Stevie Nicks

Trouble in Shangri-la

9/15/01 Trump Taj Mahal Atlantic City, NJ

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Annie B
All I have to say about Stevie's show in Atlantic City is "You go girl!" This was my second show for her TISL tour and of course it was AWESOME! Stevie's voice was very strong and clear and she sang her heart out. I had 16th row section 102 seats but I wish I could have been in the 1st row to see the emotions on Stevie's face because it was so apparent in her voice. We have all been deeply affected by the tragic events of September 11th and for some it has hit very close to home. Stevie told us in the beginning of the show to just let the music take us away for 2 hours or so and that it did - she did! I thought I would be very emotional during the show - but you know what…I was happy to be standing up dancing and singing along to her songs. Every song kicked butt and the audience went wild when Stevie changed the part in GDW to "Pick your path and then You PAY FOR IT!" Stevie's band sounded solid and Waddy is such an awesome guitar player…his intro to "Edge of Seventeen" is always a delightful tease - it gets the audience going.

Thank you Stevie - for going on with this show and for pouring your heart into it! We need your voice, we need your music, and we need your support especially in the time to come - so please be safe, happy and healthy. Your music is what moves so many people - it makes us feel better - I hope things will get better in the future for all of us. God Bless America……

Eric Hanlon
Ok what a fantastic night! It has finally taken me all this time to actually send in my review of this show! To start off I had purchased a ticket for the Radio City Music Hall show and I was getting all excited because I had never been to NYC and then the tragedy occurred. I was devastated but I was fortunate to actually be alive. I got in touch with a friend and we decided to purchase tickets for the show at the Taj Mahal! Keep in mind I live in Massachusetts and my friend Wendy lives in New Hampshire! So we packed up in the car early Saturday morning and drove the 6 hours to New Jersey! We finally arrived in Atlantic City about 6 hours before the event started. We ate and gambled and just hung around. We got to talk to Chris Nicks before the show started and my friend Wendy gave him a beautiful arrangement of flowers to bring to Stevie.

Well we were waiting in the lobby it seemed like an eternity! I met a fantastic lady, her name was Sue and she had brought her little son with her which was really cute she ended up sitting two rows behind me! I was the third person to enter the venue walking in with my gold shawl thing, black platform boots and my leopard cowboy hat on! I found my seat I was sitting to the left of the stage with a perfect view of the whole scene. The venue was very small and intimate unlike the other 2 outdoor venues I have been to this summer. Before California came on stage they played the National Anthem and that was the first time I had ever seen a standing ovation the venue seemed to be in union with one another it was fantastic! California had pretty good talent they were very unprepared but it was to be expected.

Finally 10pm hits and Bootylicious comes blasting through the venue. The crowed went nuts! Then . I Hear there's trouble in shangri-la I think just that little intro brought me to tears Stevie walked out and did Stop Draggin My Heart Around she looked and sounded fantastic! She even had an American Flag Bow on her microphone stand! After SDMHA was over she told us that she was so happy that we were here and for us her and the band to just become the music and make it a better place for that night. Enchanted was good as always. Dreams came next and I have to say the lighting was amazing Gold Dust Woman had a very long intro and she sang Pick your path and then you PAY FOR IT! It was such a haunting version of the song almost like an extended version. Everyday was next and at the end of the song she sang until its over I thought it was fan! tastic. Sorcerer was next and man she really talked for good 5 minutes or so. Next came Rhiannon. I have to admit the piano intro makes the song. That song never ever changes I love it!

Ok here was the highlight for me. Stand Back! In all the years that I haved loved Stevie Stand Back is my absolute favorite song live or non-live. I can remember her back in 1986 for the Rock a Little Tour and she would dance. Well the 2 other times I saw her this summer she didn t dance as much but man oh man she went nuts during Stand Back she twirled so much that it literally made me dizzy! Her high kick I swear she kicked so hard I thought her shoe might come flying off. It was amazing. Planets of the Universe came next with an even longer introduction to the song. She said songwriters gotta do it. She talked about Lindsey and how he laughs at her for talking about him so much on this tour. My second favorite highlight of the show was at the end of POTU she shook her tambourine 3 times at the end of the song! She said you guys rock!

Too Far From Texas was good Sharon sounded! amazing love her! She introduced the band and the rocked right into Fall From Grace! I love this song live it has sooo much energy. Mindy Stein .wow she has such powerful vocal chords love her too! Ok im gonna skip over the guitar solo because we all know what that is like! Edge of Seventeen kicks ass that is all I can say. She even sang So with the slow SAD graceful flow! I think for the first time this tour she shook everyone's hand and took every gift. She talked briefly about how she was in NYC when the tragedy happened and wasn t sure that she could do this show but she did and seeing all of us smiling and dancing and be happy made HER happy. I Need to Know was the same I still don' t understand the ending of that can someone email me about it!

Has Anyone Ever Written Anything For You took my breath away. Stevie came out with that black hat with! the huge feather sticking out! I stood there with tears in my e yes .it was such a breathtaking performance. Ok so the show rocked Stevie kicked ass and it was well worth the 6 hour drive! After the show was over we ran back to where the buses were talked with Carlos Rios briefly .and then Stevie walked out I yelled thank you so much Stevie! I am not sure if she heard me but I will always remember that night! Thanks Stevie and thank you Wendy for going and living that night and thank you all so much for listening to me! Cheers

Annie B
All I have to say about Stevie's show in Atlantic City is "You go girl!" This was my second show for her TISL tour and of course it was AWESOME! Stevie's voice was very strong and clear and she sang her heart out. I had 16th row section 102 seats but I wish I could have been in the 1st row to see the emotions on Stevie's face because it was so apparent in her voice. We have all been deeply affected by the tragic events of September 11th and for some it has hit very close to home. Stevie told us in the beginning of the show to just let the music take us away for 2 hours or so and that it did - she did! I thought I would be very emotional during the show - but you know what…I was happy to be standing up dancing and singing along to her songs. Every song kicked butt and the audience went wild when Stevie changed the part in GDW to "Pick your path and then You PAY FOR IT!" Stevie's band sounded solid and Waddy is such an awesome guitar player…his intro to "Edge of Seventeen" is always a delightful tease - it gets the audience going.

