Stevie Nicks

Trouble in Shangri-la

7/14/01 Tweeter Center Boston (Mansfield), MA
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Michael L.
I am so grateful to be able to write a review RE: Stevie Nicks, ( or just anything that she may read)! I had the Golden opportunity to see her in Mansfield MA. and I must say it was the BEST concert she has given in a long time. I have seen Stevie Nicks perform numerous Times and I have NEVER experienced this much energy form the crowd! I am not saying that I haven't in the past, but It was SOOO INTENSE for me this time. Stevie Nicks has been such an unexpected influence in my life. I could Never Repay her for all of the help and good feelings she has giving me, even though she doesn't know me! I have had a lot of good experiences from Stevie Nicks' songs, But I have to tell you, when her new album, Trouble in Shangri-La was due to come out, I was the going to be the first person to stand in line at the Record shop to buy it! I had it all planned out! I was going to get there, ( the store ), Very early in the morning and spending overnight in front was not out of the realm! Unfortunately, My Mother passed away a few days before I could Fulfill that dream.

I was lucky enough to have such a kind neighbor named Shelley, who knew how much I loved Stevie Nicks who fulfilled my dream by spending the night out front of the record store for me in order to make sure I was able to get it on the same day. Now think about this, I never asked her to do this, she just did!

Well, imagine My major surprise when I received the CD, and I invited Shelley to sit and listen to it with me, and believe it or not, I had just bought this CD player and it DI NOT START from the Beginning, The first song I heard was #10, "I Miss You." I was FLOORED! I thanked Stevie for making this possible at the time when I needed to hear it the most, as only she can do it!

I will admit, I wished she had sang that song in her set at the Mansfield, MA. concert, but I was not disappointed at all. I saw stevie Nicks again, on stage, under lights, looking better than ever! You know, I bet if she knew had known my story, she would have dedicated it to me that night, Cause Stevie Nicks is the best! I Love You Stevie,

Hi, everyone. Just got back from the four hour trek to mass. From the Tweeter Center show. Had seats very close to the stage and we got there early. I could not control my excitement from the time that I heard Stevie and Sheryl warming up together in the parking lot. When we actually entered the show I could not believe how close the seats were that Joe got from his work !!!! What a big time bonus..... For the first time I could actually see what her facial and hand gestures were like from up close. I could not believe how beautiful she was up close. I was very excited when the show was about to begin and bootylicious came on... The crowd really seemed to enjoy the song. I thought that the band was very tight and played so well together. Sharon and Mindy were both beautiful as always and it seemed to me that Sharon got very thin. They sounded great. I also thought that Sheryl added a lot more to the show then I had previously expected. She had a lot of her own fans there as well which was pretty interesting. She really puts on a very good show and her and Stevies voices seemed to blend very well. They seemed to be having a ball doing the show together.

Of course the true and only real star of the night was Stevie. It was such an amazing experience. The whole set list sounded so awesome. Rhiannon, Stand Back, Planets, Fall From Grace, and Edge were some of my personal favorites... They rocked !!!!! Someone right in front of us actually bought a beautiful lamp for Stevie.... You had to see the look of surprise on Stevies face when she saw it. I could not believe that she brought her a lamp. The one girl near us in the crowd brought the most amazing purple flowers for her... they were stunning. Lots of people in the usual Stevie dresses and shawls. We also had plenty of amusement while the show was going on as well. There was an extremely intoxicated girl that was standing behind us, she was going absolutely crazy...and that was just for Jeffery Gaines !!!!! She was almost unconscious by the time Stevie came on and was whistling with her fingers like a madman right in the peoples ears in front of her. She then proceeded to remove her shirt during Stop Draggin' and then it was just her and her bra for the rest of the night. She ended up being more of a distraction than entertaining though, she almost got into several fights with both men and women !!!!!!! It was nonetheless a truly memorable experience and I cannot wait for Friday's Jones beach show. Everyone who has tix's to the future shows will not be disappointed and definitely have something to look forward to.

First of all, we'd like to say that we thoroughly enjoyed reading everyone's reviews of the shows, even though we are incredibly jealous of those of you who managed to score backstage passes!! (God help Stevie if we should ever meet her…I'd imagine it would be rather difficult to converse with two quivering mounds of JELL-O.) But anyway, as much as we'd like to give you our personal play-by-play of the show and describe each and every minute detail of how absolutely wonderful Stevie was, we're opting to go a different route. Instead, we'd like to share our humorous concert story involving a phenomenon we lovingly refer to as "Stevie Anxiety." We're pretty sure it's in the DSM-IV (you psychologists will appreciate that joke). Our story is proof that if you want something bad enough you can get it…how ironic that Stevie said those very words the night of the concert.

It all began on the day of the TISL release (our anxiety had subsided significantly since the Enchanted tour). As we held the CD in our hands at the record store, we were both thinking the same exact thing…"hmmm new CD…she'll probably tour…gotta get tickets…ahhhhhhhhhhhh!!"…there we were with full-blown STEVIE ANXIETY!! (And you fans know EXACTLY what we are talking about!) Fast forward to the day tickets went on sale. Needless to say we got horrible seats through Ticketmaster. (Can we do something about this?) It seems no matter how hard we try, Ticketmaster never comes through for us L. Fast forward again to the week of the concert. By some miracle of God, we hit the Ticketmaster website (we still think it's ridiculous) at just the right time and snagged two section 3 row N (8 rows from the stage) seats!! Woo hoo…anxiety gone right? WRONG!! Immediately thinking ahead, the opportunity to rush the stage during "Edge of Seventeen" now presented itself!

Fast forward once again to the day of the show. We both woke up wired! We purchased a dozen white roses (which we brilliantly left on Jeff's front porch...forgetfulness is a symptom of "Stevie Anxiety") and hit the road around 4:00 to arrive at the venue around 5:00. In the car we formulated a plan…since we had been to the Hartford show the night before, we had an idea of what the set was going to be. The plan was to bolt for the stage during Stevie's scream at the end of "Fall From Grace," which was right before "Edge of Seventeen." (Since Stevie's flowers were sitting at home on Jeff's porch…we decided to grab the stuffed monkey from my car that I had just bought at the San Diego Zoo the week before. We thought it was cute and funny, and we knew that Stevie gives stuffed animals that she receives from fans to may have seen me walking around wearing the monkey around my neck...I got many "compliments.")

As "Bootylicious" echoed throughout the Tweeter Center, we gave away one of our extra tickets to a lawngoer and then danced our way down to our seats...which were AMAZING!! When Stevie came on we were transported into another world (a.k.a. "Stevie Coma," a byproduct of "Stevie Anxiety")...she looked gorgeous and sounded even better...but we don't need to tell YOU that. Even seeing Sheryl Crow was a thrill. (Just a funny side note...I think one of the highlights of the night for me was when Sheryl twirled onto the stage during GDW and Jeff turns to me with the most annoyed look on his face and says, "Now there are a lot of things you can do on stage with Stevie Nicks...but twirling is NOT one of them.")

Anyway, as the show went on...the butterflies multiplied...we were getting closer and closer to "Fall From Grace" as we screamed and danced our a$$es off. Between songs we made a few small alterations to our original plan as we scoped out the scene. "Every Day Is A Winding Road"....then "Bombay Sapphires"....and then finally...."I choose to be his confidant..." Our hearts were pounding, we had to time it just right, not too early, not too late. After a quick and final assessment of security in the aisles, we opted to go for the left-hand side. The woman standing there looked pretty harmless, whereas the one on the right was TAKING NO PRISONERS! ("What people will get....this.....high...") Midsong, we elbowed each other like maniacs with last minute suggestions...this was anxiety like never before...and we were LOVING it!

All of a sudden, out of the corner of our eyes, we see people creeping down the aisle to the right of us. "Let's go!" We then squeezed out of our row and began to nonchalantly "stroll" toward the stage. ("Maybe I am calmer now, maybe things are fine...") Almost immediately the security lady stops us and tells us to "go back to your seats." To which we reply, "Our seats are down there (pointing to the front row)." She wasn't buying it. Our hearts dropped. ("Maybe the reason that I say these things is to bring you back alive...) Just then, the people in the rows behind us start flooding the aisle, and the lady is now holding her arms out and yelling, "EVERYBODY get back in your seats!!" ("Ooh maybe I fought this long and this hard just to...make!") There was our cue...the scream!

I give Jeff the quick wink. He fakes right...the lady goes right...I go left barely sneaking by her outstretched arm. She goes for me...Jeff flies by her on the right. We both sprint for the stage, getting separated in the process. Somehow, I end up right against the stage, smack dab in front of Stevie's microphone...and Jeff was a few people down from me...we couldn't find each other though. I jump up and down looking for Jeff's bald head (ha ha)...couldn't find him. I jump around looking for Sara...couldn't find her. Somehow we both knew that each other had made it. We were both in absolute shock! It was so amazing to see Stevie up close and personal. Let's talk about those Reeboks…..and we always wondered what Stevie wore on the treadmill??? As Stevie took off her shawl at the end of "Edge of Seventeen," and made her way to the end of the stage, I immediately knew her hand was going to touch mine. I told her "I love you," and she replied, "Thank you so much!" However, my palms were sweaty and I felt badly about that but that's ok. Meanwhile, mid-stage Sara was preparing to hand over her monkey to Stevie. (With all that was going on around me, I forgot to hand her the monkey after I touched her hand. I tossed my monkey onstage…hopefully it found a nice home.) Our friends way in the back (Section 8) saw the monkey fly onstage and began to high-five each other as they realized our dream had come true.

At the end of the concert we looked around and when we finally spotted one another we both screamed "I touched her!!!" Now we have to have her over for dinner…This is our story. If you were inspired by our concert experience or think you have "Stevie Anxiety," please let us know at (Sara and Jeff). Thanks for reading and we'll see ya at the next one.

Richard Koblensky
I went the Boston show a couple of weeks ago and I thought it was the best show I've ever seen. Stevie was so into the music and sounded so good. I drove for three hours to see this show. I had the time of my life. the tweeter center was so cool you could do whatever you wanted. It's funny everyone keeps saying that she preformed Fall From Grace the best but I think it was Planets. I brought my sister and best freind to the show. They like Stevie but don't know all her music but said it was one of the best shows they had ever seen. I just want to know when she is going to play Sara again? Anyway it's well worth the money to see this "Poet...priest of nothing Legend..."

