Stevie Nicks

Trouble in Shangri-la

8/7/01 Journal Pavilion Albuquerque, NM

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Gloria Mavrick
Having never seen Stevie Nicks in concert, I can really say I was not disappointed. Considering the rain this wonderful woman never missed a beat. She truly gives you all she has. Her voice was so clear and she gave such a outstanding performance. I was sitting behind the VIP seats. I can truly say she has many loyal fans. Everyone sat through the two and half hours of rain. As for myself during the concert I tried to stand up but kept getting this strong pain,so I had to sit during most of the concert. This die hard Stevie Nicks would not leave the concert, I might not get another chance to see her perform. After the concert I went to the emergency room and had to be put into surgery August 12 th because I had a Twenty Pound ovarian cyst. Being at this concert was really lucky for me. I come from a small town, being at Stevie's concert made it possible for me to get the help I needed in Albuquerque. I had been looking forward to the concert for a long time. My son got me the tickets as a birthday present. Stevie truly is the Queen of Rock. she has come a long way. Thank You Stevie for giving the most Fantastick Performance. If I never get to see another concert you gave me a wonderful memory of this one. I hope you are feeling better so other fans can enjoy your Fantastick Performance. Thanks,.

No other word could describe the Albuquerque Stevie Concert then AWESOME!! What a "PRO" she is! She definitely gave us more then our monies worth! I have loved Stevie since the beginning so was thrilled when I heard that she was coming here, so had my kids help me get tickets on the net. My husband didn't really want to go with me, but I dragged him along, bought him a couple of beers, bought our first $5.00 garbagebag-style raincoats & had a BLAST!! Never sat down the whole concert & couldn't believe how fast the time went. I hope Stevie will come back to Albuquerque again - I think the crowd loved her!! Thanx for the great time, Stevie!

Sierra Shepard
After my essay won Stevie Nicks concert tickets for Albuquerque, NM, my Mom and I were on our way from Durango, CO to the concert! When we started out, I was very very excited, and by the time we got to our hotel, I couldn't wait to see Stevie!

Our hotel was very nice, and we got all settled in there, and then we left for Journal Pavilion to see the concert.

When we got settled on the lawn, the opening band came on and played. When they finished, Stevie came out to play for us. The crowd went into an uproar!!! When she started to sing, there was even more noise! We had to scream to hear each other. After she sang five songs, it began to rain hard! Someone had to run and get her a big umbrella! We got soaked, but it was worth it!

When she finished, the crowd called for an encore, and Stevie came out again to sing. After she had introduced all the members of her band, then she sang one last pretty song. Then it was over, and we left. When we got to our hotel, we fell into bed! The concert was wonderful!!!

And here is Sierra's winning essay!

My name is Sierra Shepard and I am 9 years old. I have always liked Stevie Nick's music very much and was thrilled when I heard about this contest. One of the reasons I think that I think that I should win this contest is because of my love for music. I listen to many different bands and artists, including Paul McCartney, B*witched and Britney Spears, but Stevie Nicks is one of my favorites. My mom has most of her albums and I listen to them all the time! Another reason I should win is because I am a songwriter myself. I occaisionally get a bolt of inspirasion which somtimes finishes in a very pretty song. I also have never been to a concert before and think it will be interesting to see what it's like. I want to be a singer or song writer someday and want to see how it would feel to be on the stage. These are the reasons why I think I should win this contest.

I am writing this for my daughter, Rhiannon, age 3, and I will try to sum this up as best as she explained this to me

I received my tickets to the Stevie Nicks concert as a birthday gift from my mom and her good friend. I am three years old and I was named after the infamous song, Rhiannon, so they felt this would be a great opportunity for me to see the wonderful woman who sings this song. I sat in VIP seating to protect me from all of the people who would be attending the show. We had really good seats to see Stevie, but I also was sitting by one of the big screen TV's so I could see her there also. I even had a special shirt of Stevie made just for me to wear to the concert. I really enjoyed Bob Schneider and I danced the entire time.