Thank you Stevie - for going on with this show and for pouring your heart into it! We need your voice, we need your music, and we need your support especially in the time to come - so please be safe, happy and healthy. Your music is what moves so many people - it makes us feel better - I hope things will get better in the future for all of us. God Bless America……

Amy Sopkovich
Hi Everyone,
I just attended Stevie's show in Atlantic City on 9/15, and I have to say that it was FANTASTIC! She looked beautiful and sounded superb. I had seen her at Holmdel, NJ back in June, but she didn't quite seem like herself. Fortunately, the rest & recovery was well worth it because her voice was as strong and resonant as ever. Most importantly though, I was thrilled that she continued her tour despite the terrorist attacks on Tuesday. I work in New York City and the horrible events of the past week will remain with me always. We needed time to forget about the sadness & devastation, even if it was just for a few hours. Stevie & her music brought us that much needed relief. The crowd was ready and really rocked! It was a very moving & uplifting show.

Music can truly help lift our spirits & heal our souls. Thank you Stevie Nicks, this New York City fan loves you for your support!

Dawn and Tom Margotta
Well ... I just got home today after being in atlantic City since the 15.I am from New York and after the tragedies I was undecided if I wanted to go any where . I did not know anyone who was missing or who passed away but I was grieving so bad . I am a very emotional person and the tears just would not stop. I was afraid to go and sad also . I was also angry . I had tickets to the Radio City show also and I knew with out a doubt that would be cancelled . If not because of NY because of Stevie being the kind of person she is . After I found out the Radio City show was off I really expected to hear that AC was cancelled also . I checked up to the day and to my suprise it was still on. I was so undecided what to do and afraid and scattered . I adore Stevie (I have been a fan since age 12 now I am 38) I have been to everyone of her concerts except the bella Donna and the older Fleetwood Mac . I never ,ever w! ould have even thought twice to go see Stevie . So I decided that if Stevie was brave enough and strong enough to perform ,well then she deserved to have her fans there because she needed us as much as we needed her ..

My husband and I drove to New Jersey taking the Garden State Pkwy ( with our flag on our antenna) and as we drove we saw the immense exhibition of patriotism ,banners on every underpass, Flags on so many cars ,business's with banners and flags .I was no longer afraid but at that moment I realized how lucky I was to be an American and to have the freedom to choose to go to a concert or any where else I would choose to go .Then something very ironic came to mind,although such a terrible tragedy had happened It seems that instead of breaking Americas Spirit ,It had considerably strenghtened it .

So we finally arrive in Atlantic City and we are now very excited to get to our hotel to get ready for the Stevie concert . We stayed at the Showboat ,right next to the Taj Mahal . I got dressed in all my Stevie Garb, Black Velvet dress and Shawls and my Black and purple velvet cape.My husband wore these really nice black pants with his white ruffled poet shirt and his black reverend coat(Its really cool long tails with three buttons in the front ,gothic looking) . Well ...I must say we did look stunning!!!!! Now its 8:30 hurry time to get to the Taj. Well we are here and can not find the arena .We asked so many people as we walked through the casino all looking at us kinda strange . Finally we found it . YAY!!!!.

We walk inside and get escorted to our seats and I think I am going to faint when I see how close we are sitting.Fith row baby !!!!. I look around and see all people dressed in red ,white and blue and flags in their hands and of course their was a huge Flag right over Stevies stage . I am now very happy that I am here and trying to not think about the sadness. I heard an announcement for the National Anthenom and everyone stood and sang along . Then there was a standing ovation the energy was so beautiful . The warm up band California came on and they were awesome . I looked for them after to get their cd signed but i could not find them .Stevie came out with her usual opening (first the bootylicious song) and then The intro to Trouble In Shangra_la. She looked so beautiful and I was worried how she would be being this was her first concert after the tragedy . I kept saying to my self "Is she going to be ok! with this ?" Then I knew that Stevie would be and I told my husband what she would say .Something like Let me take you away from the pain and into my world for just a little while .As she came out to her microphone decorated with her regular ribbons but at the front their was her red ,white and blue bow and ribbons attached.(She did say what I thought she would)

This was the third time seeing this tour so I am not going to get into telling you what songs she sang I would rather tell you how she made allof us feel just by her presence being there. Her songs meant more ,She meant more you just never know .I was lucky enough to get up the front of the stage and shake her hand and tell her how much i loved her and she smiled and said I know ,I love you too.

I started crying uncontrollably. I said outloud but to myself I thank God for this moment and there is no where in the world I would rather be . This man standingnext to me heard me and said"I know what you mean"and patted me on the shoulder ". He said don"t cry it will be ok". Stevie made the most beautiful touching speech I can not even describe it . She told us that she was not sure if she could have done the show but she needed to for hersellf as well as for us . Then she said to make sure we really take the time to appreciate the people in our lives and let them know how much we love them everyday because you just never know .

I would like to end this with a big thankyou to Stevie and her wonderful band for helping to cheer all of us up even if at that time it was for only two hours but everytime I put on a Stevie cd or watch her video that is a constant comfort . I love you Stevie and God Bless You .and again thankyou for all you have given to us . You will never be forgotten ,not even for a moment .

Like most people, my friend and I weren't sure if we should attend or if the concert would be cancelled. This was actually my first Stevie concert so I was psyched. I'm glad we went. The concert was awesome. The audience was awesome. It was more magical and mesmerizing than I could have ever expected. Then when she closed with "Has Anyone Ever Written Anything For You", I thought how appropriate with everything thats happened. One of the best nights of my life. I hope to see her again!

I hope it is not too late to write, as it is now Tuesday afternoon and the concert was Saturday......I guess like everything else these last two weeks, it takes awhile for things to settle and sink in. It took me this long to just calm down from the concert and have it settle! When the National Anthem played, you got goose bumps. (Donald Trump had walked in right before that.) I can not put into words the emoition that filled that room from that point on, and then as we waited for Stevie to come out. When Bootylicious started playing the place went absolutely bizerk! We all knew it would be a touching, emotional, magical night.

I have seen Stevie many times this year and over the years, and her performance was the most incredible ever. Though starting out she said to us how she wasn't sure she could do this concert so soon after the tragedies, maybe we could all just get lost for 2 hours with her and in her music. She was SO right, it was what we needed, and she gave us a great gift that night. Nothing was forgotten because she had a big US Flag hanging over the center of her stage. OH but did she perform for us!! She twirled and kicked and danced and sang like I have never seen!!! She was a God Send that night and as always the crowd LOVED her,Respected her and so needed her! She is the BEST! And the end "Has Anyone Ever Written....." with her hair all tucked in under that great hat................had so many in tears, had so much "more" meaning (if that is even possible!)..........."Do it for the world!" Love her!! Stevie, you are the greatest!!! Thank you!!!!

