Stevie Nicks

Trouble in Shangri-la

9/7/01 Verizon Wireless Amph. Charlotte, NC

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julie siegel
Being my age, 40, I don't believe anyone was more excited in seeing Stevie, my ultimate favorite female vocalist, than me. I have never seen her in concert, and 9/7/01, NC proved to be a memorable evening. I thoroughly enjoyed her, and kept my binoculars fixed on her during the entire concert. She seems to be very down to earth. I'm very happy she was able to overcome her illness. Hope she keeps on writing and composing!

Fawn Hoyt
The show was the BEST I have EVER seen, and heard. Stevie is the greatest. Her music is such an inspiration to me. There are so many things I can say. Wonderful, Magical, Mysterious, Beautiful.. Just AWESOME !!! I think my heart just stopped during the entire concert. I was in this wonder land or something.. I would close my eyes and just sing my heart out. She is able to take me to a high I never knew existed. How would Stevie feel about a 4 year old singing her music from the 70's.. It's true!! Word by word. My Daughter loves Stevie, and we MUST play her music in the car EVERYDAY.. I think that speaks for itself right there. Young or old... Stevie ALWAYS seems to amaze us. Thank you Stevie for an excellent show. We will look forward to seeing you again next year. Jeffrey Gaines was great also, any word on when we will hear him play again?? Thank you again Stevie, your the greatest!!! Fan For Life ...

to start from the beginning. Its was 6 am July 25th. Tampa Fla. my sistah and i were on the way to work. our last job before flying to Charlotte NC. at that point there were no Florida bookings not even hk management had a line on if stevie would come to Fla. and we were not taking any chances besides we were fortunate to have gotten front row in section 1.

anyway the rest happened so fast a n 18 wheeler came crashing through the light an into our brand new solara. thank Toyota for those heavy doors, thank God for watching over us, the whole thing was drama it was quite visible my arm was broken and severely deformed k who was driving almost lost her ear. thanks to a great trauma team, a renowned plastic surgeon, and a lot of begging to do what ever it took to get us out of ER on time for our 630am flight as crazy as that sounds we are not some over the top fanatics.stevie fans are different its not fanatical its simple a kinship a deeper understanding if you will?

well we made it to Charlotte with the grace of God and the wonders of pain management the concert was 2 nights and a wake up away so we had time to rest and heal. that glorious am we found the local starbucks and a paper to save the preview. as everyone now knows simply read postponed. well there are no words. I! M sure there were so many fans that were let down. but after all we had gone thru .... if we could of afforded to change our air tickets to that very hour we would of.

we did leave the following evening and the planets go their way until ofcourse Sept 9th when we went ours back to ofcourse stevie had been ill and we kept checking the fix and calling verizon wireless 2 million times we didn't want to fly again and have another postponed or worse cancellation we begged borrowed and finessed our first trip now ofcourse we were in the red. which IM sure there are many many fans who can relate okay well skip to concert night.

we made it that's what we kept saying as we drove 30 miles an hour in total caution. lol we spent way to much on all those delicious items tee's key chains post card tour book and even a tattoo. we went to our seats pretty early we talked with a pretty cool security and met Some different stevie fans. we did meet a very cool couple who are great fans and who we now keep intouch with. As it has been said over and over stevie fans are the greatest. Jeffrey gaines came on first ofcourse and whom i think has a very unique voice and IM sure well hear more of in the future. after all it takes a lot to go out on stage with just you and your guitar especially opening for full house waiting for the "queen of rock and roll" then in all her glory the priestess herself rocked more than a little.

there were no signs of her illness. strong beautiful and seeming very happy to be there with us all of us. she was truly magnificent we bo! th have seen stevie several times and this was one of the most fabulous, not because of all we've been through not because we had spectacular. seats and no not even because we and k & l got to shake her hand during the edge it was just one of those nights when the only thing we had against us was time. as all of you know we could of listened watched sang along danced for hours upon hours until we all dropped. thank you stevie thankyou band and crew all of those people who made it possible to share in such a wonderful evening

I was at the concert tonite and have to say how amazed I was at the energy I felt from Stevie's Voice and presence. I have been waiting 20 years to see her and am glad I have fulfilled one of my dreams. The ending was beautiful when she shook hands with the crowd at the stage. It was so sweet the way the guy made sure she wouldn't fall or get pulled down by a fan. She received a lei of flowers for her head and put it on. It was classic Stevie. She said she loved us and we all believed it. She said goodbye and left the stage. The crowd was so energetic and clapped and stomped and made a lot of noise I was sure she would do an encore and she did. She did a song and came back another time dressed in her feather hat and suit.I especially enjoyed all the songs she sang, She did a lot of her classics, all of her songs are classics tho. She did a few of her new songs. I especially loved Too far from texas. Everyone loved to hear her little stories. I love to hear her talk. She is a beautiful talented lady with a big heart. I hope she feels better after being ill for so long. Thanks Stevie for giving me inspiration.

From Jim Lankford (Jackie's Dad)
Finally, the Charlotte concert happened! There were times when I thought these tickets would just get framed on my Stevie wall and labeled as "what might have been". I was sweating as I read about one show after another getting postponed and then worse, cancelled. It was such a relief when the Virginia Beach show proved that Stevie was recovered and back on track....thank you, Jeannie, for promptly letting me know the inside scoop and the good news on that concert. I had gone to the Camden show (my first Stevie concert!) with my daughter, Jackie, who is my soulmate when it comes to matters Stevie. I thank her for finally getting her dad to see what an amazing performer Stevie is. That is a story in itself and happened only about a year ago. I am 68, so it took a long time for me to "get it"...LOL.

For the Charlotte show I took my wife who has never been to a Stevie fact this was her first rock concert ever. I will not recount the effect Charlotte had on know the answer to that as it is like the other reviews you will read here from diehard Stevie fans. I want to give you a different perspective, from what I observed and heard from my wife and a few tidbits of my own. We got to the arena early, about 6:10, and as we were walking in the gate we could hear Stevie singing Planets...WOW!...she was doing a sound check and no one was allowed into the arena at that point but you could hear her voice booming out very clearly. So, we knew she was there, and her voice was crystal clear!

Now understand that my wife has not been amused by my fascination with Stevie. So this was an important evening for me to get her acceptance. The odds were against me as I suspect my wife was out to find things to criticize about Stevie. We had very good seats...six rows back from the stage and just to the left of center, so we were going to see it all from close binoculars needed. Before we got seated we bought a Stevie cap for our younger daughter...and my wife wanted a Stevie teddy bear... a good omen for me!. At Camden I had gotten many other items so I needed nothing. I wanted to go to hear the pre-warmup performer, Robynn Ragland, on the side stage. My wife was not interested, so I went alone after we found our seats. Robynn was ok, but I liked Shannon McNally (at the Camden show) better. Finally, the real warmup act started, Jeffrey Gaines, but my wife and I were expecting Bob Schneider and she was disappointed. She did not enjoy Gaines, and we were off to a bad start. I was in a deep hole. It was up to Stevie to dig me out of this one and with my wife waiting to find fault, I figured I was doomed. Well, bless you Stevie, you did it.

