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The Reno Gazette-Journal
August 2, 2003

The following is a review of the August 1st Fleetwood Mac concert in the Lawlor Events Center in Reno.

Review: Fleetwood Mac blends ’70s hits with singles from new album

The show started almost a half-hour late, but from the first song, “The Chain,” the music and energy were non-stop. Images swirling on two wing-shaped screens provided a psychedelic backdrop for “Dreams” and “Peacekeeper,” which was the first single from the band’s new album “Say You Will.” Lindsey Buckingham addressed the audience, saying “It’s been a difficult and strange trip. But the point is, we’re still here.”

Fleetwood Mac seamlessly blended the past with the present, pairing “Second Hand News” with “Say You Will,” another single from the new album. Nicks, clad in velvet and wispy skirts, sang “Rhiannon” and “Gypsy” while twirling her scarves to the delight of the audience.

Bassist John McVie, along with Nicks, Fleetwood and Buckingham, comprised the original band members on stage. Christine McVie was the only member missing from the most popular line-up in the band’s career. Her presence was absorbed by the band with Nicks singing vocals that were historically McVie’s, including “Don’t Stop.”

Buckingham sang a gritty, acoustic version of “Big Love,” while his image was projected on a velvet-looking screen behind him. His guitar solos during the whole performance were so intense he often pawed frantically at his guitar and swung it wildly over his head.

Nicks and Buckingham had the stage to themselves while singing “Landslide” and “I’ll Say Goodbye to You.” The two had a kind of nostalgic intimacy on stage that caused one to reminisce about lost loves. During the show, they also provided a contrast between Nicks’ ethereal, gypsy-like presence and Buckingham’s feverish intensity and guitar riffs that left his guitar screaming for mercy.

The band continued to jump back and forth through time with “What’s the World Coming To,” “Gold Dust Woman,” Silver Spring” and a crowd favorite, “Tusk.” It finished the main set with “Stand Back” and “Go Your Own Way.”

Fleetwood Mac quickly returned for the first of two encores as the audience screamed, clapped and beat on the backs of their chairs. The song “World Turning” evolved into a drum solo by Fleetwood. He took center stage dressed in a black vest, knickers and accessories identical to those on the “Rumours” album cover. Fleetwood also wore a touch-pad vest that created a myriad of sounds when he pounded on various parts of his chest. He soon had the audience whipped up into a tribal frenzy with his rhythmic strut across the stage. He screamed “are you still with me?” to the audience as sweat flew from his face. “Don’t Stop” ended the first encore, but not before a fight broke out in the front row. Nicks was visibly upset to see that EMTs were required to provide medical attention.

The second encore included only one song, “Goodbye Baby.” Nicks was so shaken she asked Buckingham to sing for her. Seeing Nicks teary eyed quickly subdued the audience and created a more somber mood to end the show. As the band left the stage, Fleetwood quickly stepped up to turn the mood around. He said, “As tonight demonstrates, you must remember to take care of yourselves, be good to one another and try to be happy.”

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