Stevie Nicks

Trouble in Shangri-la

7/17/01 Tweeter Center at the Waterfront Camden (Philadelphia) NJ
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I'm still recovering from Tuesday night. Believe me though, the high was not artificially induced. Blame it on Stevie, and of course, my wild heart. I was and am completely blown away by my experience at the Tweeter Center last night. I have a sore throat and weak knees, but can't wait to do it all over again. Maybe I'm just easily impressed.

There are two things I would like to get out of the way. First, please forgive me if I ramble, also I am not going to repeat the setlist,cuz I think we all know it by now, which leads to my final intro remark. Some people are upset with the omission of Outside The Rain and the fact that Stevie did not replace the 2 Sheryl songs with 2 of her own. I personally was hoping for Gold And Braid & possibly Talk To Me, but, sigh, it didn't happen.

OK, that out of the way, Stevie more than made up for this with her performance. This was what a Stevie Nicks Concert is all about. The energy was high at the Center and it was a feeding frenzy from the start. The crowd fed off Stevie, and it seemed as though, she, in turn fed off them. Just like the previous TISL shows Bootylicious (sp?) was played prior to Stevie's appearance, and about 20-25% of the crowd got to it's feet. When Waddy started the intro for Stop Draggin' My Heart Around the entire pavilion, lawn included seemed to stand in unison, and for the most part it remained that way for the entire performance. A few people did sit down during a couple of the newer/TISL, but familiarity will change that, and hey, not everyone has the same stamina. There are not enough superlatives to convey how I feel about my experience, intense, natural high, and STEVIE NICKS ROCKS come to mind. I feel as though I witnessed the best Stand Back ever. Well, I've gotta rest my throat, heart, and knees, so I'll be ready for Nissan. As Stevie says let's do this again. Whew! I really didn't get into much set and setlist detail because others have beat me to it. I am sure you have all been to concerts where some sections, or even most of the venue crowd just doesn't "get into it". Well, last night the entire audience and Stevie "got into it together". Thank You Stevie, We love You Stevie, and hope to see You again and again.

I just started liking Stevie Nicks about three years ago(thanks to a very special friend), so you can only imagine how siked I was for this event. When my dad and I arrived in the parking lot of the Tweeter Center, the atmosphere was addicting; people were drinking and doing other illegal, unmentionable things but on there car stereos they had Stevie blaring and that Stevie-esque magic was just flowing through the air. After purchasing my three t-shirts and key charm, I took my seat and eagerly awaited(it felt like forever--5 minutes was like 5 hours).

My seats were pretty good, I was section 203, row H, seat 1. Anyway, the stage looked gorgeous--the backdrop was very similar to that of the Trouble in Shangri-La album cover and there was also like ancient looking pots and statues... very cool! Finally, I looked over at the microphone and I saw the trademark Stevie streamers dangling down and I got chills. Before Stevie officially came out they played "Bootylyscious," whi! ch got everyone crazy. I do not know how to describe the next part except that they played "Trouble in Shangri-La," it wasn't live but they twinked with and made it sound really cool--it was kinda like a little 2 minute introduction... then it happened, Stevie graced us with her presence... it was breathtaking.

The set opened with "Stop Draggin' My Heart Around" and I must say, Waddy's voice was pretty good! And so she played on... one countless classic after another and the set list pretty much remained the same as that shown on The Nicks Fix except for "Outside the Rain," much to my disappointment. For the 2 hour duration of the show I sang and danced to every single song--knowing each one word for word, I was proud of myself. Some highlights of the evening were... "Gold Dust Woman" which was done much in the style of that of The Dance video, "Sorcerer" which once you hear it live- it makes you fall in love with it(also a quick note: Stevie started talking about it a li! ttle but I couldn't hear what she said), "Rhiannon" which once again was done in the style of The Dance video only when the rock part of the song started it was haunting because it sounded just like the original intro from the first "Rhiannon," the single, "Stand Back" and when Stevie sang the chorus everyone freaked, "Planets of the Universe" one of my fav. songs from the new album(also another quick note: Stevie said that she wrote this song in 1976 during the making of Rumours and so that explains its crazyness or something and she said how hard it was to figure out what to do with it.

Also, I was hoping Stevie would go into the whole "You will remember..." like from the Dance Remix CD because I think that that is how it should have been done and they are important lyrics... oh well), "Fall From Grace" which was highly reminiscent of Stevie's classic Blockbuster Awards cut, "Edge of 17" the song of ALL songs... I love this jam and this was the one that really shook everyon! e up, it was awesome--everyone was "singing a song, sound like they were singing..." and lastly the big finish... "Has Anyone Ever Written Anything For You," don't worry Stevie... I will always "remember" you. A pretty funny incident happened at the concert which I MUST mention... about three or four rows behind me, there were three or four women which had the nerve to ask me to sit down because they couldn't see, even when they were standing. I sat down on a few occassions they asked me but they did it in a very sneaky manner--they would wait for my dad to walk away to go to the bathroom or get a drink or something... finally after having things thrown at me and being told to "sit the @#$% down" I went to the guard standing in the aisle and explained to him that the people behind me can't see and I don't want there to be a fight or anything and so can I stand near you... well the guard said that I have the RIGHT to stand and I pointed out to the people and he went back ther! e and I guess repremanded them... I felt bad but ya know--these ladies looked middle aged as is and I think they could have acted a bit more mature then they did. Besides, the people standing beside me were all standing up and the people infront of me and the guard was letting people stand in the aisle during the big songs sooo whatever... plus the fact that they repeatedly came down and harassed me pissed my dad off and the people standing next to us because they said it themselves... "It's a rock concert, ya stand at a rock concert.

" I don't know... needless to say, before "Has Anyone Ever Written..." they were gone. Oh and a very funny thing happened during the drum solo for "Edge..." those ladies got people to chant "sit down @ss%&#!^" so then we all just started screaming "stand up." I threw a "stand back" in there also(I couldn't help myself). All and all, it was an awesome night and the whole "sit down" thing kinda made even more memorable... oh and John, I think you! should start a poll... "If you were at a Stevie Nicks concert, would you sit down???" I'm serious! Well, I love ya Stevie... you rock... and "now I know" why you are truly the Queen of Rock-n-Roll!!! "I still see your bright eyes and it ALL COMES DOWN TO YOU..."

I'm 37, and had the pleasure of taking my 23 year old niece to see Stevie at the Tweeter Center in Camden. We had 3rd row seats, a bit off to the side, but they were still great. We came in from Philly, so we decided to drive down to Penn's Landing and take the ferry over to Jersey...for anybody who has never done this, do it...what a way to go, and you get to meet such great people!

Jeffrey Gaines was impressive - to me, he's kind of a cross between Lenny Kravitz and Seal...I'm going to go out and get the CD. Everybody knows the song set by now, so I won't go there. As soon as "Bootylicious" started playing, the crowd went wild. Everyone was on their feet. When Stevie got on stage, the roar from the crowd was deafening. Stevie looked great, and sounded even better - I swear she gets better with each passing year.