Coleen McKinstry
The horrific events of the past week have led me to grieve deeply for the senseless, tragic loss of innocent American lives and the destruction of our fair country by enemies with a hate unlike any we could ever comprehend. With this in mind, I was very undecided as to whether or not I could go to this concert with such a heavy heart. But, throughout my life, I have relied on Stevie's music to help me through tough times and I knew Stevie could once again soothe my soul. That she did! From the moment she hit the stage, she set the mood and energized the audience. Her voice was strong, almost mesmerizing. She was warm, comforting. With each word she sang, my spirit lifted and for the first time in days, I found myself smiling, healing. If but only for a few hours, I had shed my worries and fears, becoming absorbed in Stevie's music and lyrics. "Has Anyone Ever Written Anything For You", a personal anthem of mine, now had an even deeper meaning. As she poured out her soul, I wept openly and felt complete. As she exited the stage, Stevie implored us to love one another and left me with a renewed hope that our nation would indeed survive and prosper! God Bless America, my home sweet home! Stevie, I thank you for doing this show!!!

Leslie Symon
I wish I could convey the gratitude I feel for Stevie for having given us this special concert. As a longtime fan of hers for 25 years, I have attended as many concerts as possible on the east coast, including those of Fleetwood Mac. Let me tell you that this time, I felt Stevie gave us her very best, all her energy, her most beautiful voice, and her love. I just know that Stevie was sending us these vibrations from her very soul. All those who performed did a wonderful job...the band and the backup singers. Thank you! It was with uncertainty and trepidation that I wondered whether this concert would occur, given the tragic events of Sept. 11. This feeling was shared by all of us. I tried to imagine how Stevie would feel and what her decision would be. I asked myself, as did so many others, what can I do to contribute, to help during this time of need? And so I thought that Stevie would be asking herself the same thing and come to the conclusion that she would do what she does best and share her special magic with us. We needed Stevie.

The concert was not a gathering for entertainment only this time, I felt it was way beyond that. It was a coming together of people who needed to have someone to continue believing in, to look up to, to love and feel comfortable with. I will never forget the comfort that Stevie provided by her loving performance. When she said that she would hope the music will make us feel better, just having expressed that wish was healing for our emotions. She gave us permission to enjoy music for 2 hours. It was allowing us to remember there is beauty in this world and we can still enjoy this. The other concert reviews have captured the joy I experienced that night. My 20 year old daughter accompanied me and she said that Stevie brought tears to her eyes in singing "Has Anyone Ever Written Anything for You". I felt the same. I had also attended the Holmdel, NJ, concert with my 23 year old daughter this summer, and she told me she especially enjoyed hearing "Rhiannon" again, since she remembered hearing it in our home when she was a little girl. We love all the songs, old and new. Stevie was so radiant and lovely that evening. She is our guardian angel. May God continue to bless and protect you always, Stevie. Love, Leslie Symon


Ozzie Holt
Shawn and I had looked forward to taking our seats in Row 16 at Radio City Music Hall for weeks. It would be Shawn's second Stevie concert on this tour and my first. For one reason or another we were filled with anticipation and then learned of the horrific tragedy that had taken place to the citizens and people of New York, Washington, DC, and America. Once the show was cancelled in New York, I immediately went to work securing tickets for the Atlantic City Show which I found on E-Bay (thanks Sean!!). Once we arrived in Atlantic City Friday night it didn't take long to feel the presence of Stevie fans and why they had come. It was punctuated when Stevie took the stage and stated that she didn't know how she found the strength to do the show, but asked that we all come with her for two hours and that we may possibly find some relief in the music. Those words were an understatement.

After the intro to Trouble in ......Stevie took the stage in pure beauty and voice. In fact it was flawless! I must have said to those around me at least twenty or more times that night how beautiful she is in every way. When the first note was heard of Golddust Women, I anticipated a performance that would surpass all others I had witnessed to date. She twirled on the stage like a gypsy readying for her pray...and that's what happened! The audience went wild with approval when she changed the lyrics to "You Pick your path, and then YOU PAY FOR IT!. And what about that kick at the end of Standback? I think her leg went over her head! Her constant blowing of kisses to the audience really made us feel that she was playing to each of us individually. Her comments of liking herself to an old lady was so far from reality as she rocked through Fall From Grace leaving any doubters that this (old) lady still rocks at the age of 53.

I particularly loved hearing Somewhere From Texas. This song and its country styling makes me think that Stevie wrote this with thoughts of her grandfather as inspiration. Although Stevie was flushed with tears in her eyes on a few occasions, she had the hardest time holding them back during the beginning of her encore Has Anyone Ever Written Anything For You. It was then she reappeared with her top hat adorned with white feathers allowing us to hear her melodic voice and beauty one more time. Once again I believe we were all thinking of the tragedies that had recently taken place. There is a line from Les Miserables that says "Its a grief that can't be spoken, but the pain goes on and on." For many of us the pain will linger for a lifetime, but I must thank Stevie and her band, the audience for rocking the night away, new friends Tom and Sharon, and of course Shawn. You all made it a very special night for me and a time I will never forget....."Poets, priests, of nothing, legends."

My name is Aliza, and last night I went to the Stevie concert at Atlantic City. Eventhough I am a huge, and completely obbsessed Stevie fan, I didnt know if I should go or not, due to the horrible tragedy that has happened over the last week. I was torn and did not know what to do, but I ended up going, thanks to some Stevie fans who encouraged me to go. I am so glad I went. Stevie was absolutely amazing. She mentioned that she felt terrible about the tragedy, but she wanted us, the audience, to come away with her for two hours, sing and dance, and have a great time. And that we did. From the moment she came on stage, I was totally captivated by her -her voice was incredibly strong, and she was full of energy. During Gold Dust Woman, she twirled so fast - sooo fast! I couldnt do that and I'm 14! And she was dancing, and playing her tambourine, and singing sooo well and just putting on a show I will never forget. And very often she would talk to us, and tell us how much she loved us. I LOVE YOU TOO STEVIE!

I just wanted to say a few words about the Stevie show I attended at the Trump Taj Mahal in Atlantic City last night. The album title of Trouble in Shangri-La could not have been a better description of these last few days with the brutality of the terrorist attacks still heavy on all our minds. Walking into the arena, it was very heartwarming to see an american flag lit up above the stage, and it remained there for the entire show. A great many people brought flags which they waved throughout the evening and a lot of people like myself printed out small flags and pinned them to our shirts.

At about 10 PM, the song Bootylicious blared from the speakers and then after the Truoble in Shangri-La intro, Stevie walked out and began to sing. This would be the beginning of a very emotional show where everybody was looking for an escape for a couple of hours, and that's exactly what we got. Stevie was very talkative and emotional about the tragedy on Sept 11th. At one point she even changed the lyric in Gold Dust Woman to send a message to our attackers. It went,"You pick your path, and then you PAY FOR IT!!", and after that the audience went crazy and it was just a great feeling of patriotism and togetherness that lasted the entire night. Stevie also mentioned that she was in New York when all hell broke loose and that this show almost didn't go on. I and probably many others would like to thank her for doing the show because it meant a lot to all of us.

