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Dear Friends,

I want you to know about an important campaign called ONE that I am supporting. The ONE Campaign asks each and every one of us to do just ONE thing in the fight against global AIDS and poverty. Whether its by going to the Live 8 concert, sending a letter to President Bush or just by signing the ONE declaration at you can add your voice to the ONE million people in the USA who have already spoken up asking for change.

Did you know that every day 6,300 people die in Africa of AIDS? Dying from a preventable treatable disease and for lack of a 25 cent pill that can keep them alive! These statistics are staggering and yet as ONE we can let our world leaders know that this is unacceptable and ask them to change it now.

The ONE campaign asks all of us to do something that will make a real difference for people living in poverty: sign a letter to President Bush asking him to seize the best opportunity weve had in decades to actually end extreme poverty. The ONE letter asks the President to make three bold commitments at the G8 summit of world leaders on July 6th foreign aid, debt relief and trade law reform. Please take a minute out of your day today to help us support this incredible wave of action.

You can sign the letter to President Bush by going to



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