From the moment Stevie appeared onstage, my wife was standing and clapping in amazement as she watched this smooth, confident, beautiful, and energetic woman do her thing. Stevie and my wife are the same age so my wife was immediately lifted by the realization that it was possible to be so vibrant and happy at 53. Thank you Stevie! The performance was even better than Camden I thought, and that one was great. Stevie was all smiles, talkative, twirling, kicking, and really having a great time. My wife told me later that her favorite songs were Gold Dust Woman (she loved that gold shawl), Planets of the Universe (the song along with the scenery stunned her), and HAEWAFY (where she was mesmerized by the softer side of Stevie and bemused by the great tophat with the feather plumes). She told me that she was surprised that she could hear Stevie singing even above the loudness of the band...that is quite a feat as anyone should know who has been to a TISL concert. Stevie had the voice power back! In fact Stevie had it all together at this show...she was in top form!

My wife was more than impressed...she has a very different and very favorable impression of Stevie. There was, and has been, no criticism of Stevie from my wife....there is indeed a God! It was interesting that we were sitting (actually standing and jumping is more accurate..LOL) next to a mom and teenage daughter. Mom had introduced her daughter to Stevie's music and now the teen is a fanatic. Amazingly, mom is a high school chemistry teacher and I am a Professor of Chemistry in college....if that isn't Stevie chemistry, what is? We saw a lot of older people together with younger ones...both dads and moms with their teens...the older generation is clearly passing on the Stevie legend to their kids...this is so wonderful and so refreshing compared to most of the pop trash the young are so fascinated with.

As Stevie was going around shaking hands during the end of Edge she took a small flower wreath handed to her by a fan and wore it as she concluded Edge and during the first encore song she continued to wear the wreath...she was so cute with those flowers in her hair and my wife remarked about how young and gorgeous Stevie looked. Well, the evening was a huge success for me...not only did I get to see Stevie again, and a very healthy Stevie, thank God, but I have a changed wife so now it is clear sailing for my fascination with Stevie! I love you Stevie!...and I love my daughter, Jackie, for showing me the way!

Stevie really outdid her self in Charlotte! Her voice sounded stronger than ever. I have been a fan of Stevie's since her days with Lindsey and she never ceases to amaze me. Trouble In Shangi-la proves that our girl still has it. Stevie mystified us as she sang and twirled as only she can. Has Anyone Ever Written Anything For You brought tears to my eyes and I felt as if she was singing directly to me. I look forward to many more years of Stevie's singing as she rocks a little more.

Bryson Byrd
WOW! I can't believe I got to see Stevie. This was my first Stevie concert EVER and I am telling y'all, there was nothing I saw wrong with the show, everything was perfect. I would never trade that night for anything in this whole world. So this is how it all began...

After waiting my whole life(I'm 16, hey...thats along time to wait, you know?)my dad got us tickets to see Stevie in Charlotte at the Verizon Wireless Amp. So, Friday my dad signed me out from school. We cashed some checks for tour merchandise, you know, and we headed for the interstate. We live in SC so we had like 3 hrs to NC. So, we listened to Stevie going in the car, of course and we had alot of fun driving. Parking for the concert started at 6pm I think, but we were there at 5. So we parked on the shoulder of the road and waited for them to let us in. While we were waiting we could hear Stevie doing a sound check and I am sure she was singing Sorcerer. At that moment, I got SOOOOO excited. My dad was like "CALM DOWN BRYS", haha, but it was awesome.

Finally, we parked, and got out and I went and bought some stuff. I got a black shirt with Stevie's picture on the front, a red shirt with the Stevie "S" on the front, and a tour book and a TISL hat, and some buttons, and m! y sister got a pink Stevie shirt with a picture on the front. We walked around for awhile and talked to some other Stevie fans who were al dressed up in their cute Stevie outfits, I thought it was so awesome, I was like in a "Stevie World". Being 16, you don't really meet many fans my age who know who Stevie is, but there were alot of younger people at the show, as well as older people, but it was heaven. Then, we went and found our seats. We were dead center in the house. We were right behind the sound board. I was sooooo happy. Jeffrey Gaines came out and did his thing, and despite what negative comments people had to say about him in other reviews, this is how I see it, Jeffrey was awesome. He loves what he does and he obviously has a talent or else he wouldn't be up on that stage, so I'm all for Jeffrey!

After he finished, the lights came back on and I sat there SO nervous. I couldn't take it, I had to see Stevie. When "Bootylicious" came on, I was SO nervous. Then, after ! ALL the yrs of waiting, "Stop Draggin' My Heart Around" started and SHE walked on stage. I couldn't believe it was really her. I mean, I've seen Stevie on tv, I've seen thousands of pictures, but to finally see the one and only Stevie Nicks in person, it was amazing. I was crying hystercially. Then after that song finished, just like on The Dance concert, she said "Welcome Everybody" and the crowd went crazy. When she got to "Sorcerer" she told us the story of her and Lindsey moving to LA and I loved hearing her talk. "Gold Dust Woman" was really great, she did everything so perfect, and afterwards she said to us that we must be something else cus that song depends on how the audeince gets into it. "Stand Back" was wild, everybody was up dancing and Stevie was dancing in her cute little sneakers.

At the end, she even did the high kick thingy and I was like OH MY GOODNESS, it was awesome. After "Egde of Seventeen" she said goodnight and for everyone to take care of themselves s! o we could all come back and do this again and I was crying. The band went offstage and the crowd all stood with the lighters yelling for more. Then, the band came back on stage and did "I Ned to Know" and "Has Anyone Every Written Anything For You" and I just about brokedown. I love that song so much, I can truly say, yes Stevie, I have heard you sing in my darkest hour, cus I have and that song was so special to me. She was wearing the beautiful top hat with the feathers on it with her hair all tucked underneath it. Everything Stevie touches really does turn to gold and always will. The concert was perfect and she will always remain the poet in my heart. So thank you Stevie for being their for all of us in our darkest hour. We love you!

Michael Stambaugh Joe Stanko
Once again, Stevie has proven that, despite health setbacks, she can still deliver a knockout performance like the one at the Verizon Amphitheatre in Charlotte, NC on Friday night. A long day of travel (I flew from NY and met up with my friend who was on business in SF and flew all day) proved worthwhile when we arrived at the Pavilion to take our first row seats just left of Stevie's mic.

Jeffrey Gaines opened just around 8:00 and gave a tight set, which lasted for about 40 minutes. About ten minutes elapsed and the audience began the anticipation of the guitar riff to "Bootylicious" followed by Stevie's acapella version of "Trouble in Shangri-La". Just around 9:00 the magic began as the audience gradually rose from their seats; and then Stevie walked on to be greeted by a thunderous, deafening applause and screams that carried through her first number "Stop Dragging My Heart Around".

After seeing Stevie at Camden, Jones Beach and PNC, Stevie's energy was unmatched; her voice was in perfect form. Stevie herself said that 'she was back!' and told us that each performance is a bit different depending on the energy she gets from the audience. You could see from her expression that she was indeed connected and drawing energy from the crowd. She even pointed and waved to us throughout her performance!

