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On Rosie O'Donnell
February 24, 1999

On the February 24th edisode of Rosie, during an interview with Sheryl Crow, the following Stevie mention was heard:

It's Rosie, Sheryl and Rosie's two childhood friends, Jeannie and Jackie, sitting in a semi-circle:

Rosie: So, when are you going back into the studio-soon?

Sheryl: I'm actually working with Stevie Nicks so we're gonna be in May.

Rosie: Oh, I love Stevie Nicks

Sheryl: (makes a high falsetto sound)

Rosie: "Just like the white winged dove sings a song sounds like she's singing ooo...baby...ooo...baby...ooo"(Sheryl is gesturing like Stevie does moving her hands in front of her face)

Sheryl: (joins in singing with Rosie but sings the vocals at the end correctly "ooo...baby...ooo...said ooo"

Rosie: I love her...is she nice?

Sheryl: (grabs rosie's arm) You know a lyric that says ooo...baby...ooo...said ooo

Rosie: said ooo? I didn't even know it said that did you? (directed at her friends)

Sheryl: I love it...

Rosie: I thought it was just...but said ooo (hits couch arm for emphasis)

Sheryl: said ooo (very emphatic)

Rosie: "I hear you in the morning"

Sheryl: I might be wrong (meaning about the actual lyrics), but you'd love her; she's fabulous

Rosie: She twists alot...does she still twist?

Sheryl: Well, yeah she does, she does all that stuff.... (cuts away to a different scene)

Thanks to Debbi Radford for sending this to The Nicks Fix.
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