She was a bit talkative with the audience, and informed us all that this was the first show without Sheryl Crow, which was a bit disappointing, but hearing Stevie sing Too Far From Texas solo was pretty awesome, or as she put it..."pretty damn good"! I had told my niece that we would be making a mad dash for the stage toward the end of the show, which we did. We got up there, and I had promised my niece that Stevie would shake her hand, which she did. My niece was going crazy, just as I had the first time I shook Stevie's hand many years ago. At the end of the show, Stevie asked us to all promise to come back and see her the next time she comes; when she does, I'll be there with bells on. Thanks, Stevie and the Band! Great job!!!

I saw Stevie tonight at the Tweeter Center outside of Philadelphia. Here's my impression of the show - I don't know how to add it to the fan review page. The set is amazing - it is the album cover from TISL, and the changing colors and lights are beautiful. Stevie looks great, although our seats were far away and there was no big screen. She sounds great, and should be in great shape since she's stopped smoking and gotten healthier. Her presence is still wonderful - she is always so happy when we come to see her perform her magical songs. On the down side, the show was short - only 1 hour and 25 minutes. Stevie also seemed to have problems moving around. At first I thought there might be some cords or debris on the stage, but she seemed unsure of her footing throughout the concert. Her signature twirls were minimal, and she took quite a few breaks during the show. Haven seen her on the Enchanted tour, I know that her performance was not as energetic as usual. Others also commented she did not seem quite herself, and were disappointed the show was so short. I am seeing her again on Saturday, 7/21 and am eager to see if she is better. We will arrive right before she goes on stage because the opening act was awful! (Jeff Gaines) I love Stevie, and thoroughly enjoyed seeing our priestess live. But for the cost of tickets ($69.50) and $10.00 for parking, I hope the show on 7/17 is longer.

I am still in shock to this day about my fantastic time at the Stevie concert. It was my very first Stevie show, and my neighbor (who is more like a big sister to me) had promised me when she was on the Enchanted tour that she would take me to see Stevie whenever she came back, and when I heard that she was going to be at the Tweeter Center, I immediately told my neighbor and the both of us, plus my dad and my neighbor's boyfriend headed to see Stevie perform. The show was absolutely amazing. I was standing up singing and dancing to her old songs, and I knew some of her new songs like "Everyday" and "Sorcerer" so I would sing them, too. The set was wonderful, and totally brought a vision of Shangri-la to the stage. If she ever comes back again, I am most definetly going to see her again. She's the greatest singer I know, and one of my role models.

The greatest poet captured my heart on July 17, 2001 at the Tweeter Center in Camden, NJ. Stevie Nicks is a living legend that continues to "Rock A Little" more than twenty years after her first debut. The stage setting looked like a true "Shangri La" as she waltzed out, mesmerizing the audience with her magical voice as she has done so many times before. She sang some old hits with a new twist such as the great Rhiannon, Dreams, Stop Dragging my Heart Around (which, by the way, sounded great without Petty because all you need is her voice), Stand Back (awesome!!), Outside the Rain, Gold Dust Woman, etc. Her new songs left us completely content.

This was my first Stevie encounter and it was one of the greatest experiences of my life. Me, along with my best friend, Veronica, left in tears after hearing her voice singing the lyrics to "Has Anyone Ever Written Anything For You." She is a timeless beauty who will continue to "see her reflection" in the "gypsies that remain" and in the "priests of nothing." Anyone who has never seen this woman in action needs to go... no matter what the cost!

Not one complaint here! Stevie could sing the alphabet and I would be satisfied! I will never forget her electricity and power over the audience. I didn't take my eyes off her for a second. From the time she walked on the stage till the time she left my eyes were glued to her. Her voice was flawless. She looked angelic. I was lucky enough to be able to run up to the stage but not lucky enough to shake her hand. Still I left the Tweeter Center with a feeling of pure satisfaction that I saw and heard my idol for a sweet hour and a half. Her smile lit up all the planets of the universe!! Every note she sang seemed to encircle my soul and lift me up. I danced and sang with every song and I'm no spring chicken. I didn't seem to have a choice, Stevie was controlling me! And it was wonderful! I paid a whole lotta money for my tickets and it was worth every penny. "Every day I see you" in my heart, Stevie. Thanks for being a part of our lives.

Tara Mulqueen
After an hour and a half drive to Camden, followed by 2 hours of waiting in the Tweeter Center, Stevie took the stage. She was first introduced with the Destiny's Child song "Bootylicious", which I thought was really cool. Then there was Trouble in Shangri-La, and with the start of that song I almost fell over with happy anticipation. Then the lights went out and there was movement up on stage, then the stage can to life and there was Stevie. I started to cry because Icouldn't believe that I was actually there, I am only 14 and my parents were so close to not letting me go. But there I was. My best friend was a row behind me and there was only 50 ft between my idol and I.

She opened with Stop Draggin My Heart around and she sounded perfect. I was singing and dancing, overwhelmed with joy. I stood up on my seat to see better, but the usher threatened to throw me out... oops. Through the entire set I couldn't take my eyes off of her... it was the coolest thing I have ever seen. I was so enchanted by the entire thing. Even as the people around me started to get tired and sit down i wouldn't do it. My mind wouldn't let me sit. Then as Stevie went to greet her fans I would have done anything to be up there in the pit. She seemed so genuine and loving when she greeted them, a handshake accompanied by a big beautiful smile. The guy who was sitting next to me cried through the entire show about how he was in love with her! Well, anyway... it was over so fast, and after she left the stage I just stood there in aww and cou;dn't believe what I had just seen. I loved every minute of it.. and I would have payed 1000 dollars for a ticket anyday. ROCK ON STEVIE!!!

Cindy Neith
I saw Stevie at the Tweeter Center in Camden on 7/17 and words can't describe the show. Enchanting, aswome, Stevie will always be the Queen of Rock and Roll. We started out in the 8th row but by the end of the night we were at the stage and I even got to shake Stevie's hand. What and experience. I got some great pictures of her and am trying to e- mail them, but I'm not an expert at this. Hopefully you will get them and be able to post them for everyone to see. She looks as beautiful in person as she does in pictures.

Debra It was a very warm day and the heat from my three hour drive and another long three hours at Tweeter took it's toll on me, but it didn't dampen my enthusiasm too much. I whooped and hollered along with the rest of you. I sang along with every song including the new ones I had memorized from two months of listening to TISL. I would have been louder, but the nice young lady sitting next to me paid her $45.95 to hear Stevie sing not me so I tried to be discrete.

Everyone had fun. The lady in her 50's behind me was a great dancer! :) the family of three with a 10 yr. old boy in front of me cheered and hugged the whole time. They were adorable. The audience was very entertaining. But I loved Stevie on stage even more. Time may cast a spell on me, but I won't ever forget my first concert with Stevie Nicks. God, this woman is WONDERFUL! After 30 years she can still blow the roof off a house. Tweeter will need repairs now! ;)

First I'd like to deliver a few kudos to the most deserving people who seldom get mentioned. I would like to thank the Even One Staff and security personel who protected both the fans and our precious Stevie while at the same time being courteous, helpful and professional. I know it's no easy task at times. I appreciate them taking the gifts I brought for Stevie to her dressing room since I wouldn't be able to go down to the stage to give them to her during the Edge of 17 number. You see I was seated way out in the left-most left Lodge.

