Stevie Nicks

Trouble in Shangri-la

7/10/01 Allstate Arena Rosemont, IL
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michael guerra
Last month my mother and I drove from Milwaukee, WI. to Chicago, IL. to see our Stevie. Its taken me that long to compose my thoughts. I have been in a kind of a haze since the concert. I have seen Stevie 7 times now, both Solo and with FM. and this was by far the best show ever. Its hard to believe that she is 53. She has more energy than me, and I'm 31. She looked and sounded better than ever. She rocked from start to finish and I was on my feet with the rest of the crowd the entire time. I was totally knocked out by the end. What a gift from God Stevie Nicks is. I can't wait to see her next Tour. Thank you Stevie from the bottom of my heart.

Hi everyone, Let me just say STEVIE rocked the house in Chicago! I still can't believe I saw her(though it was my second time seeing her). Then again I still can't believe I saw Ann Wilson last Thursday in concert with the Beatles tribute band thing.

Ok the set was sooo cool. The cool portable arch, cause you know you have to have the cool arch(ok that sentence did not make any sense).

so I am waiting there with my friend and we are getting really nervous cause the lighting people keep tricking the crowd and turning the lights on an off. And then finally "Bootylicious" came on. That got the crowd going. Stevie probably was jamming to it backstage...jkAnd then She came out! Oh it was soo cool.

they played Stop Draggin my Heart around. Good thing it wasn't Outside the Rain/Dreams(though that was coming up next). Stevie sounded soo good. And her backup band was right on. Totally rockin! And was so excited to see Brett Tuggle playing a real Hammond B3. I wanted to run up and touch it(right!).

I noticed that Stevie was not wearing her boots. I guess she wanted to be comfortable. Anyways on with the show. Sheryl came for GDW. Sheryl rocked out and she did two of her own songs which I didn't mind at all causeI do like Sheryl. I for the life of me can not remember anything right except that the concert rocked and there was this weird woman a couple rows behind me dancing like she was doing tae-bo! It was the funniest thing. I think someone needed to give some medication!

Ok but did anyone else think the concert was really short? I did. I think it was just felt like it because I knew every single song! And when Edge of 17 started, I got really sad cause it was towards the end. I am sooo should have been in front row(man I sound like a Valley Girl). And I love that she was doing her Stevie moves and then she stared doing pointed finger hand moves(just like Eric Forman on That 70s Show..anyone know what I am talking about).

SO STEVIE ROCKS at RED ROCKS...I mean at Chicago!

Right so after the concert my friends and I decided to stay after and well wait for Stevie to come out. The security wasn't even that tight. And the tour buses were right there. There were two limos and this van that were waiting to take them away. And they kept trying to trick us by using one limo as a decoy. Then almost an hour of waiting, I saw Carlos and Brett by the tor buses but i didn't go over there cause I was waiting for Stevie to come by in the limo. And then everyone started screaming and the limo finally passed us all. And I think Sheryl was waving to us. It looked like her but not too sure. And I don't even know if Stevie was in there. She probably was. And the scary thing was that I wanted to follow them to where they were staying. how scary and pathetic!

Anyways I had a great seeing Stevie for the second time and now I can't wait for Fleetwood Mac!

So here's the set-list of the Chicago show(All-State Arena), but I might have left a song off cause I can't remember every single one cause I was having too much fun. I don't remember the order of the songs either except for the beginning and the end. Trouble in Shangri-La Intro Stop Draggin' My Heart Around Enchanted Outside the Rain Dreams Gold Dust Woman(with Sheryl) Sorcerer(with Sheryl) My Favorite Mistake(just Sheryl) Too Far From Texas(with Sheryl) Rhiannon Everyday Planets of the Universe Bombay Sapphires Everyday is a Winding Road(Stevie on backup and tambourine) Fall From Grace(with Sheryl) Edge of 17

Encore: I Need to Know Has Anyone Ever Written Anything for You?

I swear there were more songs! Probably! and that was a two hour show(almost...I wish she could have played longer! Oh well!) SO DON'T MISS THIS FABULOUS SHOW!!!!!!

-April:) Lindsey

This was the 8th time I went to see the enchantress herself , Stevie Nicks , and it was the most astonishing!!!! She gave one hell of a show, everytime it gets better. I was at the Chicago show and it was packed and everyone was having a good time. I was surprised at how many fans that I talked to did not have her new cd. I told all who didn't to buy it , one of the queens best.!. The concert was balls out rock from one of the few living legends of our time. Rock a little Stevie ????? Hell you rocked alot and a whole lot more! I pity anyone who misses this one.

Sam Steinmetz
I just attended the Chicago show. It was all I expected and so much more. This is my first Stevie show. I have grown up with her music. My father listened to Fleetwood Mac. I have always adored Stevie's voice!! She is great!! I was so impressed!! Stevie has been through a lot over the years and she has prevailed throughout all of it. She is a great Role Model. We had tickets for section 211 and then we got floor seats which rocked!! We were in row 16. Ironically in front of us sat the blonde back up singers family. I would have loved to get back stage passes. Condsidering I am almost 18 I hope that I will have many more chances to see her live. I have loved her for so long and it was like a dream seeing this woman who I adored since I was a little girl!! KEEP UP THE AWESOME WORK STEVIE!! SEE YOU SOON!!

Hi all just made the trip home from the Tues. show at the Allstate arena. I must say it was excellent and I enjoyed it very much and it was a very good concert. It was well worth the travel and the price. I even took my hubby and 8 yr old son, who I must say loved it and sang right along. I figure teach children to enjoy good music at a young age. My husband took me to the show for my B-day and it was the best gift I could have gotten. Stevie was in fine form on this night and looked and sounded great. The stage was good, lighting, sound, everything. The most fun was hanging around after the show, not wanting to fight the traffic at first. Then noticed a small crowd by the back door and waited around and waited to get a peek, maybe autograph. Then later she came out we all called to her as she got in the limo and when she got to the top of the hill right in front of us she rolled her window down and waved, very cool. All I can say is this was the best and please go to she this taleted lady if you get a chance. She is tops on my list.