This was my second show on this tour and it was fantastic. Her voice was very strong and everything sounded great. My highlight this time around was Stand Back which was very rocking and Stevie sang it with everything she had, including an incredible high kick at the end. I thought Planets of the Universe was a little rushed, but it was great to hear it anyway. The rest of the show was flawless, and was brought to a sweet conclusion after Has Anyone Ever Written Anything for You. The band took their bows and Stevie walked up to the mike, which was draped with Red, White and Blue streamers with a bow on the front and told us to stay unified and be strong, and survive.

It was a wondeful evening and as always, our hearts and thoughts go out to the families and friends of those who never came home on Tuesday, Sept 11th. May God bless all of you and God Bless America.

Devlin Fitzpatrick
Stevie was breathtaking in Atlantic City tonight. She looked absolutely stunning and her voice was amazingly strong and full. You could tell that she gave her all...she wanted to shield us from the pain of this week's tragedies, if only for a couple of hours. Her words regarding the attacks were appropriate and well said. I was truly taken away and HAEWAFY was so emotional given the current situation. She truly took us under her wings and flew us to where white winged doves fly in star filled skies. It is an evening that I shall never forget.

Last night's concert was simply breathtaking. The opening act became a little boring, and fans began to get a little rambunctious, but finally the lights went down, and Edge of 17 least we thought so! They faked us out! It was Destiny Childs Bootylisious. Argh! When Stevie finally started her show, we all went nuts! Most of the audience stood for at least half of the show if not more. Rhiannon brought me to tears as I listened to the opening just as she sung it on 'The Dance' tour. I love it that way. Everyone cheered as Stevie sang all of her high notes. I thought that was funny. What, they didn't think that she could hit them? Ha...c'mon, it's the queen of rock and roll here people! She can do anything. Hey, did anyone see Stevie sporting these new shoes? No more 'Stevie boots'...I have no clue what they are! Any clues? Well, I'm still in awe, and will be for a long time. I will get to wear my nice pink Stevie shirt to school tomarrow, and be teased. "Oh, my gosh, you like Stevie Nicks?" All I say is, "Have you ever seen her?" And they walk away. It's the greatest feeling in the world when you expose people to Stevie, and believe me, I've exposed alot of people to her. She was, is, and always will be the greatest...Our queen of rock and roll, Stevie Nicks. ~Love to all~

Susan Knipper
Hello, I am a "newly converted" Stevie Nicks fan. I always enjoyed her music but I did not see her in concert until this July in Holmdel, NJ. It was so moving and mesmerizing that my partner bought me tickets to the Radio City show for my birthday. After the tragedy of last Tues. the concert was canceled and I understood that. But still wanting to see Stevie, we drove to Atlantic City to try to get tickets. Thankfully we did. I didn't know what to expect from her given what I knew what she must have been through having been in the city on Tuesday. What we got was a heartfelt, mesmerizing 2 hours where we could get away from it all. Her voice sent chills through me at various times because there was so much feeling behind it. It was an amazing concert that helped many people unite in joy, not sadness, during this difficult time. I thank Stevie Nicks very much for an evening filled with awe-she touched our souls from beginning to end! Thank you, Susan Knipper

This was the second time I saw Stevie this summer. I really enjoyed both shows, but I think I liked seeing her the second time more. I don't know why she was great in both shows. Well this time I got to touch her small hand. Up close she does not look 53 at all. She looks so much younger. All that talent in that big voice and those small hands, Thanks for making last night so memorable for me.


Hi all, I saw Stevie last night in AC. Her first show back after the attacks. The Mark Etess Arena at the Trump Taj Mahal looked like it was filled to capacity. They had two large american flags draped above the stage and at the back of the arena. Not long before the show started, everyone seemed to be turned around looking at something. Then about 5 or 6 guys dressed in black walked in with Donald Trump. He made his way down the aisle gladhanding people to his seat in the 3rd row. The band California opened for Stevie and put on a good show. Unfortunately for them, most people were jonesing to see the queen of rock this night and were yelling We Want Stevie. There was a red, white, and blue ribbon halfway down on Stevie's mic stand. Stevie did Stop Draggin' then told everyone that she wasn't sure she was going to do this show but figured both she and we needed to get away for awhile and that we should all get into the music. Stevie's voice was the strongest I've heard it since before she was sick. I can't say enough about the sound system at the Taj! Stevie sang so loud and clear, even above the guitars! It was incredible. Her kick during Stand Back was above her head! And even her twirls were extra special. She almost made me dizzy.

I made my way up to the 7th row by then just waiting for Edge of 17. When it came, they let us up to the stage and I got right in front on the left side. There were amps under the stage that were right at our chests. It felt like Mark Schulman and Lenny Castro were drumming right on us! I was snapping pics like mad, especially when she came to touch the crowd. Stevie somehow skipped me when she went by so I ran along the front of the stage to get to her and I had to try 3 more times before I finally reached up and grabbed her hand! The good thing is that I got more close pics of her because of following her all the way across the stage. Someone threw a wreath of pink & white flowers and Stevie put it on her head. She wore it for about 10 minutes. When she left Stevie told us all to stay safe and keep our loved ones close and tell them that we love them because this has taught us that you just never know what's going to happen. She said she's glad that we're ok and that we came tonight. She said she loves us so much and we should take care because who knows how many more times she's going to be able to do this and she wants to see us again. There were tears welled up in her eyes. After Has Anyone Ever...., people were chanting WE WANT MORE and USA. Stevie really did take us away as only she can do. It was just what we needed. As always, thank you Stevie

Lauren M.
Last night's show at the Taj Mahal was one of the most magical nights of my life, especially because it was a way to escape the horrendous events of the past week for a little while.

My mom, boyfriend and I were originally supposed to attend the Radio City show on Friday--which was, of course, cancelled. On Thursday my mom found out about the Atlantic City show, and to our GREAT shock, we got 3rd row seats, just right of center stage. I couldn't even let myself be excited about the show because I was so sad by what I was seeing on TV, and because I was afraid the show would end up cancelled.

But once we were at the Taj, the excitement couldn't be denied. Legions of Stevie fans (and some comped casino players who clearly didn't care who they were seeing) filled the arena, sang the National Anthem, and set the ball rolling.

The first thing we noticed was the big red, white and blue bow on Stevie's microphone stand. Also, the ribbons hanging from the stand were black and white--I think I remember them being pastel-colored at the Holmdel show in July.