This Stevie Nicks concert has been the best one I have go to so far. I am 12 years old and have been to 3 Stevie Nicks concerts/ Fleetwood Mac. She looks wonderful and had an enchanting voice that gave me chills. Before the band came on stage they played Bootylicious from Destiny's Child. Then the band members came on stage except Stevie. When they were walking on stage Trouble in Shangri la played. Then Stevie came on stage statring out with Stop Dragging my heart around. She had a wonderful black shall on like the one she wore on the Rosie O Donnell show. It was a great opening song. The rest of the night I was singing and dancing. She played a lot of new stuff and a lot of old stuff. Six songs were played from her new album and two songs from Sheryl Crow. They both waved to me a couple times. My favorite songs were Gold Dust Woman and Fall From Grace. On Edge of Seventeen I got to the stage and stood on a chair. The chair I was standing on was leaning against the stage. When Stevie came over she shook my hands and said "hi baby". The encores were awesome. Her show was so awesome I wanted t go again. I hope they make a live concert of Trouble in-Shangri la.

I have been a fan for over 20 years and never in my wildest dreams did I think I would get to see Stevie live. I live in New Brunswick, Canada and trying to get tickets was a task. I finally received them in the mail. A week before the concert I had a house fire and lost my home. But the tickets some how made it through the fire. I made my way to Boston and I felt as if it was all a dream. Stevie was so beautiful, I was under her spell. The music, the set, and the fans were awesome in everyway. I will not forget that night and for a few hours I could escape all my troubles in Shangri-La. Thank you Stevie.

Jon Schwartz Boca Raton, FL
Not only was this my first show, but I also got a chance to meet Stevie in person. I traveled 1500 miles from Florida to Massachusetts because I did not see Florida on her tour list. My cousin is a music executive and for my college graduation she arranged a meet and greet pass for me. I have to tell all of you how wonderful and gracious Stevie was. After performing for a terrific hour and forty-five minutes, Stevie took the time to meet and greet around forty of us crazed fans. We all separated into groups of six and I was standing right next to her. I thought I was going to pass out. I explained to her that this was my graduation gift and she put my arm around her shoulders. Sheryl Crow was on the other side of Stevie. To top it all off, Stevie met with us individually after the photo session to sign autographs and to listen to what we had to say. Stevie looked absolutely perfect. She remembered that I was the graduate and proceeded to tell me about her own college career. I thanked her for a great concert and she thanked me for coming. This was by far the most thrilling moment in my 23 years of living.

Maureen MacMenamie
Well this was my first time seeing Stevie Nicks. My boss took me to see her on Saturday night. My boss likes Stevie and is a great fan. I went and I wasn't disappointed! What a show! What a performer! What sets!

It was unbelievable. She is a trip when she does her little twirl with her shawl. I have been a Neil Diamond fan for years but now I have to say Stevie will be there too. I also went with my bosses husband Bill he wants to know why can't she do a concert at the NJPAC Center that would really would be unbelievable and unforgettable. You can tell she loves her fans and appreciates them. I gotta say Stevie your AOK in my book.

This was my first Stevie Nicks concert and it was amazing. I have always enjoyed Stevie's music and have always wanted to see her in concert but never had the opportunity. I purchased myself a ticket and went to the concert by myself. I wasn't going to miss another chance to see Stevie. I got to the parking lot and her music was playing, people were dancing and everyone was having a great time. It was still a little to early to go inside so I was just watching everyone around me and taking it all in. Then a young woman who has seen Stevie in concert twelve times asked me if I was alone and if I would like to join her and her sister and their friend. She said no one should experience Stevie Nicks alone! I hung out with them for a while and then we walked up to the gates together.

When we got in, I thanked them for letting me hang out with them, they went to find a place on the lawn and I went to find my seat. I was in section 2, tenth row from the stage. Jeffrey Gaines came on and played a few songs and he was great! I especially liked his version of Peter Gabriel's "In Your Eyes." He left the stage and within minutes Boodylicious started to play and everyone got on their feet and started dancing. We knew Stevie was coming on. She opened with Stop Draggin My Heart Around and the crowd went wild. Stevie looked and sounded amazing. Some people say her past drug use has affected her voice but not these fans. She did Dreams, Gold Dust Woman, Rhiannon, Everyday, Standback, Edge of Seventeen and many more. The crowd was on their feet the entire night, dancing and calling "I love you Stevie." There was so much energy from the crowd and I think Stevie felt it in the way she performed. Sheryl Crow performed My Favorite Mistake and Everyday is a Winding Road. Sheryl was great and really added to the show. Stevie ended the show with Has Anyone Ever Written Anything For You and I cried. My father recently passed away and this song just hit me hard. I want to thank Stevie for her great performance and her amazing songs. I hope to see her with Fleetwood Mac when they tour again. I also hope this will not be Stevie's last solo tour because that would be a tragedy.

Mary "Fush" Fusciello
I wanted to be sure to write my review to Stevie's AWESOME performance at the Tweeter Center on 7/14/01. She was absolutely FABULOUS! It was my first time I have ever seen her in concert & I have been a fan of hers for a long time now. Her voice was unbelievable, and she looked as enchanting as ever! She twirled around in her many shawls and I loved it when she sang Gold Dust Woman! That's my favorite song. I sang and danced to EVERY song & had a great time doing so (I don't think the people next to me shared my enthusiam-but they didn't complain at all!) Stevie's new CD Trouble in Shangri-La is a beautiful compilation of songs. Stevie is a fantastic singer & she puts on one heck of a concert! I enjoyed Sheryl Crow as well, she's so very lucky to be on-stage with Stevie!

Thanks Stevie, keep on rockin'!

A Fan Forever! Mary "Fush" Fusciello

"Welcome everyone, Welcome to my Party".....she said as she began. Well, I have to say that Stevie has never sounded or looked better. The set list was super, some old stuff, some FM stuff, and some TISL stuff which she rocked every word as if you were listening to the CD. Cheryl Crow was a really nice addition as well, they sound as if they were ment to sing together and their stage presence together is just as magical......

this was my 10th Stevie concert( I am 31) and she never, ever lets me down..the lights, the mood, her voice...She just has the ability to make every person in that crowd her loyal subjects and she the magical queen. The stage set up was awesome...big pillars and the backdrop the cover of the new CD....During Planets there were these huge silouetes of moons floating in the background and the coloring of the lights just had this incredible effect on each song....

Rhiannon brought a tear to my eye...Fall from Grace rocked, Sorcerer with Cheryl was just awesome and of corse the classic Gold Dust Woman had you enchanted in your seat covered with goosbumps. My mom and I went and to all out there who may not go this tour...PLEASE think about it, your missing a chance to let Stevie guide you through an incredible journey. You even get a few Chery Crow songs thrown in, which was a really nice treat! Thankyou Stevie for allowing me to again join "Your Party"...

The lights dimmed...A loud Edge of 17 Riff starts playing...its Bootylicious ..the Destinys Child song with the Steve touch..everyone goes nuts..Stevie is comming, we are all wating....The song ends and we hear a bit of TISL, the music with a enchanting verse of the song..prerecorded to get the crowd off their feet....her voice is incredible. The curtian opens...waddy is there and the rest of the band is she comes, in a black dress and adorable little flat ballerina type shoes...she looks awesome. Stop Dragging my Heart around starts.....everyone goes nuts...she is here, and we are here with her.

The song list was awesome, Chery Crow was a really really nice addition to the music and the band....the set was beautiful..Moons and flowers and a light show that was just as good as the music..Rhainnon...Gold Dust Woman...Planets of the Universe...Sorcerer....and the classics Enchanted and Outside the Rain just to name a few.

Stevie had EVERYONE goosebumpy and unable to take our eyes off her for a second....she looked wonderfull, sounded unbelievable and her stage presence is something so powerfull, words can not explain. If you miss this tour, you will regret it. Ive been a fan my whole life and never miss her when she comes around.... THIS is a night you will never forget. To be apart of her world, even if only for a few hours is SOOOOOO worth it. She will touch your soul and make you feel as if she was there just for YOU.

There isn't much I can say that hasn't already been said about this show. It was amazing, breathtaking, inspiring, full of life and energy, and it was STEVIE NICKS!!! From the first time I ever visited and read that she was recording TISL I waited for the day to come when I could witness the magic that only Stevie has. The year 2001 holds, so far, memories of painful losses in my life from several family deaths to the end of my marriage, and yet for one much too short evening I was able to forget the losses and be swept away into a musical paradise.

Thank you Stevie for healing the pain and giving me something wonderful to remember.. Hope to see you back here soon

This show ROCKED!!! even better than the CT. show. Then entire audience was on their feet the entire night. Stevie was in such a great mood, Stating "some enchanted evening". Some woman gave her a lamp and Stevie acknowledged it and said Thank you to her .

Again Sheryl was in great form also. I loved hearing all the new songs esp... TOO FAR FROM TEXAS, and PLANETS. The oldies were great! Rhiannon was done great live, it got great cheers from the crowd, esp. when stevie did her famous twirls. i loved gold dust woman and dreams. I loved the whole show, lol . Her voice sounded strong and forceful. when Fall from grace came to an end, i was lucky enough to be right at the stage and i got to shake her hand and that made my night !!!! To all who have not yet seen this show, you will love it!!!! have Fun.

Hi all, I can't tell you how many Stevie shows I've seen, both solo and the Mac, but this tour is by the far the best yet! I've read all the reviews from the other cities, and lots of people have made some good points. This was pure Rock N Roll !

First of all, yes, Boston loves Stevie! I drove from NH in a limo, and there were seas of limos at the Tweeter Center. It just added to the evening's excitement.

The set was excellent. I do agree with one review, and that is that Landslide had been overplayed. It was great to hear so many new songs. Planets of the Universe, Sorcerer, Everyday...It's refreshing to see these new songs. It's a continuation of Enchanted...I know a lot of us have seen Stevie countless times, wasn't it great not to hear the same songs as always? We got to see a new Stevie, new twirls, new jammings on the tambourine, new Reeboks!!!