Lori Goodwin
Well, I picked Brian up at 4:30, we had to drive down to Chicago and we wanted to try to avoid as much traffic as possible....but we hit a bunch of it at the toll ways down there. I think it took us an hour...maybe an hour and half to get down there. When we pulled into the parking lot, it was not crowded at all! So we parked the truck, sat and listed to Everyday before we stood in line to get into the arena. Once we got out there we watched all the Stevies, they were so cute! Some were really good. I think they let us in about 6:30 or 7. We stopped at the first tour book booth and purchased our books, then went and looked for some other booths with the shirts. When we found one that wasnt too crowded, we purchased our other things. Brian purchased a hat, pins and a postcard...I had to go for the t-shirts. Majorly expensive! But I had to do it! I bought two of the black t-shirts with the tour dates on the back, and then I bought a 3x shirt, just because I liked the picture on it and they only had in 3x! Can you believe that shit? LOL Got two postcards, one of Jax and one for me and thats about it. I really wanted a poster but they had none, so I will be surfing eBay. After that, Brian bought us a couple of cokes and me a hot dog and then we went to find our seats. We walked almost all the away around the arena, found some stairs to go up (we had upper level seats, section 201) and when we got up the stairs, we couldnt walk around to where we were supposed to be, so we walked through this curtain thinking we might be able to walk through the rows over to where our seats were, but we couldn't. They lady asked where were sitting and we told her, she looked at our ticket stubs and said that we could get better seats if we wanted them. Brian and I just looked at each other like WOW!!! and yeah! we would like to get better seats. She pointed to a lady who would help us. So we walked up to her and asked her about them, she asked for our tickets and gave us two new ones! I was starting to shake, because I could not believe it! Brian is like "hurry up! before they change their minds!" so here we are, rushing down the stairs to find our new seats. We found the section we were going to be in and started walking down...down....down and then finally reach an usher, she showed us were were and Brian and I were like floored! They were not front row seats, but to us they were way better then what we had. In the arena, the whole floor section had chairs...from the stage to the other end (they didnt use the entire arena so it was kinda small) We were on the right side of the stage, three rows up from the floor, directly across from the lighting and sound control guy. We were extremely happy. We werent the only ones this happened to, actually there was quite a few of us. There was a lady selling beautiful red roses, I almost bought one just in case we made a mad dash for the stage....but we didnt, we had too much stuff to drag with us. The whole night was so awesome! That Jeffery Gaines was actually pretty good. The audience took to him well and when he sang In this Life (or whatever song it was) everybody was singing along with him and being like his back up vocals..which he really enjoyed. I think he sang like 5 songs or so. When he was finished the lights came on and shortly after, I think that is when I called Jackie. It had to have been like 20 minutes or so then the lights started flickering on and off (testing) and the crowd started getting all excited. The biggest tease was when the riff from Edge of Seventeen started playing....the crowed went crazy!! then it went into the bootylicious song! OMG! what a BAD BAD tease!! LOL But people where still getting down. When they did come out...waddy, the band and Sharon and Mindy, the music to Trouble in Shangrila was playing and we could here Stevies voice singing some parts of it, then Stevie came out and they sang Stop Draggin my Heart around. AWESOME!!! The song list was the same as all the rest, so I am just picking out my highlights of the night. When she sang GDW, I was really hoping she would belt it out like on the Dance or other versions, but she didnt...but it was still very good. Rhiannon was awesome...when they got to the musical part of the song....Stevie turned and walked back towards the drums and bent forward got her wings ready, then she walked back to the mic moving her arms back and forth (kinda like old times?) Oh the crowd went wild!!! She performed a bunch of songs off the new album and everyone of them rocked. I loved Sorcerer, Planets of the Universe was another awesome song, Bombay Sapphire and Fall from Grace....just all of them were awesome. When Edge of Seventeen started, Waddy came out and played the guitar riff, then stopped. Then played again...then stopped...then he totally rocked out! I mean totally rocked! Then Stevie came out, we never made it down to the stage, but we were watching through binaculars and she looked sooo happy. I wished I could've made it down there (that was my lowest point), but the whole night was one humungous high! I still have not come down from it. Sheryl was terrific, she looked good....loved her hair and her outfit was adorable! and their voices (Stevies and Sheryls) really work well together. It was a Fantastic show!!!

stevie nicks, is a "gift from GOD"............she looked incredable, and sang her little heart out, tuesday night, in were all ages........many dressed, in stevie be singing and dancing, with stevie nicks, again (my third time), with my niece, rebecca, and her friend ashley......and my friend , from work, lisa-------who i always sing "stevie nicks" with....was another DREAM COME TRUE, in my , almost, 51 years , of life............THANK YOU are still my , "SENTIMENTAL LADY".......that is what i kept screaming, in 1975, at the zoo, in peoria, illinois.........and you looked right at me, and have a beautiful smile, a wonderful voice, and a way with words.........."dont stop"......."dont leave me"......peace........

The Chicago Stevie Nicks concert kicked off at 8:40 PM after suffering through a the miserable angst of Jeffrey Gaines. I 'll leave that for another review, but Jeff, do I really want to hear how miserable it was growing up in Harrisburg PA before listening to one of the most influential rockers of our time. Go home Jeff.

OK, now heres the fun part. Just prior to Stevie et al coming on, we hear Destiny's Child with their Edge of Seventeen licks playing. Once that finishes, the lights dim and on comes the band followed by Stevie wearing a gorgeous black outfit and oh so high black boots, (in my day we called emstacks). Stevie was postitively radiant and started the set list with Stop Dragging. The set list was identical to the prior two concerts in PA and Michigan.Sheryl Crow came on three songs later to do Gold Dust Woman and wore a black and flowered patterned dress. She danced along with Stevie to the flow of the music. It was magic.

The best part of this concert was undoubtedly Stevie's voice which sounded positivley harmonic. Along with Waddy, who is quite the guitarist, her voice never sounded better in the 25 plus years that I've been a fan. She hit all the high notes without reservation. She danced, she laughed and made everyone have a good time. Except for my longing for more songs (there were 16 plus 2 for encore), I couldn't have asked for a better evening. Now, Stevie, about that opening act????

Steve Westrick
I am very late with this but we just got back from Stevie's Chicago show at the Allstate Arena. We stayed an extra day-it's out 10th wedding anniversary and what a way to celebrate--front row center. It was the culmination of 20 years as a Stevie fan. From the moment I walked in on an HBO broadcast of Stevie's first solo tour at the age of 10 (Edge was on)it has been my dream to be where I was Tuesday night.

Mere words can't do justice in describing this performance but I'll do my best. In a word...ENCHANTING! Enough has been said about the set and the songlist, but it WAS truly awesome. For Chicago, the flowing black curtain veiled the set, bathed in purple light until Jeffrey Gaines came out to open the show (listen to this guy folks--he has a great attitude and talent). It was not too long after he left the stage that Bootylicious began to play with the lights of the arena still up. As it ended, the lights went out, the curtain fell, and Trouble in Shangri-La hit our ears. The crowd went wild! When it came to an end, the band hit the stage, Sharona and Mindy stepped forward, and out came Stevie, absolutely RADIANT! Truly breathtaking.

Just a few highlights (hard to pick just a few): The performance of Enchanted, Cheryl Crow's entrance during Gold Dust Woman, shaking Stevie's hand during Edge, the POWERFUL POWERFUL performance of Fall From Grace (unbelievable), and the song that had this guy's eyes welled with tears, Has Anyone Ever Written Anything For You. I would have paid what I did to see that single performance. It's a song that is very close to me for a lot of reasons. Stevie was the most expressive and energetic I have ever seen. She really shined that night. It was fulfilling to see her as happy as she seemed to be.

We traveled from the Milwaukee area for this show, and hope to see her in Noblesville, Indiana on 9/1, this time with our 9 year old daughter Rachel. She has been hooked for as long as I can remember. Must have been all that dancing I did with her when she was 3 to Paper Doll from the FM boxed set. We are trying to get tickets now.

This show was worth every penny we spent. Our only regret was my wife not getting to shake Stevie's hand. She was shoved into a speaker at the precise moment she passed (slight injuries worth the xperience!). For those of you yet to attend, trust is worth the wait and whatever you have to do to get there. Truly will be moved.

Kerry Fuglsang
The show was absolutely phenomenal! She so rocks! I will definitely go see her again if I can!