When Stevie came on stage, it started to rain really hard, but it didn't seem to bother anyone. Everyone cheered really loud. She sang my favorite song from TISL, "Too Far From Texas" and of course, "Rhiannon" and I had a great time dancing and singing with my babysitter. I felt that Stevie was singing that song just to me because that was my name and I felt so special. I loved how Stevie would dance on stage with her pretty shawls and dresses that sparkled as she would dance on stage. Even though I have no other shows to compare this one to, I am so glad that I got to see Stevie in Albuquerque for my first concert. Big thanks to everyone who helped make my day so special!

Robert Olivas
It was a great and distinctive pleasure to have lived a 20 year old dream. I finally saw Stevie Nicks in concert. When I first heard her new album, by breath escaped me and that same old feeling when I first heard her voice 20 years ago revisited me, I was mesmerized. The trip from El Paso was short yet the whole time I felt I was going mad until, finally,the city's skyline appeared. I said, "My God, somewhere in there, Stevie is.

i have been waiting a long time to see stevie in concert and when i found out she was coming to albuquerque i was ecstatic!! i only wish i could've got front row tickets.

the show was the best i have ever been to. stevie, you rock and i hope that you will come back to albuquerque solo or with fleetwood! four of my friends went with me and they absolutely loved the show. they're not even stevie nicks fans, so that should tell you something about how amazing she is!!!!!

i thank you from the bottom of my heart stevie. for everything you have helped me through. you are an amazing person!!!!!!!!!!! keep on rocking-even if it's just a little :)

much love, kelly

Terri L.
Tuesday, August 7th was overcast in Albuquerque, NM. The day never really got that hot, which is unusual for August in the desert; true it is "monsoon season", but normally we suffer through the heat AND humidity. So when the day was "mild" by our standards, and the wind was blowing and the dark clouds were gathering I couldn't help but feel like "this is Stevie weather", it was very magical, knowing that in the evening she would be performing, casting her spell over New Mexico. It's as if the gods knew she was here and were preparing us.

The day drug on and we attended to mundane matters. Finally the hour drew near, preparations were made, excitement was mounting. The trip out to the Journal Pavilion was unbearably tedious and slow, I just wanted "to be there already!". Once we arrived the time flew, Stevie was onstage before I knew it; of course, the energy from her fans was at a fever pitch! The music, the selection of songs were wonderful, although, she could've sung anything and I would have been happy. Stevie looked beautiful, energized and calm all at once. She was so gracious and I truly felt bad that she was getting drenched, as were we all, but, who cares? We were watching a goddess. And she certainly had me under her spell.

I must say EO17 truly rocked with it's fantastic intro, and of course, I LOVE Gold Dust Woman, but come to think of it, how can you choose just one, I loved them all, the new works off of TISL are great, and I appreciate the background info on some of the songs. Being "all grown up now" with kids of my own, I rarely venture out to see artists/concerts like I did in my teens-20's, life is so full of "stuff" now, but I have to say, this concert made me want to pack up and follow her, just to be a part of her mystical, magical world. It's hard to believe that it was the late 70's when I last saw Stevie with FM, then just a young teen, not ever dreaming how many ways she would touch my life, my heart. I can assure you it won't be another 20 years before I see Stevie Nicks perform! There should be no question about this wonderful concert, it rocked! Stevie ROCKED! As so many would say, Stevie, you have touched my life, my heart...Rock on, Lily

Lisa Brite
THE RAIN SET THE MOOD IN ALBUQUERQUE. I'll never forget how everyone went crazy when she sang the ever-so-famous words "thunder only happens when it's raining". An amazing song for this night.

I called a bunch of my friends the day I found out that Stevie was coming to Albuquerque! With myself, there was a total of seventeen (an appropriate number) of us. We're from Gallup, NM (about 130 miles West) so we were all so psyched that Stevie was coming to New Mexico. . .FINALLY!

I was freaking out on the intensity everywhere. There were soooo many people dancing and singing-mesmerized by Stevie. The songs-"Dreams", "Edge of_ Seventeen", "Stand Back" rocked. Her Band rocked! The rain made it even cooler. I was kind of bummed as we were driving up to the Journal Pavillion and I could barely see the mountains ahead; they were covered in grey clouds. My friend Marsha and I made sure we were seated and ready to see her entry as "Bootylicious" started. That song jams and it's because of Stevie's awesome "Edge" riff. Then when she walked out to start "Stop Draggin' My Heart Around" the rain didn't matter. This is the third time I've seen Stevie in three years but this particular show was the most intimate with the audience. She is so sweet, she was concerned about us in the rain. No one minded because she was on that stage.

