Our seats were bad, so we moved up and managed to get about 40 rows back, which was great! The weather was hot, and so was the music! The stage was surreal, and never in the 20 years I have been going to Stevie's concerts have I ever saw her smile as much as she did last night! Sheryl Crow was a great addition to Stevie's "band," as she referred to it. Sounded like they are going to be doing more of this in the future. I hope so! Sheryl sang, "My Favorite Mistake," and "Every day is a Winding Road." She looked like she was having a great time on stage, lots of smiles and laughter between her and Stevie. Stevie sang backup for her too. Stevie sang "Edge of Seventeen," and at the end came to the edge of the stage and greeted fans, taking roses, and shaking hands. Lovely.

Planets of the Universe was awesome. She mentioned after that it was also a bootleg record made 25 years ago. Stevie also did more of her older stuff than I thought she would, singing, Rhiannon, Dreams, and Gold Dust Woman. Loved that, we got a pretty extensive song set, which included quite a few of the songs from the new CD. My daughter, Meredith, who is 8, loves "Too Far from Texas,"(a new Stevie fan!) and Sheryl and Stevie dueted on that one. And of course "Everyday." I read on the site that Stevie's next single will be "Sorcerer." I hope so! The show was the best that I have seen Stevie in years. High energy, obviously enjoying herself, and a delight to watch. Rock on, Stevie!

Tiffany in Toledo

Stevie rocked all night! She looked and sounded better than ever! The concert set was great! I especially loved the intro where you don't see her but you hear her singing the chorus of TISL! The place went nuts when she appeared!!!! Having Sheryl there was a great touch!!!! She made sure that all the focus was on Stevie while on stage together. She gave us fans the "props" by telling us "Stevie fans are the best fans!" My seats were in the pavilion but way in the back at the left, but at least I could see her. Couldn't see much of Waddy, though. Oh well. Anyway, the crowd was so receptive, except during her new songs (at least on my side of the pavilion), which disappointed me. I think "Sorcerer" and "POTU" rock! Stevie seemed genuinely enthusiastic and appreciative of the fan response. It was definitely worth the drive from Toledo, OH and will definitely be worth the drive to Cleveland in 10 days to see her again, with much better seats! 13th row, left of stage babyyyyyyyy!!!!!!! I CAN'T WAIT (no pun intended)! Stevie rocks! See you in Cleveland!

I just saw Stevie last night at her concert here in Mi. And let me tell you it was awesome! Stevie looked fantastic and sounded great! The mood was very upbeat, as she had gotten almost everyone to their feet to dance and sing to every song. She thanked the crowd for listening to her new songs,and being very receptive to them.Sheryl Crow has joined the tour, and performed a couple of her signature songs, and doing the duet with Stevie on " Too far from Texas".

Stevie ended the night by doing an encore of Tom Petty's "I need to know" and then her finale was " Has anyone ever written anything for you". Great Concert!!!

Clarkson , Michigan ~ Stop #2 ~ World Tour ~Trouble in Shangri-La 2001 Stevie Nicks. A must do for any Stevie Fan. Incredible. Was the best night of my summer...the energy high...she spoke, she sang, she danced, she rocked. Invited guest, Sheryl Crow, "part of the band" and Waddy Watchel long time guitar, made it a night that will not soon be forgotten. A seasoned mix of old and new, lended all who attended a most mystifying experience. They don't call her the Queen of Rock for nothing you know...... Check it out at a city near you.......

Got up to the venue at 3p.m., to be able to tailgate and visit with other Stevie fans. After hanging around with other fans for about one hour, 2 silver buses and a black limo came pulling in. Within about 30-45 minutes we started to hear sound check (we could hear Fall from grace, I need to know and Bombay Sapphires) as more fans arrived. We eagerly awaited the doors opening at about 6 p.m. we could buy merchandise and food but, couldn't get to our seats yet because they were finishing up sound check.

Now for the merchandise she had: an album cover postcard $2.00; a (20 page) tour program $20.00; a package of 2 (the album cover & a head shot of Stevie) buttons $5.00; a keychain that had the LP cover on one side & written in an archway "Stevie Nicks Trouble In Shangri-La; a Black Coffee Mug with Stevie Nicks Shangri-La/Show Me The Way Back $18.00. There was a total of 8 shirts: a Gray Sweatshirt that had Stevie Nicks written on the right side and the "S" from the LP cover on the back $35.00; a light blue ladies tank top with the "S" and Trouble in Shangri-La on it $28.00; a ladies short cropped black t-shirt that said Stevie Nicks Trouble in Shangri-La (dead center on the shirt) $32.00 neither of these had anything on the backs. Next came an oversized XXXL (only) shirt that had a candle on the front and a great photo of Stevie on the back (the photo that is on the back of the CD jacket) (BOY I WISH THIS PHOTO WOULD BE PUT ON A REGULAR SIZE T-SHIRT) $30.00. For the regular t-shirts they were all $32.00 -$35.00: a white shirt that had the album cover on it with an additional orange boarder on the bottom and pocket side (on the back in very light gray is the "S" as well as the 2001 tour cities); there is a red shirt with Stevie's name in white on the pocket side and the "S" that takes up the entire front in black, on the back is the "S" looking more like a dragon in black and white with Trouble in Shangri-La bordering it; a pink shirt with the album cover on it that fades off of the shirt at the sides with Stevie Nicks written in black at the top of the photo, the back has Trouble in Shangri-La written in black with a darker pink dragoon on top of it; then there is a black one that has Stevie with her arms outstretched (this is the same picture that is in the center of the C.D. jacket) on the back written in brown is the "S" and in yellow are the 2001 tour cities.