Kudos to the fans who returned to Camden with Ms. Nicks to pack the house and grounds. You demonstrated your love and support by cheers, standing ovations, gifts, singing along with her (she apparently loves that), and giving her a thousand points of Bic lights during the most moving songs. I looked out over a glimmering sea of lights and realized that this must be the Sea of Love she sings about. But be careful how you use your lighters everyone, after all, only Stevie is authorized to set the rooms on fire! You were such a lovely, friendly, polite throng and I am amazed at you Stevie-fashioned girls. you all looked so great. And, hey, one of you guys looked like Gerry Garcia! ;)

I'd like to send my best kudos to the TISL tour band who played exceptionally well. I loved the drum and percussion solo leading to Stand Back and Waddy, Stevie's right hand ax man, for his intro to Edge of 17. Waddy, I couldn't see you from where I was unless you came out beside Stevie because of the ceiling-to-floor bank of speakers blocking my view, but your guitar playing was magic. The guitar is my favorite instrument and I love it when anyone can play it really well. I also couldn't see the rest of the band or too much of the set because of my obstructed view, but what I could see was beautiful.

At least I could see Stevie and her backup singers, Sharon and Mindi. I'm happy to see Sharon, the other long, cool woman in a black dress (Check her fan page at, Stevie's primary backing vocal from the beginning of Stevie's solo career. Mindi Stein sounded great, too, but I missed seeing Lori Nicks out there. Lori is playing a behind-the-scene roll as Musical advisor now.

Most important kudos goes to the Captain of the Team, Ms. Stevie Nicks herself! She sang her best that night. It was a flawless performance. She did not strain for the high notes, but gave a vocally commanding performance nevertheless. She sounded strong on Sorcerer, Stand Back, and really rocked out to Edge of 17 and Fall From Grace. She nearly ripped my heart out with the moving version of Rhiannon "and (I ) still cried out for her!" and Has Anyone Ever Written Anything For You. When she asked "In all your darkest hours didn you ever hear me sing?" I answered 'I have" She spoke to her audience in between songs and was very warm and responsive. I love her tradition of coming to the edge of the stage after the Edge of 17 to touch hands and receive flowers and gifts. She's like an angel giving and receiving blessings.

The stage set and the light show were magical. Different colored lights were projected around the set to compliment the colors mentioned in her songs. Beautiful! I couldn't see it from where I was, but I heard there was an archway and a projector screen beyond it showing the sea and sky. I wish I had better seats.

I could think of many ways the Tweeter ampitheater could be improved on. Arranging seat heights so you aren't looking at the back of someone's head would be nice. Surround sound technology like they use in movie houses might be better than blocking off the view of the stage with vertical racks of speakers for us unfortunates in the leftmost and rightmost Lodge sections. Having a big screen over the stage could help those in the back rows see the act better. As it was I needed binoculars to see anyone on stage clearly enough. I mean the artists, set designers, and crew knock themselves out to present a great show for the crowd it's only fair to make it see able for all.

Oh, what were my gifts to Stevie? I gave a big plush Clifford to donate to a children's shelter and for Stevie she got a bouquet of flowers and a letter. The flowers wilted on the way to Tweeter. RATS! I feel like Charlie Brown when that happens. My heartfelt letter was printed on colorful backrounds. I found an angel pin among my treasures as I was packing for my trip to Jersey. It's an angel pin. Gold toned, it is beautiful, graceful, and elegant, much like Stevie herself. In fact it seemed perfect for Stevie. So I pinned the treasure onto the letter with my treasured thoughts, put it in an envelope, and wrote "For Stevie" in gold glitter gel and drew a white winged dove on it. I sealed it with floral stickers. I attached it to the bouquet. I hope she received it.

I hope Stevie has a great summer tour. It threatened to rain a couple of times during her tour. Perhaps she has special V.I.P. privileges with the weather department upstairs because rain never happened. Her sunny disposition kept the clouds at bay.

But I woke up in my hotel room the morning after the concert. The weather changed for the worst "and the rains came down". It's as if all of Camden was missing her already. She had gone and taken the sunshine with her. "I miss you now". Hope to see you again real soon, Stevie-girl. Take care! Cyber hugs and kisses to ya!

So when you are at her concert go ahead and yell, scream, whoop, holler and sing along. "Have fun, tell the world" that Stevie's coming to town! :)

Have a safe and happy summer, all!

My wife and I are long time Stevie fans, I even go back as far as the one and only Buckingham Nicks album. But the real special part was taking our 18 yr. old daughter to her first concert. She always liked Stevie, but seeing her live at the Tweeter Ctr. on July 17, was the kicker. Stevie put on an awesome show. I would've hoped to see Sheryl Crow with her on stage, but my daughter is now a devoted fan. I can't seem to find my Stevie CD's now because they're all in her room!! The crowd was pumped as Stevie took the stage, and never let up. I thought two of the new songs, Planets, and Bombay Sapphires she nailed perfectly. My daughter also got to hear her two favorites, Rhiannon (of course) and Too Far From Texas. Anyway, loved the show, love the site, Stevie, come back to Philly Sooooonn!!

There are no words to describe it. It was my first Stevie concert and I had the best time of my life. Nothing can compare to it. I didnt have the best seats, but all I had to do was hear "I hear theres Trouble in Shangri-La" and I started crying uncontrolably. My mom actually had to hold me up from passing out. My most memorable moment was during "Stand Back", she kicked waist level in the air. My mouth just dropped....I'll end this with saying I had a time I'll never ever forget and I hope I can do it again sometime soon. Thank you Stevie for making my dream come true.

Hello Stevie Fans!!!!!! Ok so for the first time in my life I have seen Stevie Nicks live!!!!!! Now I can die in peace(well in a few days at least I still have the Jones Beach and PNC Art Center shows to see). The Camden show was just excellent. I wish that I could better explain how i felt there waiting for Stevie to come on stage with all my fellow Stevie lovers. The crowd was so diverse it was amazing. Ages 7 to 80 male and female alike all together to support the rock Goddess. Stevie I am so happy for you!!!!!!!!! You are awesome!!! Don't ever doubt yourself or you fans for that matter we love you always!!!!

To the Nicksfix...I am so happy that you are the official site for Stevie. I have been looking at this site for years and it has always been the very best. Thank you Nicks fix!! And finally I would like to say thank you to a very special person who made my Camden show even better.....I don't even know her name but the woman next to me that night let me and my friend use her biaculars to see Stevie up close and I just wanted her to know what a good aura she put over the concert that night!!

Rock on forever Stevie......we all need you.

No Sheryl, No Lindsey...No Matter. Stevie proves once again she can rock the house. i attended the Camden show with my very best friends to see Stevie Nicks~ that`s what it`s really all about ! Intense, would describe Stevie on Stand Back and Fall From Grace and i was very glad to hear I Need To Know ! It seemed like we waited forever until Stevie came on stage and then it was over all too soon !!