Also, please to all others, when Edge of 17 starts, be considerate! Everyone there deserves the right to see Stevie up close. There is no one more special or deserving than the other, so remember that. We are all there for a reason, to pay homage to the woman who has lifted our spirits through her music. Would you honestly deprive someone from doing that? I would say if someone cut in front of me, let me help you, hold my hand and together we can thank her!

And I do speak from experience, I have been to the stage many times, and it is so uplifting. If others are fortunate enough, you will remember it forever. I wanted to meet Stevie again this time, but it wasn't to happen. I had my chance in '94 during Street Angel, and I will not forget that night! To those lucky enough this time, I know that you will not be disappointed. She truly does love her fans, and is humbled by all the love and support we show her.

A couple other things... I too was upset that Sheryl would be taking some time away from Stevie, but they really did compliment each other. And then I thought, instead of Sheryl, I'd like to see Stevie sing a couple of her own songs. Now I know that the first six shows were the lucky ones, because she hasn't replaced them. And she even dropped Outside the Rain. Hopefully they will return!

I would have liked to heard Still of the Night. Those who remember the older days, Stevie was always beautiful and enchanting during that song!

Enjoy the shows

WREK aka Lee
The six hour round trip to Boston was worth every second. The night was unbelievable, Stevie was in perfect form! The band was tight, Waddy just topped it off, Sheryl Crow did a great job. You all know the set list and it was the same in Boston, as the previous shows. Stevie didn't have as much to say this time around but that's o'kay. The songs just melted into one another. There were not very many people moving about, the crowd came to its feet as the guitar riffs of Stevie's Edge of Seventeen began to play ~Destinys Child, before the show. That was the last time anyone was sitting down. All at once the song was over and there was Stevie! The crowd went nuts when Stevie sang Sorcerer there was a point where she stopped singing for a second and she could here the crowd singing the words to the song~ she smiled at that. The crowd sang all the songs with her. During Everyday she held the word "again" for an extra beat when she did that the crowd was singing it as it is on the you knew everyone was singing along with her. She thanked us for listening to all her new songs. It was great to be there and see just how much fun everyone was having. Even the people up in the front rows. They are the ones that usually just sit there~~not this show~~they never sat down! Edge of Seventeen was a big stage rush as usual. I found a lot more people up there this time around, made for difficult pictures. I did get a few for my collection. The stage was just so beautiful~~typical Stevie! Stevie did lots of twirling in those big old black sneaker boots, which sent the crowd into more screams. Sheryl said that Stevie had the best fans! And then before you knew it the show was over. It all seemed to end so fast! Stevie if your out there checking up on us here at the NicksFix~the show Rocked and you can come and "Rock a Little" in Boston anytime you like and we will be there! To anyone going to an upcoming show~~get those up front seats because having Stevie look into your eyes and tell you "Thank you" as she takes your hand, cannot even be put into words!

Georgie goes ..july 14th Mansfield,MA..First of all let me say..that the energy level at this show from ms Stevie and the crowd was...enormous..the air was ionic between the stage and the performers...honestly at times you could barely hear her from the amount of appreciative screams...and all the while im thinking at 53...Stevie,you still got it baby!!...let me give you a run-down of highlights.."GOLD DUST WOMAN"----of course the gold shawl..the approach,twirling to the mike...but there was a strangely long break in the song as Stevie wafted casually to the wings...she returned with a spinning Sheryl Crow in tow...this was Sheryls intro..."Sheryl's just a part of the band tonight!"Stevie stated her friend and co-writer dawned a bright red guitar for the next few songs....."SORCERER"---to see this song live was a blessing beyond my every last hope..if anyone had told me a few years ago that I'd get to see it live and by Stevie..I would have said "let me put you on ice.."this song featured a blue/green lightshow to die for...."EVERYDAY"---the new song got just the same amount of screams as our favourite material from the past...Stevie didnt let me down..she played air-violin just as smoothly as she did on Letterman..during this song a stray beach ball floated up and landed onstage to the left of Stevie..who gave it a tilt of the a visual "grr"...a chasing roadie accidentally lobbed the ball back into the first few rows where it happily stayed..."PLANETS OF THE UNIVERSE"--OMG...a visual stunner..The huge Shagri-la Dragon fell upon the crowd like a bat signal..was awesome as it floated over everyone..when the song slows down...and stevie begins her intense vocal of.."and ..i....know...i was wrong to live for a dream.."A singular cone of flickering laser light..illuminated only stevie from above..and with her cape askew around her shoulders..looked like a precious orphan out in a personal storm...effect was most awesome.."I NEED TO KNOW"--this song was not was howled..she needed to know..right then and there..."EDGE OF 17" The intro was ...a showcase of drumming talent....and a ferocious Waddy Wachtel..he attacked his amps with uncharacteristic Hendrix-like fury..the riffs were like razors..people seemed to see God during that tremulous power-howl mid-song...she removed her white cape and accepted the flowers and teddy very pressed tight to Stevie...everyones heart stopped when she blew a kiss to someone who couldnt quite reach her..and last..but never least--"HAEWAFY"...She was a whispering candle flame..she crooned about the poets..the priests..the legends..she shimmered..made her way to make sure everyone knew that this was "their song.."this she did not take as much time with as in past shows..but the momentum remained...."Thank you all for coming to my good to yourselves..take care of yourselves so i can make you more music...(and voice here breaks like a little girls..) I LOVE YOU..."------------all in all.the most awesome Stevie show there has been..the set alone was worth the trip with the shredded cloth the brilliantly coloured lights..the pillars and vases...and needless to say the dragons..hehe..Stevie enjoyed sharing the stage with Sheryl..enjoyed doing alittle backup...and Sheryl knew what to do...approaching the mike now and again and just going.."Ssssssteeeeeeeeviiieeeeeeee...."and of course we all screamed to death whenever she did...and PLANETS i must say was so stunning could have been a show in itself..i can see it when i play TISL,enjoy...the Goddess is afoot and magic lives and thrives...and breathes with the breath of Stephanie Lynn Nicks..once again we are set free to dream.... xoxoxo.. Love Georgie

Sorry this is such a late review of the Boston show but I have been too busy listening to Stevie's new album and reading everyone else's reviews. This was my first time seeing Stevie in concert and let me tell you it was well worth the expensive ticket. I have been a fan of her and Fleetwood Mac for 4 years now. I've been dying to see her live in conert. She was awesome and the energy of the fans was amazing, it was non stop cheers and singing and everyone was on their feet, so i just stood with my friend and took it all in (we also took in all the pot that was being smoked LOL). My friend and i joked how we think we were born a decade or 2 too late (we are 17) because our taste in music and how we would have loved to see Stevie 20 years earlier because if she could rock the house in 2001 i can only imagine how awesome she would have been in 1981.

Sheryl Crow was definately a great touch to the show and she was lookin HOT! Im glad i was lucky enough to see her in her last show with Stevie. She and Stevie rocked out to my new favorite tune, "Sorcerer", and many others. Overall, the show was incredible and Stevie sounded and looked beautiful. I CAN'T WAIT FOR THE NEW F-MAC ALBUM AND TOUR, ill see you there!

Lori LaChance
This was my fourth time seeing Stevie in concert. I saw her Enchanted show at the same location. We drove 5 1/2 hours to see her each time. This show was fabulous and Stevie was incredible as usual.

I had never heard of Jeffrey Gaines before he opened for her at the Street Angel show we attended. We liked him and later bought his CD. His performance was solid and he interacted with the crowd a lot. He did his cover of Peter Gabriel's "In Your Eyes."

I was unfortunately on the lawn and everyone in front of me stood up before the curtain even opened for Stevie and they stood for the whole show. I don't blame them because it shows their enthusiasm, but I mostly only saw her between other people's heads and shoulders.

I thought it was cool that just before she came out they played "Bootylicious." The crowd sang along with the classics like "Dreams," "Rhiannon," and "Edge of Seventeen." And it was wonderful that she performed so much new material; particularly "Sorcerer," "Bombay Sapphires," and "Fall from Grace."

Sheryl Crow blended in very well with everyone and as Stevie said was just "part of the band." She talked to the crowd, danced, and enjoyed herself. I wish they had performed "Strong Enough" because I liked that song even before she and Stevie collaborated.

Stevie did a lot of dancing (even a high kick) and seemed to be having fun. At the very end she said, "Take care of yourselves so I can keep writing words and we can keep singing songs together." THAT IS WHY STEVIE NICKS IS THE BEST AND HAS THE BEST FANS. Can't wait for the Fleetwood Mac album.

I just got home from the show at the tweeter center in Camden NJ which is considered the philadelphia show.The set list was pretty much the same as the rest of the tour so far. Noticably missing was Cheryl Crow as she had another committment and could not appear.Well it was vintage Stevie she did a great mix of the old and new.Her band was great as usual,Waddy did a bang up job on lead guitar and Stevie did a very good job fronting the band.This is about the {who knows} how many times i saw the lady perform but she hasn't lost a step . "i can't wait " til she makes her return to this city and kicks our ass again.


This was such a wonderful,inspirational show. There were people from all walks of life...grouped together as one. An elderly man in front of me chose to dance the night away with his wife and grandchildren. Thanks for sending so much love to all of us who love you so!!!!

Donna Dysinger
SHE RANG LIKE A BELL THRU THE NIGHT…… Stevie Nicks took the stage at the Tweeter Center proving that tradition is everything with her powerful vocals, captivating presence, and enchantress fashion. The magic soared over the crowd as the set list combined old favorites mixed with selections from the newly released Trouble in Shangri-La. The evening was a most memorable one especially when rock goddess Sheryl Crow joined Stevie on stage. Two artistic forces, one unforgettable event.

Hail to Stevie Nicks, the High Priestess… she will keep your soul alive.

