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"Say You Will" Contest

The contest has ended. The winners are listed below:

Lithograph Winner: Greg Canelos

Bumpersticker winners:
Cassandra Nelson
Gregg Hillier
Kelly Rupertus
Lisa Moore
Stephen White
Mike Boyles
Grace Looney
Michelle Ballma
Tommi Lashbrook
Sacha Steele

Answer the ten questions below correctly by July 3, 2003 for a chance to win the Fleetwood Mac "Say You Will" Lithograph (shown at the bottom of this page). One winner will be chosen randomly from the list of correct entries. The winner will have a Lithograph mailed to them at the end of the contest.

An additional ten contestants will be randomly selected from the correct entries to receive a Stevie Nicks Rocks bumpersticker (shown below).

Entries must be received by midnight July 3rd. By entering you agree to have your name displayed here if you win. Visitors who are 13 and under must have an adult submit the answers for them.

Good Luck!

1. The following lyrics are from what Fleetwood Mac song?

She remembers how good it can be
He remembers a melody

song title: Straight Back

2. In what state did the title of the Fleetwood Mac song Silver Springs originate?

answer: Maryland
Silver Spring is a town in Maryland. While on the road during Fleetwood Mac's first tour, Stevie passed the road sign that said "Silver Spring". She liked the name and decided to use it.

3. What was Stevie wearing when she went to interview for the job with Fleetwood Mac?

answer: A Flapper's outfit from her waitressing job

4. The lyrics below are from what Fleetwood Mac song?

Save us. . .
And not all the prayers in the world--
could save us

song title: Storms

5. In 1980, Fleetwood Mac went to Japan as part of the Tusk tour. Before being allowed to perform, Fleetwood Mac had to hold a press conference to make a public statement, due to the recent actions of Paul McCartney. What was the statement?

answer: Fleetwood Mac had to publicly deny using marijuana after Paul McCartney had just spent 2 week in jail for smuggling pot.

6. What female lead singer, besides Stevie Nicks and Christine McVie, recorded and toured with Fleetwood Mac in the 1990s?

answer: Bekka Bramlett

7. Fleetwood Mac was on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine in March 1977. Whats was the setting for the cover photo?

answer: They were in a bed

8. October 10, 1979 was proclaimed "Fleetwood Mac Day" by what US city?

answer: Los Angeles, CA

9. The Tango in the Night tour featured two guitarists who were new to Fleetwood Mac and who would stay with the band to record the next album. What are the names of the guitarists?

answer: Billy Burnette and Rick Vito

10. Before joining Fleetwood Mac, Stevie and Lindsey played their farewell concert as Buckingham/Nicks in what US city?

answer: Birmingham, AL

Litho The lithograph is 15" x 30"




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Note: The names and email addresses will be used only for this contest and not give out to second parties.

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