I was still reeling from the fact that we were SO CLOSE when Stevie took the stage. She was absolutely gorgeous--just so beautiful, and so near to where we sat--or rather, stood, and didn't sit down the whole time. I have to say that she sounded AMAZING. She sounded good at the Holmdel show, but that was her last performance before the shows that she cancelled due to sickness. I expected her to sound better this time, but I was truly shocked--I didn't think she COULD sound as good as she did last night.

"Fall From Grace" was thrilling, like everyone says. "Stand Back," classic Stevie, totally ROCKED. And "Has Anyone Ever Written Anything For You" was clear, beautiful, and soothing.

I will never forget her coming to our edge of the stage after "Edge of Seventeen," looking right at me and waving, and me FLIPPING out, blowing as many kisses as I could before she looked away. My mom always tells me that when the "Gypsy" video used to come on TV when I was little, I'd be absolutely enchanted by Stevie's twirling...and to be there with her, eighteen years later, seeing her smile at my mother and I from 15 feet away, made a truly magical memory.

Stevie delivered what she promised last night--an escape from the devastation and horror, through her music, for a little while. Although hearing her talk about the events in America made them that much more real, it was comforting to be in that room last night...because the arena was flowing with genuine love. Thank you, Stevie, for drawing us into your world and making everything beautiful and better for two hours.

Joe Novackowski
Just seeing Stevie one week prior in Reading Pa, I must say that I noticed a little bit of a difference in the two performances. There was just slightly less bounce or energy in her and the band. Then again, that's true for all of us in America in the wake of the tragedy that we faced.

Unfortunately, I was a little late in getting to the show and missed the opening act. From reading other reviews, I am sorry that I missed the National Anthem.

Most poignant to me was when Stevie started to shake hands during the show....Edge of Seventeen. Someone handed Stevie an American Flag. The crowd up front, myself included, started chanting.......USA! As a veteran, active duty Air Force in the early 80's and currently a member of the PA. Army National Guard, that was very stirring. I enjoyed seeing Stevie's approval and her egging on the chant!

I'd like to take one moment and thank Stevie immensely for her support of the Armed Forces. I started the day in Uniform at my Guard Unit and ended it seeing Stevie and sensing the support of her, the band and the entire crowd wearing their Red, White and Blue. It literally brought a tear to my eyes.

Stevie brought out a lot of emotion in all in attendance at the Taj Mahal. I'm sure that it took a lot of personal courage on her part to do the show, to entertain in such trying times when most feel awkward about enjoying themselves. However, the need to begin to heal is there. Stevie sure delivered one heck of a dose of medicine.

Thank you Stevie.

Jill and Jan
Just got back from probably the best Stevie Nicks show I have ever seen. We have been to 7 shows this tour, and this had to be the best one by far. First we notice the microphone, they had a red white and blue bow on the front. The set list was the same as usual, but the performance had by far surpassed any show I have seen this tour. She did talk a little about the horrible tragedy, and how she did not think she was going to be able to do the show on Saturday night, but then she realized that we needed it and so did she, and how we were all lucky to be alive, and how precious we are, and how you have to let everyone you know, know how much you care about them, because you never know what is gonna happen. You could tell that Stevie had some built up frustration, especially during GDW, she twirled, fast twirls, and the scream she gave out, was like that of the years gone by. She just threw her head back, and let it go. Towards the end of GDW, we noticed excessive dance movements, more then we had seen during any part of this tour. Stevie was there to ENTERTAIN, and to let us all get out of the "real world" for one night. She had lots of smiles, and the audience adored her.

During Stand Back, she twirled from one side of the stage to the next, fast head was spinning just watching her, she had walked over to Waddy at one point, and laid her head on his shoulder, and then at the end of Stand Back, of course we got a high kick but then she went on to even more twirls. After the song was over, she had taken her hair back, and tried to cool down for a second and said " WOW You are all making this old lady really work" It was tooooooo cute! She even told more of the Planets of the Universe story tonight, saying how angry she was when she had written it and how "If I had my life to live over....I would never dream" how angry she was, and to this day, people will walk up to her and ask her what that line meant (of course she did not explain that to us:)

Fall From Grace.....this song had TONS of energy....the hands and the feet were flying around, she was kind of marching up and down in place, her body just into singing and performing this song with her heart and soul, and of course us faithful fans KNOW that is our cue to get to the stage......fortunately lots of people in my area had comp seats, and had NO Clue what to do, so I was lucky enough to be the first person waiting to get to the stage. Security would NOT let us go to the stage, we tried to explain that Stevie allows this every show. They guy did not believe us, and would look at Stevie,as if waiting for her to say it was ok......even Carlos noticed this and was VERY unhappy, Stevie would look at us, as if to say, it was out of her hands. Then the fate from the God's shone down on us.......Security was distracted for 1/2 a second, and we took off, and got to the center of the stage.......and Stevie SMILED....Only a handful of people got to be in the front of the was only 2 to 3 people deep the length of the stage. . During Edge of 17, she really let out a scream, but during the song, Stevie kind of had her eyes closed, and her emotions were getting the best of her, only when she went to shake her fans hands, did she finally smile.. Stevie got some great gifts.....someone gave her a flag, and she waved it for a few seconds, someone else made her a GORGEOUS wreath, which she promptly put on her head....then she came to my section, and I had taken off my necklace to give to hear, and she said " Oh how pretty, I will be back for that" but her security person took it from me, and Stevie took my hand and smiled and said " Thank you baby" and then she reached back and took Jan and my husbands hands, and smiled and moved on..................

As she was saying good bye before her encore (gorgeous wreath still on her head) she got very emotional, and choked back the tears...a few tears did manage to escape though. For Has Anyone Ever Written Anything For You, Stevie donned that gorgeous hat, and she sang this with such emotion and strong voice. During the piano part people were screaming "We love you" I just yelled "THANK YOU STEVIE" and she looked right at me and smiled......eye to eye contact, it was great. Everyone of course was yelling for "one more song" and I think for a half a minute, the band thought about it......but it did not happen.....Stevie wished us good luck, happiness and great health, and thanked God that we had all made it....... I just wanna thank Stevie so much for the show we all needed. The performance was like non other I have seen since probably 1986. She was wild, mystical, and totally in touch with her audience..and THAT is why we love Stevie the most.....I must add this was my parents FIRST Stevie concert...and my mom can not say enough wonderful things about Stevie (They are the same age) now my Mom is asking when the next show is...and if we can get tickets.....she is THINKING of going to the AHI show in December.......thanks for reading.and THANK YOU STEVIE!!!!!