Colleen Swanlund
No, seriously. I'm kinda busy right now, so to be able to weasel my workaholic husband, (A.K.A. a piece of talking furniture) away for three luxurious days on a road trip from Minnesota, to the wonderfully stinky town of Chicago to see my favorite artist of all time definitely felt like a vacation, albeit, a brief one.

The day of the concert, we whiled the hours away browsing Chicago's incredible art institute. Stevie has mentioned in interviews that she gets nervous for the six-hour window before her shows. So, while she was dealing with that, perhaps somewhere close by, I was staring into the face of Vincent Van Gogh's self portrait, thinking of what an honor it felt like to be standing so close to him. I've never met a famous painting before. I hope he liked me. I hope I didn't disrespect him by standing too close. We got tickets over the Internet, and a hotel practically within walking distance of the venue, Allstate Arena. Which to me, was a pleasantly, surprisingly intimate place, seating about, I believe, 18,000 people. She sang to a stuffed house. There were a few vacant seats behind the stage with zero visibility. I am primarily used to the Target Center in Minneapolis where every seat has nose bleed potential. They vend boxes of Kleenexes right next to the Budweiser and gooey pretzel stands. Just kidding. As other reviewers have mentioned, the stage was decorated like the CD jacket design, in three-d. Very cool. Very Stevie of a detail. Waddy had brown leather pants on. Sheryl had black leather pants on. I notice these things. I don't know why. Sheryl danced around like a Grateful Dead head during Gold Dust Woman.

Hmm, come to think of it she was wearing sort of a black, long hippy chiffon shirt with roses on it. Very hippy chic. I once painted roses all over a friend of mine's black tank beater car for a Grateful Dead concert we went to in St. Paul. Sheryl looked MUCH better than that car.

If Stevie is intrinsically sexy, and Prince is intrinsically not, then I would have to say that Sheryl Crow is intrinsically, charismatically, the coolest. Of course, Stevie is still the Queen, which would make Sheryl a bishop or a knight but definitely better than a rookie, don't you think? And I couldn't think of a better rock star friend for Stevie to have. She is the only other artist on the planet that was able to stop me in my tracks when I first heard her voice on the radio singing "All I Wanna Do", back in 1994. Up 'til then, only Stevie Nicks had held that honor, with "Dreams", back in 1976. So for me, their subsequent friendship and musical collaboration is that much more I don't know, I can't think of an adjective good enough to serve it justice.

Anyway, back to the show. The set list I believe, is the same as all the other shows, so if you read one review with the list, it's probably the same one throughout the tour, except they will obviously not have the two Sheryl Crow songs. I wonder if Stevie'll swap them out for something else like a good half hour rip on all the dummies that keep asking her if she's a witch. Too bad Sheryl can't make it for the entire tour. Simply because, they seem to have such fun together up there. I think that keeping the set list the same helps keep the show tight and sounding well rehearsed, which it did. Stevie knows her profession. All the songs sounded really good. The new songs melded right in with the classics. Her style is that uniquely signature. As usual, Stevie looked incredible and sang flawlessly, and it was over before my daze was. Which lasted at least another couple of hours. That's me. Intrinsically dazed, and sometimes downright silly, but NEVER confused about the incredible work of Stevie Nicks. O.k., Seeya, bye.

Mary Kaiser
I saw the concert in Chicago. I was rocking hard. She really performed well and it was a pleasure to see her with Sherly Crowe. Stevie's concerts are the best. I might see her again in another city and will certainly tell my friends. I hope the Lord will Bless Stevie's concert tour. I have seen her many times through the years including Tinley Park, Illinois and Las Vegas. Her music is timeless. I hope she can keep it up with more platinum or gold cds. In Christ's Love.

Annette Pezzute
If you want to see an awesome concert, this is definitely IT!!! The introduction will get you all fired up and keep you pumped throughout the whole show. Stevie still has alot to give to her fans, and it shows. Her voice and words are so powerful, so full of little worlds; you can't seem to get enough!! I give her credit for trying to blend her songs into what the younger generations are listening to. This isn't easy to do for any Rock N' Roll Legend. And if you haven't bought the "Trouble In Shangri-La" CD you're missing out!! And if you haven't seen her in concert, well you I think you should!! She will rock your world! She will rock you through her old songs like "Edge of Seventeen" and "Stand Back" as well as her new songs. Sheryl Crow performed well with Stevie and did an awesome job of producing the CD.

noreen m riley
We saw Stevie for the first time last night and she was AWESOME!!!!!!!!!I am 35 yrs. old and have been a dedicated,devoted and loving fan of Stevie Nicks since 1975.I`ve always wanted to see her live.Last night was a dream come true thanks to my fiance who bought our tickets for me for fathers day.We live 200 miles south of Chicago we had quite an adventure getting their including a car loosing control and sliding backwards across the interstate right infront of us.We survived the ordeal and made it to the show all in one piece except for our nerves which we all lost in the chicago traffic.Once we got to the Allstate Arena everything was great.Jeffery Gaines was very impressive.He performeed solo with an acoustic guitar .His voice was warm and full of emotion.Our seats for this show were in section 214 in the upperbowl and we were surprised to see two empty seats right beside us and many other empty seats even on the floor.Our friends Candy and Jeremy tried to buy floor seats the day before the show and ticketmaster said their were no floor or lower bowl seats available.Then why were there so many empty seats?Surely there weren`t that many people that paid up to $90 or better per ticket and then not go.We motioned for our friends Candy and Jeremy to come take the two empty seats beside us.When they joined us we were noticing that in the 14th row on the floor there were 5 empty seats in a row on the left side of the stage.Noreen told us to go for it,so we did. Jeremy and I left Noreen and Candy in our seats in the upper bowl holding all of our t-shirts and tour books and we headed for the floor.We walked right by the grey haired security woman that was checking tickets for the floor. We just acted like we were supposed to be there and nobody tried to stop us. We walked straight to the empty seats in the 14th row that we spotted from above. We had a great view and an awesome time. A short little security chick stopped us when we tried to get in the first row and asked to see our tickets and I told her they were with our girlfriends so she told us to go back.We went back to the 14th row and stayed there.

The show was absolutely beautiful.The stage was decked out with pillars,vines and gold statues with a background that had a big doorway in the middle that changed from song to song with scenes like the ocean to a giant planet earth during Planets of the Universe. The light show was beautiful and coreographed perfectly. Stevie`s entire crew did a wonderfull job. The sound was crystal clear but should have been louder. The sound man did crank it up towards the end of the show when the bongo player started a very cool solo entry into Edge of Seventeen. The entire 9 piece band sounded great. We loved Sheryl Crow. Her and Stevie share a mutual love for what they do and for their fans and it really shows in their performance. We loved every minute of the hour and 45 minute show. Stevie sang every solo hit I hoped she would including 5 new songs from Trouble In Shangri La. She sang three Fleetwood Mac songs Dreams,Gold Dust Woman (with Sheryl Crow making her first appearance),and Rhianon which really blew us away. Sheryl did two of her hits that were awesome. I wish she could finish the entire tour. She is a perfect fit with Stevie`s show. We were surprised they didn`t play Are You Strong Enough To Be My Man and Sarah. The show ended with just piano and Stevie doing a powerfull touching version of Has Anyone Ever Written Anything for You. It was perfect!!! A dream come true!!! All of it!!! Thank You Stevie ,We love everything about you!!!!!!!!!! If you read this and would like to email me my address is or

Jeffrey Knutson
Run, take a boat, take a plane...see this show! I'd never seen Stevie before (?). It affected me in the same way I felt hearing "Sara" for the first time on my mother's record player when I was eight. I cried. When Stevie sings you are the only one in the audience. It's true. "Outside The Rain" particularly moved me. Her voice affects you on an emotional level because she is her music, and it doesn't matter what the words. She paints abstract images and transplants them into the listener's mind. The energy she, Sheryl and their band created was wild and moving. The audience gave back as much as you gave. It's obvious we love you. Stevie, if you, Sheryl or the band are reading this, thank you so much for BEING there and present for us. You thanked us, we thank you. I was truly touched. Your music has been a constant in my life and helped me understand at the right moment. Thanx to the Allstate Arena for mysteriously asking if we wanted to move from an upper balcony to just off stage left. It made our week. What a pleasure to be in your presence.