I was very fortunate to attend the Camden, NJ show 7/17 & words cannot explain how INCREDIBLE Stevie looked & sounded. I had 7th row center pitt seats & the view was AWESOME. I knew instantly that it was gone to be a totally great time from the moment "Bootylicious" came on & the crowd went insane. I had a 15 & a 12yr old with me who just loved every moment & are now Stevie Maniacs. I have 2 comments to make also.

#1 for the people who think it should be against the law to stand at concerts I have to disagree. A concert is a time to escape from the stress of everyday living, a time to go dance, sing & have just a good time. If I wanted to sit & chair dance I could stay at home & play her cd's. I also paid $250.00 for my seats & I was getting every pennies worth, not to mention that if I were a singing artist & looked out in the audience & saw everyone just sitting there I would think they were not having a good time.

#2 I agree that the show was very short & she does need to make the show a little longer but for the hour & 15 minutes I do get to spend with her is just a moment in time that I will treasure forever. Rock on STREET ANGEL & I cannot wait to see you in Irvine & Vegas.

Hi there: This was maybe the 4th or 5th time I've seen Stevie and it felt as though it were the very first time I was experiencing her magic. Although I was a little disappointed that Sheryl Crow wasn't there, I was pleased to be able to hear more from Stevie. Her new cd TROUBLE IN SHANGRA-LA is absolutely fantastic. I loved the way they started playing Bootylicious which samples EDGE OF SEVENTEEN to get the crowd up on their feet. (I also love Stevie playing part in that video). Stevie was amazing. She looks like she is still in her 30's, her voice is incredibile and you can just tell that she is having the time of her life onstage. To hear her latest songs knowing that she wrote them maybe 20-30 years ago and have them be so timeless shows how magical Stevie really is. I was on my feet most of the night. Even though I was in the lawn section, I would've preferred being front row, I still had the best time. At the end of the night Stevie mentioned she'd be back and invited everyone back to see quote Stevie......I CAN'T WAIT!!!! Thanks so much for all of your love and music Stevie.

Sally (Sisters In Stevieland)
Stevie surrounded by a spectacular archway that overlooked a sea of ever changing color was Intoxicating as always.Outside shops catered to visitors, while all the locals hung out on the lawn ,which offered great views of a river on Fire by the Sounds of Summer and Stevie Nicks. My 10th time, was an especially Spiritual one ,as my dad passed away while I was at the concert. Thanks to Ashley,someone I met and kept me glued to the stage while I got to shake Stevies hand. You couldn't have known that your words about never seeing someone again,Would ring through the night !! And I knew there was a connection.

Peace and Love Always

Review of July 17, 2001 show at Tweeter Center in Camden, NJ. As everyone has mentioned the stage was set up to look like the cover of the Trouble in Shangri-La album with pillars and a doorway to the sea. As Stevie entered the stage ready to perform Stop Draggin My Heart Around, the audience rose to its feet and stayed that way for the entire 15 song set. Stevie's voice was rather tentative on Stop Draggin and also on the 2nd song Enchanted. I was concerned she might be having problems with her voice. After Enchanted she mentioned that she would have introduced Sheryl at this point, but that Sheryl couldn't make this show. Next we were treated to Dreams and Gold Dust Woman. Stevie was in fine form on these and her voice was suddenly very powerful.

Stevie did not sing Outside the Rain. Next was Sorcerer which she introduced by saying that it was written in the early seventies when she and Lindsay went to LA. A pleasant version of Everyday was next--followed by strong performances of Rhiannon and Stand Back. At the end of Stand Back she did the customary high kick. Planets of the Universe was wonderful - the special effects as well as the music. Pictures of planets appear on the stage background and great lighting effects accompanied this song. Her next introduction was for Too Far From Texas -- Stevie said this was written by a friend a few years ago and she kept it in mind. She mentioned that the album version included Dixie Chick Natalie Maines but that she wasn't here tonight. By this point in the evening Stevie seemed very relaxed and quite cheerful.

Next Stevie performed what she has claimed in interviews are two of her favorite songs from TISL - Bombay Sapphires and Fall From Grace. In between she introduced the Band with Waddy as the Beautiful one and mentioned that he'd worked with her over many years. Her vocal on Fall From Grace was outstanding and she really was into the song emotionally - during the line "Well I came all the way here just to watch you walk out that door" -- I thought she might go off and slug somebody. (Well, maybe just a slap -- it is Stevie ).

After a brief interlude, Waddy performed a great intro for Edge of 17 as the audience anticipated the ritual bearing of gifts to the stage. Stevie of course tried to shake as many hands as possible and bouquets of flowers were flying through the air for quite awhile. She also gave some big both hand waves to the crowd who enthusiastically waved back. She told us to take care of ourselves so we could come back and do this again. Her encores were I Need to Know and Has Anyone Ever Written Anything For You. During HAEWAFY a gentle breeze was blowing. Stevie looked great. The crowd was silent. The perfect ending to a great evening with the reigning Queen of Rock.

Kathy O'Brien, Editor, Sacred Fire
Since there has been many in-depth listings of the set list, I wanted to give a review based on the special moments that I noticed last night.

Well after the "Trouble in Shangri-la" intro , Stevie came walking out and was bursting with happiness. She could obviously see that the venue was just about full to capacity, including the entire lawn section!!!! She greeted the crowd and gave us a big wonderful kiss through the microphone.. The crowd went nuts. I was standing with a group of friends right in the first and second row, right next to Jill who held the Pooh bear. I was decked in a long Stevieish black dress and a black chiffon slawl made by Bear. We stood from the time the show started til the very end.

After that Stevie and Waddy sang Stop draggin and then Stevie sang non stop for quite some time. Gold Dust woman and Rhiannon were spectacular and Stevie's dance moves had me mezmorized for most of the show. She looked beautiful and her sense of humor was also great. I had to laugh when she introduced Sharon celini as the "dark lady" and did this funny thing with her hands. It was also really cool to see the stand back kick up so close. Stevie did this really cute get ready step right before she does the actual kick, and her rhinestone studded sneakers were adorable.

Then at Fall from Grace the crowd moved up to stage and I moved with them...I originally was not going to rush the stage because I am 2 months pregnant, and was afraid i would get hurt but luckily my gypsy brothers and Sisters guarded me well. I was standing near the end and during Edge Stevie came to us just about last.. Although I was sort of behind this speaker..Stevie gave me a big smile and held my hand and for that moment I was connected to my Idol!!!! Her energy was beautiful... And I truly felt it in my heart and soul...What a wonderful moment.

Stevie then left the set and returned for the encore. I need to know and Has anyone ever written anything for you. I was amaized by her energy level..I was exhausted just from the dancing I did... We all loved the show... and baby and I are ready to head for Jones Beach and PNC!!!! Stevie outdid herself last night and I am as Hopelessly Enchanted as ever

Donna Louise Meade
The concert last night, July 17, at the Tweeter Center was everything I knew it would be. I have been and am a long time fan of Stevie Nicks and Fleetwood Mac and have waited almost twenty years to hear her sing in person!! I could not have been more excited!! She is a truly gifted artist and has a voice that can transport you right into the song and its words. I wish her all the best and Godspeed on her tour and happiness all the days of her life and would like to thank her for all the wonderful songs I listen to that can make me feel and be.