On this night, the entire audience stood proud and sang the Star Spangled Banner to open the nights events. About 10:15 p.m. Stevie took the stage, she was terrific. At times, she made reference to the weeks events and that she was even in NY this week. She told us that during the week she didn't know if she could do the show and how she basically ...she pulled it together. She told us how she wanted to take us away from all of that for 2 hrs... and by the audience's reaction....she did. Her voice was strong and filled with a passion for her music, she was energetic and she was at her finest. She conveyed to the audience a real sense that she was doing what she does best .......performing and taking people to a happier place. The song set was similar to the Jones Beach show, but minus was "Bombay Sapphire". Rhiannon was incredible and Standback was the show stopper for me. Throughout the evening, she sang her heart out, she twirled and gave us her famous Stevie kick. With the events in NYC and our nation this week, the evening started off on a somber note, within a short period of time the audience was standing, clapping, and dancing in there seats. Thanks, Stevie !

I haven't written reviews for the other shows I've seen on this tour, but I felt particularly inspired at this point and this is what I wrote:

What a special evening it was in Atlantic City last night as Stevie welcomed us and suggested that we all take two hours to come into her world to escape from the horrors of the past week. A large American flag hung above the stage, a red/white/blue ribbon bow decorating the front of Stevie's microphone stand, small flags waving in the was hard not to be stirred by overwhelming emotion as Stevie gave what was (in my own opinion) her best performance of the tour so far. It was inspiring to hear her strengthened voice and renewed energy after her recent bout with bronchitis....our beloved diva was twirling like crazy onstage at the Taj. I noticed some small lyrical ad libs which seemed so appropriate for this particular week, such as "You pick your path and then you pay for it" during Gold Dust Woman and ending the song Everyday with the chilling "Every day.... until it's over."

Clutching our sticks festooned with red/white/blue streamers and glittery white doves, my friend Kathy and I were able to get to the stage during the drum solo with a small number of other fans but then security blocked the aisles and prevented anyone else from getting up there....we thought that was strange until Donald Trump himself was right behind us, waiting for Stevie to appear....and since he owns the Taj Mahal, I guess security was protecting him and allowing him some space. As she made her way across the stage during Edge Of Seventeen, we gave her our doves and Stevie held my hands for a moment. As we locked eyes, I spoke to Stevie and her smile quivered as she answered, it brought tears to my eyes. I wonder sometimes if this magical woman realizes the extent of how her simple touch, her smile just totally warms our I have been a devoted fan for 25 years, her face is as comforting and familiar to me as that of my best friends and family and I know so many other fans feel the same way. After donning the already-beloved top hat with giant feathers, Stevie approached the microphone to begin Has Anyone Every Written Anything For You and I was close enough to see her wipe a stream of tears from her cheek before she was able to start singing...her rendition of the song was poignant and strong...Kathy and I looked at each other a couple of times, our own eyes brimming with tears. Like everyone else, after the tragedies of September 11, I talked to so many of the people I care about.... just touching base for reassurance....seeing Stevie on September 15 was rather like checking in with the last of my loved ones and knowing that she was alright somehow made the whole week a little less painful and filled my heart with hope. And then upon waking in the morning, I find that Stevie has shared her journal entries about September 11 with us on the Nicks Fix, which was just the most beautiful gift. Thank you, always, your words reach us on the most very personal's no wonder why you are so precious to us.

Love, Susan

Donna,Frank,Theresa, Melissa,Jesse and Alexis Macaluso
My husband and I took 4 of our children to see Stevie in AC..Their ages are 9.11.15 and 18..They had the best time..This was their first concert..I have been a Stevie fan since the early days of Fleetwood Mac..This was the 2nd time we saw her this summer..My husband and I went to the PNC Center..Although the set list was the same, the energy in this venue was much more evident..The cheering for the National Anthem touched us all deeply.. The show was awesome..The audience was full of energy..Stevie although weary and heavy hearted from the horrific events of Sept.11,2001, was magical! Her voice sounded perfect... Edge of Seventeen is my childrens favorite song, and they were on their feet singing and cheering when the opening rif was played.. We were all so touched by Stevies words, and her strength to go on, and give us at least 2 hours to put aside our heartache and sorrow.. Thankyou Stevie for a magical night we all needed so much!

I've been a Stevie fan for as long as I can remember. I'm 22 years old and I was brought up on Stevie's music. This was my second time seeing her live. The first concert was at Camden in July. But her concert on Saturday was much louder ( I guess because my seats were good this time- 18th row, center) The Band California opened for Stevie and were so greatful that someone gave them the time of day. They said they were struggling to make it big after being together for five years. They were good, though. The were nervous and jittery, but they were good. I believe they might make it. But I couldn't help thinking about Stevie's entrance the entire time California played. The anticipation was insane. Then it happend. All we heard was " I HEAR THERE'S TROUBLE IN SHANGRI-LA, YOU CAN CONSUME ALL THE BEAUTY IN THE ROOM, BABY". Everyone rose for the gypsy to take the stage. And she did. The roar from the crowd was deafening. Stevie came to the center of the stage and said: " Hello everybody. Thank you for coming" She then said " I was in NY when the attacks happend, but I was OK" " With everything going on, I wasn't sure if this concert was gonna happen. But I figured we needed to get away from the craziness for a little while. I"m so glad you are all here in front of me, you are all precious. I love you all. Now, let's rock for the next two hours." And rock she did. From the beginning to the end. She didn't miss a beat. She was energetic and loud. She spoke with the crowd between songs. She talked about her and Lindsay's break up and that's how Planets of the Universe came about. She said " It was the break up of all break ups".

When Stevie started her twirls to the stage for the intro of Gold Dust Woman, the crowd fell under her spell. Everyone was on their feet. It sent chills down my spine to hear her belt out the final "AAhhs" of GDW. And of course, Rhiannon, Stand Back, Dreams were all better than ever. The new hits were great, too. She did do the signature kick for the end of Stand Back. She's so awesome and she knows it. For "Fall from Grace", Stevie shows all those who doubt she can rock at the age of 53. She literally shook the arena. Waddy played the guitar like I've never heard. The inro to Edge of 17 was the best. It went on forever but everyone loved it. Stevie came out in her white shawl and sung her heart out. She didn't hold anything back. She belted out the " OOOOOOOOOHHHHAAAAAAA" like she did back in her earlier days. I must say I was jealous of the people who got to touch her at the end of 17. They don't know how lucky they are. Anyway, it was ending and I knew it. The tears fell off and on throughout the show, but I couldn't control it during 17. My boyfriend kept telling me " It's ok, we'll see her again. I promise" Stevie came back out for the encore. She sung I need to Know and Has Anyone Ever Written Anything for you. I was crying so hard but I could still see the top hat with the white feathers. That voice of hers is so haunting. At the end came " Poets, priests of nothing, legends". And it was over. Unfortunately, it was over. Stevie left the stage and my heart broke. But she told us she would see all of us again. The woman is so inspirational and moving. I hope she knows how many lives she touches. She has touched mine forever. She is the queen.

