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The Salt Lake Tribune
August 3, 2003

Fleetwood Mac turns on fountain of youth

By Dan Nailen

Stevie Nicks described Fleetwood Mac's current tour as the kind of show to make fans feel young again.

When Nicks brought the tour to Salt Lake City on Saturday with her long time Mac mates Lindsey Buckingham, Mick Fleetwood and John McVie, it proved this tour has certainly had that effect on the band itself.

From the moment the quartet emerged on the dark stage, and slowly introduced "The Chain," there was no question of the vitality of this four-way partnership. Whether playing classics or solid new songs from the "Say You Will" album, Fleetwood Mac's chemistry on stage was obvious.

Buckingham's guitar playing Saturday was truly astonishing, both soulful and searing in its intensity, and McVie and Fleetwood have not lost a step as a rhythm section. Working with six extra musicians and backup singers, Fleetwood Mac had plenty of musical directions from which to choose. And of course, when Nicks and Buckingham stepped to their microphones and traded vocals through songs like "Dreams" and "Rhiannon" or the new "Peacekeeper" and "Say You Will," it was easy to forget anyone else was in the building.

Among the nights highlights were Nick's moody "Gypsy," and "Beautiful Child," as well as Buckingham's "What's the World Coming To?" "Gold Dust Woman" was delivered with a particularly bewitching Nicks performance, twirling in her distinct manner.

"Stand Back" and "Go Your Own Way" were obvious crowd favorites.

Judging by the energy Fleetwood Mac put out on stage Saturday, here's hoping they find a way to keep working together.

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