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Musician Magazine
April 1999

In an interview with Sheryl Crow, the following was said about Stevie:

[excerpt from Musician]

Musician: Are you working with Stevie Nicks on an ongoing basis?

Sheryl Crow: It's going to be ongoing because I'm on and off the road. We did two songs for a soundtrack [Practical Magic], but we're also working on her upcoming [solo] album, which I think will be out in the early fall.

Musician: How did the offer to begin working with her come about?

Sheryl Crow: She called me when we were getting ready to do Storytellers, and she asked if there was any way I would be available to record two songs. I had two days right between my Storytellers and going to Europe. I said, "This is all I have and we'll just really push the envelope and try to pull it off." So that's what we did.

Musician: Are you contributing to the album?

Sheryl Crow: The work we've done so far has been on stuff that she has already written. We've done four songs and we're getting ready to do the fifth one. Then we're going to start writing.

Musician: Are you learning anything new working strictly from a producer's perspective?

Sheryl Crow: The big difference for me is that I pretty much know as I'm creating a track how it's going to fit with my voice because I'm recording as I go. I've learned with Stevie that I can create a really great mood, but when she comes in and starts singing over it, that is going to be the determining factor-how it works with her voice.

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