Patty Conner
Stevie was wonderful. She looked and sounded beautiful, she was in perfect voice , she took her time with us, talking and telling storys . It was the first time my daughter Katie (16) saw her and she was as moved as her Mother. Thank you Stevie for making us feel a little better this week!

Driving down to see the show I couldn't sit still in the car. After finally getting to the arena , it was a packed house, and getting to my seat I waited impationatly for the house lights to go down and for Stevie to appear on stage. The show was undescribable. It is something you have to see for yourself. Her band played incredable and Stevie'e presance was magical. Her voice was strong and powerful. One of the best shows I have ever seen. During the show she said that she was in New York and saw the devistation and was about to cancel, but then she said if we can just try to have fun and escape even if it's only for two hours then she did some good. And I believe she did. She was very sincere and I believe happy that she could bring some joy and happiness to so many people durning one of our darkest times. She was an insperation and I can't wait to see her again on stage.

stevie was excellent !!!!! i liked when she commented on being in ny at the time of the attack...she said how bad it was and that she really didnt want to do the show but thought that two hours away from it all would be a good thing.....she was absolutly right....another good thing...i was in the hard rock cafe and heard stevie was in there the nite before the show and she was very open talking to everyone and was really nice...wish i was there!!!! im so lucky that my favorite singer is still as good as she ever was and is at peace with herself..... let me not forget...her camden show was great too!!!!!!!

Lisa Wardle
It was pretty surreal. The whole thing from the time Stevie entered the stage till she walked off. In light of the tragedy, Stevie stayed strong. She was shinning beneath the American flag and feeling the tragedy as she was singing. I saw her in Camden, NJ as well and in Atlantic City and there was a different energy. A call for everyone to stick together and take nothing for granted-- that we tell each other how much we care and love! This is when Stevie shines. This is her heart and soul. And this is what I love most about her. She absorbs everything. She sees it, feels it and is able to capture it for what it is -- whether it is tragedy or something good. It is already in her songs, and I believe we will hear more from her because of this. I wanted to see Stevie so much because I don't know how much of our normalcy we'll get back. What an outlet for us. To glimpse her again brought me joy, even in this compelling sadness, because I know how much she feels and that it is real and I wouldn't want to be in a room with anyone else. Keep breathing life in and out, Stevie. In this consciousness there is pain, but there also lies realness and survival. Thank you for your words you share with us so deeply.

Hi Everyone~ I attended the Atlantic City show on Sept 15. The show started right on time and before the cover band came on the Star Spangled Banner was sung. Many people wore red, white and blue and carried and waved flags. In the autotoriem itself hung a huge American flag. Looking around the venue I did not see a single seat that was unaccopied. The people who were sitting in front of me drove from Maine and Boston to see the show. People chanted U. S. A. throughout the show. The cover band "California" did the cover of Bruce Springsteen's "Born to Run". They did an excellent job and there was unity in the air. As well all know Stevie hangs ribbons from her mic. This night they were Red, White and Blue. She also had a small American flag hanging from her mic as well. She thanked everyone from coming and expressed her feeling that she wasnt sure if she could even do this show. She said, "if only for a few hours maybe we can find some relief in the music. Everyone cheered. She perfomed exceptionally. This is the 4th time I have seen her this tour and by far she sounded her best that evening. Her set list was not the same. It is as followed: 1) stop draggin my heart around 2) Enchanted, 3)Dreams, 4)Gold Dust Woman, 5)Everyday, 6) Soceerer, 7)Rhiannon, 8)Stand Back, 9) Planets of the Universe, 10)To Far From Texas, 11)Fall From Grace, 12) Edge of 17. The encore was Need to Know and lastly as usual "has anyone ever written anything for you". She wished everyone peace and to continue to be safe. It was a wonderful show. Considering I grew up 3 miles from the World Trade Center and now live 2 hours from there I certainly felt a sense of peace in this time of great tragedy in our nation. God Bless America

Lyn Gilbert
I was so thrilled to get tickets to see Stevie. I hadn't seen her perform solo - only with Fleetwood Mac years ago. She came on stage and was so radiant and luminous. I felt her magic once again and was so amazed at how strong her voice was. She was confident and strong and just enjoying herself. I wish I had known sooner so I could have gotten seats closer to the stage. I saw a man walk to the third row with what appeared to be a huge bouquet of white roses and I prayed he'd be able to give them to her. >From what I could see, I think he gave them to somebody who was in the front row and she got them. I was so happy for him because the look on his face when he walked to his seat was one of hope and anticipation. I went out to buy TISL the following day and two verses stuck in my head. I sang them over and over on Monday night till I had them memorized and sang them for the rest of the week. After Tuesday's terrorist attack, I was numb - totally numb and I couldn't cry. Those two verses kept me sane and focused during work because I couldn't take any time to cry or scream. I had to be strong for about 50 people when all I wanted to do was lock my desk and go to New York City to help in some way, any way. I felt like a robot by the end of the week. Sleep was a rare commodity and I couldn't wait until the weekend just to be around my cats. On Saturday (9/15) morning, I logged onto Nicks Fix and the same two verses were posted under the waving flag. That did it - I cried and cried and got out a lot of the shock, sorrow and anger. I am so thrilled that Stevie's lyrics connected with me to the point where I could release the pain I was feeling and start to deal with all the horrible emotions coursing thru me. She is so honest and true in her feelings and nobody else in rock and roll can come close to her. Maybe Backstreet has staying power, but the rest? Heck, no. They have no idea what honest feeling is and that will be their loss. Stevie, thank you so much for just being you. After reading your diary, I see a lot of songs coming from you in the future and they will be gut-wrenching. With the grace of the Divine, I'll get front row seats (money will not be an issue) and be able to connect with you. You are the best and I am honored to call myself a long-time Stevie Nicks fan.

