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San Antonio Express News
Oct 6, 2003

The following is a review of the October 5 Fleetwood Mac concert in San Antonio at the SBC Center.

Fleetwood Mac still is a hit

By Ramiro Burr

Fleetwood Mac's classic rock concert Sunday night was like a reunion of old cherished friends for diehard fans at the SBC Center. It had been quite a while six years since the group was last seen around these parts, but it felt good to revisit the good times.

The band came on stage a little late, at 8:22 p.m. The fans, estimated at about 12,000, hardly seemed to notice, greeting their rock 'n' roll heroes with a deafening roar as the band kicked off with an energetic rendition of "The Chain," a song about betrayal.

Their opening segment included "Dreams" "Eyes of the World" and "Peacekeeper," the single from their latest CD "Say You Will."

The stage was bare except for a huge video backdrop. Two other massive video screens to the sides and a third, which was lowered occasionally from the ceiling, also displayed live and vintage images of the band.

Up front, Stevie Nicks, in a long black dress, and guitarist Lindsey Buckingham, in blue jeans and white shirt, seemed in good spirits. As usual, drummer Mick Fleetwood was animated as he anchored the proceedings.

The three were ably backed by a tight seven-piece band.

Early highlights included "Rhiannon," Nick's anthem about a free-spirited, seemingly unattainable woman.

Nicks was in great shape, conveying the mild desperation that comes when asking for second chances on the song "Say You Will." The opposite mood was illuminated on "Gypsy," on the carefree ways that come with youth.

Fleetwood Mac's familiar tricks were in full evidence Sunday, from Buckingham's extended guitar jams to Mick Fleetwood's intense drum workouts, complete with his goofy smiles.

The group's strength comes in its combination of pop melodies, philosophical lyrics and urgent rock force. On Sunday night, even casual fans walked away with a good feeling that classic rock still connects, even if it comes with an occasional ringing in the ears.

Other highlights included "Landslide," a mature view on looking back on the forks in the road. Another song that hit home with the crowd was "Gold Dust Woman," with its easy melodies, video effects and the bittersweet message about having the last laugh in a losing relationship. Both tunes received standing ovations.

Overall the fidelity was exquisite with a warm sound level although there were moments when the audio reached beyond comfortable levels.

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