Dustin Hoffman [- no, not that Dustin Hoffman…]
J As I drove down the highway and started seeing signs for the Tweeter Center, I began to cry. The thought of being just hours away from seeing and hearing Stevie Nicks again got me so excited. I got to the Tweeter Center about 5:00p.m. As I pulled into the parking lot, I was surprized to see so many people already there. They were having BBQ's and playing Stevie music. As I got to the gates, there were people already lined up. I got in line and noticed two huge signs saying "FANCLUB VH1." I noticed a young blonde woman walking around with a camera man and a man with a microphone. I saw them interviewing some people outside and I actually was jealous of them! As the gates opened, I quickly made my way towards the pavilon. It was still too early and they weren't letting people go to their seats just yet.

Because it was so early, I got to hear Stevie rehearsing "Planets of the Universe" and "HAEWAFY." I went to a stand to buy 3 t shirts and a program. As soon as they started letting people in to get to their seats, I ran to my seat to see how close I was to the stage. I had SEC 2 Row R. It was better than I thought. I was very excited and almost started crying right then! After listening to the opening act, Jeffrey Gaines, I decided to walk around to look and meet other Stevie fans. I ran into a friend of mine who had lawn seats. As I stood there talking to him, I noticed the VH1 camera crew coming around again. I had on an old Stevie t shirt (from Rock A Little) with the sleeves cut off so that I could show off my Stevie tattoo (tambourine, crystal ball and 3 roses like on Bella Donna). The young blonde woman noticed it and said "may we talk to you?" Of course I said "YES!!!" They interviewed me asking all kinds of questions. I can't wait to see this episode of FANCLUB. :-)

I made my way down to my seat again and I heard the guitar riff starting for Bootylicious. The crowd jumped to their feet. People were dancing and we all knew it wasn't going to be long until SHE came out!! "Trouble in Shangri-la" started playing and everyone was filled with anticipation. At last the Queen of Rock and Roll took to the stage. I was jumping up and down, shaking and crying. I will not get into the song line up, but I must say this is the best concert set EVER!!!! I was happy that 99 percent of the songs were fast and upbeat. Although it's a great song (and I prefer the original vs. the live version from the Dance) I was glad to not hear Landslide (live) again. I was a bit disappointed with the ending of "Gold Dust Woman." Stevie didn't hold the long note of "and go hoooooome" as usual. Stevie made up for it during her gut-wrenching wail in "Edge of 17." This concert was the best I have ever attending of Stevie's. No matter where your seat is, get a ticket!!!!! You will not be disappointed!!! Thank you Stevie for everything. We love you so very much. My dream of dreams to meet you.

The Arizona Ranger
Let me say that this was my very first Stevie show and was one of the most memorable times of my life ! The Tweeter Center parking lot was a party atmosphere with bbq's going and Stevie lookalikes walking about in the tranquil summer air. I met a couple from Southern California who had just relocated to Rhode Island along with two 30 something gals who snuck away from hubby and the kids to catch the show. We got along fabulously and agreed were were in for one wild night ! We strolled up to the main gate and split up to take our seats. I was in Section 6, Row T, Seat 28 which gave me a dead center view of the stage. My neighbours included a doctor from Boston who was taking his young son to his very first Stevie show also (We all should have Dads like that). They proved to be great seatmates and even lent me there field glasses to catch the action onstage. Jeffrey Gaines opened around 745 pm. He was OK but needed to be a little more stronger. Everyone broke into embarassed laughter when Bootylicious went out over the PA fooling us into thinking Stevie was breaking into her first number. We all rose on our feet and remained standing when the band broke into Stop Dragging My Heart Around allowing Darling Stevie to get into positon to start the ball. Waddy helped her empower her fantastic vocal power with his fingerwork. After a comic "Some Enchanted Evening" , she kept us on our feet for the next two hours with Enchanted, GDW, Dreams, and Rhiannon. Al Ortiz, Brett Tuggle, Lenny Castro, and company were really in fine form and seem to really be enjoying themsleves along with Sharon. Sheryl Crow was along for the ride and held her own as Stevie's special guest. She interacted well with the Nicks Band on Sorcerer, Planets, and Too Far From Texas. Stevie closed with her trademark song Has Anyone Ever Anything For You ? This never failed to bring a tear to my eye and the sold out crowd was also getting emotional along with it. Stevie Nicks proved she is still a power house at her young age of 53 and hopefully has sent a message to the labels who feel that 20 something acts are the only money makers. She kept us entertained with her twirls, dancing, and banter with her fans and showed she appreciates us all. The pleasures all ours Stevie, Thank you for making this fans first show one to remember !

On To the PNC!!!

I saw the Stevie concert at the Tweeter Center in Boston. I must say, it was one of the most amazing shows I have been to. She has such a welcoming presence. The set was beautiful, Stevie looked as bewitching as ever, and the songs rocked! The Merchendise might have been a little on the expensive side, and sadly the tour program had a lot to be desired. Stevie is always welcomed back to Boston.She rocked!

Just returned back to my home in Nova Scotia after seeing Stevie Nicks in concert. My partner and I and two friends drove from Nova Scotia, Canada to Boston Friday after work to see the show. 11 hours of straight driving later we arrived in Boston. It was worth it though and I'd do it again in a heartbeat. Stevie was incredible. More than I imagined. I have been wanting to see her in concert since the Fleetwood Mac days but since I live in a smaller city we very rarely get shows of that calibre. I wasn't going to take the chance of never getting to see Stevie live so I had to see this show. Not to mention that Sheryl Crow is God to me so there was no question about it. A road trip was in order. The coolest part (besides the actual concert itself) was the party going on in the Tweeter Center parking lot. There were tailgate parties going on everywhere when we pulled in to find a place to park. People were barbequeing alongside their cars and having a couple of drinks and everyone was playing a different Stevie song from their car stereo. It was a sight to see and hear. Also great to see people dressed in Stevie garb. Great to see people are still loving her music. It really is timeless and that was proven by the different age groups that attended the show. If you have never seen Stevie in concert I truly recommend it. She is a beautiful person not to mention one of the most talented on the planet. We love you Stevie.

Chris Gurney
What a show!!! I have not seen Stevie live in concert since the "Behind the Mask" tour. She has totally outdone herself. I don't think anyone sat down from the minute she stepped out onto stage. She did a wonderful job of mixing hits from the past with her latest release; Shagri-La. It was awesome to see Stevie in an outdoor arena. Listening to Stevie under the stars. What else could be better?

Hello all. Here is my post from Sunday: Boston was great last night. It was cool to see the Tweeter Center full. A far cry from the Street Angel tour where the lawn was nearly empty. I am so happy that Stevie is popular and happy again! My friends and I arrived early because we wanted to photograph the crowd in the parking lot. We had our professional Cannons and were hoping to get some good pics of folks in Stevie garb. We really didn't see that many though. Right when we approached the gate my friends spotted VH1 but I chickened out of approaching them and then immediately regretted that. We hung out and took some pics then I told my friend Lauren that I was upset with myself for not talking to VH1. So she told me, "They're back, they're right over there, let's go talk to them!" So we did and I was so excited.

We approached the crew and there were a lot of people waiting their turn to be interviewed. The crew was in the process of interviewing another fan. We spoke with a woman with the release forms and she explained that folks were waiting. Then I told them that my clothing was made by Bear, a person they had already filmed a segment on. The woman I told this to didn't seem to know what that meant and asked the guy who seemed to be in charge about that. She told him my outfit was made by Bear and he was immediately excited! They put me right on camera before all the others waiting. That was wild. My friend got a ton of pictures of me while I was being interviewed. They asked me why I liked Stevie's music, what Stevie's fans are like (I said that you are all so generous and nice!!!!), how long had I been a fan, how many shows I had been to, what was my favorite song, and did I have any good Stevie stories. I'll bet they ask people the same questions. I'm not sure if they're taping any more shows, but by all means, think up answers before hand. I was babbling! But my friends said I looked natural on camera. Phew. Bear, thanks so much for the clothes. I told VH1 that your work fulfills a void. Because I can't go into a mall and buy them, and to wear them fulfills a long time fantasy :-) You know, I'll bet it was the clothes that boosted my courage to approach VH1. There's something about being in "costume" to make one a bit bolder :-) That was extremely exciting. I feel so lucky that VH1 filmed the Boston show and I got to be part of that. Not sure if they'll use any of my comments, but it would be nice :-)

The show was awesome. My only complaint is it went by waaaay too quickly! My favorite was definitely Sorcerer. It sounds great live. And the music is slightly understated so you can really hear Stevie. In fact, my favorite moments of the show are hearing Stevie sing without much accompanyment. Her voice is so powerful she doesn't really need it. I was also disappointed to not hear the falsetto, but the song sounded great nevertheless. Cheryl did add to the show. She was wonderful harmonizing with Stevie on Gold Dust Woman. She definitely added to that song. And Too Far From Texas was great. It was almost shocking to hear Cheryl sing in Stevie style, all countryish. People were actually looking around at each other in pleasant disbelief that she sounded that way. It was fantastic. I agree with others who would have prefered 2 more Stevie songs to Cheryl's 2 songs. I loved the songs that Cheryl did, I just want more Stevie! :-) Fall From Grace rocked. The song really translates well live.

My seats were in Section 8 so I didn't go to the stage during Edge, I was just too far back, but that was okay. It was sooooo magical as always. I was happy to meet Susan Childs there, and I also saw Don Thomas, whom I've met before, and of course Sue Wade our ticket list woman. Carol too, it was so great seeing everyone in person!!! Regarding the merchandise, it was as folks have described. The "I am something of a dreamer" t-shirt was listed as a night shirt. I think that is why it is only in XXXL. I came close to getting it but wound up getting the pink t-shirt with the TISL album cover on the front. The pink color really makes the cover look beautiful. By the way, Stevie's set for this show is just amazing. The sea in the background and all the roses, and the different colored lights are mezmerizing. Definitely added to the show.