I have always been a firm believer in music and the power it has to make a person feel and touch into their very souls, Stevie Nicks and her music does this and I have passed the glory of her music onto my daughter and son. Again, thanks and keep on playing and writing!!!!

I have followed Stevie's career since 1975 when I was 18 years old, and have seen her about 11 times since then but last night's show was incredible!! She looked like a fairy princess and sang like an angel......She was full of humor and energy and her voice has rarely sounded better. I loved the new songs and got into the old ones, especially "Stand Back" a real favorite of mine. I was sorry she pulled "Outside the Rain" out of the set but she was outstanding none the less....I had 11th row center seats, the closest I have ever been and I thought I had died and gone to heaven. I was seated next to terrific people (hi Mike, hi Sara, Hi Mike's parents) who were just as psyched as I was for the show. My enthusiasm has never dulled, only grown for the beautiful and lovely Stevie Nicks......rock on girl, we all love you!!

It had been over 20 years since I saw Stevie Nicks (with fleetwood mac at JFK stadium PA) last night was magical THANK YOU STEVIE!!! my daughter also loves your music.. She would have been there with me, but she was having contractions so she had to go to the hospital.. You sounded better than you did 20 years ago and you were simply BEAUTIFUL!! The stage was beautiful and the band was on fire!!! I hope I get to see you again Your Wild At Heart friend!!!

Dawn and Tom Margotta
Well I just simply do not know where to start . I am so overwhelmed still !!!!!!!!! My husband and i and my two friends went to the Camden Nj show last night . It was just truly enchanting.I really am not going to tell you allof her songs because I want it to be a suprise for the rest of you who have not seen this tour yet .

I will tell you this I had 12 row center stage and we could see everything very clearly . The warm up singer in my opinion was ok but all I cared about was Stevie!!!!. We drove from NyWestchester county) to see her which was a first at this arena . I did not know what to expect . All I can say is that the fans that were there last night worshipped Stevie !!!!!!!!!!There were so many girls all dressed up in their shawls and chiffon skirts and platform boots and so many with flowers and gifts for Stevie including myself ofcourse(white roses and a ballerina bunny foo foo )

Stevie came on stage around 9 and she looked and sounded perfect . I have been going to her concerts since 1983 and this was one of the best shows I have ever seen . People were out of control dancing and singing all night right along with her . Hardly anyone sat at all . When Stevie sang Fall from Grace the crowd went wild and charged the stage . I then grabbed my hubby and said lets go . We got right up to the front of the stage and I got to give Stevie her Roses and stuffed animal . I got home about 4 am and I am still so wired . I am going to see her again on Fri nite at Jones Beach,Long Island Ny. "I can't wait"

Blessed Be To All


I am a huge Stevie Nicks fan and I am going to see her at Jones Beach and PNC this weekend. The show was great but I have a few complaints. The first one is she didn't do Outside the Rain. With Sheryl Crow not being at the show Stevie should have did OTR and she also could have did two other songs since My Favorite Mistake and Everyday Is A Winding Road was not included. The show was over before 10:30 for the money they charge for tickets she could have played at least 2 maybe 2 1/2 hours. She definitely has enough material to play longer. Hopefully this weekend she will play a little longer and maybe mix up the set a little bit.

Lisa Tenuto
I have loved Stevie for years but this was my first time going to see her. I saw her "Magical" performance on Tuesday July 17, 2001 at the Tweeter Center in Camden, NJ. It was also my first time going to the Tweeter Center and Stevie made it a memorable one! She looked great, sounded great and was so full of energy which she passed on to the crowd, that I sang and danced all night long. I felt like I never wanted it to end!!! I also loved the way she would stop and thank us for being there and made us promise to come and see her again. I would see her again in a heartbeat!!! She really is a GREAT performer and she sang every song so intensely, I will always remember that concert as one of the best I have ever been to!!!

"I will not forget this night...." What a show...this is my 3rd Stevie show and by far the best. I was a little disappointed that the setlist was shorter and she dropped Outside the Rain, but I soon got over it. I was lucky enough to be in the 7th row so I could make out every little facial expression on Stevie and that was incredible. I almost died when she pointed at me during Dreams and waved--I guess she must have saw me waving my STAND BACK cape in the air over everyone and I am kinda tall!! LOL. Gold Dust Woman was great--she didn't do the high note at the end but it didn't was still magical.

During Stand Back I kept pointing at me SB cape trying to get Mindy's attention (I was being so queer!) and she winked and nodded and smiled...I was so happy. Ok the next highlight was during TTFT--at the second verse Stevie looks over at Sharon and points her mike to her giving her the look like "wanna do the 2nd verse?") and sharon shyly looks away and stevie smiled and just went into the second verse herself--it was so cute. Fall From Grace was KICKING!!!!!!!!!!! "Just to watch you walk out that door!!!!" -- stevie was soooo into it! The biggest highlight was shaking stevie's hand during EDGE of 17. I remember the gold ring on stevie's right hand and her fingers trembling and that moment was just so magical. it was a great night--i didn't need sheryl there..stevie is a priestess all by herself. Rock on, GOld Dust Woman, i'll see you next year with the MAc!!

Roe McNesby
In Pillars of color.... I don't know what else anyone could add to even try to describe the awesome power that took the stage on Tuesday night July 17, 2001, in Camden/Phildelphia. All the reviews that have come in previously are verbatim. Electricity filled the air! The crowd was on their feet the entire show. It was fun the watch about 5000 people dance to "Bootylisish."

As Stevie started the TISL chorus, it just kept echoing all over the arena..... I think there's Trouble in Shangri-La.....because you are so heart can't consume all the beauty in the room me the way back! It was an awesome was to start the show.

I loved watching the audience react to Stevie. I noticed one person who managed to get to the stage during Edge of 17 and shook Stevie's hand. They looked as if they were healed! It was a powerful thing. Everyone was so in to the concert and reason why is, Stevie was Smokin! She looked wonderful, sounded great and the band was tight!

The embodiment of femininity, blasting through the speakers.....She is...... Stevie Nicks

Thanks Stevie for a most memorable evening,

I have seen Stevie in concert many times, both with and without the Mac. She looked and sounded the best I have ever seen her. While I enjoyed the mellow set list from Enchanted Tour better, this concert ROCKED! I was on my feet the entire concert, and I had the best time! To see Stevie smile and dance and having such a great time is a special thing. She has a way of making you feel special and magic just being in her presence. I cried as she sang HAEWAFY?, knowing it would be her last song. Her voice was so powerful. I think everyone left the Tweeter Center wanting more! My friend and I were just going to drive up to Holmdel on Saturday and get lawn seats, but we managed to get 14th row orchestra seats, and now I CAN'T WAIT!!! Thank you, Stevie, for touching me with your music. Come back again soon!

Hello, The show was undescribable!!! One fan even handed her a Tiffany Lamp during her usual walk at the end of "Edge". There are not enough words to explain the way she made me feel when she was singing up on that stage! I ended up buying 14th row tix for $110 each but it was well worth it! I bought a tour book and now I get to see who are all the awesome people who put together your website including yourself! Thanks for all the updates on Stevie through the years! I have been visiting your site since 1996 I didn't realize you started it in 95! Keep up the good work John!