Lisa Anderson
Last nite at the concert was incredible! I came close to tears several times I was so overwhelmed with happiness. The set list was just what is written on the Nicksfix, nothing different. I had printed it out and had it memorized before the show. Stevie looked wonderful, as did the whole band. Jeffrey Gaines is a good artist, at least his first cd is, & then he got into more of a pseudo Beatles thing and I lost interest.He was not a good opener for Stevie.....pretty boring other than the Peter Gabriel cover, but you may likely have someone else opening by August. The stage is wonderful, how I wish I could have snuck in a camera for pics but the security was pretty tight and they had bag checks going. The lights and colours, oh you will just LOVE them and how they add to the mood of each song. Lots of purples, deep pinks, blues and golds: gorgeous!!! Flowers everywhere and that doorway in the rear, just like on the cd cover. I was surprised that not many girls dressed up for it.....I did of course! Long multi coloured lacy gypsy skirt, black Indian sheer top with a black tank underneat, my summer black shawl which I wrapped around my waist on a whim, long long black fringed scarf, crushed black velvet hat and platforms with ankle bells, and my newly acquired green amber pendant that I got at the Ren faire in June. I got a lot of compliments : ) The audience was from 16-60, so good to see not only the long timers there but also soooo many new, young fans digging our girl! The only bad thing was that the seats were so close together, when I was dancing I kept inadvertently hitting the girl next to me in the butt: oopsies, LOL. Not hitting hard of course, but it was impossible for me not to dance and groove to the music. Stevie's attire was the same as said on the Nicksfix, basic black with ever changing shawls for most of the song changes. She did wear the black plat Reboks, maybe the boots are getting to her after all these years? She has certainly earned the right to wear whatever she wants IMHO, and looked fantastic. I would have given anything to be in the front row to touch hands with her. Our seats were pretty good, lower bowl and fairly close to the stage. Waddy looks EXACTLY the same as he did 20 years ago: amazing. Stevie said how she had been asking Waddy since 1986 to play with her on tour again, & this was the year he FINALLY said yes....thank goodness, cause he is sooo talented and adds so much to her songs. Sherly was very good as well, she sounded great both by herself and with Stevie, tho she is SOO thin! (we should all be so lucky). Stevie's voice sounded wonderful, she stuck a lot to her lower register but did whip out the high notes for some songs, noticably so on Edge of 17. The sound was excellant, with the exception of the intro to Stand Back, which was a bit muddy,but cleared up soon enough. She said how hard it is to do the new songs, tho many were written in the 70's they are still NEW to many of her fans, and thanked us for being so resposive to them. Incredible how gracious of a lady she is! She tore into Fall From Grace like you would not believe, just totally brought the house down with that one,,,,,shivers just remembering how INTENSE this lady was doing that song. My friend was saying he heard that she is going to be in Illinois again later on, so I am going to check that out, and if so will try to make that show. It would be sooooooooo grrrrrrrrreat to see her twice on this tour; once is definately NOT enough! The merchandise was cool; I got a program and the pink Tshirt, and they were selling stuff at a rapid get it before the show co
s I imagine a lot of items will sell out fast!

Judy C
Allstate Arena 7/10/01 I have been a big fan of Stevie for a long time. We went to the show on Tuesday night, and I have to tell you that she was more than great. I just cant seem to get enough of her. I could have stayed there all night and listened to her. There is alway's Magic in the air when she is here. The show was great and Sherly Crow added some extra dust to the kettle that was brewing. Stevie you will alway's be the poet in my heart, never change, and don't you ever stop. Rock on Gold Dust Women,

Bob H.
I knew I was in for a special evening before I ever ventured into the Allstate Arena in suburban Chicago. I parked next door at the Marriott and cranked Edge during my own private tailgate party. While sipping on a cup of coffee (yes, it really was coffee - I had had a long drive!) a crystal vision appeared from out of nowhere; for a moment I thought it was Stevie herself. A lovely blonde woman emerged and nodded my way, acknowledging the sounds emanating from my car - she was bedecked in true Stevie splendor and clutching a tambourine. A long flowing black dress she wore, accentuated by flowing golden tresses that cascaded down her back. I stared at her, mesmerized by the near perfect likeness. Alas, I realized this woman was not Stevie, of course, but the vision was a precursor the enchantment I would feel in the coming hours. (If she is reading this - sorry for staring, but I know you understand.)

Along the short walk to the arena, I was already feeling the goose bumps. Soon I would see the woman I have worshiped for more than a quarter century. She did not disappoint. It has been nearly three years since I last laid eyes on our goddess. If anything, she is more beautiful than ever and her voice has never sounded better. No need for me to review each of her masterpieces; others have done so in eloquent form. From the opening strains of the TISL title track through the end of the spectacular encore, she gave it her all and Stevie has never appeared happier or more comfortable with her fans and the stage. I must, however, point out the absolute ecstasy I felt when Sheryl joined her for an incredible rendition of Gold Dust Woman. Add to the mix all the epic classics of the past (I nearly fainted when Stevie boogied out to the stage for “Stand Back”) and the magic of the new material - Planets of the Universe was magnificent - and, as many others have articulated, Stevie has somehow found an even higher performance plane; for example, Sheryl’s presence speaks volumes about Stevie’s character in that she so willingly and comfortably shares a stage with another big-name female singer. I have always been enchanted with Sheryl’s work as well, and the combination was tantamount to sensory overload.

I stood on that floor for nearly two hours locked in on Stevie Nicks and her supporting cast, reflecting on the myriad ways this woman has evolved into the true poet in my heart over the past 25 years or so. When I was 18, I think the attraction was based a great deal on sex appeal. She was, is, and always will be a beautiful woman. Her physical charms are undeniable. But she long ago transcended any image as a mere sex goddess. She is oh, so much more than that. What other artist engenders such passion in her followers? Tears trickled down my face as she warmly, passionately asked us if anyone has written anything for us. Almost in unison, we answered, “You have!”

Stevie will never fall from grace. Once in a million years…a lady like her rises.