Well, I've just about written a book here, LOL! If you can get to a show, have a blast!! It is always such a treat to see Stevie live!!! ~Sue

"The great joy of writing for me is to know that I can write a poem that can become somebody else's heart's desire." - Stevie Nicks (from 2001)

Carrie Fecteau
What can I say? Stevie was our beautiful, magical, mystical rock goddess, as she always has been. She sounded wonderful and looked absolutely fabulous. I got my ticket as a birthday gift for my birthday back in May before tickets even went on sale from one of my best friends who came to the show with me. Truly one of the most wonderful gifts I've ever gotten! One of the best things about being a Stevie fan is the love she absorbs from us all. She seems to truly appreciate all the love we send to her. After each song, as she always does, she says "Thank you", but at one point the crowd burst into louder cheers, at which point she graciously curtsied. She is just humbled by her fans! Sheryl Crow was fabulous and added so much to the show. Being a Stevie fan herself she was truly happy to be part of the band, and we are happy to have had her. Let's not forget her veterans Waddy and Sharon, just like always, FABULOUS! The set, as we've all heard, just like to CD cover, just beautiful. The crowd varied so much in ages and personality types, which made it lots of fun. We were all under her enchanted spell that is indescribable. I only wish people had given Jeffery Gaines more of a chance. Most people weren't even in their seats and the ones that were didn't even seem to hear him. Such a shame, because although I didn't really know much of his music, I was impressed by his talent and amazing voice. I will definitely pay more attention to his music in the future. Thank you so much to my best friend (for buying the ticket), Stevie, her band, and all the fans for making this a most ENCHANTED and memorable evening.

there were a few things left out of some of the fan reviews.....the lighting at the concert was spectacular. The back drop was hand painted with glitter all over it.....when Stevie spoke to the audience the first time she also broke into song, singing some enchanted was awesome...she also told us she loved us and thanked us all for coming to see her.................The true highlights were Stevies new songs....she sang them all with such energy that the audience was swept up with her and really went wild with applause and screams......I loved planets of the universe so intense was beautiful...and bombay saphire cool reggae rift was smooth...fall from grace was trully rocking as was most of stevies set....great band...her voice so great...she is fit and dressed to pretty

Myself and a friend of mine saw Stevie at the tweeter center. the high priestess of rock and roll herself. As a fan of 25 years I have always new Stevie was something special. It was unreal the magical effect she has on her audience. I have never seen anyone have such an effect on so many people at one time. I always thought I was the only one who knew until I saw the show. Thank you Stevie I will be a fan for at least 25 more years. I'll never forget The Bella Donna or Trouble In Shangri La. Thank you for all you have given us ,

Much Love, Lisa

Please keep rocking on!

Jennifer Harvey
I went to the Mansfield show at the Tweeter was amazing!!!!!Stevie was right on from beginning to end. Her voice soared through the crowd, and her enchanting outfits, to her mischievous smile it was perfect!!!!! Her FMAC songs were absolutely amazing, you could tell she pours her heart into every song when she is performing, It was dream to see her and she made the dream better than I could ever imagine! I had waited soooooo long for the new album and I was so glad that she did a lot of songs for TISL. The best had to be "Fall from Grace" . The song was rocking, her voice was tight, the lights were crazy and the crowd loved every minute of it! At the end she greeted her fans and I just happen to get up front, I was so excited when she came close to me I started crying she had been my idol for so long. She was more beautiful than ever. She saw me cry and said "Its okay" she leaned over to get my hand and while I was still crying I told her that I loved her..she held my hand still and said "I love you too" I couldn't have asked for a better night!!!!!! Stevie is the Queen of Rock and Roll..and she displayed it!!!!!!!!

Mary Benoit
What can I say, STEVIE ROCKS. At 53 she sounds and looks perfect. I only wish I could of been closer as my seats were at best fair. The show went by way too fast. She keeps you drawn in throughout each song. Her band was very strong as well. Cheryl Crow was a nice addition. Stevie and Cheryl have such stage presence together. I felt fortunate that I got to see them perform together as Cheryl was only appearing at several venues. Stevie's new songs were great. I have to admit that I would of preferred Trouble in Shangri-La over Too far from Texas. I also would love if Stevie would bring Sara back to her sets. Gypsy would of been great too, however she cannot do them all. Thank you Stevie for a wonderful night. Your songs are beautiful.

Stevie brought the house down again !!! Stevie, the Nightbird, stand back ... She put on an awesome show at the Tweeter Center (Boston) . I see her every time she comes around, and I'm never disappointed. The rock temptress w/the raspy voice, stands alone as the reigning Queen of rock ....

Karen Darke
My husband and my 8 year old son went to the show. We loved it!!!! My son loves Stevie and was dancing to just about every song . The crew from VH1 was there also and my son and my husband were video taped!!!!!!! The show was great!!!! I love Stevie Nicks and have seen her in concert four times. We will love to see her again.

Daniel J. Darling
Tweeter Center - Mansfield, MA

I've seen her in concert 13 times now (Wild Heart - present) and Saturday's was in the top 3 of all of those shows. What she's lost in vocal range, she makes up in power and phrasing and the ability to be a stage presence to the people in 150th row. Waddy Wachtel adds the guitar muscle to her shows that have been sorely lacking the last 5 or so tours (all the Carlos Rios Fans are booing me now.)...also, kudos the to drummer. He played rock and roll drums the right way, hard, fast and sharp. I think she must've been pleased because the the crowd was really into it and responsive. I don't even remember the crowds being that into it in during the early eighties. Cheryl Crow was an excellent added bonus and upped the vocal ante. We all know about Stevie and her foils. I hope the non-Cheryl shows are as good as this one. Also, this was one of the best paced show. The intro-s and outro-s were kept brief (by stevie standards) and the ballads were, for the most part, left in Phoenix.

I thought the best songs were:

Stop Draggin' my Heart Around (Raunchy and raucous) Planets of the Universe (Precisely sung) Bombay Sapphires (Nice groove for the summer) Fall From Grace (Head banging...almost *dare I say it* punk. Edge of Seventeen (Nervous and Incendiary and urgent and IN YOUR FACE and...)

I was so pleased. Even songs that I thought I could care less about if I ever hear again were given a good treatment and delivered with energy (ie. Stand Back).

*Cute Stevie Moments:

-singing a line "some enchanted evening" -quickly pulling one her shawls over her head and throwing it on the floor.

OH MY GOD!! That was al I could say when I realized exactly where our seats were. Tenth row....I personally heve never been closer. Stevie, beautiful as always!!! She was in her usual costume, except NO BOOTS! She had on platform sneakers which seemed to have rhinestones on the soles. She opened with Stop Draggin my Heart Aound, Enchanted Outside the Rain. She seemed to be having some technical difficulties. There was some very loud feedback, aand she kept fiddling with her earpiece. Planets of the Universe, Everyday, Bombay Sapphire. She Rocked. Stand Back-Rhiannon. With Fall From Grace Stevie proved she can still rock a little.The crowd was on it's feet the whole time. Edge of Seventeen, the handshakes ( someone gave her a lamp!!) The break before her encore was very very short, and she only did two songs on encore..Stevie is back in perfect musical state, and it was just an unbelievable show! It did not last long enough!

Tiffany MacDonald
Wow! I had the amazing opportunity to go and see Stevie for the first time ever in Boston. I have been a Stevie fan since I was little and I grew up on her music. To finally see her in concert was everything I thought it would be. She looked so great and sounded amazing. The highlights of the show for me were her classic songs. "Dreams" was of course incredible and you could hear the audience singing along to the song. "Edge of Seventeen" was everything that I thought it would be and more, Waddy's raging guitar solo really added to the song. The best song for me had to be "Rhiannon" I have been waiting forever to hear that song live and it was amazing. It was really weird as I sat there listening to that song with my mom sitting next to me singing along. It was through her that I got a copy of the 'Rumours' tape when I was very little. It is amazing how timeless she is and the wide age span at the concert was incredible. It just goes to show that good music never dies. Thank you for the great show Stevie, I will remember it always.

Carrie Fecteau
What can I say? Stevie was as beautiful, magical, mystical goddess-like as she has ever been. I had never had the opportunity to see Stevie as a solo act, despite my being a fan for years. I was able to see her with Fleetwood Mac on "The Dance" tour, but either as a solo act or with Fleetwood Mac she is most definitely our rock goddess. She looked beautiful and sounded absolutely fabulous! It was so wonderful to see her so happy. One thing that I must say is that one of the most rewarding things about being a Stevie fan is the appreciation and love she takes in from us fans. She is truly humbled by the love that her fans show her. That says so much about her.

At one point after a song during the applause she (as she always does) said "Thank you" and the fans roared and she very humbly took a small curtsey. She is so gracious. Sheryl Crow was fabulous. Being a huge Stevie fan herself, she was very happy to be there and we were happy to have her. But lets not forget her veterans Waddy and Sharon, they as always completed the package. The set was absolutely wonderful, as we've heard, just like the cd cover. Most amazingly, such a diverse crowd, all different ages, and types of people, all of which were so happy and fun to be with. I only wish people would have given Jeffery Gaines a chance. It seems like most people weren't in their seats and most of the ones who were didn't hear him at all. Such a shame, because although I didn't know much of his music, he is a very talented performer who has a wonderful voice. My ticket had been a birthday gift from one of my very best friends who went with me. My birthday is at the end of May (not too far away from Stevies'), and was one of the best gifts I've ever gotten! Thank you so much to Stevie, her band, and all of her fans who made this a truly fabulous birthday!!!

"The sea never changes...not is the constant in my life," sings Stevie Nicks in "Bombay Sapphires" and the same can be said about the chanteuse herself. She is the constant in my life, never really changing over the years, she still enchants audiences at 53 in the same way she did when she was 33. Saturday night's show at the Tweeter Center was proof. I cried right from the beginning when I heard her acoustic rendition of her new title song "Trouble in Shangri-La" from behind the drawn stage curtains. I continued to cry all through the night, uncontrollably and unexplainably. Stevie has reclaimed her throne as queen of rock and roll and she doesn't need to prove anything to anyone. Her voice is in fine form. She never had much of a range, but it's the most distincive voice in rock and it is in better form than it's been in years. She herself is healthier, happier and more energetic than she's been in over a decade. I was so pleased to see her smiling and twirling, she drew loud cheers and applause with every twirl and many of the women in the audience were singing along and gesturing along to every song. It's a beautiful sight to see a stevie audience, many dress up in flowing gowns, with dripping sleeves and shawls. Everyone is for the most part, very polite and there is less pushing than at most concerts.