Thanks, Wendy

Norie Rado
There was truly and undoubtedly MAJIC in the Air in Camden New Jersey last night. Stevie Nicks; Fairy Princess, Rock Goddess and Dancing Dervish all wrapped up in a neat little package of a lady!!! Not only is she gracious and appreciative, she is truly what a storyteller, songwriter and singer is all about. Opening up with Trouble In Shangri La was incredibly uplifting, followed with Stop Draggin My Heart Around. Waddy on vocals was incredible. The entire band feeds off her endless energy and youthfulness. Together they presented to myself and all the fans last night what a true performance is all about. Her mix of old and new, and her rockin' out versions of Seventeen and Standback brought down the house. Too Far From Texas was done with ease, as well as Sorcerer.....which painted the picture of entwinement and mystery.

Her soulfulness and sincerity about her music and the purpose of her life shines with each breathe and verse that she sings, and she definitely exuded Rhiannon and Gold Dust Woman. I was in the eigth row, front and center, dressed exactly like Stevie in her Rhiannon Years. It was a nite and perfomance I will never forget. Stevie has been my idol since 1977, and to see her so close was a dream come true. May the sun, moon and stars shine upon her now and forever, and may many blessings be bestowed upon her. She has given us THE greatest gifts of love, music, poetry and most of all, Stevie herself. Thank you Stevie for making my night one of the most memorable ones of my life. Rock on and never stop. We love you.

Well as normal the Queen of Rock Rocked at Camden. Stevie was in great form. She looked thinner than she did for Enchanted and more energetic. The stage set was outstanding and went over great with the very lively crowd. The light show was just right to set the tone for Stevie in her greatest perfomance to date. She was very talkative and played with the crowd often. She twirled and changed shawls all night long and really enjoyed herself. She has really matured to fill the title she greatly deserves"Queen of Rock and Roll" The crowd was very lively and the young kids who Stevie now draws to her performances shows that she is a legend still living out her Dream. The crowd just went wild when her band played Gold Dust Woman and White Winged Dove. Her new songs were just as popular as her older songs and Planets of the Universe was awesome with its light show. I truely wished the show never had to end but there is always next time as Stevie hinted that there might be a couple more before she retires. I can hardly wait till then.

Dara Pettinelli
Stevie Nicks performed at the Tweeter Center on Tuesday night to the delight of all her worshipers following the new release "Trouble in Shangri-La." It is Stevie's first solo tour since 1998's "Enchanted." Destiny's Child "Bootylicious" which contains the guitar lick from "Edge of Seventeen" opened the show proving that the crowned "Queen of Rock n' Roll" still reigns.

The stage was a mimicry of the "Trouble in Shangri-La" album cover- an archway in the background where a view of the ocean and sky changed colors to each song and paper flowers hung around the set like draping lilacs. Gold, oriental statues stood one on each side beside the instruments. As the curtain went up, the audience gained entry into that special room where dreams unwind. Stevie entered in a billowy beaded black dress, black suede boots, and grabed her scarf donned mic to begin singing the first song on her new album "Trouble in Shangri-La.".

Next, Stevie's long-time guitarist, Waddy Wachtel, whom Stevie referred to as "the beautiful one," replaced Tom Petty in "Stop Draggin My Heart Around." In between songs, Stevie briefly exited the stage to change her shawl and get some water. After "Enchanted," Stevie sang the classic "Dreams" and then, in a fitting gold shaw she went into a trance and the words "take your silver spoon and dig your grave" put the audience under a spell. With her signature twirl she ended the song and posed like "a shadow of a woman."

"Sorcerer," a track on the new album although written in the 70s, followed and then the upbeat "Everyday" got the crowd singing. The stage went dark until pianist/keyboardist Scott Plunket lit it up with a two minute introduction to "Rhiannon." Fans recognized the tune right away and began screaming and throwing their arms in the air, still singing along. "Standback" got the crowd dancing again and Steive ended the song kicking into the air like a bad-ass rock n' roll star. Stevie continued what felt like a religious revival and sang four more new songs, "Planets of the Universe," "Too Far From Texas," a song she said she put into her "song memory" awhile ago when Dixie Chics Natalie Maines gave it to her, "Bombay Sapphire," and "Fall from Grace."

After a long percussion solo led by Lenny Castro and Mark Schulam, Waddy Wachtel played the guitar lick of "Edge of Seventeen" as fans from the back rushed the stage, flowers and teddy bears in hand. Stevie collected her gifts after the song and shook hands with everyone she could in the front row. To those she couldn't reach, she waved and blew kisses of gratitude into the air, "thank you so much" she said. The band left the stage eluding that the show was over. One would think: "she was just a dream, she was just a wish," but the crowd wasn't ready to let their priestess go home. Stevie came out for an encore beginning with "I Need to Know." In the midst of tears and flickering lighters, she said "I want you to remember." It is obvious that the devoted Stevie fans who carried roses, wore gossamer clothes, and "Enchanted" concert shirts never forgot. The two young girls who made their own "I Love Stevie" baseball tees and the one man in the audience who played his tambourine along to Stevie's jams, proved that fans from 12 years old to over 50 come together under one prophet, with one thing in common- the need for a little magic and escape. Stevie ended the show singing: "Has Anyone Ever Written Anything For You?" "You have," cried a woman in the audience.

Jennifer E.
Garner I just saw Stevie last night, and she was absolutely gorgeous! She did a great job entertaining the audience and she shook everyone's hand that she could touch!!! We all love Stevie down here in Philadelphia and hope to see her come back soon!!! I had such a good time, and loved how Edge of Seventeen came with a surprise! She was fabulous!!!! Keep Rockin Stevie, We love you!!!

What is left to say!!! Stevie was incredible, beautiful, spellbinding, captivating, and always! Her voice was so strong! Her perfomance incredible! It was a two hour dance party, because noone could stop moving!!! Her TISL songs were spectacuarly done and refreshing, but when that drum solo started and turned into Stand Back, the crowd went orgasmic!!!! Even though I was slightly disappointed that our stop in NJ was the first without Sheryl Crow, it was nice to have Stevie all to our selves, and Sheryl, though a great atribute to the venue I am sure, was not missed! Stevie took few breaks and kept right on going! Just left stage long enough to grab a different shaw! Her high kicks in her cute little Reeboks were still as captivating as ever! One of the best nights I've had!! Ancient Queen, ROCK ON!!!!

Hello, I had the honor to attend my very first Stevie concert ever last night. I've been a longtime fan and never had the privilege of ever getting the chance to see her in person. I arrived early at the Tweeter Center and anxiously waited for the show to start. I never comprehended that I would actually be seeing Stevie in person with my own. Finally, she emerged on stage and it was breathtaking. Her performances were amazing and magical and the audience loved every minute of it. While I didn't get the chance to rush the stage for "Edge of Seventeen", just seeing her in person was well worth my enormous ticket price. Out of the many concerts I've been to, this is THE best one ever, for me. I can't wait to see her again next week. It was a special night for Stevie and her wonderful music.