Alexandra J. Campbell
This was my first concert ever,let alone a Stevie concert.The night before I was restless...just to ecstatic about the fact that I was even going because it had taken a lot to get tickets;not to have to mention the arrangements that had to be made so I can go.I'm only a 16 year old who had saved up ALL her money for months,getting a ride from Winona,MN to this concert in Rosemont,IL that I would be going to ALONE while my friends who drove me up were at a hotel that I paid for....why go with someone else if they're not interested in going, that can't possibly comprehend how much it means to you? When I got to the concert the scene was almost to SURREAL.Stevie was INCREDIBLE,I didn't expect any less.As for myself I can't even begin to describe how I felt,though I'll try. I ran up during "Edge of 17" to try and shake her hand,(it didn't happen) but I wasn't disappointed about it-how could you be you know?! I was standing only 3 to 5 ft away from someone I admire so much.My head was in the clouds,just in AWE of it all.It's funny because I had expected myself to either: A. Cry Uncontrollably OR B. Go Insane Neither of them happened.....I guess everything I was feeling at that concert was more of an INternal thing as opposed to an external thing. I just stood there dumbfounded,an endless smile on my face,with brown doe eyes glazed over,fixed on Stevie,while I sang the words to each and every song,moving back and forth to the groove;I was convinced that it was all just a dream and I'd wake up at any moment. I KNOW that's the first and last time I feel that way again unless I hit that show in MN on August 31st-she's just the ONLY ONE that can do that to you ....."It's like Bombay Sapphires, hey I can take you HIGHER" And she DID.....

Michael (chicago)
I just got back from the concert at allstate arena in chicago and I have to tell you even though stevie was obviously feeling under the weather and a little unenergized she put on an incredible show. She avoided all her trademark screams and high notes but i dont even think the crowd noticed as they were all enchanted by this unique performer. Stevie rose above her illness in "Fall from Grace" and sounded absolutely wonderful-with power and emotion unmatched among artists of today. Sheryl Crow was a nice addition to the show and both showed what talented duet singers they really are. Although she didnt play my favorite song off the new album "Candlebright" she did do several songs off of TISL that showed she still is an excellent songwriter even after all of these years. I hopefully will get to see stevie again on this tour and hopefully she will feel better- but it just goes to show you what a trooper she is, rain or shine- sickness or in health stevie will be there.

Okay, I read the reviews from the Michigan concert to get me hyped for the Chicago show. Ive seen all stevie concerts exept the enchanted tour, and I can honestly say this show blew me away..... GO SEE THIS SHOW!!!! her voice was AMAZING, Cheryl Crow was unbelivable, Waddy is back and better than ever before.This show MADE my summer. I thougt the reviews I read were a little exagerated,but all you who wrote in from michigan you were right on track.... The BEST concert I have ever seen. Baby she rocks!!!!

Kitty Kovacik
Anyone who was fortunate enough to attend the Chicago performance will tell you the same. Stevie was really on! From the first few notes of "Stop Draggin'... " to "Too Far From Texas", and even with the "fake out" drum solo intro to "Edge of Seventeen" the audience felt the magic of Stevie in the air. Although not the same atmosphere as her Chicago appearance in 1998 (outdoor at the World Music Center) indoors at the Allstate Arena ended up being a decent venue after all. Sheryl Crow was another excellent addition to the experience. She's the "vocal daughter" to Stevie, and when the two of them harmonize, it becomes quite clear that Crow can do nothing but add to the magic. I was truly surprised at how many younger people attended the show. I myself, being 18, thought I was the only one under the age of 30 that was crazy enough to spend $77.50 on a ticket. My eyes proved me wrong, as I saw a great deal of people either my age, or younger, singing along, too! A fabulous performance, I can't wait to see her again!!!

Danielle Owens
I attended the July 10th show in Rosemont, IL. It was my first time seeing Stevie live (I'm 18) and I was moved to tears. The show was fabulous and Stevie was just as beautiful and incredible as I hoped she would be. Watching her spin and belt out my favorites (new and classic) took my breath away.

My niece and I went to our first Stevie Nicks concert in Rosemont on Tues July 10th. All I can say is AWESOME. I love the new CD, I love ALL the old stuff, I wish she would have played all night!!!!

Thank-you Stevie Nicks for all of your GREAT music!!!!!!!!

Jill Rocks
Hello again my Nix Fix friends :o) We are in our hotel room which is situated right next to the All State Arena, anxiously awaiting tonights show with "Outside the Rain" cranked on the jam-box. I just got back from having a drink with 3 people I met in the bar who are also attending the concert. drink was enough for me!! ( I'm not much of a drinker). We are so excited!!!!!!! There are quite a few Stevie fans in the hotel. We were having a jam-box competition with the people in the next room.....LOL....GO STEVIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I took my neices-ages 15 & 16 to the show and we all dressed in Stevie attire. Me in a long black lace skirt and black fringed shawl....crimped hair.....4 1/2 inch heels, one neice in a black lace skirt....way cool black shirt....3 inch heels.....the other niece in a long black velvet shawl (that grandma made for her) and a cute Stevie'ish black hat. Stevie would have been proud!!!! (I wore the same outfit to the Detroit show and will wear again to the show in Indy) GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO STEVIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We proceeded to walk to the venue...which was really traffic or parking fees...but, now I know why Stevie wears those platform tennis shoes!!! LOL!!! The girls had the time of thier lives....people were honking at us ect... and they just thought that was way too cool for words. LOL. There were a few other people dressed Nick'ish but not as many as I'd expected.

Our seats were pretty good....upper level-stage right. Closer than I was in Detroit. I had a wonderful view of Waddy.....ROCK ON WADDY!!!!! So nice to see him again!! Sharon and Mindy look bad to the bone in way cool pants outfits....(they wore dresses in Detroit). Sheryl was in the same outfit she wore Saturday. She (Sheryl) looked and sounded fantastic!!! The set list was the same as mentioned in other reviews....there isn't a song I don't love and know by heart anyway...... :o) Stevie's voice was completely flawless as always...her shawls and capes are so totally incrediblly awesome!!!! Most of the audience was on thier feet for the entire they should be.... :o) I know I was....waving my blue glow stick....HI STEVIE!!!!! My neices were completley captivated by Stevie and her music....they also knew every song she did!!! It is only proper and fitting that Stevie was thier first concert!!! They grew up singing Rhiannon and Gold Dust Woman!!! Now they are on thier hands and knees begging me to take them to Indy in September!!!! If I were rich, I would fly to every show on the itinerary....****BIG SIGH****. To all who are attending future shows....ENJOY!!!!! She will, she will, rock you!! "Has anyone ever given anything to you....well I have....I have given this to you....if it's all I ever do...this is your song".

Take care, Jill Rocks.

Stevie Nicks show in Chicago was awesome. This had been the first time I had seen her live. She gave an unforgettable show. She sang to a packed house at the Allstate Arena. Everybody "Rocked a Little" and sang a long with her on all her songs. I was was particularly empressed withthe opening of her act which started out with the titled song from her new CD. She captivated the audience and mesmerized them with her lyrics and melodies. She truly is the Gypsy witch. Stevie this comes from a Mom of 51 yrs. who has watch you perform with Fleetwood Mac and then go on your own. My 19 year old even loves her. She was spell bound by you music. In all your concert has given you even more to proclaim you are truly the Enhanted Rock Queen Diva.

