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February 25, 1999 (North Jersey)

What's happening with Fleetwood Mac since its '97 smash reunion tour and No. 1 album? According to Mick Fleetwood, "We're definitely still a band. We have not broken up, and I'm confident we'll be making more music together. Maybe not touring - Christine (McVie) is really not keen on that, and we don't want to railroad her - but certainly recording."

But first...

Mick and his Mac mates have individual agendas to work through. He tells us Lindsey Buckingham's in the midst of recording an "absolutely fantastic" solo album. Mick and the other Fleetwood Mac members have been in and out of the studio lending backup musicianship and moral support to Buckingham's recording.

"We'll be peppered throughout Lindsey's piece of work" - which could be ready for release by late summer, says Mick.

Fleetwood himself has a passel of projects. He reveals that he's taken up with a swing band - The Big Town Playboys, with English singer/pianist Mike Sanchez - and that they expect to cut an album within the next few weeks and set out on a summer tour.

The lanky drummer also has Showtime's "Mr. Music" movie due March 19. In it, he plays a washed-up guitar legend struggling to make his record label a success. "This wretched guy is losing his way, compromising his beliefs. But in the end, his purpose is reignited. He remembers it's all about nurturing talent, which is something I identify with. Positioning and putting talent together is something I do easily." say the mastermind of Fleetwood Mac - who coincidentally enough, is in the midst of launching a new label himself.

Thanks to Melissa Jenkins for sending this article to The Nicks Fix.
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