I loved when she did the violin gestures during "Everyday". The crowd got into that one on the last verse when the music stops! and it's just that awesome voice. It was so great! My friends and I were in the second row so I was so grateful to see her close. She is so pretty and that style. . . that is all her own. What else can I say that all of the other Albuquerque fans haven't already said? My friends all had a great time. Thank you Stevie for rockin' Albuquerque in the rain! I'll never forget your voice that night.

I am 21 years old, and have been listening to Fleetwood Mac/Stevie Nicks for as long as I can remember. My parents were huge fans, and I pretty much grew up listening to their music. I was fortunate enough to attend 2 Stevie Nicks shows in 4 days! I was at the show in Houson on 8-4-01 (well, we actually heard the entire show from the parking lot for free...we just parked, chilled, and listened to the entire show) and I actually attended the 8-7-01 show in my hometown of ABQ!!! The ABQ show was awesome, and the rain did not let anyone's spirits down. The crowd actually seemed MORE pumped up when the rain was pouring down! Anytime Stevie mentioned "rain", or "thunder" in her songs, the crowd went NUTS!!!!

ABQ crowds are just the best, we dont care if there's a tornado outside, we still rock. Stevie was too great for words. I really, really, appreciate her sticking through the rain and giving it her all in this concert. She did not let us down, and we did not let her down. This was definatley one of the best shows I hav ever seen, she is a living legend and I am honored that I was there to cheer her on for her first (hopefully not her last) concert in Albuquerque. ...oh, and by the way. The concert ended at 10:30 PM...I did not get out of the Journal Pavilion parking lot until 12:30 AM...but I would not have even THOUGHT about leaving early and skipping the encore just to get out of the parking lot at a decent hour!!! That shows no respect whatsoever. Those extra 2 hours in my car were totally worth getting to hear "I need to know" and "Has anyone ever written anything for you". ROCK ON!!!!!!

It is impossible to relate how thrilled I am that Stevie played here last night. For anyone in a big city the feeling is hard to grasp. Stevie has NEVER played here before, I've always had to travel to Vegas or Phoenix to see her. Having Stevie here was like having her in my home (wouldn't that be heaven!). I didn't realize there were so many die hard Stevie fans out here. When Bob Schneider was playing the row behind me kept yelling "Get off the stage we want to see Stevie!" Which I guess is a little inappropriate but that's what I think we were all feeling deep inside. Pretty much right as Stevie started her set the rain started. The Journal Pavillion is entirely open air so even the VIP boxes in front of us were getting soaked. Stevie did her first couple of songs holding an umbrella and there were stage hands running around to towel up the water on stage. Stevie sounded great! She rocked with her usual set but what really got me was "Trouble in Shangri La," and "Fall from Grace," those songs take on a whole new depth live! I'm still tingling! Every time I see someone in a t-shirt from the show I get a jolt of excitement. Hopefully she will come back with Fleetwood Mac next time!

I new that I was going to enjoy seeing Stevie Nicks in concert. Her shows are amazing, but I think that I had more fun than I could imagine.

When I heard that Stevie's Trouble In Shangri-La Tour wasn't going to hit Florida at all, I was devastated. Around the end of July, a friend had mentioned to me that he was able to get tickets to see Stevie in Albuquerque, New Mexico. At first, I thought he was out of his mind, wanting to fly to New Mexico, from Ft. Lauderdale, FL, to see a concert. The more I thought about it though, the more I wanted to go. So it was final. We went to the show.

The trip to the southwest was more than just going to a concert. We managed to see Stevie's percussionist Lenny Castro and her back-up singer Mindy Stein, at the hotel they were staying at. When we got there, neither of us had any idea that that was where Stevie and her band were staying. So that added to the excitement.

By concert time, my adrenaline was so worked up, for the entire time that Stevie was on stage, I couldn't even sit down. We had seats in the first row of section one, and about 4 songs into the show, we were allowed to crowd up at the front of the stage.