All I have to say is that Stevie's concert was amazing. I hadn't been to a concert in 7 or 8 years, and Stevie was incredible. She opened with "Stop Draggin' My Heart Around" and then "Enchanted". A little while later, Sheryl Crow came on during "Gold Dust Woman". When they finished "Gold Dust Woman" Stevie introduced Sheryl, saying that it was a dream come true for both of them to be singing onstage together. Later on in the show, Stevie introduced the rest of the band. I think after "Gold Dust Woman", Stevie and Sheryl performed "Sorcerer", with Sheryl on acoustic guitar, which was really wonderful. Sheryl Crow also performed 2 of her own songs, "My Favorite Mistake"(w/o Stevie) and "Everyday Is A Winding Road"(w/ Stevie). I'm pretty sure that right before Sheryl sang "My Favorite Mistake", she thanked Stevie's fans. Stevie performed 6 songs from her latest release "Trouble In Shangri-La". "Sorcerer"(w/ Sheryl Crow), "Planets Of The Universe", "Every Day", "Bombay Sapphires", and "Fall From Grace"(w/ Sheryl Crow). Stevie also performed her hits "Stand Back", "Rhiannon", and "Edge Of Seventeen" as well as many others. During "Edge Of Seventeen" Stevie came to the edge of the stage and shook hands with the people in front, and accepted many red roses from them. I had the time of my life at Stevie's concert, singing at the top of my lungs, dancing, and cheering Stevie on. At the end of the concert, everyone came out on stage and took a bow, while Stevie was taking a little time to wave at the audience. If you don't have tickets to see Stevie Nicks yet when she comes to visit your town, then I suggest you get some real quick, because Stevie will perform an unforgettable show, and I know that I will never forget the night when I first saw Stevie Nicks grace the stage.

Mandi O'Hara
ATTENTION STEVIE FANS: Do not miss this concert!!! To say that it rocked is such an understatement! It was amazing! To be able to see her and sing along was an experience I will never forget. I won't go through the set list, it was the same as the previous shows. Every song was full of energy and very heartfelt. As others have said in their reviews, you can tell she was having a great time and she sounded amazing! I love Sheryl and am a big fan of her but I had a very difficult time taking my eyes off Stevie - I couldn't believe she was right there!!! The highlights were Rhiannon, Stand Back, Fall From Grace, Edge of 17, HAEWAFY, Outside the Rain/Dreams - but all the songs were excellent! Had great seats - 10th row center, but was able to move up to the front towards the end - I was just a few smushed people away from Stevie!!! If she was taller, and could've reached a little farther I would've been able to touch her. Please, when she reaches out to the audience just be happy if you get to touch her hand, DO NOT grab her arm and appear to be on the verge of pulling her off the stage! Very rude! This concert was a dream come true for me and if you're debating if you should get tickets - get off your ass and get them right now!!! If you don't you'll be sorry. She looked absolutely stunning and the band was so awesome! Saw Fleetwood Mac in '97 and didn't have good seats - trust me it's worth the extra $$$. We love you Stevie, thank you for letting US into your little worlds. In our darkest and brightest hours we've heard you sing. You do it for yourself and for the world and we appreciate everything.

Audra Berger
What can I say? I experienced the art of a legend last night. Classic Fleetwood and fresh Stevie-her energy was riveting. Her flowing gowns exuding her twirling soul while delivering timelessness was utopian. The thing that captured me the most was her humble demeanor, thanking her singers because without them "we'd be bored" in addition to her graciousness expressed through handshakes, smiles, and warmth. Thanks Stevie, never thought my first show would have such an impression.

Scott Schmidt
Wow! From a guy who has seen Stevie perform eighteen times since 1976. I would like to report that our high prietess brought down the house like I have not seen in years. She filled the arena with her voice, she twirled, she kicked up her platform Reeboks, she smiled, she laughed and she appeared to have a tremendous amount of fun rocking the house in Chicago. I had the fortune to be seated in the fifth row center stage, directly in front of Ms.Stevie's microphone. Surrounded by a very diverse crowd we were all on our feet the entire performance. And we were all very lucky to witness the performance of five songs from the incredible new Trouble In Shangri-La CD. (Sorcerer, Planets of the Universe, Everyday, Too Far From Texas and the rocking Fall From Grace. My two favorite performances were Planets of the Universe and Edge Of Seventeen).

In the end she filled the Arena with the song that I first heard in the hospitol when I was battling cancer sixteen years ago. Although it was not written for us originally, it still feels like everyones song. I know it was mine for those three months in the Bone Marrow Transplant center. We will never forget you either Stevie!

Well, I had intentions of coming right from the show and sending a review, but I have just now calmed down enough to type!! I won't bore you with set lists, but tell you my experience at the Rosemont, IL show. First of all, the concert was the day after my 21st birthday, which was awesome. I have been through so much in the last couple of years, and when stevie came out with the new album, it was like, she was telling my life story (once does she do it?) Well, anyway..this was my first stevie show, and even though i was way in back, her energy and positive words hit me hard!! I was dancing like a fool, screaming and singing at the top of my lungs, and totally having a blast. You could tell (even from that far back) that stevie was having the time of her life too!! Her voice was in great shape...i love Fall From Grace because she hits some awesome notes! Sheryl did a good job too, and I even enjoyed the opening act...Jeffery Gaines. Last night was a life changing experience. Everyone talks about magical things happening at stevie concerts,'s so true!! You feel like you are the only person in the room, just dancing and singing with stevie, but at the same time, are surrounded by (in my opinion) some of the greatest people in the world. Everyone I met there was so excited!! There were young and old..those who decked them selves out in shawls and flowing skirts and those who were in there shorts and t-shirts. I went expecting an older crowd..more "middle class..middle age" was people from all walks of life, coming together to celebrate stevie and her Rock Goddess talents. So, I guess my favorite part of the concert, wasn't necessarily the songs she sang (which, happens to be a great set list!) or the music itself..but the aura of the arena and the energy that you get at that show. I would recommend this concert to anyone who even remotely enjoys stevie!!! It something that anyone would remember for a life time...I know I will!!!

Andy Abrahamson
The third night of Stevie's tour was fantastic. Those who were in attendance at the Allstate Arena certainly enjoyed themselves. Stevie, as usual, sounded unbelievable. She still, to this day, has one of the top live voices around. The stage set was designed to look like the cover of her new album. Her opening number, "Stop Draggin My Heart Around", was a great way to start the 18-song set. "Stand Back" really did a good job getting the crowd on their feet. Fleetwood Mac tunes "Dreams", "Gold Dust Woman" and "Rhiannon" sounded great. Having Sheryl Crow on stage was really cool, too. Being a fan of hers, it was good to hear her do two of her own songs, My Favorite Mistake and Every Day is a Winding Road. Stevie also did a few songs off the new album, but unfortunately, a good majority of the crowd seemed uninterested in the new tunes and opted to sit down. The guitar intro to "Edge of Seventeen" was cool and near the end of the song, Stevie went to the edge of the stage and accepted flowers and other gifts people were offering as she shook their hands. Encoring with Tom Petty's "I Need To Know" was a nice surprise and "Has Anyone Ever Written Anything For You" truly showed off Stevie's beautiful vocals. Stevie's band was once again top notch and her background singers added a perfect ingredient to the performance.

Joseph Rosenfeld
I had the great pleasure to be sitting in the front row with my partner, sister, and brother-in-law along with 46 other fans who had to be that close to Stevie Nicks' enchanting presence. I took my sister and brother-in-law in honor of their seventh wedding anniversary. It was quite an experience for all of us.