As I put my very wounded "plastic" away from everything I purchased ($300.00) and was walking towards my seat I ran into Mr. Christopher Nicks and Lenny (Mr. "S" himself) we stood and talked for a few minutes. Chris said that he remembered me from when they toured here in Detroit before he called me "Mr. Penguinman" because of my penguin tattoo. He hoped I would enjoy the show. As I got closer to my 3rd row seat all I could see was that at the top of the lights was some silk like looking flower designed material this was around both sets of lights at this point this was about all you could see except for black curtains that covered Stevie's set. Jeffery Gaines came out about 7:45 and played acoustically for 30 minutes. After he left the stage the stage crew came out to get everything set for Stevie at this point all I could say about her stage was "OH MY G-O-D", HOW GORGEOUS. The stage was a 3D of the album cover with additional pillars (I remember counting 6 total) the ones in back were decorated to look like they had ivy all over them with red and purple flowers on the vines, the ones in front were a beige color there was vines with red and purple flowers on these too (as well as stage lights hidden in the back of them). Yes the archway had the sky and sea in it however, this coloring changed with the mood of the songs.

As for the set list she stuck with what she did for the first night. She looked very, very happy and very relaxed. She was having fun the entire night, with Ms. Crow and with the audience. From the time her preamble (Destiny's Child) started until she left the stage nobody sat, we were on our feet from 8:45 until 10:45. I can't wait to see the show when it hits Indy.

I hope I didn't get too wordie.

OMG ! Cought the show last night,it was absolutly a magical rock expierence. Steevie & the girls poured thier creative style with elegance & grace. Truely a once in a lifetime expierence,the smile on Steevies face was a genuine one I could feel her happiness. Sheryl was truely poetic,musical soul sisters. God Bless everyone who loves & supports the worlds"Servivors".Steevie ended the show with saying"Make sure you servive", Thanks Girls :o)~

Judie Dinius (Cancer Servivor)
Amen Clarkston Mighigan,July 7th. 2001;

I was at the July 7th showing of Stevie in Clarkston, Michigan. Here is my review:

Sarah, Alana, Lauren and I were sitting in about the 30th row, next to the control booth. We all bought Tour Books. Stevie came on around 8:30 PM. The stage was set to resemble the back of the album cover of Trouble In Shangri-La. Stevie was wearing her black witchy dress, and Sheryl followed her out, her band was already set up. Stevie looked great ! While walking on to stage her and Sheryl did an accapella version of 'Trouble In Shangri-La'. The first song performed was 'Stop Draggin My Heart Around' with Waddy performing Tom Petty's part. Then Stevie spoke to the crowd and thanked everybody for coming to the second concert on her tour. She talked a little bit more about how happy she was to be here. After that, she performed 'Enchanted', 'Outside the Rain' and 'Dreams'. After 'Dreams' she went into 'Sorceror'. Sheryl Crow came out and they did a great duet of 'Sorceror', except on the album version where Stevie's voice gets high, she changed it and went low instead. I don't remember what order the songs were in, but Stevie did 'Gold Dust Woman', 'Planets of the Universe', 'Stand Back', 'Edge of Seventeen' and a bunch of other songs. I think Stevie was most energetic on 'Stand Back'. She even did her trademark high kick ! Stevie was twirling and shaking her tambourine, looking like she had a complete blast. She sang every song with a sense of power. From the time Stevie got on stage to the time she left, none of us sat down. We sang every word to every song and I didn't have a voice left. At the end of the concert, my friends and I noticed Lori Nicks was in the control booth and we asked if we could speak to her. She came over and we asked if she would sign our Tour Books. She was extremely nice about it, and made us feel very special ! The concert was electrifying, and I hope to see Stevie again in the near future. She made it a night to remember.

Lisa and Rhiannon Rose Bailey
I've been to every Michigan Stevie/Mac concert since the Bella Donna tour, i have to say THIS WAS THE BEST!! I'll never be the same...very magical...this lady can take you so far- LOVE YOU STEVIE......rock on!!