Scott Batchelor
I want you to remember. She sang as if we'd never heard those words before Tonight Ms Nicks, enchanted us all leading us away from the reality of the terror out side the walls. She asked that we go with her, Like Rhiannon casting her delicate wings around the war torn soldiers Stevie took us away into her Shangri La world The concert tonight was just what I needed being away from my loved ones for a week and just trying to bear this whole experience. I didn't look forward to this show for fear that it would be just too somber but Stevie asked our permission for us to leave this world behind for 2 hours and to go with her where the music would fill us and comfort us And it did the room was filled with the sounds of her haunting voice the Shangri La Set was it self a mystical place it was totally Stevie. When Edge of Seventeen started to play I turned to the guys I was with and asked if they were going to rush the stage They said No, but are you? I said simply Yes and how I pointed down the row out that way I made my way down the very small isle and got to the security guard who stood there with this arms behind his back. I asked if I could go further And he simply said No. I said well am I gonna have to move and he said, Well I cant leave here. I have to say right here he let me stand thereabout 5 feet away from Stevie and the stage. She came out and started to sing when she ended the set, She wished everyone Love and Best Wishes. She returned for I Need To Know her face was full of Emotion and what seemed like anger as the song came to a very fast close. She handed the tambourine to Sharon and walked off the stage shaking her head.

Just prior during Stand Back she exclaimed, where does an old woman like me get this? Energy to do this? She laughed and smiled but now the end was here. Has Anyone Ever Written Anything for You began and Stevie Reappeared...Tears were streaming down her face - she wiped away them the best she could. She was over taken by the emotion of the song something took her to Tuesday as she sang In all this Darkness unlike the true lyric in all your darkest hours. She was frustrated by the lack of true mystical power she did not possess but still her magic flowed like a river around everyone in the Arena. During Gold Dust she said the line you pick your path AND YOU PAY - YOU PAYFOR IT. How real the voice was that screamed that line she was saying - it like a mother confronting her child's killer. You pay for it! .Stevie set the world apart tonight, I'm so glad that I got to see this SHOW of all the shows on her tour. This one will be the one that I REMEMBER because for just a moment in my life I stood 5 feet away from her as she sang and as she took me away from my pain. And did what she had done for me almost 16 years ago when I first saw her. She was the fairy queen called forth to help in Shangrila to let us know that There is still Trouble in Shangri Land can it ever be the same again. I don;t know - I don't think so but for tonight I'm feeling a little better about life and about the world. Thank you Stevie. Forever Yours, Scott Batchelor__

Jen, Misty, Danny, Linda
I just returned from the Atlantic City show and now I am back to reality. Stevie was her wonderful self, but you could tell that the strain of recent events was on her mind too. She took us away for a couple of hours, feeding off of our energy as we fed off of hers. She touched each of our hearts with her kind and mysterious words. The crowd was afire all in red, white and blue. Unity, patriotism, and pain filled the room. Stevie's voice was majestic, her presence overwhelming. The queen of rock was in our presence, inspiring mind, spirit and soul. In this time of mourning, we thank you so much, Stevie, for giving us a reason to celebrate. We love you so much, you are a true inspiration. GOD BLESS AMERICA!!


What can I say? This is my second time seeing Stevie this summer and this time was better than the first. Everyone in the audience was so pleased and happy that the show was not canceled. She told us to sit back and turn ourselves over to the music and to them on stage. It was magical. She gave herself to us tenfold. Her voice was amazing, magical and mystical just like it is on her CD.'s The band was great as well. I was the last row in section H and I still was able to see the whole stage and saw everything that went on. I loved it.

I have loved Stevie since I was a little girl and now to be 31 years old and have her bring back the same feelings you have when you are a little kid is wonderful. The feeling I got, to see my idol on stage brougt tears to my eyes. Stars of today cannot hold a candle to her. You have to have some magical quality to have lasted almost 30 yeas in the music industry and still have the ability to pack a room. Stevie has that quality. Her voice just captures you and every song takes you on an incredible emotional journey. She makes you feel her pain through love and bad realtionships and then gently places you down in to reality at the end of a song with a triumphant feeling. I don't know what else to say. After what happend in N.Y. on Tuesday, the whole night lifted everyone's feelings. You left the Trump feeling happy and inspired. It was just totally amazing.



Michael McDonald
What a night. It was very emotional for everyone this the first concert after what have happened on Tuesday. Stevie said that she was in New York when this happend and did not know if if can do this show. Before the show i was listening to her sound check with "Everyday" & "Stop Draggin' My Heart Around". After the sound check i could not believe my eyes, Mindy Stein, walk out the front where everyone would go in and she was talking to some of the fans and she walked right by me. During the show we got another suprise Donld Trump came in to listen to Stevie perform. Everyone was yelling "DONALD". This is my second show for the "Trouble Tour". I saw her at PNC Bank Arts Center. And it was just about the same show. It was great and wonderful like she always is.

Set List : Bootyluious Trouble Intro Stop Draggin My Heart Around Enchanted Dreams Gold Dust Woman Everyday Sorcerer Rhiannon Stand Back Planets Of The Universe Too Far From Texas Fall From Grace Edge Of Seventeen I Need To Know Has Anyone Every Written Anything For You

This was the same set list as PNC Bank Arts Center with one exception - Bombay Sapphires was played at PNC betwen Fall From Grace and Edge Of 17.

I'm Stacy I'm 21 from PA. I was at the Atlantic City NJ concert. An all i can truly say is that Stevie was just so wonderful. She took us out of the war thats going on and into her world for awhile. And she was just truly amazing and kept it together the whole time. I remember her saying "I was in New York when it happened" and words can't explain it". And then she said "Enough about that, lets get out of this world for awhile". AND SHE WAS JUST SO WONDERFUL. I will rember that night as long as I live. Stevie I Love You. *~Peace,Love,Forever~*

Jim Griffin
You have to know it's going to be a magical evening in New Jersey when a recorded version of the national anthem gets a standing ovation. That's the way it started in Atlantic City, NJ at the Taj Mahal, at the end of a week that has changed the world. Stevie almost cancelled this performance, in addition to the Radio City Music Hall gig, but to paraphrase Stevie, we all needed to get to another place for two hours where we could enjoy some wonderful music.

California was the opening band, and they played some good, straight forward rock 'n' roll for about 45 minutes. They finished with a nice rendition of Springsteen's Born To Run, although in the great state of NJ, that can be considered sacrilege, especially without the great saxophone of Clarence Clemons. Stevie then hit the stage a little after ten. I really have to tell you..Stevie's voice has never sounded better. It was strong and hit all the right spots. From Stop Draggin' My Heart Around through Has Anyone Ever Written..., she held the audience spellbound. Her stories about her songs were great. And the opening to Edge of Seventeen was outstanding, especially with Waddy Wachtel's guitar work. Any of the new songs from TISL could easily become concert standards, too. In closing, there's really nothing new I can add that the other reviews haven't already noted. Go see Stevie. You can count on having a night you will not forget.

  more reviews coming......

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