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LA Times Review of The Dance

August 17, 1997

No Rumor: It's a Big Mac Attack
*** 1/2 FLEETWOOD MAC, "The Dance," Reprise
Like movie sequels, band reunions are often marred by the hubris of artists trying to outdo their own classic work. Fortunately, the five members of Fleetwood Mac's most successful lineup, who recorded "Rumours" 20 years ago, were smart enough to realize that the trademark sound they perfected on that monumental pop album could hardly be improved upon.
     So they staged a live concert for MTV featuring spirited but faithful versions of the lyrical, folk-based tunes that make up their rich catalog and a few new graceful, guitar-driven numbers by principal songwriter Lindsey Buckingham.
     The most striking thing about these performances is how well the veterans still play and sing as a team. Standouts include the warmly glowing "Silver Springs" (an outtake from the "Rumours" sessions) and a poignant, dynamic "Rhiannon," both featuring lead vocals by Stevie Nicks, whose burnished alto hasn't sounded this vibrant in years.
     For these expert purveyors of Me-Generation romantic angst, the thrill is clearly not gone.
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