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November 25, 1998

Sheryl Crow To Help Stevie Nicks With New Album

With her third album, "The Globe Sessions," continuing to do well on the charts, Sheryl Crow is now looking forward to getting back in the studio with Fleetwood Mac singer Stevie Nicks.

The two previously paired up for a pair of Nicks songs -- which Crow produced, for the soundtrack to "Practical Magic." Now they'll be working together on the next Nicks solo album, her first since 1994's "Street Angel."

While performing an acoustic set at the Roxy in Los Angeles in early November for an invitation-only crowd, Crow talked with MTV News about what the pair are planning for the record and about what it's like to work with Nicks.

"I'm going in [to the studio] with her in December and I think we're gonna co-produce it," Crow said, "Stevie knows what she wants, you know. It's great to work with her and also her songs are so great, so we're gonna go in and work together on it. We have a great dialogue and we work really well together, so we're just gonna kinda go in and make the album ourselves."

Nicks' album, which has yet to be titled or given a tentative release date, will also feature Crow as a guest performer and will be recorded in Los Angeles.


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