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Merge 93.3 FM Fan Experiences
April 21, 2001

On April 23rd, Merge 93.3 FM Radio in Dallas had Stevie in the studio. The station had a contest where fans could join her in the studio for lunch. Here are the experience from someone who attended the event.

Stevie at the Merge Studio from Renee' Sweeney - Dallas
We got to the station around 11 or so and saw the other winners waiting out in the lobby area. We signed in and waited a bit- then Yvonne- one half of the morning show on Merge 93.3 came out and told us we were gonna be able to ask Stevie a question and gave us cards to write them down. They also supplied the 5 winners with a booklet from the new CD, but not the actual CD itself. We were told we would be able to have Stevie sign these- or other items if we had them.

Meanwhile, the food was being set up for us in the conference room- it was Thai food and the servers were really nice and also Stevie fans so they were excited too. We had a Thai salad, a Thai pasta, and Rack-of-Ribs and mashed potatoes. Also, red & white wine and soft drinks were provided for us. So everyone just kind of sat around and talked about winning, Stevie, etc. nervously waiting for our cues.

Around Noonish, they came in and took us around to the studio where she & WADDY were waiting. JeffK- their mid-morning guy was sitting there with her to do the interview and we sat down or stood and just basically gaped with AWE at Stevie. She was wearing PANTS!!!! And man, does she ever look FANTASTIC!!!! You can't tell at all she was ever heavy- she was so tiny and beautiful- just the daintiest thing... Even in her TALL platform boots (black, of course) everyone in the room towered over her... She was sitting casually with Waddy and his acoustic guitar at her side. She was very relaxed and seemed excited as she talked about the Trouble In Shangi-La project. She is VERY PROUD of it!!!

Anyway, JeffK spoke to her about the album and everything and then she sang "Landslide" with Waddy accompanying her on guitar. It was so beautiful- I got chills sitting there in that small room with her wonderful voice flowing around me. I tried not to cry, but it was impossible!!!! As it had the Thursday before when I "won" the chance to meet Stevie, the emotions overcame me and I cried. It was an awestruck, joyous, unbelievable, MAN AM I BLESSED! kind of cry... Such a dream come true for me- and my college roommate whom I brought along to witness this once-in-a-lifetime (so far!) event with me. We are both HUGE, Gemini fans...

Then Yvonne asked the questions and I'm proud to say they were not the same-ol', same-ol' questions every artist always gets. The group thought of some original things to ask. My personal question was "What was it like to work with John Shanks and did Melissa (Etheridge) come to any of the sessions?" She told us how she LOVED John and was thankful to him for his insight and for understanding her and basically just helping her get this album made! Melissa was busy elsewhere, but was aware of their working together...

Then we were able to have our pictures taken with Stevie- and she was just a doll! She talked to us as we went up and I commented on the PANTS and how we'd never really seen her in pants and she said she just NEVER wore pants except like in the late '70s when jeans were a big deal and there were some pics of her on the some the album shots then...

Then after the pictures we were asked to line up out in the hall and she would come out and sign our things. They asked us to have only 1 thing- but she signed pretty much most of the things people were holding- talking to us all the while. One of the girls was about 6.5 months pregnant and when Stevie talked to her and her husband she put her hand on her stomach before going on to the next person in line. Her husband said- "That's it! We're naming him Stevie! She blessed him!" It was a very sweet moment for them, I'm sure- and a very sweet gesture by Stevie. We all thanked her as they whisked her away to her next "assignment..."

After this, they told us we could come back to the conference room for dessert- chocolate cake & Blue Bell ice cream- so we went back in there to decompress a bit, and nervously chatter our way back to reality. The photographer came in and showed us all our pics on a screen set up in the room and told us we should receive them in about a week.

As I said, the staff there at Merge 93.3 were ALL extremely gracious and so wonderful to everyone involved. Just a great place to work- it seems like.

I told Stevie when I spoke to her that other than the birth of my twins, this was one of the greatest honors of my life. It's so nice to know that all the "hero worship" of Stevie all these years was not in vain. I met my hero and she lived up to my expectations- hands down.

Stevie Nicks is truly a blessed, talented, caring, SPECIAL woman and I'm so glad I got the chance to be in her world, even for just a brief period of time- it changed my life- and I will never be the same.

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