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9/15/03 Soundstage Taping Chicago, IL

I just returned from the Soundstage performance in Chicago. It was a wonderful night. Of course, human nature being what it is, if a small, intimate gathering was the only venue we had to see the gang in, I'd be longing for a big arena tour. However, since we're lucky enough to have SYW right now, the Soundstage gathering proved SUCH a welcome change of pace. Lindsey was accompanied by Brett, Neil and Taku. He was wearing his costume, black jeans, white t-shirt, necklace, topped with a leather jacket. Mid-way through his set Stevie joined Lindsey for "Never Going Back Again" and "Say Goodbye." He introduced her by saying the band was in Chicago touring and it just happened that they were here when Soundstage rang. He said that this is probably the best time of his life musically and otherwise and that it's good to see everything coming full cycle. He said on tour their mantra is "we're adults now. We're going to work our problems out." And in keeping with that theme he askd someone to come and share the spotlight with him briefly. It's someone he's known a long, long time, since he's been about 17. Stevie Nicks. Stevie comes out and she is wearing the black button down outfit she wears to start the SYW tour. Her nails are red and she's got black jewelry accessories. Her hair is straight and gleaming. She looks spiffier than she does on the tour, more formal. She is wearing her heels. As she takes the stage Lindsey holds out his hand and she clasps it briefly walking to her mike. They do "never going back again" and she is without her tamborine, so she hits her hand against the side of her dress instead. Because they were taping the show, they did about two takes for each song performed. In between numbers, the audience called out songs they wanted to hear. Someone yelled "Frozen Love" and Stevie and Lindsey laughed. Stevie began singing "you may not be" and the audience roared, but she got out only about two sentences and said, "that's all I remember." Lindsey laughed and said "that song had some great two part harmony though." Of course that makes me wonder why he didn't choose a song with more two part harmony to sing with Stevie. I love Never Going Back Again, but it's not exactly a duet. I would think "Second Hand News" would be better to sing with Stevie, but maybe he was looking for a number that would not need back up singers or musicians (Neil, Brett, and Taku were not on stage when Stevie was up there with Lindsey), so that he and Stevie would be more one on one. Anyway, after Never Going Back Again, they looked at each other as if to ask whether they needed to do it a second time. The consensus was that they did. Then they did Say Goodbye next. I did not have the Silver seats right in front of Lindsey. I had a general admission side view and I could only see his face. I could not see Stevie's face. After the song, they hugged and kissed. And did so again after they sung it the second time. The kiss was more intimate than during the SYW tour, mainly because they didn't just stand there side by side, with him only having access to her forehead. Tonight, they turned into one another and he bent down to kiss her for a long moment and then he did so again. Very sweet. As she left the stage, she stood in back of him for a bit and put her hand on his shoulders. He said, "Stevie Nicks!" And she stepped down. As for the rest of the set, no Lindsey fan could have been more thrilled with it. He sang songs we've only DREAMED of hearing live and remember, except for Big Love, he sang all of then TWICE:

1. Someone's Got to Change Your Mind
2. Steal Your Heart Away
3. Big Love
4. Go Insane
5. Trouble (Yay!!! The way he performed it, it wasn't commercial fluff at all)
6. Peacekeeper
7. Red Rover
8. Never Going Back Again
9. Say Goodbye
10. Murrow Turning Over in His Grave
11. Go Your Own Way
12. ? (I am waiting for someone to come out of somewhere . . .)
13. Down On Rodeo

Bonus songs he did which were not part of the rehearsed set:

1. Bleed to Love Her
2. Save Me a Place

He tried to do "Miranda" but couldn't quite get started, so he was relieved when someone yelled out "Save Me a Place" instead and Brett and Neil were able to improvise on it pretty nicely. All in all, it was a wonderful night.

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