Though it rained, which at times was real bad, it was one hell of a show. Stevie was wearing her usual black lacy dress, but instead of platform boots, it looked like she had on platform Reeboks. Of course they were black too. Stevie only had to have an umbrella for the first few songs, and after that, the rain was not as bad. It kind of seemed as though the umbrella was meant to be there. During the worst part of the rain, that's when Stevie was singing Dreams..."Thunder only happens when it's raining"

She played her usual hit songs like Rhiannon, Stand Back, Enchanted, Stop Draggin' My Heart Around, Gold Dust Woman, Outside the Rain & Dreams, as well as new songs from Trouble In Shangri-La like, Everyday, Sorcerer, Planets Of The Universe, Too Far From Texas, Bombay Sapphires and Fall From Grace. Naturally, Stevie played Edge Of Seventeen, and that's when I got up close to her. Towards the end of the song, when the rest of the band is playing, Stevie made her trip from one side of the stage to the other. I tried with every inch (at 22 years old, I'm only 5'3") to just shake her hand, but I was not tall enough.

After Edge Of Seventeen, Stevie, along with her band, walked off stage. The crowd went nuts! A few minutes later, the music to I Need To Know started pumping through the speakers and here comes Stevie, rocking out as she starts the song. After that one, she closed with her beautiful ballad, Has Anyone Ever Written Anything For You. She came back out, with her hair tied back, and a black hat, with a feather sticking out of it.

All in all, with the wind and rain, and with me practically loosing my voice from screaming, this was probably the best concert I have ever been to, and I am so glad that I decided to make the trip out there to see her. Stevie's voice sounded great through the entire show, and on top of that, she looked great. It was a very memorable experience, and I can't wait to see Stevie when she tours again, whether it is solo or with Fleetwood Mac.

Whole Lotta Love to you Stevie!!!

Brenda Clay
Well, I am safe at home in Tulsa after my trips to Dallas and Albuquerque (with one of my best friends, Tammy) to see Stevie's concerts. I am also anticipating the concert I will be attending in Kansas City on August 29th!!! The shows were amazing! Stevie has never looked or sounded better. You all know the set list by now so I won't elaborate on the songs. Just know that this is a concert you don't want to miss. I do want to say that even though it rained at the Albuquerque show, I enjoyed it more than the one in Dallas. Stevie didn't let a little rain damper the evening. The highlight for me (well, actually, the whole concert was a highlight) was actually watching the police escort the big black limo and the two tour buses out of the venue. People were honking and waving at her ~ our final thank you to the beautiful queen of rock!

Sara W.
Even in a down-pour, Stevie rocked! It rained throughout most of the Albuquerque concert, but that didn't faze Stevie--her main concern it seemed was for her fans (she asked a few times: "Is everyone doing okay out there?"). She seemed so appreciative of how many people stayed to hear her, no matter how hard it rained. Her music was amazing, her voice was strong, and the love radiating from the audience really seemed to touch her. I waited over 20 years to see her (the last time she was in Albuquerque was with Fleetwood Mac in the late 70's), and it was very much worth it! I hope she comes back soon, and I know I am not the only one who feels that way!!

The concert last night here in Albuquerque was FANTASTIC it rained and I didn't care. Stevie you were great. Sounding better that ever. I didn't even notice it was raining. It just added to the mood of GREAT rock and roll. Stevie don't ever stop singing. Even with an umbrella in your hands it was like it belonged on stage. Stevie danced with it and told us all we were going to be sick the next day. Thank you for coming to NEW Mexico. It was the best concert I have seen for a long time. Love one of your biggest fans

Matt Romero
"Thunder only happens when it's raining". And rain it did! But what a beautiful effect it had. It rained all evening and Stevie rocked all night! "Stop Dragging My Heart Around" opened up the show and from there it was a truly a magical evening. The third song, "Dreams" took my breath away when she sang those famous words. She played most of her classic hits but the song that really did it for me was "Stand Back", my personal favorite which was worth the price of admission alone! She just blew me away! "Edge Of Seventeen" was also a definate highlight as was "Rhiannon". The crowd went bananas for all of her trademark songs. Despite the slashing rain (which just added to the mysticalness of the show) it was a total lovefest. She is still an exceptionally gorgeous woman, a truly gracious person (she apologized for the rain and kept telling the crowd how much she appraciated us getting soaked just to be with her). Stevie is a very talented individual who is backed by a band that simply kicks some major bootie! This was one of the best shows I've seen in a long time! If Stevie is coming to a city near you and your contemplating whether or not to see her perform I have two words for you - DO IT ! Thank you Stevie Nicks and please come back to New Mexico soon. Hopefully, FM will play in Albuquerque on their upcoming tour. We Love Ya!