Nate Curlen
I can't really believe it, but I finally got to see Stevie Nicks last night in Camden, NJ. STEVIE ROCKED! It was almost like there was a certain magic in the air last night. The crowd was very diverse in age... there were 50 year olds to people younger than me (I'm 19). Every song was great but I was really glad to hear Stevie sing "Enchanted".... "Stand Back", "Gold Dust Woman", "and "Rhiannon" all rocked, but the two most unbelievable were "Edge Of Seventeen" and "Has Anyone Ever Written Anything for You". During those two songs, I just looked at Stevie and got tears in my eyes because I could not believe I was actually in her presence. It made me smile as she said... poets, priests of nothing... legends. If any of you get the chance, the TROUBLE IN SHANGRI-LA tour is a must see! Thank you Stevie for showing em how to rock, and being an inspiration to us all.

tonya ashley (tigerlilly)
A mesmerizing vision of poetry in motion that ultimately jumped off the stage and flowed through the isles and rows of fans attending the concert with her explosive performance leaving each and every individual amazed and gratified yet hungry for more.Stevies, astounding beauty and alluring voice captivated the entire audience. while stevie was performing her hit song "edge of seventeen", she put down her mich. and took a few moments to greet fans ,shake hands,and except gifts from those fortunate enough to be seated front row, and for those not so fortunate stevie showed her gratitude to her fans by blowing kisses waving her hands and smiling. I was lucky enough to get tickets seating me and my husband in row 30 making it possible for us to witness this magnificent event and I urge all fans of her god givin talent to attend her next concert event for if you do you will not be disappointed but if you don't you're guaranteed to regret it! stevie nicks was,is,and,always will be captivating and magnetic..

from now and till the end of time stevies greatest fan

Jackie and Her Dad
Stevie's performance was extraordinary!!! Her energy gave way for a showstopping performance...none like I've ever seen before on her solo tours. The stage itself was breathtaking with all the surreal colors and special effects that would light up the audience...a visual back-drop of the ocean kept changing colors -- absolutely mystical. Her performance could not have been any better especially physically ---more beautiful than ever....the audience was in a rare form...screaming and dancing like maniacs...singing to most of the songs and during the encore of HAEWAFY....even Stevie choked up at the incredible reaction from the crowd as she tried to sing "I want you to"...she turned away momentarily to wipe the tears from her eyes...awwwwwwe!!!!!

Be prepared for the amazing bass that literally propels the heart from it's chestwall...never felt that before, too awesome to describe! This band is tight and the chemistry is right and Stevie is at her best ever....spinning into many many twirls and even one incredible high-kick -- waist high!!! -- made for a most memorable and energetic performance....I hope to God she comes back!!!! Thank you Stevie and the Band for making my Dad's first concert experience beyond our wildest dreams...

Enchanting....that's the only word I can think of to describe the concert last night. I was never so impressed by any performer. My best friend and I are 19 and 18 years of was our first Stevie concert. Our 7th row seats were perfect for it. The set on the stage was breathtaking. When the sounds od Destiny's Child's "Bootylicious" filled the arena the crowd roared. Evereyone jumped up and started dancing. Then it was dark and all you heard was Stevie's voice singing "Trouble in Shangri-La". The room was practically shaking everyone was cheering so loud. Then to the sounds of "Stop Draggin' My Heart Around" Stevie modestly danced onto the stage and joined her band. She put on the greatest performance I have ever seen. The new songs were captivating and her old ones were legendary. She smiled, danced, talked, and was practically floating on air. She truly connected to the crowd. When she closed with "Has Anyone Ever Written Anything For You", people were moved to tears, including me and my friend. Trust me, no matter what the price, do not miss this tour. She is amazing or I should say....Enchanting.

Jeff Everhart
I have to say, I was very disappointed by stevie's show tonight. I'm sorry, but these tickets are very expensive and she needs to earn her money. Her set was only an hour and forty- five minutes. That's just not acceptable. Not only was the set way too short, but it was missing some major songs. Stevie needs to remember that a lot of the people there were there because of Fleetwood Mac. She can't forget her roots. The biggest reason for her recent popularity is the breakthrough success of Landslide and Siver Spring, neither of which she played. And no Gypsy or Sweet Girl either. She sounded great, but the poor choice of songs and briefness of her set made this show a big disappointment.

My names Stacy i'm 21 years old. I was at the NJ concert.An lets just say Stevie still Rockin after all these years.I've grew up listing to Stevie Nicks.I was just blown away buy her Twerling an danceing lastnight.Shes still Rocking an just puts out so much power.I made it to the stage.I dident get to touch her.But my firned did.An i have never seen anything like her.Shes "Rhiannon" shes "The Gypsy that Remains".Theres no other way of saying it.Shes just so wonderful.An i never thoguht i'ed ever see her up close like that an its a night I will never ever frgert as long as I live.

Peace an Love

I took my girlfriend to the show last night. We had a fantastic time. It was our first trip to the Tweeter Center. It was the first concert on this leg of the tour that Sheryl Crow wasn't there, but it didn't matter becauce Stevie can put on a heck of a show on her own. This was my first time to see Stevie and was very suprised by the crowd. Everyone was on their feet dancing the entire show. A lot of concerts I've been to lately, the crowd just sit's and sings along. Overall this was a great concert and I hope to see her again on the road somewhere.

I drove my office crazy all day today with long anxious anticipation of Stevie's Tweeter Center show tuesday night. It's been such a long wait since the Enchanted Tour three years ago. There was a buzz in the air my excitement was felt mutually with the fans. After seeing her in concert for the past twenty years, how could this ageless rocker be any better? Beg, borrow or steal, get any ticket you can and you will be convinced. Her performance was enchanting and priceless as well as her voice. The strength in her voice. The way she can change keys and those lyrics! She is truly a timeless capsule. What a band and backup singers. When Waddy started playing Edge of Seventeen I had chills run up and down my spine. I really feel it sounded better than it did twenty years ago. (If that is possible) She makes you feel as a fan a true caring, that she feels within herself. I'm truly amazed each time I go to a show the amount of young people she continues to draw. They know a great thing when they truly see her. It's nice to see they appreciate her. It renews my faith they truly have taste for real good music. After her second encore "Has anyone ever written anything for you" it brought a tear to my eyes and joy to hear Stevie sing and sound so terrific. She actually was overcome herself while singing. She stopped turned around and composed herself during it.

At 54 I still can't get enough! I'm lucky I have tickets for Saturday's show @ the PNC Center in New Jersey. Stevie you made my day - then again you always make my day!. Thanks for giving back to the fans! She is and will always be one of rocks greatest singers and song writers. You will always be our "QUEEN OF ROCK"

I am a huge Stevie Nicks fan and attend all her shows whenever she is in the New Jersey / Philadelphia area. I have to say, I was very disappointed in her show at the Tweeter Center in Camden, New Jersey. She played for like and hour and fifteen minutes. Sheryl Crow was supposed to be with her and she said that this was the first show on her tour that Sheryl wasn't there. She is playing in Holmdel, New Jersey on Saturday and I am debating on whether I should even go or not. Very Disappointed

I was lucky enough to get tickets to stevies camden n.j. concert and i must say she was enchanting ! my seat was in section 101 row w seat #9 and so i had a great view of stevie and she looked beautiful as always and performed like the angel she is. I could not have asked for a better performance. Stevie went over to greet people in the front rows by shaking their hands and taking gifts from them . I thought that was very nice of her she showed much greatfulness to her fans.