As jealous as I am of Sheryl Crow and her chance to sing onstage with my idol, I have to say she was a wonderful addition to the show. What was even better was the band itself, especially Waddy Wachtel. It was great to see him touring with her again. The whole band is incredibly talented and tight. I won't go over the set list, as we all know it by now, but suffice it to say the mix of old and new was incredible. Highlights for me were seeing Waddy and Stevie duet on "SDMHA", Sheryl and Stevie doing "Sorcerer", "Rhiannon", "Fall From Grace", of course, "Edge of Seventeen" is always spectacular and "I Need to Know" rocked and "HAEWAFY" closed the show with a sea of flickering flames and not a dry eye in the house.

I brought my youngest sister and she was amazed first of all by how packed the place was. We were there not long ago for Depeche Mode and there were tons of empty seats in Section 2 and this time, we were in section 3 and there was not an empty seat to be seen anywhere. Then she was amazed at the devotion of the fans, the amount of fans dressed up like Stevie, the civility of it all when she comes around durring "EOS" to accept flowers and gifts and shake hands. My sister was just amazed. I think she'll be a fan for life. The only question I have, and somone else brought this up too, was what was up with the 'fanclub'? I saw that there were seats added to the front of Section 2 and there were lots of people there that seemed to know each other. I tried like hell to get tickets in section 2. From ticketmaster the day they went on sale, what I got was section 4. I was devastated. I called tons of ticket agencies and checked ebay every day. I got the section 3, 14 rows back via a ticket agency on ebay. Now, if there's a fan club one can join (I remember there was in the 80s) and get tickets, then I want to know. Does anyone know what the deal was? Also, someone said there were two girls behind them that were 'given backstage passes'. Now how does that happen? I'd give my right arm for some of those. Someone fill me in.

Tara Flannigan
Stevie's voice sounded the best ever the other night. I've seen Stevie in concert a few times before but this was definitely the most moving performance especially since I was 10 rows from the stage. Stevie's presence was so strong and emotional that I cried during a lot of the show. Just looking out at the crowd during the show, it took my breath away to see so many dedicated fans.

Stevie's own words from the song Crystal actually describe the TISL tour .... "How the faces of love have changed turning the pages... And I have changed oh, but you... you remain ageless." My interpretation of those words to describe concert.... "Stevie's music which we all love.. has changed and turned many pages but she still remains ageless!"

Thanks Stevie for the many years of musical memories! No one can compare to your words and music. You are truly one of a kind.

Jeffrey Gaines was shining again upon my entering the arena… Could tell by the blend of his very original guitar & vocal style. It's his territory, and it's big - Get in there on time if you can to see this opening act! Getting to my seat… Noticed two sets of monitors, and a mixer onstage… All I could think was uh-oh… More monitor trouble? Hope it's all fixed by now… It was. Stevie's entire band appeared a little more relaxed than last night, although all the girls' singing seemed more powerful, and the musicians were smooth & solid! So solid & powerful, they were into the third or fourth song before my realization - I wasn't writing a set list… Just kicked back standing, and enjoyed the show. Didn't take the band long to get used to touring… Being on the road is not simple - So many people must all work together... It takes time to get the oil flowing into the right places again… The band was so tight I could have heard a pin drop between beats. This is the Nicks Machine! When it gets to your hometown, jump on, grab hold of something, and enjoy a ride to remember! Thank you to all who've done so much to make it happen!

Karen Biddy
I have been a Stevie Nicks Fan for over 20 years. I will never forget the first time I saw her. I had tickets to see Tom Petty and Stevie showed up and they did "Stop Dragging my heart around", it was 1983 and Bella Donna was fresh and new. Shortly afterwards Stevie did a small tour to promote Bella Donna and I was there at the Boston Garden and what a night to remember. Since then I have seen her many many times and let me tell you she sounds better than ever. She put on a great performance and her voice seems to be stronger. The only thing is I realize she must sing certain songs to please everybody, but after seeing her so many times I wish I could heard some other songs such as "Sara", "Gypsy" or how about "Sisters of the Moon" (she sang this when I saw her in 83 and it was great). However hearing such classics as Rhiannon and Dreams and of course "Edge of Seventeen" is a given pleasure. I was also pleased to see all of the new young fans. The girl in front of me must have been about 15. She was wearing a Stevie like dress and sang and danced all night long. All and all it was great to see the fabulous Miss Nicks work her magic once again and hopefully it will not be the last time.


John I don't know if you'll post this one, but if you do then I'll know your website isn't bias to opinion in the experience of seeing trouble in shangri-la. First it begins with traveling 3 hours to the show. Then once we went in to locate our $75.00 seats everything seemed to be wonderful. Jeffery Gaines played and played very well. He can hold his own and has a wonderful sense of humor with the audience. The reason I enjoyed his performance so much was because I got to sit in the seat that I payed for to comfortably listen. But as soon as the curtains were opened for Stevies show everyone stood and didn't sit for the entire show which seemed ridiculous. It seemed like I had purchased a lawn ticket. Then to boot, there was a fight between two girls during the bombay sapphire song. They ended up hurling themselves into the handicap section causing a bit of ruckus. They were girls that acted like animals that had a little too much Bombay Sapphire to drink which took them lower. So from what I could tell of her performance through the heads and shoulders was that Stevie is getting either tired or too old because she didn't do the extravagant dress changes that she usually does. Not that it really mattered but it was a nice touch to her shows ...Street Angel was the best concert for that. In sum total it was different than her previous shows. As I was watching the show as a spectator more than a fan I wondered if she is happy or if the nights are still lonely and days so sad when she is finally alone. I just can't imagine trying to find a cure for the silence.

shawn hamilton
hi my name is shawn hamilton and im writing about the mansfield mass. show STEVIE seemed like something was on her mind and wasnt too lively. her voice was perfect her beauty also perfect but she seemed distant...... about half way through the show she seemed to turn things around and kick it into high gear singing louder and being more active. i have never seen so many limousines in one place at one time in my life.. the crowd was totally happy and everyone was really into stevie..... i found myself saying " how does she do that" how does she sound so perfect and have such power and meaning in lyrics and her stage presence.. this woman really has a light that surrounds her it is incredible to see... loved all songs all were great... look forward to seeing her again solo or with fleetwood mac :)

Michelle Montminy
Stevie looked beautiful on stage, she looked like she was having fun. I love the song has anyone ever written anything for you.. I only wish that I could of afforded a better seat so I could of shook her hand, and met her face to face. I attended the concert on 7/14 in mansfield ma.

Well what can I say! I have been fortunate to attend four of Stevie Nicks's concerts on the current Shangri-La tour. This was by far the best. Boston fans are mad for Stevie. She took the stage to thunderous applause and fans remained standing for the entire memorable concert. As Sheryl Crow said, "Boston Rocks…" As has been stated the setting is a bit of magic, just magnificent and the lighting was flawless and really enhanced the various songs. At the outset Stevie sang the words, "Some enchanted evening", followed by thank you for coming and welcome to my party.

The set list remains the same as has been stated. During "Gold Dust Woman" Sheryl makes her first appearance. When Stevie introduced Sheryl she declared how five years ago they wanted to figure out a way to sing together without opening or closing for each other. Stevie very joyously stated how they made it happen and dreams do come true. Let me say that "Sorcerer" was one of the many highlights. Stevie and Sheryl really nailed it. As she has been doing Sheryl proclaimed that Stevie has the "…best fans on the planet…" She also makes it a point to compliment Stevie's band during her own "Every Day Is A Winding Road". "Stand Back" always manages to bring the house down with its high energy, dazzling lights and of course Stevie's commitment to it. I love all the new songs. "Everyday" is a better song done live. "Too Far From Texas" gives Stevie a chance to show her country roots. "Planets of the Universe" is sung so passionately by Stevie and is simply beautiful. "Bombay Sapphires" is very playful and you can tell Stevie enjoys singing it. "Fall From Grace" is a defining moment. Stevie really rocked out and gave it everything she had when she said, "Just to make sure you survive." Before "Edge of Seventeen" the fans were making their way to the stage as usual. I was among them. I've been there many times but I never remember seeing Stevie smile so much. She is so happy and so proud of her new record.

When Stevie did her traditional walk at the front of the stage, she received many flowers etc. But one gift really got her attention. One of the fans gave her a lamp. It was all wrapped for protection and I assume it was a Tiffany lamp. At the microphone Stevie said, "Thank you for the lamp." The final song "Has Anyone…" is always so emotional and a great closing song. At the end Stevie asked us to take care of ourselves, so that she can write some more and sing and we can be together again. I'd like to thank Sheryl for her devotion and for all she did to help Stevie's music come alive. As always Stevie thank you for the joy that is your music and for being there for us always and especially in our darkest hours. May God bless you and keep you healthy. You are the Goddess of Rock. No one else comes close.

Karen Robinson-Roach
I am writing this as I listen to TISL CD. My cousin and I went to the show last night in Mansfield (Boston), Mass. We had lawn seats, but did not care, just as long as we could be there! The lawn actually turned out to be a really good place to be. It was such a great summer night. The weather was perfect. The sky at one point was a very pretty pink color. I think that it went great with the colors in Stevie's incredibile stage. I have never seen such a beautiful stage at a concert before. The opening act was Jeffrey Gaines. I had never really heard him before. And he was great. We didn't have to wait too long for Stevie to come on. She really was totally awesome! She really is at her best. Her voice sounded better than ever. And she looked fantastic (as always!). And she was very happy. This was my cousin's first Stevie concert. This was my fifth time (Fleetwood Mac time included). We loved her. She really is timeless, as Sheryl Crow had once said. Sheryl Crow was great too! It was great to see them both together. Everyone that we talked to were nice. Last night really made me believe just how magical she is. Stevie, we love you!!!

I have so many wonderful things to say about last night's show!! I went with my boyfriend, a former non-Stevie fan. I think that her show turned him around!!

We arrived very early, and were even able to hear her soundcheck. I quickly grabbed my t-shirt, program, and buttons, and headed to our seats as soon as we could. Jeffery Gaines was very good, but I was just way too excited to listen to him. I wanted to see Stevie. I had never seen her live before, and I was beyond excited!!

