Stevie Nicks

Trouble in Shangri-la

9/22/01 Chastain Park Amphitheatre Atlanta GA

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Darryl Abbott
Words cannot express the happiness and love that Stevie brought to our city of Atlanta at Chastain Amphitheatre this past weekend. My wife Laurie and I were lucky enough to get tickets on the main floor and when we were allowed to move to the stage and see her up close, it was a very special moment for the both of us. We have both loved Stevie and her music since her early days and this is the first time we were able to get this close to her. As like many others who love her we have waited for her in the cold of night, in very long lines and dealt with "not so nice" people in the crowds. But once again, we felt the warmth of her love in her music, her words and she made it all worthwhile again just as she always does.

When Stevie walked down the edge of the stage to touch her begging fans, there was a security guard between Laurie and the stage. Laurie is small, around 4'10" and could not reach Stevie's hand. I am over 6 feet tall, but I could not reach Laurie to lift her up so I reached out my hand and for a split second time stood still for me. Stevie grabbed my hand firmly and looked directly into my eyes. For that brief moment I honestly felt Stevie's love in her warm touch and I saw it in her soul through the windows of her eyes. I told Laurie I was sorry that I could not lift her up to touch Stevie and she said "I don't care that I could not reach her, just to be that close to her was wonderful and I will never forget it". I have always read things about Stevie being mystical, magical and that she practices magic and wears crystals, etc. All I can say is that Stevie is mystical and magical, but she does not need crystals or anything else. I know the true source of her magic is the love in her heart. Stevie we love you,

Stevie was absolutely spectacular! I was fortunate enough to have met her once back in Birmingham when she was with Buckingham Nicks in 1975. I have so much admiration for her. I've always been a fan & followed her for years. It was such a long time ago. I wish I could meet her again. I know she & I both have gone through numerous changes over the years. I was so happy to be able to see the concert with my two sisters. I was afraid she'd cancel due to the event on Sept.11th. The (dark day) we'll all remember. Thank "God" & "Stevie" that we had a couple of hours of peace. My favorite songs were "Fall From Grace" & "Planets of the Universe; however all of the songs she sang were great! I never sat down throughout the whole concert. I was rockin' & rollin' & dancing. Her voice & the sound system were fantastic! It's was a very memorable night....I'll never forget.Thank you Stevie.

Jeannie Griffin
Has Any One Ever Written Anything For You
In Your Darkest Hour, Have You Ever Heard Stevie Sing, Well Listen To Her Now............

Stevie was so happy and cheerful Sat.Sept.22 at Chastain Park.Her voice is so powerful now that she is well. I saw her in Atlanta July 30. Her voice was just not there.But now she is back.She sang every high note that could be possible.

My sister in Panama City Beach wanted me to go see Stevie with her.She said her husband would buy my ticket for my birthday, so who am I to turn that down. ( Thank You So Much Tommey) ,My other sister wanted to go also. So I drove us all from Birmingham Al. to Atlanta.On the way we stopped at my Aunt's house in Atlanta.We have not seen her in three years. It was good to see her and my Uncle while we were there.They could not believe how much of a Stevie fan that I really was.

When Stevie came out on stage she was welcomed by a huge crowd of fans.She said she wanted to take us away for just a little while because it would be good for all of us. Of course I was taken away the entire time!

When Stevie was talking about the song Planet Of The Universe, she said that she really loves this song and that it was her favorite song. When she has written songs about Linsey and herself, these songs are very special to her.I could not hear alot of what Stevie was saying because of people who do not know how to be quite while she is talking. Most of us feel that when Stevie is talking it means a great deal to us and we want to hear everything that she has to say.It's like she is talking and a ton of people are Yelling"Stevie We love You".Over and over and over, Can you people just shut up and wait until she stops talking because she does not stop talking,she just keeps on talking and then It's like oh well I didn't hear what she said about that song.I was sitting in section CO on the side of the stage. I could see her go back stage to change her shawls.I also could see a lady holding Stevie's dog Sarabella.I wish she had brought her on stage like she did in Nashville.But she did not! I did see the little Stevie doll ,it was very very cute!

The picture that someone was holding up trying to give Stevie was also great.I have a photo of you holding it up.I have a picture of Stevie that I did with charcoal when I was in high school in 83.The picture that someone was holding up looked like it was done with pencil or charcoal.It was like B/W. Someone gave Stevie a small bear, she sat it over there where she keeps her cup then she went over to her mic to tell everyone thank you for coming and to stay safe and all of that -that I could not hear.