Rd Stendel-Freels
Last night I watched the most incredible incredible display of devotion to rock fans I have ever seen! The skies above the Journal Pavillion at Mesa del Sol were eerily overcast all through Bob Schnieder's opening set, and you could see the crowd getting a little edgy! A few drops of rain were already beginning to fall, and the merchandise booth was jammed with hundreds of people scrambling to purchase rain slickers in the event the clouds burst!

And BURST they did, only seconds before Stevie hit the stage! But the resulting storm did not stop the crowd of fans from completely losing it as the a capella strains cut through the downpour, "I run through the grass! I run over the stones down to the sea!" When the lights came up on Stevie's first solo appearance in Albuquerque ever, thousands of rain-soaked fans were on their feet, welcoming her with applause so deafening, it was almost impossible to hear the intro to "Stop Dragging My Heart Around!" Someone brought out an umbrella for the goddess to hold during her set, and as she welcomed the crowd, she said, "We're gonna try and get through this, but I'm not touching that mike!" There was nervous laughter until she threw her hands in front of the microphone in a TALK TO THE HAND gesture and proclaimed, "STAND BACK!" The crowd went nuts! When she smiled at the irony each time she sang the line "Thunder only happens when it's raining," you could have heard the applause in Bombay!!! Even trying to manage that umbrella in high winds, graciously offering shelter to her band members as she passed them, Stevie was nothing less than magical!

Even so, after the first set she proclaimed her own amazement that the audience was sticking with her through the storm, and then actually APOLOGIZED, saying "I'm usually a little more graceful, but it's REALLY wet up here! The wind caught the umbrella, and I almost went flying!" The rain had subsided by her second set, and no matter what she performed, from the classic, "Gold Dust Woman" to the new songs from "Trouble In Shangri-La", Stevie Nicks OWNED Albuquerque last night! Her prefaces to her new songs kept the crowd screaming, particularly her tip of the hat to Sandy Stewart prior to "Too Far From Texas", and her proclamation that she and Lindsey Buckingham had worked through their differences in her tale of the background of "Planets Of The Universe".

And, when she told of how "Planets..." was rejected by Fleetwood Mac on each album since RUMOURS, you could FEEL the energy of her loyal fans, realizing the irony of it becoming her first Billboard #1 dance track as a solo artist! "Stand Back" was definitely the hit of the evening, with the entire crowd on their feet, but it was her closing number, "Edge of Seventeen," with an almost nine-minute intro by the band, that I will remember for the rest of my life! Stevie, in her billowing black gown and huge, pure white shawl, sang, "I did hear the call of a nightbird singing, 'Come away, come away now!'" while gesturing in invitation, and sure enough, the rains came again! The woman just has it! During her encore, which consisted of "I Need to Know," and the classic, "Has Anyone Ever Written Anything For You?," I was practically in tears! Stevie ended the evening by once again thanking the die-hard audience for staying with her through the storm, and graciously stating, "Wow! We got through this! And we did it together!"

She and the band took a collective bow, and then were gone, leaving behind a memory that will last me and not just a few other fans mesmerized for a lifetime! I only hope the weather did not "cloud" her impression of New Mexico, and that, in the years to come, she will see us as an impressive group of fans, and will consider performing here again. She lit hearts so deeply! "Just like the white winged dov sings a song," Stevie, please keep on singing!

Where to start. Neither I nor my sister have ever seen Ms. Nicks in concert but have always been a fan. So when her tickets went on sale to her concert at The Journal Pavilion in Albuquerque I was like a mad person trying to get on the web to get seats. I only wished I had paid more to get closer. We are at the end of our monsoon season, and sure enough the rains came. But did that stop her from coming out. Not a chance. She even apologized to the crowd for the rain but promised to get through it with her fans and she did not shorten it in the least.