As soon as the Bootylicious recording came on, I knew that she was going to be out on stage very soon!! Then, the Trouble-in-Shangri-La medley played, I was jumping up and down!! Stevie then came out, and the crowd went absolutely wild!! No one sat down for the entire show. Everyone was dancing and screaming. There were so many people there! I believe that it was just about completely sold out!!

She played every song that the other concert reviews had listed. She also included "Everyday" in the line-up!! Excellent!! Stand Back and Edge were both excellent. I kept my eye on her the entire time with my binoculars. I just savored every moment because I will not see her again until FM tours!! I sat there and listened to her instead of singing, just to hear her voice flow through me, so that I could absorb every perfect note!! Her voice sounded so even and clear. She may not have strained herself, but she did not miss a beat!

I only wished that the concert was longer!! It ended too soon. Her twirls, tambourine work, and high kick kept the crowd screaming for more!! I enjoyed every single moment of it, and only wish that I could see her again very soon.

I'm telling ya....this show was MINT!!! She truly loves her fans and lets you know it!! I was at the Mansfield Mass. show (7/14/01) and what a beautiful night. Her voice & music carried on the night wind perfectly. (Everyone dug her platform Reebok sneakers as well). Thank you Stevie (and crew) for a wonderful show....this was my first show I've seen of yours and I'll never forget it!!!

I went to the Stevie show at the tweeter center last night and Stevie ROCKED!!!!!!! I had horrible lawn seats but through the crowd I could still see Stevie dancing around on stage. Stevie looked awesome, I wish I had some of her clothes. This was my first concert of hers that I've ever been to, and I was a little disappointed that the show only lasted one and a half hours. But I guess even Stevie gets tired. I was so happy when she opened with stop dragging my heart around, that was the first Stevie song my Mom ever showed me, and seeing her perform it live was awesome!!! I was so scared it was going to rain but it turned out to be a beautiful night. I love Stevie and I hope to see her the next time she comes around. Thanks for an awesome night Stevie!!!!!!

I saw Stevie for the 6th time last night. We had great seats, 9th row center stage. She was ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS! She outshone her last 2 tours completely. It was also like the good ol' days with Waddy on lead guitar. The set was wonderfully designed. I've got to admit, every concert I see, brings tears to my eyes when she first walks onstage. Her outfits were beautiful, especially the gold bustier she wore for "Has anyone written anything for you?".

Cheryl performed great, and was a burst of energy on the stage. Stevie was very humble with the audience and thanked us several times for coming (as if we wouldn't!!)

For the 1st time in my life, I got the courage to rush the stage during "Edge of Seventeen" I was 3 deep from the stage when a very RUDE girl literally started pushing people out of the way. Two other girls started arguing with her, and I was afraid security would chase us all out. Then towards the end, Stevie was making her way to our corner and again, I was elbowed out of position by a very rude girl. Stevie ended up shaking the rude one's hand but I managed to do a Micheal Jordan and get a little "YOU RULE" tap in. A man next to me almost was moved to tears after he touched her and said "I've been waiting to do that since high school!"

During the concert, I noticed a young girl (7-9 yrs old) dancing and singing alone, and sure enough, she seemed to know every word to every song. It was great. I agree with previous reviewers, that the age span at the show was very ranged from the teens to us 30 and 40 somethings. At Mansfield, the crowd was on their feet dancing the whole show. I can't wait to see her with The 'Mac when they come around again. While waiting 1/2 hr to leave the parking lot, a local Boston station, 100.7 played a concert encore with 10 live Stevie songs. Most sounded like either her Street Angel, or Rooms on Fire tour, and I can't believe how much better she sounds today!!

Stevie Was Just Wonderful Fabulous!!!! Her Was Beutiful. Hearing Bootylisous Was Great The Curtin Drop Stevie Came Out Everybody Went Crazy Including Me. Dancing And Singing Along With Her. I Was Cose To The Speakers. It Was Nice And Loud My Whole Body Was Really Vibrating My Ears Were Numb It Was Excellent LOVED IT!!!!.When Gold Dust Women Was Playing Sheryl Crow Came Out Waving Her Arms Arould Like Stevie Does Everyone Screamed.Sheryl Was Awesome.Her Back up Singer's Sharon And Mindy Were Just Lovely!! Waddy Is So Cool!!.During Edge Of 17 She Came And Shook Everyone's Hand.I Waved At Her And She Waved Back WOW!. Everyone Was Careful Going Up To Her Throwing Flowers On Stage.Thank You Stevie For A Wonderful!!!! Time.This Was My Third Time Seeing Her But Not My Last.I Got Two T-Shirts A Keychain And A Program.

Phil and Anna
WOW WOW WOW, this was concert number 4 we saw of Stevie, last concert was in Arizona last Sept. We flew form NH to AZ to see Stevie. That was a great concert, but July 14 was the BEST ever. Stevie was so upbeat, the longest concert we have seen Stevie do and it was perfect from start to finish, we danced and sang all night at Stevie's party. Sheryl was great too, they are so great together, its just like Stevie fan's they range from 7 to 70, and everyone has a great time, age does not matter, Stevie appeals to all. At the end of the concert she waved and smiled at everyone, she went from the right of the audience to the left, you felt like she personally looked at you and thanked you for coming. It was an awesome experience. Stevie we love you, thanks for a wonderful time!!!

Louise Beard
I now have some time to tell you about my whole FIRST ever Stevie day. I got ready for the show quite early as I had to get the train from Boston to Mansfield. The concierge at my hotel called me a cab which initially didn't turn up, Iwas starting to get a little cross because I had only 15 minutes to get to the station. I got there with only 3 minutes to spare...I had on some pretty shoes which were absolutely now use for running, off they came, so I was running barefoot through the station people laughing at the sight of this dressed up lady with shoes in hand running down the track to ctch this train. Another girl just as late as me followed my lead took off her shoes and ran...She asked me if I was going to Mansfield I said I was, I asked her if she was going to see Stevie she was...I made a new friend Michele.

We arrived at the Tweeter Center and I was waiting for an online friend Angela Simpson who GAVE me a section 3 row 4 ticket. I then sold my section 7 ticket to my friend Michele who in turn sold her lawn seat to a guy who was sitting next to us on the train, who turned up at the Tweeter on the off chance of getting a ticket. While we were waiting a VH1 crew turn up and started to interview stevie's fans my friend Michele said that I should be interviewed in the light that I had travelled the 3500 miles just to see Stevie, I said not a hope. Michele seeing the opportunity asked a crew member and they were genuinely surprised.. they interviewed me I was able to show a book, another gift for Stevie, that Fireflies UK had contributed to, that was collated by me and Pip Fidler,list owner. I had quite a long interview they asked why I liked her music, my favourite song and why etc.. That all came to an end and the gates were opened, time to look for someone who would be able to get the book to Stevie, I approached a group of official looking types with all access passes, two of which were Chris Nicks and an absolute angel of a man Jim Petretti. I asked Jim if he would be good enough to get the book to Stevie, he said he would give it to her assistant, he came out and said he had given it to the wardrobe girls just as they were going in to see Stevie.

This is more than I could have hoped for. It was soon time for the show to begin I was astounded at how close to the stage I was...the advice I was given was when Fall From Grace comes to a close get your things and head for the stage. After Jeffrey Gaines had finished it took just a little while before DC's Bootylicious was played the crowd went mad because it was nearly time for Stevie to come on to do her thing. When that finally did happen the place just erupted. tO SEE YOUR 'IDOL' 'up close and personal well 10 feet from the stage was an absolute dream come true. It doesn't end there after Fall from Grace had concluded I did exctly what was advised and got to the stage.....the drum and percussion solo's were performd when Waddy picked up hs guitar and gave his performance playing around with the opening strands of the Edge of Seventeen that was awesome too. Stevie performed Edge and then her shaking hands with those fortunate eough to make the stage. I had that privildge she took my hand with both of her tiny hands, I was able to look her staright in the yes and tell her that love was sent from the UK at first she didn't quite hear right so I said it again and she was genuinly surpried and answeres ohh and nodded approvingly. John, Stevie is truly as gret live as I have heard about words fail me.

Anyway there is more...after the show finished I ook it upon myself to ask bout Backstage passes, the event staff could not help, who should e run in to but Jim Petretti, a realy sweet man, I asked him very politely about the chance of getting a backstage pass considering I had travelled so far..he went away and came back with two one each for me and my friend Michele. So we got to go backstage we saw Sheryl Crow who walked in large as life, we saw the whole band and gave Waddy especilly a big cheer, a group of really fortunate pass holders got to meet Stevie, another group of pass holders didn't we were the ones that didn't get to meet Stevie but it has been a totally surreal experience, considering that it was my first ever Stevie show. I owe all of this to several people my husband and children for letting me come to the US on my own having never been here before, my friend Angela Simpson for GIVING me one of the best seats in the Tweeter, Michele for seeing the opportunity with VH1,and last but not least Jim Petretti for being so very nice and coming through on the requests that I made of him. I had to kiss him for the backstage passes which was not an unpleasant experience. Stevie's performance was totally AWESOME!!!!!

Still on a high

PS one thing I noticed immediately about Stevie's hands, apart from how tiny they are, was that they were incredibly soft.

Charlene Chagnon
The Stevie Nicks concert in Mansfield, Ma was really awesome. The new songs were absolutely superb. The only flaw with the show was Stand Back. No fault of Ms. Nicks. The band was way off on the timing. The encore sent chills throughout the audience and was the highlight!! Super new record!! And a voice like no other!!