I love you Stevie! And I'm like still waiting to meet you one day.I have been waiting for a very long time,since1975 Mick said Stevie ,this is just one more link in the chain, do not break the chain please, And I say, Well I have to believe him. Can't wait,

I saw Stevie in July and had to come back, no matter what. This time my friends and I had good seats and were able to go up to the stage during Edge of Seventeen where we could see every expression on her face. Stevie is a great artist but she is something much more. I think what makes her so great is her love, loyalty, and devotion to people. A lot of performers do their thing and are somewhat detached from the audience but Stevie looks into your eyes and sees into your soul. In this sense she is a true healer, not just an entertainer. People need this so much, especially now. I must add that I read her journal entries about how she wasn't sure whether she should be performing after the recent tragedies, but I am so glad she decided to do it. Very few humans have that gift and have taken care of it. It is a joy to see someone who does excercising her gift regardless of the horror in the world. It shows that the bad cannot suppress the good. Stevie speaks for life and this is her greatest gift of all. Take care of yourself, Stevie, and remember that what you do is as important as the other contributions people are making in these days. It's deeper than just entertainment.

Oh my gosh, the concert was out of this world. I felt like I was waiting for a movie star who was long gone. Stevie in my eyes echoes the times of Harlow, Garbo, and Monroe who have been long gone. However, we as fans are fortunately lucky to see her in person. When I first saw her, I remembered how surprise to find how short she was because when I was a kid, the album cover of Bella Donna made her appeared to be a tall lady. She is a tall lady but not in height. I sorta knew the schedule of songs because I read the details of her concert from the NixFix. Stevie really rocked and was happy.

I think Atlanta is special to her in a way because she returned two months later and hasn't done that for any other city. My roommate Richard, who has always been hollering about me playing nothing but Stevie Nicks CDs, was hollering "we love you Stevie." The magic really hit Atlanta that night despite the tragedy the nation has suffered. It was real nice Stevie mentioned the tragedy briefly, which made her message more strongly, we will not let terrorism stop us as a nation.

There were only two disappointments. Stevie was talking. True, the mike was low but the drunks in the crowd were drowning her out. Stevie's stories about her songs make the concerts more interesting. Also, "Bombay Sapphire," Stevie's favorite song from her new album was not performed. I hope this was not a reflection to the rudeness of the drunks at the concert in Atlanta. The other fans really care about her and want to remember her performance, so we don't drink alcohol, at least for the performance. Lastly, my greatest wish is to meet Stevie Nicks one day. I admire her bravery to talk about her past addiction problem but not least, how her songs have helped me through many times of depression. She is my female Michael A'ngelo. I love you Stevie. Love, Perry

A Doc in Florida
I feel extremely blessed to have been able to see Stevie for the second time at Chastain Park this summer.Even though she did come to my state(Florida), Chastain is such a beautiful place to see Stevie sing, and definitely worth the drive. I was so impressed by the fact that Stevie put aside her own fears and decided to finish the tour. I hope she realizes how much we appreciate her talent and ability to "take us away" for a while, and she definitely DID THAT on Saturday night!

Her voice was as beautiful as I have ever heard from her, and the band was excellent.Stevie is such a genuine, "real" person, and definitely conveys that to her is NO WONDER that she has such a loyal following...and always will! Stevie, you are truly a gift from God, and may you "rock" until you are 100 years old...I can promise I will still be there to listen to you!
For those of you who have not yet seen Stevie's show this year, you will not be disappointed!

Diane Hudson
Absolute magic! Stevie invited us to rise above recent tragic events for just a little while. Praise to her for helping us do just that! I was enchanted!

This concert was a 12 year anniversary getaway for us. I am in the US Air Force stationed at Robins AFB, GA. With the recent tragedy, I did not know if I would be able to attend, even though I had prepaid, nonrefundable tickets. Luckily for us we did not deploy before the concert. I am arguably the most persistent Stevie Nicks fan. It seems she is thinking of me and my life when she sings. I usually get goosebumps listening to her CDs, and I thought that would be the extent of my emotions during this concert, but without my wife knowing, I cried during Everyday. I wish we could have met and talked with Stevie Nicks. I understand why not. Keep the faith we will overcome.

Thank you Stevie for taking us away from it all for the evening.