The set list was the same minus "Bombay Sapphires". Stevie was very talkative with the audience as she described the stories behind her 'new' works. At one point with her story about "Sorcerer", she lost her train of thought. She stopped, laughed about it and said, "What do you expect, I'm old!" She gracefully danced in her Isadora Duncan style, and let loose with her traditional wails, twirls and high kicks. Her voice was stronger and better than ever though she did let Mindy and Sharon take on some of the higher notes. Her basic black dress was made complete with the various shawl changes - the gold shawl, the 'Stand Back' shawl, the white shawl. The already famous rhinestone encrusted Reebok hi-tops punctuated the Rhiannon dress. During the "Edge of Seventeen", she took the dried-flower wreath we had brought, spoke to us briefly, and placed it on her head and continued to greet the audience. She kept it on through "I Need To Know"! As she ended with "Has Anyone Ever Written", Stevie donned a top hat with white plumes.

Never have we experienced such an accommodating security crew. The stage guard who was sitting just to the right of us, encouraged us to stand up, enjoy ourselves and approach the stage if we had something to give to Stevie (even allowing picture taking!). The woman next to us, who was dressed in Stevie fashion, had Sun & Moon balloons that Stevie took during one of the earlier numbers. Stevie then brought them back to the bongos where they remained as part of the set throughout the entire performance. During "Fall From Grace", the stage guard signaled the folks in the first three rows to come forward and approach the stage! We could not believe how civilized the crowd was. Coming from NY where the security is tough and the crowd unruly, the behavior of the Charlotte crew and fans truly made the experience that much more memorable and enjoyable.

Finally, we want to extend our best to Stevie. We'll never forget that most magical night in Charlotte. She is still truly the one and only Queen of

This was my first Stevie concert even though I have been a Stevie/Fleetwood Mac fan since I was really young. I still haven't come down off of my high since Friday night. Our first show in Charlotte was postponed, so my internet buddies (Christie, Steve) and I had all been so nervous over the past month, for fear that Stevie would not make it due to her illness. But she did, and we were ALL smiles!!!! The night had finally come!!! One really cool thing that happened to me and my husband was that we walked right past Lenny Castro before realizing who it was. We both looked at each other and said "was that Lenny"? We turned around and seen somebody else stop him. We knew then that it was definitely Lenny! Unfortunately, I had left my tour book in the car, so we didn't go back for an autograph. But it was pretty cool brushing shoulders with him before the show!!

Jeffrey Gaines really has a lot of potential. Let's face it, it takes guts to get in front of all those people, when you know they are there to see Stevie, and sing with just you and your guitar. Yeah Jeffrey!!! On to Stevie....I had an awful case of butterflies before she came on. We had 2nd row seats, and I think this is why I was so nervous, because she was going to be right in front of me and my husband. When the lights went down, we were so close that I could see her coming from behind the stage and my stomach just dropped. There she was....STEVIE NICKS!!! I can't describe the feeling I had. I had waited for this moment forever. She was a vision!! My husband and I just couldn't get over how beautiful and young she looked. I couldn't take my eyes off of her the entire night. I cannot even pick a favorite song. That would be impossible. All I can say is when she "twirled" and belted out the lyrics to "Gold Dust Woman", I wished the night would never end. I was in such a daze throughout the entire show, that it's all just a blur to me now. The highlight of my evening was rushing the stage and shaking Stevie's hand. I was right at the stage, and I am pretty short, so it took all I had to see completely over the stage. She started shaking hands with people overtop of me, then she came down just to me and shook my hand. I told her she was awesome, and she said "awwww, thank you". I can't seem to get the vision of her looking right into my eyes out of my head. It will probably stick with me forever.

I want to say that I was so thrilled to be able to meet some of the people that I have been talking to on the internet for awhile now. Stevie's fans are the best!!!! I hope to see all of you again soon. One last thing, I know it's really hard to take your eyes off of Stevie, but if you're going to an upcoming concert, take just a few seconds and look around at the crowd of people. Especially during HAEWAFY. It's an amazing sight, and you will remember it!!

Friday night was something I will never forget for the rest of my life. Stevie, you ARE awesome, and the greatest singer/songwriter/performer ever!!! And we're all so glad that you have recovered from your illness. Take care of yourself, like you said, because we DO all want to do this again...and again....and again. We love you!!!

Tommy & Cathy Crenshaw
Stevie rocked Charlotte, NC and made sure everyone in the packed audience knew damn well she's on top of her game and living life to the fullest. As fans, you'll read many reviews about her performances in the Carolinas, speaking of her easy, graceful command of the stage, the set-lists, her sexy, alluring prowess in high- heeled sneakers, and how beautiful she is in person-how powerful her voice was. I would like to take this opportunity to share a few observations my wife and me experienced on this much-anticipated night of the ultimate 'Nick's Fix.'

The first and foremost thought we both had was "Look at all of these people here just to see Stevie!" It's an amazing thought that when she decides to throws a party and invites only her closest umpteen thousands of fans- that they ALL show up. We both wished that if ever Stevie should feel down or depressed in life she would have the awesome experience of the magic and love that surrounds her life by simply walking through the throngs of her fans before and after a show. Secondly, we both asked, "Why does she continue to push herself and endure grueling tours and risk to her health? This is harder to answer because of why she doesn't. She doesn't need the money, or the hardships of life on the road. Some artists have to tour to pay the bills, seem to have to push themselves off onto the public because their art doesn't really speak for itself strongly enough. Stevie doesn't need to do this. Her music and life speaks for itself. We are thankful that she is out sharing her world with us and the only conclusion we could come to as to why she continues is answered in the enchanting song "I Sing for the Things….money can't buy." We both hope she feels the love and good-willed energy reflected back to her while she is on stage. We feel the love she radiates to us. We wish to simply say, "thank you, Stevie… we love you too."

And finally, we thought about the future and all the awesome, rocking- good music waiting. As powerful and artistic as "TIS" is, we are bound to hear more wonderful stories in song in the future. Either with Fleetwood Mac or solo, Stevie is in her element when simply sharing the spotlight with our imaginations. There will always be an audience waiting to greet her, waiting to sing along with her, and thankful for all that she is in this world. Very seldom does a person of her natural talents and humble approach to life come along. I'm grateful to Stevie for giving my life such a beautiful, sultry and mysterious soundtrack. We are all better off with her music in our lives, so thankful- and know in our hearts of the high price she continues to pay...for our luxury. With Love.

I have seen Stevie three times now: in Tampa, Tallahassee, and this past Friday, in Charlotte, North Carolina. She is amazing in her performance! She has the perfect mix of charm, elegance, and assertiveness. She sang beautifully and moved across the stage with energy and enthusiasism. She is always courteous and gracious with the crowd. She is truly the most talented female performer of our time.

