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Connecticut Post
Sept 28, 2003

The following is a review of the September 27th Fleetwood Mac concert in Bridgeport, Connecticut at the Harbor Yard Arena.

Fleetwood Mac fans 'psyched' at Arena


While Connecticut missed out on the first leg of Fleetwood Mac's "Say You Will" tour, the group made amends Saturday night with a visit to the Arena at Harbor Yard in Bridgeport.

For the fans attending the concert, it was well worth the wait.

Fleetwood Mac is in the midst of a world tour in support of its latest album, "Say You Will," which was released in April.

Saturday's concert, however, started off with two hits

"The Chain" and "Dreams"

from the group's 1977 smash "Rumours," which has sold a staggering 25 million copies.

"Say You Will" is the first Fleetwood Mac album since 1970 without Christine McVie, although she is listed in the liner notes as having contributed to the disc.

"I'm very psyched," said Kevin Sylvester of Milford. "I've followed them for years, and I think it's really cool that they're coming to Bridgeport and not the Mohegan Sun or Hartford. It's great that I only had to drive 10 minutes."

Sylvester was out tailgating with Colleen McGrath of Stamford. "I'm really disappointed that Christine McVie is not with them, but I'm still here," she said.

McVie is not on tour with the band, but Lindsey Buckingham and Stevie Nicks are on board to handle the vocals.

Concertgoers will miss out on such McVie classics as "You Make Loving Fun," "Hold Me," "Little Lies," "Everywhere" and "Say You Love Me," to name just a few of her best-known songs.

While the fans miss McVie and her many contributions, they weren't going to let it spoil their good time.

"I think it's a great thing for Bridgeport," said Jane Hannan of Milford. "I wish more of the big bands would come here."

Patti Campbell, of Monroe, said, "They are playing here, but in couple days they'll be at the [Madison Square] Garden. I think it's great they are a huge band, and they are playing in this small place."

Fleetwood Mac has still been performing "Don't Stop" on this tour with Nicks handling McVie's vocals. Nicks has also been doing a song or two from her solo career on this tour.

Filling out the lineup are drummer Mick Fleetwood and bassist John McVie, the only members who have lasted since the group's formation as a blues band in London in 1967.

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