God has blessed you with two gifts........The ability to write your thoughts onto paper and your beautiful voice. You have chosen to share these gifts with the world. It is not enough to have a beautiful voice, or to be able to write songs. You sing from your heart, and by doing that you have touched the hearts of so many people.

You are a Very Special Lady! God Bless you!

Chris McLeod
Hey. I was in the Orchestra Row G Seat 6.... I just got back from the Stevie Nicks show in Atlanta. I saw her for my first time ever on July 30 in Atlanta..and I couldn't NOT come back..I just had to! The set list was the same as the last show in Atlanta except minus Bombay Sapphires.. It didnt make it shorter..they added length to the show with percussion and guitar solos... WHAT AN AWESOME SHOW THOUGH! WOW! I knew when they played Bootylicious and tricked everyone it was all about to happy...then the Trouble in SHANGRI LA vocal arrangement... Before California came out they played the National Anthem...and a big huge american flag was up...everyone loved that! She didnt mention the attacks much except "From all thats gone on the past week..lets just step away from that for a little while and get wrapped up in the music..we need it" or something like that... This crowd seemed much wilder than the last time I saw her was great and PACKED...women AND men wearing Stevie attire.. I'm hoarse now but thats ok! I didnt sit down during any song!

The new songs were very well received...and of course what got the biggest responses were "Dreams," "Gold Dust Woman" "Rhiannon "Edge of Seventeen," and "Stand Back." "Fall from Grace" was awesome...her voice is sooo strong again and it showed.....she was so happy and powerful. She did a VERY LONG and awesome gold dust woman scream and a great EDGE OF 17 scream also....of course she did a high Stand Back kick and much dancing throughout the whole show. The band was great as was the vocals. She had the huge black hat with the feather for Has Anyone Ever Written Anything For You...which is a sight! During EDGE OF 17..she did her stroll along the stage greeting fans...she got a lot flowers...a HUGE picture someone drew of her...a ring which she put on, and lots of other stuff..someone gave her a teddy bear which she held through the end of EDGE OF 17...which was an AWESOME was truly an unforgettable night. No signs of past Bronchitis here...she was hitting the high notes and going all out like STEVIE NICKS! She was magic...

Timothy Dobson
Hi There, My Name is Timothy Dobson, last time I did a fan review was when Stevie was at the Oak Mtn Theatre in Birmingham, AL 2 Years ago.. Well this time I was (hate to say )a little disappointed. The opening act did a great Job, Stevie was in great form as usual....I have no complaints about her show....I was located in Row H maybe just a little over 50 feet from the stage and I couldn't hear that well.. The songs came off fine. Only when Stevie started talking to the crowd.. noone could hear her.. Singing Yes, Speaking, No Plus I don't think she even knew it.. People were shouting Turn it up.. But you know how those sound people are..(I am one). I have worked for the music group Alabama for years in Jeff Cook's Sudio (Cook Sound). I just don't believe the house system was big enough for the Venue.... But Stevie You Did Great! I really enjoyed the show......Maybe next time I can get a closer seat. Enjoyed it and looking forward to seeing you again.

"And the Summer became the Fall..." It was the Autumnal Equinox and it couldn't have been a more perfect day in Atlanta. By the time Stevie came on stage a little after 9PM it was a clear and very pleasant night. This is the eighth time I've seen her with or without Fleetwood Mac, but was my 12 year old daughter's first time. She has been raised on a steady stream of Fleetwood Mac and Stevie and was very excited to get a T-shirt that she could wear to school on Monday. Stevie looked absolutely beautiful as she launched into Stop Draggin' My Heart Around. At the end of the song she spoke to the audience for the first of many times. I think she spoke for all of us when she said how important it was for all of us to be there tonight. How the best thing we could do was to not forget what had happened, but to continue on with our way of life, and, at least for a couple of hours, come together to forget the troubles in the world. She bonded all of us for that time with her love and her music and at least for a short while allowed us peace.

The crowd was on it's feet for most of the concert as Stevie went from one great song to the next, Often taking time to talk to the audience and share personal stories behind the songs. I must say in all the times I've seen her live or on TV I don't think I've ever heard her sound better. Her voice was powerful and often sent chills through me and I'm sure the rest of the audience as well. She is truly a one of a kind performer. She was very energetic through the whole show often dancing, twirling and high kicking. The rest of the band was it's usual stellar self as Stevie has always been able to surround her self with nothing but the best musicians and back up singers. Each song was better then the last with Stevie going through the whole range of emotions as she sang. The show was over far to soon, but, my daughter, my self and her legions of loyal fans thank her for giving so much of her self to us. We can't wait for the Fleetwood Mac tour to see her again.