Sheila Ferace
I just returned this afternoon after a five hour road trip from Connecticut to Reading, PA to see the absolutely phenomenal Stevie Nicks. A trip I would gladly make again and again to see Stevie shine as she did last night. Luckily, this had been the second time I was able to see Stevie in the Shangri-La tour and to say she has recovered well from her illness is an understatement! From the time she walked out and began singing "Stop Draggin' my Heart Around "until she walked gracefully off of the stage after a very touching HAEWAFY, she was on FIRE! I mean Stevie is ALWAYS great. But, there was an energy she possessed up on that stage tonight that was just contagious. I'm sure it helps to have such an incredible band though!! I found myself screaming and yelling applause so loudly that I was hoarse by the end of the night.

What a perfect show for the christening of the Sovereign Center, and it's no wonder it was sold out! I cannot wait to see her again! If you have a chance to go to one of the remaining shows of this tour consider yourself lucky. She is, and always will be, the Queen of Rock and Roll, and long may she reign!

I just got back from the show in Charlotte...all I have to is "OMG"..I have waited all of my life to see her in concert and finally it happened!!..She was absoutely amazing from the time she came out on the stage until the very end when she said good night to us all...The whole band was just spectacular!..I and my hubby were mesmerized from the get-go.. As far as her sounding and looking great, never better!..The whole crowd stood for most of the show, which lead me to standing in my chair all night, being as I am under 5 feet tall..But I would have stood there and stayed all night if she would was twirling and dancing and laughing and telling stories right along with all the beautiful songs... If you haven't seen her for this tour, please do so...She has been there for me through my happy times and sad times and I am sooo glad that I was there last night!!..She will forever live in my heart and I will never forget her and the show..and for that I thank you Stevie...Rock on ancient queen!

I would like to start by thanking everyone at the NicksFix for maintaining this site. I cannot say enough about how awesome you are! I get my Nicks Fix everyday! Thank you and please keep it going! I had the pleasure of seeing Stevie Nicks in Charlotte on September 7th. (It was a rescheduled show from July 30th - Stevie, I'm so glad you are feeling better and thank you for coming back!). The opening vocal arrangement of Trouble in Shangri La was amazing! I was soooooo excited, I could hardly breathe! I just kept praying! Dear lord please don't let me pass out and miss this concert :)

The show was great. She looked and sounds wonderful. The only disappointment was she did not play Bombay Sapphires. I love that song. Gold Dust Woman was hot! Stand back was through the roof.(well the concert was outdoors but you know what I mean), Planets of the Universe was perfect. Too far from Texas was fun. Fall from Grace Rocked! And wow..Edge of Seventeen..What can I say? The stage and lighting design on this tour is definitely worth mentioning. Stevie's band is the best! I have seen Stevie Nicks 9 times and will continue to see her every chance I get. Many times during previous concerts I wished she would change the set list around a little, playing more than 4 new songs or open with something other than Outside the rain. I got part of my wish on the Enchanted tour but this time she really did it! I could not have asked for a better beginning than Stop dragging my heart around, Enchanted and Dreams. I am seeing her again in Atlanta at the end of September. If you have not already seen her, please go. You will love it! Rock on Stevie!

Bill Cody
Stevie twirled, did a kick or two and had the audiance standing on their feet the entire concert. What a show. Stevie was never more alive and you could feel the emotion coming from her and from the audiance to her. It was worth the one month delay. The intro to WWD was awsome, and Waddie's guitar was played like it was on fire. What a concert. What a LADY. Keep Rocking STEVIE.

Barry "Beesty" & Penny "Gypsy Beauty"
Whoa! Barry (Da Beest) & Penny (Beauty) here again, singing the praises to the Gypsy Queen herself! After the experience at Raleigh, NC on Wed. Sept. 5th, we figured... How could it be topped? Stevie was in absolute fine form again Friday, September 7th, at Charlotte's Verizon Wireless Amphitheater!

Again, we arrived early enough to shop the merch. booths and chat it up with lotsa enthusiastic Stevie-ites! We shared stories and photos from Wednesday's show, and made even more friends! The absolutely wonderful Jeffrey Gaines warmed the crowd again with his skillfully sensual words and music... Again, thanks to Stevie for having Mr. Gaines along for the trip to Shangri-La! Stevie hit the stage with wild abandon, pleading to "Stop Draggin' My Heart Around," and went on thru the set, wooing all in attendance with her style and grace... So sweet, so kind a lady... Rockin' all the way, tho! Stevie seemed like she was back in the swing and feelin' better than ever, tho you could tell she was pacing herself...

Quite a few more shows to go... and then the 'Mac! Anywayz, Penny and I were on cloud nine as we enjoyed being Nicks-Fixed not once, but TWICE in a couple of days time! Penny loves Stevie so much and emulates her and lives by her words EVERYDAY... I, as an avid songwriter, do so enjoy sharing the "stories"... As per usual, at the end of Fall From Grace, we made our way from our 13th row seats to the front of the stage for Edge of 17 and the rest of the set, as we had done Wed. in Raleigh... Not to be stopped by security, we told them that this was what Stevie wanted... So there we were, and oh, what a spectacle! From the other side of the stage this time, we were a couple of the first to greet Stevie and shake hands and speak... Stevie also graciously took my band's CD "Trilogy," as a gift I wanted to share some of my "stories" with her! What a beautiful, wonderful, special lady! We love you Stevie, and can't wait to see you shine again real soon!

After the 6 week wait fot the rescheduled date , My antisapation was so great on Friday night when we entered the Verizon Wireless ampatheater In Charlotte North Carolina. To me the show was Phenomenal from the georgeous Ms Stevie herself to the wonderful band , the elegant set and the fantastic fans. Everything you have read in the reviews are SO TRUE so I'm going to repeat what you have already read. All I want to say is that I'm so happy that Stevie is still giving us what we need and want so badly. After seeing her many times in the past I have left with a feeling that that tour may be the last we ever see of her, But after Fridays show I'm am confident she will be back. Becoming better and stronger each time. Thank you Stevie for giving us the words to live my life by and emphasizing them to me live so many times over, May the power of the universe be with our Stevie and May there never be any trouble in anyone's Shangri-la...................

Well, let me start off by saying Stevie Is and Will Always be "The Queen of Rock"! Last night was sooo amazing, I will be able to find words to describe how wonderful the night was for me (but I will try). Stevie sounded Great. The band was awesome, and the night just gorgeous. We (my husband and I) had Great seats and could see very well. The event staff were kind of jerks though. They kept standing right in front of us and blocking the view. They of all people should know that the seats up front cost Big Bucks (thanks to legalized scalping).

Stevie was in great spirits and graced us with her trademark high-kick and twirls. She was so very beautiful and cheerful. Of course the crowd sang along to every song and roared with all their might. I was even fortunate enough to shake her hand. My husband picked me up when we went up front and she reached right over and shook my hand! Thank you Stevie for a very memorable night.... yes... very memorable indeed!

Kay Baucom
Awesome! Have seen Stevie everytime she has come to town. She definitely gets better everytime!