She sang for close to 2 hours and it rained for at least the first and some of the second hour. And Stevie was worth every drop. Continually asking if the crowd was ok. She sounds as good as she has ever been, her dancing and twirling in her lace is as beautiful as ever and quite ethereal. She even apologized for not being as graceful as she normally is because the stage was wet. What a night, I only wish it had been longer to spend with her. Her blend of new and old songs was perfect. All Wondrous and quite Awesome. You will not regret whatever you spend for a chance to see this Marvelous person. I will most definitely go see her again if at all possible. My sister's night was topped off when Stevie came out with her top hat with its plume. We love you Stevie and "Thank You" for a wonderful night. Hope to see you again.

Carmen M. Badeau
The subject line says it all! [WOW!!! was the subject line]. Her concert last night at the Journal Pavilion in Albuquerque, NM was everything I had hoped it would be. Stevie seemed to be on top of her form and gave it everything she had despite the down pour that had her under an umbrella for several songs. But her voice, oh! that voice!!! It is as strong as ever, and she used her, now more mature timbre, to her advantage. That voice should be platinum-plated and preserved for an eternity! It's as unmistakable as ever! And she looked wonderful in her trade-mark diaphanous attire. Albuquerque is ever richer for her visit! Brava!

Veronica Piastuch
Stevie was magical, charming, graceful and gracious. She brought rain to the desert. She is certainly at her best...she not only rocked a little, she rocked a whole lot! It was an enchanting evening. Absolutely mesmerizing. We love you Stevie. Come back to New Mexico! It certainly has been fun aging along with Stevie. Only she can get us 50 year olds to dance in the rain!

One thing I want to say, if she is listening, is that the parking lot at the amphitheater sometimes entails a 2 hour wait until you can get out. When people left during her encore, it was not because they didn't want to stay. They just didn't want to wait 2 hours to go home.

Deanna Garcia
This was the most amazing concert I have ever seen. As she did the rain. It rained pretty heavily for the first half of the concert, and Stevie had an umbrella...very cool...she kept thanking us for standing in the rain to hear her sing...and she said something like, "well, I'm so sorry it's raining, but you know...sometimes it just rains" then she went into Dreams! Her vocals sounded so amazing!! It was the closest I have ever been to Stevie, I was standing right at the stage...and her moves...everything was so right on!

My friends and I arrived at about 6:30, start time for the show was 7:30. We wandered around, looked at the merchandise. We didn't buy anything...frankly I was disappointed in both the offerings and the prices. I usually buy at least a tourbook, but after reading some negative fan reviews about the TISL tourbook, I decided not to. And $32 for a T-shirt?? $10 for a plastic keychain?? When did prices get so high?

We saw Chris Nicks standing at stage right near the restrooms, but he was absorbed in a cell phone call, so we didn't go talk to him. Bob Schneider and his band were competent musicians, I think they have a solid future in the music world if they stick with it. But lose the flip-flops and get some real shoes when you're performing, OK Bob?

By the time Stevie was ready to come on and "Bootyliscious" came over the speakers, a thunderstorm had moved in and it was raining steadily. Glad I brought my jacket! It was also windy, and rain was blowing onto the stage area. In the middle of "Stop Draggin" someone from backstage gave Stevie an umbrella, which she managed to incorporate into her show very gracefully, even though she told us, "I'm usually more graceful than this!" Someone from the stage crew was constantly on the stage, wiping up water so Stevie and the band members would not slip and fall.

By the second or third song someone was holding an umbrella over Waddy's head too. Enchanted and Dreams were super--"thunder only happens when it's raining," how appropo! Gold Dust Woman was a little harder edged than I've usually heard it in concert, and it sounded like it could have used more instrumentation to fill in the chords. All the usual costume changes were there. The TISL songs sounded super, however, the audience saved its biggest cheers for the old favorites Stand Back and Edge of Seventeen.

About five songs into the set, it had stopped raining enough for Stevie to dispense with the umbrella, but it continued to rain off and on throughout the evening. The audience stood during the WHOLE concert, after all, the seats were too wet to sit on! She graciously thanked us throughout the evening for putting up with the rain. At one point she said,"You're all gonna get pneumonia, and you don't even care!"

We were sitting about 25 rows back, and the evening went by so fast that before we knew it, it was time for Edge of Seventeen, and it was so crowded in front of the stage we didn't try to go down. She didn't shake as many hands as I've seen her do on previous tours, and only accepted a couple of the bouquets that were offered to her.