Renee, Pete & Sarah,
We just returned home from one of the best concerts we have ever seen. We drove 4 hours from Florida to see one of the greatest women of rock & roll!! In our opinion the GREATEST! She took us into her music for two hours and left us enchanted!

Every song was absolutely inspiring! We seen her with Fleetwood Mac in '97 during the 'DANCE' tour and she sounds better than ever. Stevie we hope you continue to make music for many years to come. I remember her saying before she left that she has many more songs and we could keep doing this for a long time. I certainly hope so Stevie! We have been enjoying your music for 25 years and hope to be listening for another 25! Can't wait until the next time when we can see her again! We had the pleasure of having a young Stevie Nicks fan with us (14 yrs). This was her first concert and what a great way to start. Stevie your words and music inspire us all, young and older!! DON'T STOP EVER!!

Christen Ponder
What an enchanted evening it was! I didn't think there was any way Stevie could top her performance from her July 30 show in Atlanta, but boy was I wrong! From the opening song, it was clear to see that Stevie was in rare form. Her voice was electric and mesmerizing, holding the crowd under a magical spell for nearly 2 hours. She seemed to be more comfortable with the crowd than last time and that showed as she had a lot more fun on stage. Although I have only been a fan of hers for a few years, I feel a close connection with her music that I have never been able to find in that of any other artist. That is why seeing her in concert meant so much to me.

Before tonight's show, the highlight of my concert going career was just seeing her for the first time this past July. But tonight's experience surpassed my previous highlight because I was one of the lucky fans who was able to get close enough to shake Stevie's hand. I almost got trampled in the process, but it was well worth the risk. What a perfect ending to a wonderful night! This truly was an experience that I will never forget and one that I will hold dear for the rest of my life. Thanks, Stevie!

Carly Byrd
Okay, so I must share my incredible night with everyone...I attended the 2nd Atlanta show last night at Chastain. I had pretty good seats, on one of the last rows of the pit. The opening band, "California," rocked hard, they have achieved that Heartbreakers/Mellencamp classic rock sound that we all love. Then SHE enters. So, as Stevie begins the ever-enchanting "Dreams" I recognized the drummer, Max, from "California"...he was standing right in front of me! I complimented him on their performance and we began talking. He left me three times but came back every time. The third time was at the very end of the long instrumental part of the concert which (as we all know) precedes "Edge of Seventeen." Well, he grabbed my hand and we headed for the stage...he got me as close as physically possible and sure enough, Stevie sweetly shook my hands and said, in her comforting, precious voice, "Well, Hello." We stayed there for the remainder of the concert, during which I took an entire roll of film. I got a set list from the stage and Max signed a copy of their cd for was hands-down the best concert experience of my life, thanks to Max.

I had no idea what to really expect when my friend asked me if I wanted to go to the Stevie Nicks concert. My memory of Stevie really began in 1979 , with my first LP or "Vinyl" as it is called today I wore my record needle out playing it for days on end. I had not realized it until last night in Atlanta, but I really did find peace in Stevie's voice Her soothing yet raspy voice made this 16 year old boys heart melt. Last night when Stevie performed her last song, " Has anyone ever wrote anything for you?" I stood there completely mesmerized and teary eyed. It was really magical.

You see, my friend that asked me to go is 24, and like myself, he now gets his Peace from Stevie's songs! I carried her music with me through the 80's, had gone through her 8-tracks, Cassettes and Now CD's, which are mostly Fleetwood Mac, but that now is going to change.
To me the understanding did not come until that incredibly beautiful, calm September night in the South's Capitol, Atlanta, Ga.

What the stage lacked with it's "Enchanted Forrest" look, Stevie made up for in her outfits, frequently walking off stage after a set, only to come back dressed more famously as before. Her music sounded flawless, so crisp, correct, Dvd quality!

I must admit that Classic Stevie is my favorite, but my friend lives by the words of her new work. He stood up and felt Stevie's magic when she performed "Planets of the Universe," "To far from Texas" and Enchanted. But my time is marked by more Stevie songs than him, as I got to my feet during "Stop Dragging my Heart around" "Gold Dust woman, 'Dreams," "Stand Back, "Edge of Seventeen" and of course the aforementioned "Has anyone ever wrote anything for you"? In light of America's recent Tragedy, the night healed me a little as I was able to find that Peace Stevie is able to deliver in her music. It was simply magical!