Hilary and Claudia Hawk
My parents had promised me that if Stevie Nicks ever came within driving distance of Myrtle Beach, they would take me to see her. We paid $460 for a pair of tickets to the show in Charlotte, and when it was postponed, we were crushed. The rescheduled date was perfect for us, so we drove up to it and my Mom and I went to the Verison Wirless Amphitheater. It was an incredible show, her voice was everything I expected and more. Her energy and her dancing are wonderful, I think anyone who experienced her would agree she is a legend. It was an enchanted evening, we love you Stevie

Kellie Barker
I think I had the closest thing to an epiphany that I'm ever going to have Friday night. For a moment in time, surrounded by thousands of other people in the fading light of the last feeble rays of the sunset, the sky darkening to a rose-tinged violet studded with stars, the mysterious magic of the universe found me there on the damp lawn and wrapped itself around me like a finely wrought shawl of moonlace, its rain-soft fringe connecting me with stars and sky, with the earth and the sea, with the wind and storm. If that moment -- the moment I first saw the glimmer of pulsing light and heard the first strains of music -- could be frozen for all eternity, I'd trap its essence in my lavender-colored crystal ball and be happy to never do anything but look into its smoky depths and breathe its silent scent for the rest of my life.

You must be wondering what I'm talking about. What I'm talking about is the first moment that Stevie Nicks stepped onto the stage and sang the first song for her concert, the Charlotte stop of her "Trouble in Shangri-La" tour. Now, I know that sounds a little dramatic, but someone who has never seen this goddess in concert cannot fully appreciate what I saw and heard last night. In short, it was perfect. Having waited since July for the concert, and for years to get a chance to see her after I missed the "Enchanted" stop, nothing can really describe what I felt when I saw *her*, Stevie Nicks, step onto the stage. And everything that followed it was equally as thrilling. Everyone around me felt the same way, crying out her name and singing, whistles piercing the night in strange harmony to the drums and guitars on stage. I loved every minute of it and had to fight against irrational sadness and happiness when she appeared one last time, in a long-plumed hat, to sing "Has anyone ever written anything for you." I'll never see anything like it again for the rest of my life...until Ms. Nicks graces the stage once more in Charlotte, and we supplicants here can again pay homage to our goddess.

FAW WOW! That is all that I am able to say at this point. I have just gotten home from Stevie Nicks', Trouble In Shangri-La Tour. I went to the one in Charlotte and IT ROCKED!!!

Stevie's opening act was Jeffrey Gaines, who tried his best to please the Charlotte audience but somehow, he just couldn't find himself with us. It was a great try, though! After he came out and sang about five or six songs, we heard "Bootylicious" start. (We had great seats!) After "Bootylicious" played everything went dark....then, the moment of truth arrived. A sixty-second rendition of Trouble In Shangri-La blared out in all it's glory. And then, as quickly as it began, it ended. The lady behind me said, "Uh-oh! That can't be good!" Then it happened, the beginning note to Stop Draggin My Heart Around, ripped through the air. The curtains drew back revealing a beautiful stage, it looked just like the cover off of ...Shangri-La. The band and the back-up singers started playing and dancining and then, the Queen of Rock N Roll, Stevie Nicks, took center stage: and the crowd went wild.

This being my first Stevie Nicks concert, I had no idea what to expect. SHE TRULY SURPASSED ALL MY EXPECTATIONS. However, I was worried a bit due to the fact that she had just gotten over a respitory infection. The crowd rose to their feet and a deafening roar filled the sky. Stevie sang her heart out with Waddy on SDMHA. When the song was over, she welcomed us, and told us, "'s great to be back!!" Then, one of the crowning moments of the night, GOLD DUST WOMAN started, and you could immediately tell, this night was gonna ROCK!! After GDW, Stevie talked a bit and told us that she loved us and thanked us for coming, and that she would give us her best. After that came Enchanted, however, this was not musically impressive due to the lack of guitar on this song tonight. However, it was still enchanting! Stevie walked off stage to change shawls....again. The loud roars and screams from the audience brought her back very fast. Songs afterwards included, Sorcerer, Too Far From Texas, and the crowning song of the night: STAND BACK. This was by-far, the best I've EVER heard Stevie sound. She included her trademark gold and black shawl for it, and gave a HUGE kick at the end. Concluding was, I Need To Know, Planets of the Universe, Everyday, Rhiannon, and Has Anyone Ever Written Anything For You (in which she appeared with a top-hat with GIANT feathers sticking out of it, her hair lapped in a pony tail, and a new shawl.)

She left the stage momentarilly while Mark and Lenny proved just what Bongos and drums could do together!! The riffs from Edge Of Seventeen sounded and sent the ENTIRE audience (the only song besides Stand Back) into a dancing frenzy. Everyone(including myself) danced and sang furiously to these songs. At the end of Edge, Stevie came down to the bottom of the stage, along with bodyguards and accepted a few gifts from fans. The only ones that she accepted was a flower hat, and balloons. She took the balloons at the beginning of the show and had them tied to the drums for the rest of the night. Stevie appeared in both her encores with the flower hat.

At the end of HAEWAFY, she thanked us for coming and told us to "stay well, so we can do this again next year!!" she bowed and walked off stage. For as long as I live I will NEVER forget tonight and it's events. It was Stevie's best performance yet!! For those of you to see her later in her tour, you are in for a treat!! She continues to rock on ..... just like the Ancient Queens and The White Winged Doves..... WE LOVE YOU, STEVIE!! AND WISH YOU WELL

RJ Meyerhoffer
Thank you Stevie for giving me a Friday night I'll never forget! This rescheduled show was well worth the wait as Stevie opened the evening with one of my favorites "Stop Draggin My Heart Around" and then took us on a journey of her career as a solo artist and as a member of Fleetwood Mac. Everybody sang along and was on their feet during the entire show. Stevie was a very personable and gracious host throughout the show. We loved every twirl and every classic song from" Gold Dust Woman" and" Rhiannon" to the new songs from "Trouble In Shangri-la". Many of us were allowed to move very close to the stage during the finale' "Edge of Seventeen". It was toward the end of this song that Stevie personally greeted fans and I was among the lucky ones who got to shake her hand-It's not every concert that you can leave saying you shook the hand of a Rock n Roll legend. We were allowed to stay at the stage through the encore and "Has Anyone Ever Written Anything For You" never sounded better or had more significance. Thank you Stevie for the music that has been so important to me all these years and for the concert experience of a lifetime.

Watching Stevie perform was a dream come true. We were thankful that she was well and able to return to Charlotte for this performance. From "Stop Dragging My Heart Around," to "On the Edge of Seventeen," Stevie mesmerized her audience with a tender smile and matured grace. When Stevie hit that final note on "Gold Dust Woman," the entire theater vibrated and the audience cheered her on, hungry for more! The atmosphere Stevie created of a dreamlike trance left an impression on the audience that will remain with them for years to come. Thank you, Stevie.

