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Stevie Quilt Update

A quilt was made for Stevie's birthday this year and many fans contributed quilt squares. Here is a message from Laura Braswell concerning the quilt.

Due to the recent increase in emails to Ginny, concerning the quilt...I have been asked to spread the word that Ginny did NOT receive the quilt...she did however receive the scrapbook (which I personally sent myself)...and she says Stevie was very happy to have it...here are just a few statements from Ginny about the scrapbook....again she did NOT receive the quilt.

"Stevie was quite taken with the scrapbook. She said she will put it aside and look at it page by page before bedtime.

Good job....You guys made her very happy!

She still wants me to REMIND everyone no gift makes her as happy as the notifications from her charities when a donation has been made in her honor...or Robin's."

"Stevie has had a gas reading through the scrapbook in between her busy life! What a great gift you all sent."

"I gave Stevie the book and she loves it."

Ginny has been over run with emails about the scrapbook and quilt...there are pictures of the scrapbook here on the Nicks Fix if you are interested in viewing the book...All that Ginny and I know about the scrapbook is or has been posted. Thanks to all of you who took the time to make a page...also I would also like to take this time to EMPHASIZE that Stevie's charities are very important to her..and your donations to those charities (In Stevie's or Robin's honor) mean more than words can express. Again thank you all so very much...and this is all the information that either I or Ginny have on the quilt and scrapbook.=)

~Laura Braswell~


If you have questions about the quilt, you can send email to Laura at laura@lcs.net. Laura was not involved with the quilt, but rather the scrapbook that was to be sent along with it. Our thanks go out to Laura for helping clear this up.

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