Never have Stevie's fans needed her more than we did Saturday night in Atlanta! For some of us that is all we have had to look forward to since September 11th. WE WERE NOT DISAPPOINTED! I made sure I had 3rd row seats, after 6 weeks ago sitting towards the back. It was unbelievable, I was sitting with people from all over the south that loved Stevie as much as I do. We all talked about where, when and how many times we had all seen her before!

Then as the music started and the lights went down the true emotion hit me and out she came, she was RIGHT THERE! She had so much fun and she had a warm smile on her face the entire night. She gave us her "signature twirl" many times and would smile as the crowd would scream madly each time. It was truly a gorgeous "Atlanta night", made better by being allowed to come to the stage for "Edge" and being allowed to stay through the last two songs. I was able to shake her hand and give her body guard the gift
and the note I had written for her. We were all dancing and clapping and making EYE CONTACT with her. It was so exciting. Strangers hugging strangers! Yes, Atlanta NEEDED STEVIE NICKS and SHE WAS THERE! I know I will never forget this night. It WASN'T just a concert it was therapy!!!!

Thanks Stevie! We love you!

Nancy Mead, Chuck Mead, Germaine Drake, Jerry Drake
We drove from Michigan to the Atlanta venue and were touched forever. Stevie's aura seemed to unify the spirit of the crowd. It was truly a touching and healing weekend. We were glad we made the trip!!!! Chastain Ampitheater is so Stevie with the cobblestone walkways and mystical charm giving such a sense of warmth!

Jan and Christie
We continued our now 2000 plus miles to Shangri-La which found us back again at Chastain here in Atlanta. As Stevie said at the beginning of the show she wanted to take us away from the recent tragedy, even if it would only be for a couple of hours....and that indeed she did. Even though there seemed to be a lingering sadness in the air, Stevie embraced us all through her music and love and for a short period of time took us to a safe place. She performed the same set list as before in recent shows...with an addition of the The National Anthem starting the night's event. Many fans were dressed in red, white, and blue and waved American flags...with Stevie showing her patriotism with red, white and blue ribbons added to her mic stand and tambourine. She also had changed her necklace from a single diamond to a cross.

The band was solid and the interaction between members remained strong. Stevie and Waddy seemed to be having fun performing together. Stevie did an exceptionally HIGH kick at the end of "Stand Back"....the highest we have seen on "our" tour!!! This was an especially exciting night for us as we had spent the last several months making "Little Stevie"....a 3 foot standing doll resembling hat with feathers, a cross necklace, rhinestone studded platform Reeboks, lace fringed shawl, layers of chiffon, with a tambourine in one hand and an American flag in the other. Bud, the security guard for Chastain, recognized us from the last Chastain show and came over to speak to us. He said he would go backstage and tell Rob, Stevie's security guard, about the doll. After Bud spoke with him, he came back and told us that Rob said "That's Cooool". Bud also told us when we needed to go to the stage and he had told the rest of security to let us through. We had front row seats so it really was not a problem getting to the stage, where we placed "Little Stevie" on top of the stage to wait for Stevie. Sharon saw the doll first then nudged Mindy and they were both smiling at our "Little Stevie". When Stevie came to our side of the stage, she took the doll, smiled, and said "Thank You". Rob placed "Little Stevie" at the side of the stage to greet Stevie and the band members when they passed by. "Little Stevie" was a huge hit with fans, wanting to catch a glimpse of her and then asking if we would make one for them....but we just smiled and said "There's only ONE and it was made for Stevie!!!" As is always the case, when you spend an evening seeing Stevie, it ends tooo soon, but for just a little while one magnificent woman with a voice of gold and songs of poetry made alot of people forget the woes of the world and just enjoy an Enchanted evening.

Abby Garren
I saw Stevie in July in Atlanta and again the night before last. I am just completly blown away and starstuck by her beauty, talent, and charisma. I am only nineteen, so I have not seen Stevie in concert before this year. The concert in July brought me to tears. Her voice is so passionate and her stage presence is amazing. It felt like no one was around but Stevie and me. It was no different her second go round she really connects with her audiences and makes you feel like she really and truly appreciates and loves her audience members. You can tell that Stevie really loves what she does and she never puts on an average performance. I really love and respect her for that. Stevie is an amazing woman and my personal hero.


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