Jeffrey Gaines, a performer I had never heard of, opened the evening. His acoustic set was powerful enough to me that, despite the eagerness to see our star attraction, I totally got into his performance. He's got a great voice, and plays guitar very well, too. I appreciated that he communicated with the audience with eloquence and with ease. It's always a treat to learn about an artist's inspiration for his own songs. I'll be checking out his new CD later this week...

As for Stevie Nicks...


She is one hell of a performer! Not only can she *still* hit some incredible notes, she can hold 'em, too! Nothing could be more satisfying to see and hear Stevie perform with such high energy throughout the entire concert. The set list included many of her high intensity songs (musically), such as: "Stop Draggin' My Heart Around," "Gold Dust Woman," "Rhiannon," "Stand Back," "Planets of the Universe," "Fall From Grace," "Edge of Seventeen," and "I Need To Know." Stevie balanced the set with eight of her more, musically, mild songs that she sang with equal conviction. "Enchanted," "Outside The Rain," "Dreams," "Sorcerer," "Everyday," "Too Far From Texas," "Bombay Sapphires," and the final song of the evening, "Has Anyone Ever Written Anything For You."

Many of the things that Stevie does on stage, that comedians and envious folks incessantly tease her and her fans about, are much more the things that only a legendary performer can do properly. Stevie may be 53, but she still knows how to twirl about (in her incredibly huge rhinestone-encrusted Reebok platform high-top gym shoes, no less)! One can see the joy on her face when she picks up her trademark tambourine and rattles it about like no one else ever could. Stevie's kick-it-into-high-gear high kick during "Stand Back" is forever a photo flash memory for me. Other moments of similar memory include Stevie running in place during "Gold Dust Woman," drawing the curvature of a woman in the air with her fingers during "Rhiannon," and growling during "Edge of Seventeen."

One of the most poignant moments of the evening for the four of us came early. Stevie approached the edge of the stage to make personal contact with those of us sitting close up during the instrumental break of "Enchanted." Stevie noticed that my brother-in-law was standing up, supporting himself with crutches that he needs due to a recent amputation of his left leg. She made a kind gesture to him by gently shrugging while holding up a finger symbolizing the missing appendage, as to suggest that 'these things happen.' Stevie lingered and mouthed some words from "Enchanted" just to him. She said, "I hope you make it." It was a truly special moment that we will never forget.

There has been much commentary on Sheryl Crow's appearance at the first several appearances of Stevie's concerts. I want to stay positive about this subject and say that Sheryl definitely added to the evening's performance. She complimented Stevie's lead vocals during several songs, and took a more active singing role during "Too Far From Texas." I would have much preferred to have heard Stevie sing "Love Is," for example, rather than to have heard Sheryl's two solo numbers. However, the evening didn't go that way, and I was nonetheless pleased by Sheryl's solo efforts. She showed great showmanship and possessed a great deal of sex appeal on stage. The fact that Stevie could so easily share the stage with someone of Sheryl Crow's caliber shows how comfortable Stevie is with herself. She doesn't need to impress anybody, even though she does make quite a memorable impression.

It is now the afternoon after the concert and my body aches from having danced like a madman during the concert. There isn't another musician or singer who makes me feel as free as Stevie Nicks does through her music. With that in mind, I'm going to take a nap and rejuvenate myself.

And if I could say something personal to Stevie, I'd say, "Rock on Gold Dust Woman!"

Gail H. and Brian J.
Stevie Nicks at the Allstate Center (formerly the Horizon) was a show full of energy, vitality and love! All of Stevie's fans were constantly on their feet! Stevie and Sheryl perfectly blended their distinct musical styles together and it was wonderful to hear and see Waddy Wachtel rockin' with the band! Of course, being a longtime fan of Stevie's from the time she and Lindsey joined Fleetwood Mac, I am thrilled to know Stevie is stronger and has regained her health through all she has experienced in her personal life... All the reviews I have read so far are TRUE and so much more! I took my companion, Brian, with me (since he grew up with Fleetwood Mac's music) and has not been to Stevie's concerts as I have been (many times in the past) and he was in AWE of her stage presence, beauty and the excitement she generates as she delivers her songs, old and new! My favorite times during the concert were the beginning ("Bootyliscious" into "TISL") and Stevie bounding on stage to do "Stop Draggin my Heart Around" with Waddy; Stevie and Sheryl's sets; Stevie talking to the audience throughout the show to the end; Seeing Stevie do "Outside the Rain" into "Dreams" for the umpteenth time and it still being a crowd-pleasing knockout, yet the BEST ever! ; "My Favorite Mistake" and the audience singing along to almost every song with Stevie and Sheryl; Sharon Celani and her very distiguished vocals, especially on "Stand Back" and "The Edge of Seventeen" ; the emotional "Has Anyone Ever Written Anything for You" and Stevie telling the audience "I love you!" , along with the curtain call and her fellow musicians taking a bow for all! The show lasted 2 hours along with Jeffrey Gaines opening for Stevie with his acoustic set, who by the way, caused the crowd to spark to the recognition of Peter Gabriel's "In Your Eyes" following songs of his own... The only downside to arena seating? People standing up (in front of people who would prefer to sit down and watch, only to get an eyeful of derrieres)-- and they're so excited to be in the moment that they don't care if they're destroying someone else's enjoyment of the concert. Since the arena does not provide ushers who help promote courtesy for all patrons (by requesting that they sit down), PLEASE if you are reading this... you may wish you were down front with other Stevie fans, but look behind you and BE POLITE to the other fans who paid to be there in those seats!!! Luckily, because the security is more interested in watching the show than doing their job, if you get stuck behind people who never sit down? Just go to another part of the stadium to watch, no one checks ticket stubs, especially at the Allstate Center. It may be different where you live, but $50 a ticket for some people is A LOT to pay when you can't SEE the stage from where you are seated! So there you have it, and the negative part is not even Stevie's fault !!! Stevie's show is powerful, no doubt, so if you are planning to see this tour, make it a part of your summer to remember in 2001!! (We love you, too, Stevie!!!)

We went to the chicago concert at the allstate arena last night and had a gas. stevie sounded awesome and looked great on stage. we brought a friend to her first rock concert ever for her 44th birthday-wow was she impressed. a real show stopper with the light show. we had great seats-on the main floor, towards the back-and that helped. stevie and sheryl (what a bonus) created a sort of "unplugged" type atmosphere. it's interesting though that she can still sing some fleetwood tunes when she performs as a solo artist. we did see the last "enchanted" tour and she sounds much better this year.

Brandi Carter
Tuesday night in Chicago marked the seventh time I have seen Stevie live and the eighth time I have seen Sheryl live. This was the absolute best performance I have ever seen in my entire life. The venue was indoors at Allstate Arena (formerly the Rosemont Horizon) and Stevie, Sheryl and the band gave a very energized, rockin performance and sounded the best that I have ever heard them sound. Before the concert, we got lucky and our seats were upgraded to 18th row on the main floor because the tickets that I was sold were for the hockey floor setup, so they didn't exist for the concert setup. But I was definitely okay with this, because we ended up getting better seats as a result.