Chris Frye
This is the second time I have seen Stevie on this tour, the first was in Atlanta. She was so much stronger this time than b/4 she took some time off. She has never sounded so good. She seems to be enjoying herself so much. The whole concert she smiled and laughed at the audience and herself; she forgot what she was trying to say during the intro to planets of the universe. I have seen Stevie lots of times in the past but this time out, I truly feel she is glad to be alive and doing what she loves to do! She would do things and hold her capes a certain way that I felt like she was acting the way she did 20 years ago! I would have killed to have pictures of some of her expression during the night, at one point she brought her cape up around her face so only her eyes were looking out at us and then rocking back and forth. PRICELESS!!!!!! What ever you do go see her! I have tickets for Nashville, 4th row center. " I can't wait."

tim melton
from the final chords of "bootylicious"....the crowd was on it's feet...lights out ..then the opening chords of "stop dragging my heart around" knew you were witnessing something special, someone who not only has crossed generational lines with her music, but someone that draws in fans of all musical styles with her talent, grace ,class, and even more important ...her magic. the show was a perfect blend of old and new,,,opening with the nicks/petty standard "stop dragging my heart around" and then mixing classics such as" gold dust woman."and ".rhiannon" ..from her Fleetwood Mac days in with her new..."trouble in shangri-la"..."sorcerer".."planets of the universe"(which she said Lindsay Buckingham wouldn't let her put on a mac album)..".too far from texas"..."bombay sapphires"...and the poignant... "everyday"...

Stevie made the transition from each song and time period of her career effortlessly..seeming to sing each song as if it was the first time she had done it ... i think that is what truly makes her she pours herself into each song...,making it fresh and alive for whatever city she is performing in

she closed with a rousing...12 to 15 minute version of edge of seventeen , punctuated by rock legend Waddy Wachtel's searing guitar..(like seeing Springsteen do born to run i commented to my wife ).....

the and encore led with a personal favorite of mine.."i need to know"( another tom petty tune)...and it ended with tears....... the wonderfully performed..." has anyone ever written anything for you" which i can answer ... yes Stevie, you have.....and i thank you.

I became a Stevie Nicks fan in 1997 after hearing "Silver Springs" for the first time on the radio. This song touched me so much that I had to find out who it was that had this enchanting voice and the ability to put her feelings of pain into such a beautiful song. Over the last 4 years, my love and admiration for Stevie has grown tremendously!! Her past and present music has touched my life so much in these few short years of knowing who she is. I now have all of her solo music, as well as all of Fleetwood Mac's music. This is all I ever listen to now. I have seen about every concert video ever offered on auction, and prayed for her to return to the stage so I could see her in person and just be in her presence for a little while. Finally, the Trouble in Shangri-La Tour!!!

After arriving early at Ticketmaster to be the first in line for ticket sales, I was disappointed to find out that being first in line, and buying tickets right at 10:00 meant getting seats in the far back section just before the lawn. I eventually managed to get a seat in the 17th row for the Charlotte show, and paid a very steep price for seats in the second row - center - for the Raleigh show. I could not contain my excitement the week before the shows were originally scheduled. Then the sadness and disappointment set in after hearing of her illness and the resulting postponement of both NC shows. I was heartbroken to learn that Stevie has never rebooked a missed show in the past, and feared that this would be the case this time. I was truly delighted and relieved when the new show dates were announced!!! Finally being able to see her live in Raleigh from the second row on Sept 5th was an overwhelming and unreal experience. I got to touch the hand of the most incredible poet to ever grace this planet - and when it was over, it felt like it had been only a dream. I was fortunate enough to see her again in Charlotte last night (Sept. 7th) from the 17th row. It was a different experience from further back. I was able to see the whole stage without taking my focus off of Stevie. I did miss not being able to see her eyes and her face and her expressions, as I was able to do 2 nights previous. But, I must say, the visuals of the set and Stevie performing "Planets of the Universe" was the most outstanding experience ever!! One that I didn't really notice, being so close before. The explanation of that song and of "Sorcerer" was surprising. I love it when she tells the explanation of the history of her songs. I was actually lucky enough to get to the stage again for "Edge of Seventeen" and the rest of the show. It was so incredible to be just a few feet from the woman that has come to mean so much to me. And to get to touch her again, making eye contact, and making a physical connection with her was a life changing experience.

I'm not sure she even knows the true impact she has on people. I saw a grown man cry after shaking her hand, and heard many people saying how their life was now complete after touching her. Stevie was so sincere with her appreciation and her words of concern that we all take really good care of ourselves. It looked as if she were about to cry at the end of the Charlotte show. It seems Stevie attracts the most beautiful people to her. Everyone near the stage, on both nights, appeared to form a bond. I felt warmth and kindness from all around. It has to be a little scary for her to lean out into a crown of people straining to touch her. I'm so happy she continues to make that connection with her fans. Those were truly the 2 best nights of my life. I am a little sad now that it is over, wondering if I'll ever get the chance again to be that close to the most beautiful, intelligent, warm, open, sharing, giving, person I have ever encountered. My life has now been enchanted. Thank you, Stevie. I love you!

Licia Phillips
I'm embarrassed to admit the last concert I went to was the Backstreet Boys, and I thought that it was the best concert ever! Until last night that is! My friend Sam and I got the chance to miss school, and to us we thought that, that was going to be the best part. Boy were we surprised when we got to the concert! I was so excited about seeing the legendary Stevie Nicks! I love her music and her sense of style! When we got into the parking lot along with our moms, we were so pumped and ready to Stevie!

When we got out of the car, we saw so many different kinds of people. Some were dressed in long black dresses with Stevie merchandise! My friend and I felt like the odd ones out. Since our concert was postponed last time, we were willing to do anything to hear this incredible voice. We bought so much stuff that we ended up spending more money on all the shirts, programs, and roses, than on the tickets! I was so excited that I couldn't eat anything! My heart was beating so fast and my mind was racing that I could hardly think straight. Once we bought all the stuff, and wrote our name and message to Stevie on the big poster (along with our number) we went and found our 4th row center seats. I couldn't believe how close to the stage we were. I was thinking the whole time, "O my gosh, my idol, my inspiration, is going to be on that stage any time!" My mom couldn't believe how excited I was! She never thought that a 14 year old would like HER kind of music as she says! But I did! I could hardly breathe. My knees were shaking in excitement.

Jeffrey Gaines got onto the stage with his guitar, and his voice sounded so beautiful, so intune with the guitar. I was thinking to myself, "Stevie Nicks is going to be where he is right now, she's going to be singing all of her wonderful songs 4 seats away from me!" Once he stepped off the stage with applause, everyone was getting more anxious and more excited than ever. Whenever the crew brought out the laced up microphone, was freaking out. I could not believe that I was about to see STEVIE NICKS! I was going to see her with her long elegant dresses, and beautiful flowing blonde hair!

Whenever "Bootylicous," came on, everyone stood up clapping and screaming. I looked at my mom and we both stood up screaming! Then the curtains rose up and "Trouble in Shangri-La" started playing and the band came onto stage. The girls came on looking as gorgeous as ever! Sharon with her beautiful black hair and Mindy with her golden curls. I started looking around for Stevie, waiting with excitement! Then "Stop Draggin' my Heart Around" came on and so did Stevie! I felt as if I was going to pass out! I felt like I couldn't breathe. I couldn't get it through my head that STEVIE was right there. Right there singing infront of me. I noticed that she didn't have her platforms, but instead had the coolest shoes. I had never seen any shoes like those before. I looked at my mom and said that I had to have a pair of shoes like that and she looked at me as if I were crazy! But I didn't care!

