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New York Daily News

June 12, 1998
Stevie Nicks will perform at Jones Beach on Sunday night.

STEVIE NICKS, BOZ SCAGGS, Jones Beach, Wantagh Long Island, (516) 221-1000. The swirling, spinning Queen of Scarves, her eerie alto wail intact after a lifetime of rock-star indulgence and spiritual recovery, is celebrating her recent renaissance with a boxed set and a summer tour. She can still be your silver spring, your bird in flight, your leather and lace. She’s got the chops. And with a new awareness as her role as the spiritual mother of a generation of journal-writing, scented-candle-lighting ingenues, she’s going deeper than she has in years. Stevie groupies shouldn’t ignore Ms. Nicks’s opening act, Boz Scaggs, the soulful elder of the Bay Area yuppie rock scene is a much more skillful and complicated singer than “Lido Shuffle” revealed back in the 1970’s. Sunday at 8 P.M.; tickets are $15, $25.25, $39.75 and $53.25 (Powers).

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