Chicago loves Stevie! Everyone was so excited, when they played Bootylicious before the show, everyone stood and danced for this one. When Stevie and the band came out, the place erupted and it was loud. They stuck with the same set list that they played in Pittsburgh and Detroit, but this show had much better sound than the Detroit show and they seemed to get a huge lift from the very ecstatic crowd. We cheered very loud for Stevie when she would do her twirls, and when she sang certain lyrics of songs and after songs. The place also went wild everytime Sheryl would come on stage, they really love her in Chicago too.

The version of Everyday is a Winding Road that they played, with Sheryl on vocals and Stevie on vocals and tambourine, was the best version of the song I have ever heard. Edge of Seventeen and Stand Back were also wonderful and very energized as well. Stevie did her high kick towards the end of Stand Back too and everyone went crazy then too. On Rhiannon I really noticed that Stevie's voice sounds almost exactly like it did in the 1970's again. The crowd went nuts when she started singing "Dreams unwind love's a state of mind." Once again, after the drum and bongo solo at the beginning of Edge of Seventeen, Waddy came on stage and rocked out the opening riff of Edge of Seventeen for about two minutes before Stevie came out too sing. They played a really long version of the song last night, they played the musical part at the end of the song for a long time, where you can really hear the piano and the organ very well. Stevie was walking around the stage singing away from the microphone to the crowd. It was so cute, I love it when she does that.

I took my boyfriend to the show and it was the first time he has ever seen Stevie live. He used to listen to a lot of rap before I met him and I have been slowly trying to convert him to a Stevie fanatic. Well after last night he is now hooked on Stevie. After the concert he was saying how Stevie is so awesome and that he couldn't believe how good they sound and that he wants to go to more shows.

I could actually see the whole stage setup last night. The background of the stage is much like the cover of the Trouble in Shangri-La cd, there is an arch shaped doorway that lighting and other images are projected onto. There are two pillars on the sides of the stage with roses wrapped around them and two pillars in the middle of the stage with large vases full of roses. There is netting type stuff on the back sides of the stage and while the opening act is playing there is a purple velvet curtain blocking off the stage. The lighting for the show is very neat too.

This would have been a great night to make a live recording of the show because every song was absolutely amazing and the crowd was so loud and into the music and the mesmerizing performance. Everyone in the place was having the time of their life.

Well I hope everyone gets a chance to see Stevie on this tour. Don't miss this one!

AWESOME.............I have lost track of how many times I have seen this enchantress perform, but this concert was by far the most meaningful. It's one thing for the crowd to have fun, but its another to see the artist really enjoying her own performance. That's what truly makes it all real. Stevie can and always will be able to touch our hearts with the words of her songs - Rock on Ancient Queen!!!!!!!! Thank you for all of your heart felt effort in sharing with us your talent and grace!!!!

First of all I wanted to say that Stevie never sounded better. This was my 7th time seeing Stevie and I would have to say that I looked most forward to this show out of any show I had ever seen. I was glad to see that the place was packed. The only bad thing was the fact that the seats my friends and I had were on the main floor way in the back. Dominick's really messed up when I first bought the tickets (I was second in line when tickets went on sale) giving me the nosebleed section so I had to call ticketmaster to clear up the situation. Let's just say that this Dominick's is no longer a ticketmaster outlet! Fortunately for us we managed to squeeze into the third row from the stage when Stevie came on making it even more of joy to be there. All I can say is that she looked great! Like her Enchanted tour, it was great to see her dancing and moving around. I was very glad to hear her perform most of my favorite songs off of her "Trouble in Shangri-la" CD, "Planets of the Universe", "Everyday", "Sorcerer", "Fall From Grace", "Bombay Sapphires" and "Too Far From Texas". I was surprised that she included "Too Far From Texas" in the set list when the song "Trouble in Shangri-la" is by far a much better track, however, a little bit of "Trouble in Shangri-la" was played right before Stevie came out on stage. The people around me and my friends really got into "Planets of the Universe". "Beauty and the Beast" was sadly missed from the set list but she can only perform so many songs. We were so lucky to be one of the first six cities to get the chance to see Sheryl perform with Stevie. Even though she performed two songs by herself it was great to see her since it was our first time. It was also the first time my friends had seen Stevie and they were very impressed with the show she had put on. We even got to hold her hand at the end of "Edge of Seventeen":-) Stevie is definitely an artist who cares for her fans. Sheryl even waved at us when she left the stage. The stage setup was great as well. I am looking forward to the Indiana show and also for the Fleetwood Mac album and tour next year!!! Thanks Stevie for the awesome show!

I just returned from watching Stevie pull out of her limo at the Allstate Arena in Chicago. Only one word can describe this night: magical. Stevie had the whole house rocking. Sheryl Crow was a rocked-out bombshell, a perfect compliment to Stevie's enchanting presence. There's something about the way Stevie kicks her leg in "Stand Back," something about the way she twirls in "Gold Dust Woman," something about the way her arms move in "Planets of the Universe." Nothing compares. This was my first Stevie experience and I plan on maxing out my credit cards to follow her, she's that good! The night was perfect and I envy anyone who gets to share the dream after I's an experience you won't soon forget. There's no more trouble in my Shangri-La life anymore, not after listening to the voice of a star as radiant as Stevie. You'll never be able to get away from the sound of a woman like Stevie Nicks. I guarantee it!

Seeing Stevie by Katie McNamara
I saw Stevie at the Allstate Arena in Rosemont, IL on Tuesday July 10,2001. What can I say? Everyone got to rock a little and Stevie--well she rocked ALOT! I'm sure some people weren't to crazy about the Bootielicious song opening the show when they were expecting Edge of Seventeen but Stevie more than made up for it. She looked and sounded as great as I'd ever hope she'd be. The stage took up about a fourth of the arena and the seating area was over 3/4 full. Stevie was in such top form tonight! The little kick she did at the end of Stand Back was awesome. At 19, I can not tell you how awesome this was for me and was very surprised to see so many people my age at the concert really enjoying themselves, especially this one guy who REALLY wanted Stevie to sing Sara (sorry bud, I dont think she heard you). And when she started Dreams and Rhiannon...HOLY COW, she just brought the place down! Sheryl had a great response too and is a great match for Stevie. And that set was just awesome. After it was over we saw two black limos waiting outside (and a lot of people waiting for a glimpse of Stevie) and then later 5 white limos leaving the arena....we were wondering if that could be Stevie...Dad bets she was long gone. The concerts only been over for an hour so I'm still recovering. I hope Stevie comes back to Chicago soon!

Steve and Sara
My wife and I just got back from Stevie's show at at the Allstate arena and we were blown away. Neither one of us had seen her perform live before-and the show was everything we could have ever hoped for. The set list was the same as has been mentioned for the first two stops on the tour, and was the absolute perfect blend of her old classics and songs from the new album(which I think is one of her all time best-I'm betting she picks up some Grammys for it). It would be hard to pick highlights from the show, because the entire concert was amazing, but if I had to choose a few special moments they would be the amazing performance of Stand Back-Stevie just totally rocked on this number and did a high karate kick at the conclusion of it. Sorcerer was a real highpoint with Stevie and Sheryl Crow really jamming. Another real highpoint was Everyday-Stevie sounded just beautiful on this song and the entire crowd was singing right along with her. It was an amazing night-easily one of the best concerts my wife and I have ever seen.


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