While I was standing there rocking to the music, my mom said in my hear go up there. I was confused, but once she pointed to the people moving to the stage, I hurdled over the chairs like I was trying to win a marathon. I was jumped off the chair and ran to the front of the stage. During Lenny, Mark, and Waddy's awesome performance, I was being pushed up against the stage, but I didn't care! It was all worth it! Then the music turned into "Edge of Seventeen and the crowed roared! I began jumping in the air! Stevie came out on stage in yet another beautiful shawl. Geeze that woman has got some good taste. Anyways, I was singing like there was no tomorrow. I wasn't embarrassed or worried about what someone was thinking, because they were doing the same thing! After "Fall From Grace," Stevie walked to the front of the stage and began accepting the gifts. I felt kind of lame, because I only had a rose to offer. She came to my part of the stage, took my rose, shook my hand, smiled, and then waved a walked away. I thought that I was going to have a heart attack at the age 14, wouldn't that be a story? But anyways. After another song, she said thank you and exited off the stage. A woman let me borrow her lighter and I lit it in the air, and then after I had done so, I looked behind me and everyone had their lighters up.

Then Stevie came back onstage with a top hat singing "Has Anyone Ever Written Anything for You." It made my eyes tear up, and no one's voice and song has ever made me do that before. She thanked the crowd one more time and after she stepped off the stage, and from all that, I now know that, that incredible singer/songwriter will be doing and loving what she does forever. Stevie you are an inspiration to everyone and to even teenagers like me. You have helped me with my little crisis's and helped my times of always having to move with your music. Because you have overcome so many things in the past, you will always be my hero and a living legend. You touch us all.

Julie Atkinson
I have grown up to the music of Stevie and she has been a major source of inspiration for me. Her show tonight in Charlotte was absolutely the best concert I have ever been to. Her mysteriously beautiful voice shook every emotion in my soul. She has never looked or sounded better. Keep on rockin Stevie!! We love you!!!!!!

In one magical moment I was lucky enough to experience greatness. There has never been a voice as rich, sensual and powerful as Stevie Nicks. Tonight I heard the best. From the moment she came on stage, until the last note, I witnessed what rock and roll is at its zenith

Joey & Sherry Nobles
We celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary tonight by taking our 6 year old to the show here in Charlotte, NC. We had FRONT ROW so my daughter Emily (who has loved Stevie or 3+ years) was extremely excited! She was not disappointed! Emily also got to give Stevie the "Build-a-Bear" stuffed bear that she had especially made for her along with a sign she made and flowers. Stevie shook her hand in thanks and made her night. I would see this show again and again and never get bored. The strength in Stevie's voice on the final encore was as awesome as ever. Thanks for a wonderful evening.

Alicia Howard
There are no words to describe how Stevie has enriched us with her life and music. The concert tonight was magical. The diva and her band sounded incredible. From "Stop Draggin My Heart Around" to "Has Anyone Ever Written Anything For You", the crowd was mesmerized. She is absolutely fabulous and the world is a better place because she touches us with her music. We love Stevie!!!!!!!

I was at the concert tonite and have to say how amazed I was at the energy I felt from Stevie's Voice and presence. I have been waiting 20 years to see her and am glad I have fulfilled one of my dreams. The ending was beautiful when she shook hands with the crowd at the stage. It was so sweet the way the guy made sure she wouldn't fall or get pulled down by a fan. She received a lei of flowers for her head and put it on. It was classic Stevie. She said she loved us and we all believed it. She said goodbye and left the stage. The crowd was so energetic and clapped and stomped and made a lot of noise I was sure she would do an encore and she did. She did a song and came back another time dressed in her feather hat and suit.I especially enjoyed all the songs she sang, She did a lot of her classics, all of her songs are classics tho. She did a few of her new songs. I especially loved Too far from texas. Everyone loved to hear her little stories. I love to hear her talk. She is a beautiful talented lady with a big heart. I hope she feels better after being ill for so long. Thanks Stevie for giving me inspiration

Scott Cody
First I would like to thank Stevie for the most incredible show I have seen. It was a very special evening. Stevie is back and better than ever. She and the band were both in top form. The highlight for me was her perfomance of "Fall from Grace". What a perfect song. Stevie is truly the Queen of Rock. There is no one that deserves that title more than she. She definitely proved it tonight. Hats off to Stevie for delivering the greatest tour this year.

Angelo Russo
"I've waited all my life for you... Sweet Girl" Early this evening, I felt like a groom (or a bride LOL!) on wedding day.. I went through my ritual of putting together something to wear. So I ironed and wore my "Pondering The Millennium" white t-shirt and my blue denim shorts. I also wore brown hiking shoes and my new Dragon 'S' necklace. I finished off with one single old button of Stevie which features a close-up of her young with the floppy cap, same as the cover of the 2000 Stevie calendar. I felt more flamboyant than wearing a rainbow t-shirt.. so out of my Stevie closet I emerge into redneck racefan territory, just a couple miles south from the Lowe's Motor Speedway...

We'll skip the traffic nightmare... I got up to the merchandise booth and spent $200 on four different shirts, not caring much about size if i couldn't get the ones I needed. I also got the tourbook, the buttons, key chain, mug and tattoo. That was enough!

So, I got inside the seating area and I was pleasantly surprised that the view from my seats were so good. I was looking around and all I could do is look at everybody.. I noticed so many girls and women in some sort of Stevie theme from mild to flattering imitation. All you ladies were beautiful tonight! I sung, I danced, I screamed "whooo hooo" a zillion times! This was the best show of Stevie's that I had seen in my 20+ years of being a fan. Stevie totally rocked tonight! She never sounded better. Her voice was in fine form and right out there loud and clear, with Sharon and Mindy backing up underneath her voice instead of helping Stevie compensate as they had when she was ill. Stevie was full of energy and very animated. She did many of her trademark twirls and a few wailing primal screams. Stevie acknowledged that she could feel the energy from her audience tonight. She was glad to be back onstage again. I loved all her candid little comments.

The set was fabulous.. you just cannot believe it until you see it with your own eyes. The decoration and lighting set the mood perfectly. Stevie also looked very beautiful... to me better in person than I remember seeing her on TV... She wore the usual base black dress and unique black high top shoes with silver sparkly accents.. the shoes no doubt more comfortable and safer to wear than the regular platform boots since she hurt her foot some time ago. Stevie looked best on stage in her colorful and stunning shawls which gave her something to animate herself with while performing.

The song set was pretty much usual except for the notable deletion of "Bombay Sapphires".. probably left out due to time constraints.. or maybe she didn't feel like it transferred well on stage.. I dunno.. only Stevie knows...