The encores were incredible...I Need to Know really rocked, and Has Anyone was beautiful. She sang the last song with no backup vocalists at all, and wore a huge white plume in her black top hat. I want to give kudos to two musicians especially...Carlos Rios did an awesome solo at the end of "Planets" and Mindy Stein was especially outstanding on "Fall From Grace." The whole band was wonderful, of course, and Stevie was in fine form, you could tell she was really giving it her all. I was afraid, because of the wind and rain, she might cut some songs, but she was a real trooper and did the whole show and did it with humor, enthusiasm, and love. There is only one road in and out of the Journal Pavilion--it's at the south edge of town in a big field--and as we were getting in our car her tour busses (2) went by, close enough to touch, with a police escort of course. The chorus of car horns was deafening!

Thank you, Stevie and company, for a musical evening I will never forget.

Andie Being from the Land of Enchantment,
Stevie added so much more that night to our Enchantment. IM sure anyone who was at that show would agree. It rained, it poured like so many of her songs tell. But I could feel it, she seemed so truly concerned that we were OK. Oh course the place went wild. She continued the show. I think a lil upset that she couldn't dance the way she's used to. Let me tell you I think I danced enough for us all. I have seen a lot of shows, but I have never been blessed to see this wonderful woman before, and it was the best ever. I cried like a baby. I got a drenched, bought a T-shirt. I knew, I think all my friends knew "That it was very POWERFUL" Thank you Stevie for sticking it out with us and playing to our hearts. You are a Goddess in your own right. Yours under Enchanted Sky

teresa sikes
i have to say this concert is one of the best i have seen stevie do. the concert was outside and it did nothing but rain and the wind blew all night long. "OUTSIDE THE RAIN' gave a whold new meaning. it was so cold but the fans nor stevie and her band ever gave up. she was definately a trooper. she gave us her all and as fans that traveled from afar and all the fans appreciated it from the bottoms of our heart. she is the best! we would love to see her come back. she was so in touch with the fans and talking to all of us telling us we were going to get through the storm together was like she walked up to each and everyone of us and said it right to our faces. you know they say that people are afraid of meeting their idols that the may not be the person you think they are, but i know stevie would talk like you were one of her best friends. the concert was excellent! stevie keep up the great work. we love you

I had the absolute privilege and pleasure of attending the Stevie Nicks' concert in Albuquerque, NM on August 7, 2001 at the Journal Pavilion. The weather was absolutely typical for this time of year - hot days and building thunderstorms in the afternoon. The clouds started moving in about the same time Stevie was to take the stage. We could see the raindrops starting to fall when the spotlight hit the front of the stage and the band launched into Stop Draggin' My Heart Around. The entire night was magical and beautiful. The rain did not dampen the enthusiasm and love of the crowd and Stevie was considerate and charming when she asked us if WE were okay!! We were more worried about her being on that stage with all the rain and electrified equipment. What a trooper!! She sang, talked to us, and told us stories about her songs - some new and some old. The set was a perfect mix of Fleetwood Mac era and solo era. My favorite song from the new album is "Fall from Grace". I was thrilled to hear it live. Overall, this is a concert event that I will never forget.

"And the rain came down"... rain it did at the open air Journal Pavilion in Alb. New Mexico. With the rain blowing against her face Stevie sang holding an umbrella, the rain did not dampen her beauty and grace. We'll get through this" she said; always the inspiring hopeful one. I was in awe to finally see Stevie and happy my two teenage children wanted to see the concert with me; they have been listenening to Stevie by default since they were born. . Finally the rain let up a bit and she was able to sing without the umbrella.The energy level increased and we danced and cheered, even with a slick wet stage she managed to twirl some and put on a great show. It was great to hear the classis songs but I especially enjoyed hearing the new songs from TISL. "Thank you for staying through all this" she said. "We got through this together" Yes we have and thank you Stevie for your eternal presence.



Henry Romero
I attended the Tuesday night concert at the Albuquerque Journal Pavilion along with my sister and friend. The concert was all I expected and more, Stevie rocked the house as she usually does. As soon as Stevie came out, the threatening clouds decided to open up and let the rain pour for about an hour of the show. The rain did not stop Stevie and her band from playing on. The fans also did not mind the rain, we would not have missed the concert for the world. Stevie looked incredible as she always does and as usual was very gracious. Thank You, Stevie for an incredible night of music.


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