Brian Pond
she looked beautiful, I got choked up when she came on stage. there was no other place would've rather been in the world than were i was last night watching her preform. just like a few of the lyrics say in everyday i would see you over and over again. god bless you forever stevie. i am so crazy over you. i already am dying to see you again next year with the mac. my favorate song on the cd is i miss you now. the lyrics of the song express my feelings for you. love you forever

I have been a fan of Stevie for twenty-five years. Yesterday was the first time I ever saw Stevie at the Tweeter Center in Mansfield MA. My friend and myself had rear center seats. I was disapointed because I wanted to be front center like everyone else. I wasn't disapointed with Stevie. Her voice was perfect. It is magical the way she can touch so many people- truly a legend. We had to stand the whole concert so we could see but it wouldn't have been much fun to just sit. I loved Sorcerer and Fall From Grace. Lenny on percussion was great. She really has a great band. Waddy's solo on Edge of Seventeen was awesome. I thought Sheryl Crow was a bonus. We Liked her too. She and Stevie compliment each other so well. The only problem we encountered was at the end of Edge Of Seventeen a drunk guy came and stood near us and started yelling at Stevie. He would go from sing it baby to calling her obscene things. We all were looking at him like what's your problem not that any of us cared. I wish they would have kicked him out. I was thankful that he didn't come over until the end. I was even more thankful that Stevie didn't hear him from where he was. Stevie is truly a first class act I'll never forget last night and her performance. I hope to see her a few more times. A fan forever!

Last nite at the Tweeter Center was truly a mystical, magickal experience. I've seen Stevie perform now many many times both with Fleetwood Mac and solo since 1976-and the love vibe she brought to this planet last nite was INCREDIBLE!!! Not only was the show TOTALLY awesome, but before the show I found two dear soul sisters that I had lost touch with over the years.

One beautiful, warm spirited soul sister Satya whom I had lost touch with about ten years ago and whom I missed dearly-and another beautiful sister Nikki, who dissappeared about six months ago!!! I thank the Universe (and Stevie) for re-connecting us all together again!!! I also made my way down to the front, during Edge of 17since I only had 8th row back! (I usually manage somehow!) I also got to shake her hand, and tell her Thank You!!!! I was trying to give her a crown I made of roses and ribbons, it would have been cool if she had taken it and put it on her head and danced around, but she didn't...instead the guy that was with her grabbed it!!!

Someone in the first few rows had thought to bring Bubbles, and I must say it was a GREAT IDEA!!!! I'm sure everyone loved them as much as myself!!! And someone brought her a Tiffany Lamp!!! That was the best!!! Stevie was truly in Top Form last nite-and may she continue to write and sing to her hearts content!!! And may we all bless each other and take care of ourselves and one another so we can continue to party with her!!! Bright Blessings to Everyone!!!

Wow! what a great show. stevie nicks definately showed boston that she can still rock after all this time. Highlights included Planets of the Universe, Stand Back and the guitar powered edge of seventeen. Stevie Nicks also proved to the crowd that she can still write great songs and perform them well after all these years. Waddy Wachtel and Sheryl Crow were excellent additions to Stevie's magical performance offering vocal and guitar backup. The elaborate lighting in sync with the music and the "Shangri-La" setting also added an enchanted feel to the night. I look forward to the upcoming with Fleetwood Mac tour, maybe next time I'll get to hear Gypsy!

Lynne Wilson
I saw the show at the Tweeter Center in Mansfield, Massachusetts - I have been a Stevie fan for many, many years...and I have seen her before live, but this show was great. Her voice was strong, the sets were colorful and imaginative, and the percussion/drums were tight and great.

I cried at "Has anyone ever Written Anything for You?" It's a powerful song, and as an encore, the timing was just perfect.

Great show - thanks!!

Love to you, Stevie

The Stevie Nicks concert at the tweeter Center in Mansfield,Ma was awesome.I think Stevie Nicks sounds great.Stevie Nicks has always been my favorite singer.I will see her over and over again. Thanks

What can I say except...WOW! I was Blessed enough to see miss Nicks from the second row at the tweeter center tonight and felt a spiritual awareness I had never felt before....

I attended the sold out show with four friends and It was AMAZING...they were in the lawn, but I managed to snag a second row seat and it was INcredible..."Rhiannon" was more beautiful than ever and "Stand Back" as always, kicked butt, but it was the old 'friends' , Waddy Watchel and Sharon Celani that made it so special...along with the lovely miss Crow! She was Lovely!

And top off the night...I got to shake Stevie's hand just at the end of edge of seventeen...I was thrilled...I shook her hand in 1991 and 10 years later it was more emotional than ever! I love Stevie and her magical music...seeing her tonight was like a visit from a dear old friend....GOD BLESS HER!

Thanks for letting me share this awesome night with everyone...."ROCK ON GOLD DUST WOMAN"

Linda Vaughan-Sydell

Stevie was absolutely fabulous last night! She looked beautiful, she sounded wonderful, the whole concert was awesome!! I have never seen her look so happy and smile so much. This is a must see show... I had third row seats and shook Stevie's hand during "Edge of Seventeen". I have been waiting since 1983 to get up was sooo worth the wait!

Way to go Stevie!!! Thank you!

Katherine Ryan
I attended the show in Boston with my friend Amy and I must say it was one of the best shows I have ever seen!!! Stevie looks fantastic and her voice sounded beautiful! By now, you should know the lineup, I loved hearing Rhiannon, Standback, Edge of Seventeen, but it was great to hear a lot of the new songs off of TISL- the set was so Stevie!!!. I was very surprised to see so many young fans in the crowd(listen to me feeling old at age 31) three girls standing behind us were given back stage passes and they were crying and screaming - it was awesome to be surrounded by so many fans and like minded people when it comes to Stevie. There is definitely a strong bond between Stevie and her fans and you feel like you have come home. Thanks Stevie for such a wonderful night and Sheryl Crow too-I enjoy Sheryl's music and she added alot to the show.

Kim Denison
I have listened to Stevie Nicks for most of my adult life, but not until last nights concert did I realize the magnitude of this womans talent. I have been to many concerts over the years and this one by far was the greatest performance I have ever seen. From rocking the house with Sheryl Crow, to bringing tears to my eyes with Has Anyone Ever Written Anything For You. It was worth the money for lousy seats, it was worth the 2-1/2 hour drive down I-95, it was worth putting up with the smokers in the no smoking area. I took my 15 year old daughter because she is a Stevie Nicks Fanatic (she I might add saw Stevie 2 nights in a row, lucky girl!!). My eyes have been opened up to an incredible person and talent, and I now understand why Stevie is all my daughter listens to. An awesome night, I would do it again and drive further if need be.

I have seen Stevie,in concert,since 1976.It was a full house and perfect weather.She opened with "Stop dragging my heart around" and then did "Enchanted".She was in great form and voice. She then did "OTR/Dreams" and flubbed a little on the lyrics."Gold Dust Woman" was next and the crowd was into it. I was amazed how,after all these years,Stevie could make a crowd scream by twirling around. My highlight was next as she did "Sorcerer" with Sheryl Crow. I remember hearing the song over 25 years ago and she nailed it last night. Sheryl did "Favorite Mistake" and we were dancing in the aisles."Everday" was mediocre,at best.It just seemed to drag."Rhiannon" was beautiful.The piano intro was incredible and Stevie did it like she did with the FM reunion tour. She launched into "Stand Back" and kicked the hell out of it,literally,as she did a high kick at the end(wearing her platform sneakers). "Planets of the universe" was a little disappointing to me but maybe because I have been listening to the new CD maxi single version. Sheryl did "Every day is a winding road" and they both did "Too far from Texas" which sounded unreal in concert.I loved it.I loved "Bombay Sapphires" as well. I noticed how many fans were singing along and it felt great to see that Stevie had so many hard core fans. "Fall from Grace" rocked the dust out of the Tweeter Center.I was blown away at the intensity to which they played that song. "Edge of Seventeen" always a great classic to hear live. Waddy,doing his guitar into center stage.Stevie encored with "I need to know" and "HAEWAFY" and the entire band took bows. I have seen Stevie many times in concert.I have seen her rock and roll since 1976 but last night,I saw the real Stevie Nicks.Her voice was surreal,dead on perfect.She didn't knock herself out.She didn't have to last night. She speaks for herself.She stands alone.

Stevie's show at the Tweeter Center could not have been on a nicer summer night. The crowd was totally diverse in age which was cool. I had two sixty year olds in front of me who stood up and danced as much as us 25 year olds!!!!! Highlights of the show were "Fall from Grace"- awesome song live!!!!,"Sorcerer"- Sheryl Crow really added alot of energy to this show, which surprised me, I wasn't a big fan before, but I am now. As always, "Stand Back" was a highlight,though not as good as usual, Stevie just did'nt seem as into this song as I've seen her in the past.The biggest surprise were the songs "Everyday" and "Bombay Sapphires".These songs, especially "Everyday" ,although not my favorites on the new album, were FANTASTIC live. Stevie's voice just soars on "Everyday". We were in the seventh row- section 2, so we rushed the stage during "Edge of Seventeen" for which we bought flowers for Stevie. It was so cool because it was a group of mostly teens and twenty somethings- totally surprising to me. Being that close to the stage with Waddy Wachtel right in front of us was amazing. His playing during this song was unbelievable- he looked down and smiled a couple of times. Stevie was great during this song but she really did not do the scream during the middle- but we all went wild anyway. She shook our hands and said "Thankyou". She is even more beautiful up close.It was funny, this one woman in front of us screamed at my friend and said "I WAS IN THE FRONT ROW SO I DESERVE TO BE HERE!!!! and proceeded to try and push us out of the way, then the crowd turned on this evil little troll and pushed her out of there.Absolutely hilarious!!! Supposedly, Stevie's "Fanclub" bought the first five rows, but as far as I knew, Stevie no longer has a fanclub, but we noticed that all of those people seemed to know each other, so I don't know what's up with that. They had major attitude though! Also, "I Need to Know"- never one of my favorites- WAS GREAT!!!!! Sheryl sang with Stevie and looked beautiful- she looked at us and smiled alot too- she added a real charm to this show."Has anyone ever written" was incredible, everyone standing in front of the stage sang the"if not for me ,then do it for the world" part, I have never heard the crowd sing along with this closing song before- it was really heartfelt and you could feel such good vibes- it was quite moving. The only bad thing I can say about this concert was the tour program-the absolute worst I have ever seen. It really was BAD. From the pictures to the layout- it was totally underwhelming. I'm glad I have one because it is a great memento, but.... well just buy one and you will see what i mean. In short, this was the best concert I've seen this summer - do not miss it!

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