The best songs for this show were "Gold Dust Woman", "Fall From Grace", and "Edge Of Seventeen". Stevie really got into singing these songs with all her energy and might. "Fall From Grace" was particularly excellent... it kicked the current "Rhiannon's" butt in terms of energy.. "twice as much intensified"... It was on par with Stevie's old exorcism performances of "Rhiannon" in my opinion.. However, every song in the set list was sung wonderfully. I was not disappointed. I don't even remember hearing Stevie charmingly flub anything this go round. It was like flawless seamwork!

I LOVED Waddy's guitar solo at the beginning of "Edge Of Seventeen". At the end of "Edge Of Seventeen", Stevie went to the audience to shake hands and accept gifts.. Stevie took this beautiful crown of what looked like red and white roses and wore it on her head... She went to break and came back singing first encore "I Need To Know" with it still on her head! Stevie also received a beautiful white tambourine adorned with white ribbons... During the show I also noticed a cute little girl in front row that was all dressed up like Stevie.. she was darling...

Stevie ended the show with her fabulous rendition of "Has Anyone Ever Written Anything For You". She looked stunning in her feathered hat and pulled back hair... And for the first time I really understood the meaning of the song... When Stevie carried out the last words of the song.. "Priest of... nothing..." the vocal inflection sent chills down my spine.. so incredible...

As a matter of fact there were so many incredible little moments that I can't list them all here... I will just have to carry on each day forward remembering the moments as they come to me... I just want to thank Stevie for giving me an incredible and memorable show... and delivering as she promised.. I am so happy she is well and glad to have her again! Let's do this again soon (after I pay down my Gold Visa Card LOL)!

I went to the concert in Charlotte on Friday September 7 and I can honestly say that this was an AWESOME show! Stevie sounded TERRIFIC!!!!. She really seeemed to be giving everything she had for the huge audience. Almost everyone remained on their feet the entire concert. This was my first Stevie concert and I hope it won't be my last. The band sounded sensational and the songs were so wonderful. Some of my favorite songs played include Rhiannon, Dreams and Planets of the Universe. Stevie's new music simply rocks, and her old music has truly stood the test of time. Stevie is clearly the one and only goddess of rock and roll! If anyone has any doubts about Stevie's recent illness affecting her show, I can assure you that you can put these doubts to rest. Do NOT miss this tour. It truly is AMAZING!

Steve Griffin
WOW!..The show last night in Charlotte was simply amazing. The energy, emotion, and enthusiasm Stevie put forth were proof once again that our Queen of Rock is still the best! Stevie's voice was strong as she poured out her heart and soul to give us her gift of song.She is a very genuine person, interacting with the audience often and showing real emotion from the thunderous ovations given to her last night. The 27,000 there last night were given two hours of pure Stevie, who showed NO signs of the previous illness that caused our original show(July 27) to be postponed. I was so fortunate to have second row, in front of stage, tickets last night and was able to get to the front of the stage when Edge of 17 started...I was greeted by and shook Stevie's hand...WOW!!! She looks you directly in the eye when she greets you and still looks as beautiful as ever...I can't wait for the upcoming Fleetwood Mac album and tour! Thank you Stevie for sharing your gift!

Eileen B.
Stevie brought the house down in Charlotte, no question about it. It was a packed house and we loved every second of it; at times, the crowd was so loud, it was almost hard to hear the music, which is amazing considering how loud it was. Stevie's performance of Gold Dust Woman was more than mesmerizing... it was a work of art. My God, did she rock. Every song was beautifully done, both the old and new stuff. From the attitude in Stand Back to the unbelievable Fall From Grace and Rhiannon, it was clear that she was having a wonderful time. Her stories were great and her voice was fantastic. It was the first time I've ever seen her in concert and I'll never forget it.Everyone should be so lucky in their lifetime.

Bud Walker


Brandon S.
First of all, I won't go through the whole set list since everyone is already pretty familiar with it. I did feel the need, though, to express how I felt about the show in Charlotte last night. I went with 2 other people who have been to several shows on this tour (including Va. Beach and Raleigh). All either one of them talked about on the way to the show was how WONDERFUL the Va. Beach show was... How Stevie was "back with a vengence." Their tune changed quite suddenly after the Charlotte show. One word to describe the show....PHENOMENAL! Stevie was Stevie like never before. Every note hit with perfection. I have never seen Stevie smile, dance, kick, twirl, and sing like she did last night. I was on the third row, and against the stage during the encore, and from as close as I was, Stevie looked like a dream. She was thin, healthy, and no matter what anyone says, as close to the "Bella Donna" Stevie as you can get without going back in time 20 years. I'm still in a daze from the concert, and shaking Stevie's hand is a memory I'll hold onto for a long while. Thank you, Stevie, for the poetry, the music, and for the best time I've ever had!!! You are truly amazing, and an inspiration to everyone who gives your music a chance.

Landon Hardy
This was my first Stevie concert. I became a big fan of her music in the 80's. And have loved it ever since. I had always wanted to see her in concert and finally got my chance when I heard she was coming to Charlotte. I was determined to get tickets.

Stevie held the best concert I have been to. She truly kept everyone involved and I stayed invovled the whole time. I would recommend her concert to anyone who hasn't seen her. She definitely seemed as if she was over the sickness, because there were no flaws. She did sound better that ever. Thanks to Stevie for keeping your fans enchanted and making my dreams come true. Your truly an inspiration.

JoAnn Nicol
where do i begin... i couldn't sleep the 2 days prior to the concert,started getting ready at 2pm on the 7th, finally, we arived! got our blanket and found an extremely comfy spot on the grass, then out she came!! it was the last time i sat for the rest of the concert, she sounded awsome! she was just as gorgeous as always,she rocked, twirled, hit the high and low notes perfectly! she can still mystify the way she does.the moon came up to the left of the stage, big and orange, which just set the mood even more.i met two girls in the audience and we danced and screamed for what only felt like 15 min. all in all the entire Stevie expirience was magickal! thank you Stevie for a night i will treasure forever.continue to take care of yourself.

Jared Vaughn
After years of waiting and much anticipation, my dream was finally realized tonight when Stevie Nicks took my breath away through her enchanting performance. Her voice was incredible, her songs have never been played so vibrantly, the lights, sound and set were all spectacular...needless to say, Stevie proved to Charlotte, North Carolina that she remains The Queen of Rock and Roll. The crowd went absolutely wild when she made her trademark twirls and every soul in the entire venue was on their feet dancing and singing throughout the entire show. My personal highlight of the show was when Stevie performed "Stand Back." Lenny Castro - the most incredible percussionist - kicked off the drum beat at the beginning and the audience already knew what song to expect. Then the lights came up in full array and Stevie appeared spinning in her shawl. Of course she didn't end it without her high kick at the end. Waddy Wachtel - absolutely amazing - made the show with his duet with Stevie on "Stop Draggin' My Heart Around." I felt as if I were taken back twenty years to the Bella Donna "White Winged Dove Tour"

I was most impressed with "Gold Dust Woman" (the lights and the entire bass beat of the song was AWESOME) and "Edge Of Seventeen." I left feeling as if I had been blown away by some incredible force that no one could ever explain and indeed I had. I was honored to be in the queen's court...if only for a night.



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