Words fail me. I've been to dozens of concerts in dozens of cities...Stevie's was, by far, the best. So many artists don't sounds as good live as they do on their albums...Stevie sounded even better (which is something I didn't think possible). She OWNED that stage and every person in that crowd while she was on. She infected everyone with that special Stevie magic that seems to always be around her. Her voice is amazing, her lyrics like poetry, her stage design was beautiful. Her show just blew me away. And the songs! I was thrilled that she did such a wide variety...she did songs from TISL, her older solo stuff, and songs from her Fleetwood Mac days. Sheryl Crow was amazing, as well. I've always been a Sheryl Crow fan, so having her there was a great bonus. We, as music fans, hear so many stories about these prima donna artists who wouldn't even dare think of sharing a stage with another big name was so refreshing so see two huge names share a stage and their songs. Stevie, at one point, said, "I'm not going to introduce Sheryl every time she comes on stage. From here on out, she's part of the band." The audience went wild at that! We were on our feet for the whole show. When we first got to DTE we were just kind of milling around and every where you turned, someone was telling their Stevie Story...what song touched them the most, the songs that made them cry, the first time they saw her live, the last interview they saw, etc. There was not one person there who had not taken her music to heart and made it their own. Right before Jeffery Gains went on (pretty good, too) I noticed the microphones on stage, the first one I noticed was Stevie's! Hers is pretty hard to fans know exactly what I'm talking about. Her response to her fans is so wonderful. She actually thanked us, then took time to go shake hands. She sounded so confident and so fantastic on stage, she looked more beautiful than I can say, and gave us all a concert that none of us will ever forget. One piece of lyrics really sums it up..."There was magic all around you, if I do say so myself." When she came back out to do her encore, she did, as her last song, Has Any One Ever Written Anything For You, the tears started rolling, not only for me, but for so many other people around us. That's what she does to people. Her songs touch us like no other. Like I said, she thanked us for listening to her songs.....No, Stevie, thank YOU. Thank you for writing and singing songs that touch our hearts and thank you for sharing them with us. An amazing show that shouldn't be missed!

Kathy Gusas
Just wanted to let everyone know that if you don't have your tickets for this tour, beg, borrow or steal and take any ticket available. The show rocks, a great mix of old and new material. This was the second show on the tour, but you wouldn't know it. Everyone on that stage was having a lot of fun doing what they love. . . and of course Stevie was her usual fantastic self. We were lucky enough to have Sheryl Crow at our concert - what a treat.

i am so very excited to write this review!! i just got back from seeing Stevie at DTE(Pine Knob) in Clarkston, Michigan. i have been a fan of Stevie Nicks from the beginning. i never got a chance to see her in concert till tonight. i almost did not get to go tonight either because the weather was threating. My son finally came in and said - if you dont go you will always regret it ! He was right too! So i grabbed my purse and we went. Clarkston is an hour and a half away from my home in Michigan - on the freeway : Well - i dont do freeways - it was 6:30pm when we left and the concert was going to start at 7:30pm - we had no tickets - so we drove to a local ticketmaster and they told us we could buy them at the door (DTE). So - we jumped in the car - knowing we were going to be late - and knowing heavy rain was coming etc.. we took off anyway for the concert. On the way - we got turned around in direction - time is ticking.. we hit two detours and all - hair raising. It didnt look promising like we would actually get to see Stevie. Still we pressed on - it was 8:30pm when we arrived - we didnt have to pay to park because the concert already was underway.. we parked - then RAN to the ticket office - the end of Dreams was playing in the air - suddenly we heard the beginning of Gold Dust Woman (intro) after that we flew! We got our tickets and ran toward the stage - people were on their feet - dancing was everywhere - total energy surged the place!! i was out of breath from running - so hot! When we got to the pavillion area - we saw Stevie and we just stopped where we were - we stood there all night! No one sat down!! NOT ONE! We saw all the songs come alive - after all the years of listening to her - what a lady! The stage looked much like the CD - only where the ocean is - there was a moon that spun as she sung Planets - Rhiannon was awesome - Stand Back - Edge of Seventeen were fantastic - Every song she did - she did with so much power and ease - she is one amazing person! i ABSOULUTLY ENJOYED this concert - i hope it goes on DVD for all those who have to miss it for one reason or another. It is Worth every moment! On the way out - my son wanted to look at the tshirts - well - we were broke so we passed it by .. sadly. Then my son stumbled over something on the walk in front of the tshirt stand - it was a Stevie Tshirt - he took it to the lady at the cashier - she told him he could keep it - looked at me and said - go on! . We Were Blessed Beyond our Wildest tonight - because of Stevie! i always heard magical things happen with Stevies fans and now i know it is true - i am one of them! (By the way It NEVER did rain at all - it simply disappeared.....)


  more reviews coming......

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