Sharon I'm 37, and had the pleasure of taking my 23 year old niece to see Stevie at the Tweeter Center in Camden. We had 3rd row seats, a bit off to the side, but they were still great.

We came in from Philly, so we decided to drive down to Penn's Landing and take the ferry over to Jersey...for anybody who has never done this, do it...what a way to go, and you get to meet such great people!

Jeffrey Gaines was impressive - to me, he's kind of a cross between Lenny Kravitz and Seal...I'm going to go out and get the CD.

Everybody knows the song set by now, so I won't go there. As soon as "Bootylicious" started playing, the crowd went wild. Everyone was on their feet. When Stevie got on stage, the roar from the crowd was deafening. Stevie looked great, and sounded even better - I swear she gets better with each passing year. She was a bit talkative with the audience, and informed us all that this was the first show without Sheryl Crow, which was a bit disappointing, but hearing Stevie sing Too Far From Texas solo was pretty awesome, or as she put it..."pretty damn good"!

I had told my niece that we would be making a mad dash for the stage toward the end of the show, which we did. We got up there, and I had promised my niece that Stevie would shake her hand, which she did. My niece was going crazy, just as I had the first time I shook Stevie's hand many years ago. It was also fantastic that there was a little girl on her mom's shoulders waving to Stevie, and when Stevie left the stage for the last time, she made it a point to say hello and waved directly to the little girl...very sweet.

At the end of the show, Stevie asked us to all promise to come back and see her the next time she comes; when she does, I'll be there with bells on.

Thanks, Stevie and the Band! Great job!!!

Hi, my name is Danny and I'm fifteen years old. Yesterday. July 17, was my first concert and it was Stevie Nicks! I was so excited, I LOVE her so much! She is so mesmorizing and beautiful! She was AWESOME!! At first when she got on stage I thought I was going to faint because I was actually going to see her. And then for the first two songs I was just standing there with my mouth open still in shock. After that though I started singing and dancing! IT WAS SO GREAT! Then we were allowed up in front of the stage! WOW! I got to see her so close up! I could tell what color lipstick she had on: RED! Anywho, it was so fun! She was so good at singing and her outfits were incredible! I'm glad I can now say my first concert was the Enchanted Ms. Stevie Nicks!!!

Friends Phil, Mary, and Gina (and myself) went to the show last night at the Tweeter Center in Camden, NJ. It was the first show sans Sheryl Crow.

Stevie was great, as usual, and there wasn't much change to the set list (no Sheryl Crow songs, of course; "Dreams" was the third song, and it was just "Dreams", no "Outside the Rain" part.). The weather was a little hot at first, but cooled off as Stevie heated up!

AT one point early on, Stevie was saying that "This is the part where I introduce Sheryl, but she's not here tonite etc...., and we're sorry about that, but we're gonna have a great time anyway..." or something to that effect.

Stand Back was my favorite of the evening. It really got people on their feet. Some people just wouldn't sit down the whole concert!!!

There were quite a few people dressed like Stevie, ranging all ages. The crowd was also a very eclectic mix. This one guy in front of me was carrying a vanity license plate that said "FLTWD MAC" or something like that.

Patricia Tacey
I never have had the experience of a Stevie Nicks concert before. I had nothing to compare to, but let me tell you , it was enchanted, magical,& just plain fun!!!! Cheryl Crow was not in this show. The fans were Great!!!!!

We LOVED HER!!! Stevie, we are the city of Brotherly Love, PLEASE COME BACK !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

G Kempkes
Last night was Stevie's show at the Tweeter Center in Camden,NJ,which was my first chance to see her without the Mac.She sounded absolutely great! A few songs in Stevie announced that this would be her first show without Cheryl Crow,so the set changed a little bit,no Cheryl songs and I beleive "Outside the Rain " was dropped,but other than that it was pretty much the same just a little short I thought but nevertheless it was great to see her,and great to Waddy up there again to.I have had a horrible year so far and Stevie is always there for me and seeing her really helped me forget about my problems at least for one night.Thank you Stevie and I love you!

Gail M. Cahill
Tweeter Center, Camden/Philadelphia, 5th Row Pitt. We had super seats directly in front of Nicks. Stage was fabulous, Lighting was excellent, the Band rocked, Stevie looked great and her voice was surperb! Those fans that got to see the first six shows really got a treat. We were the seventh and although Stevie mentioned that without S. Crowe she hoped we liked the show, I think some of us thought she would replace the two songs that Crowe did with to additional songs. She did not. Here was the set -- a little different from the first 6 shows:

Stop Draggin My Heart Around Enchanted Dreams Gold Dust Woman Sorcerer Everyday Rhiannon Stand Back Planets of the Universe Too Far From Texas Bombay Sapphires Fall From Grace Edge of Seventeen I Need to Know Has Anyone Ever Written Anything For You

Well, the show WAS GREAT anyway ever without the portion of Out Side the Rain. Fans rushed the stage on Fall From Grace and stayed there until the end. She received a lot of gifts during Edge of Seventeen. We saw Henry David, the owner of Halloween in Center City Philadephia in the front row. Those fans that truely follow Stevie will know who he is. After the show someone from the stage gave him a back stage pass -- very cool. I thought the 5 new songs from her new CD sounded great live. Stevie was very comfortable singing them. She talked, she laughed, she twirled, she kicked! Don't miss this tour.

Jim Pierce
I danced, I sung, I cried, it was to say the least, nothing less than spectacular ! To Stevie, and her bandmates simply a "VERY BIG THANK YOU", for a truly WONDERFUL show, and you all take care, and we hope to see you all again real soon, loved Planets of the Universe, and has Anyone Ever Written Anything For You . . . simply timeless, as she the lady herself Stevie. Again many a thank-you, your music is a blessing to us your devoted fans. God Bless All of You.

HI: Just saw Stevie last night. She was incredibile. She sounds better than ever. Only thing is, I could have listened to about 2 more hours. I did miss Sheryl Crow as she wasn't there. Opening act Jeffrey Gaines was great. Thanks.

I saw Stevie tonight at the Tweeter Center in NJ......what an amazing show.......unbeliebable

Russell Oden
Hello, well we just got back from the July 17th show. Well first of all today is my birthday, so what better present could you think of. This was my fourth time seeing Stevie, and I must say Stevie just keeps getting better. This was the first show without Sheryl Croz, and Stevie made reference to that fact that this was her first night doing it solo, then laughed and said "Well Not Really!" She said that in Sheryl's absence she would be singing a few more songs tonight. she did an amazing Job on all her songs. Including Bombay Saphire, which, I must say sounded amazing. Planets of the universe gave me chills. My friends were amazed as well. Stevie succeded in creating an amazing enchanting night that I will never forget! Thanks for a great birthday Stevie!!!!


ROCK ON STEVIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  more reviews coming......

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