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Stevie's Jeep

The story from the person who bought Stevie's 1986 Jeep Cherokee Laredo

from nchanted (nchanted@olypen.com)
I'm still pinching myself because I can't believe it is true ! I am the very proud new owner of Stevie Nicks Jeep!

The last three weeks have been filled with anticipation and mixed emotions. When I first found out that I was going to get it,I was so excited, but still felt like it was too good to be true. Then I got the news that Herbert Worthington HIMSELF was going to be calling me! As I sat by the phone awaiting his 5 PM call, I felt myself getting anxious, I kept telling myself not to be a typical fan and say something really stupid. I had a million thoughts running through my head, was he going to ask me questions about Stevie to see if I could pass a test of knowledge? What if I get so nervous I forget something?

Our first phone call went really well, we talked about the jeep, and he gave me all the details of when she owned it,who drove it,(YES, Stevie DID drive it!) He also told me that he still had the license plate from when Stevie had it, and I could have it if I wanted it. He also said he was going to have Stevie give me something....some congratulations on getting the jeep thing.

I was so nervous and in such a state of shock to actually be talking to Herbert Worthington , that I am pretty sure he did all the talking. After a week or so of talking through Rayrae on the Internet, Herbert called me again to finalize all the times to meet, and arrange the payment. This time he called without warning, so you can imagine my shock and surprise when my husband hands me the phone and says, "It's Herbert Worthington"!

Our plan was all set, we were going to Drive down to LA with a friend of my husbands who has a trucking company, and they were going to pick up the jeep and haul it back up to Washington for us,since we had never driven it, we thought this would be the best. Herbert was going to meet us, and we would do all the paperwork and be on our way, we had not decided yet if I was going to meet him at his house or at his studio.... we were to call again when we got close to LA and we would go from there.

Photo of Jeep We left on Sunday afternoon, and arrived in LA on Tuesday about 11:30am, I was ready, I had a video camera, a still camera and lots of film, I also had some photo's I wanted signed by Herbert. I called Herbert, and he decided the semi was too big to get down his street, so we would wait there, he was coming to get me and take me to his house where I could pick up the jeep and go back to meet the truck. My whole body was shaking! Still at this point, I was telling myself that this could not be real. As I am standing out on the sidewalk, a gold Benz comes around the corner, pulls up to the curb, and Herbert leans over and says,"Hey baby, you need a ride!?" I know my mouth dropped to the ground!

I jumped in, and my husband went to get my purse. On the way to Herbert's house, he shared some Stevie stories, and told me how glad he was that the jeep was going to a fan, someone who would appreciate it, and take good care of it. He also told us about Stevie's old black Jaguar and how he was glad she sold it because it was ugly. How Stevie has done so many wonderful things for people, and what she has done for him and meant to him, how close they are, and how very caring she really is. While he was talking it occurred to me, I forgot to get the camera and photo's out of the truck! Here I was riding in Herbert's Benz, and no camera!!I could have kicked myself! I told him I had some photo's that I had left in the truck, and he said, "Oh, that's OK, send them to me, I will sign them for you, you can ask me for anything"

As we pulled up to his house, I was still kicking myself for forgetting the camera, there in front was the jeep! I think I became overwhelmed, because I started to get all teary eyed, but I stopped before anyone could notice.(I hope) We looked at the jeep, and then went inside his house. I was greeted at the door by his guard dog, Christian, given to him as a gift from Stevie, He looks just like Stevie's Yorkies. Cute!

Inside was amazing...photo's, a picture of Herbert and Jimi Hendrix and paintings, I didn't want to be too nosy, so I tried not to be obvious as I looked around. We sat on his bed and he showed me a whole stack of papers he still had to go through to give me, but he would send them to me, he gave me a copy of the Title from when Stevie owned the jeep, and her Arizona Plate, he said Stevie was in New York, but would be sending me something, he wanted to wait until he could watch her sign it in front of him, and then he would send it up to me. As we got ready to leave, he started to get a little sad that he was letting go of the jeep.But I assured him it was in great hands! He said I could call him anytime I wanted to, and I laughed and said,"You don't even know who I am" He looked at me and said, "sure I do, I will never forget who you are." He walked out to the jeep, and was saying goodbye, when all of a sudden he said ,"OK give me a kiss." At the same time he said it, he already had an arm around me, so guess what? Yes, I kissed him, Twice! With my husband right there watching...Oh what a wonderful world it is!(Must I remind you, NO CAMERA!)

When we got back to the truck we found out that they didn't have enough room for the jeep on it to haul it back, so we had to drive it back, but it all turned out okay.

The good news is, we are home and fine, I have a wonderful new friend, who just happens to be a close personal friend of Stevie Nicks, my icon and inspiration since I was only 12 years old. Herbert is simply amazing, still, the only bad news is I had no camera!

The jeep is a darker brick red color with gold pinstripe, red and black on the inside, everything I expected and more! I also found some things in it that I am sure I will have to give back,it has been very exciting though.

I will update you on what I receive from Stevie, and send some scans when I get my photo's back. Maybe when I am back in LA for the fan party I will get that photo of me and Herbert.....

See More photo of the jeep at: http://members.tripod.com/~Platforms/favorites.htm


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