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November 1998

Stevie's stunning style
from reader comments

Thanks so much for your Signature Style article ["Divas' Dress Coda." September]. It was cool and enjoyable to read. I appreciated your including Stevie Nicks; she truly has made her mark in fashion. She possesses a lot of individuality -- one of the most intriguing women around.
Stevie Holly Matthews
St. Louis

I have been working with Stevie Nicks since 1976 to help interpret her musical vision and create her stage persona. I have designed her stage clothes for her performances with Fleetwood Mac as well as for her solo concert tour this summer. I'm sure your ommission of my name was unintentional.
Margi Kent
Los Angeles, CA

Stevie Nicks is wearing Margi Kent's 1983 beaded French lace jacket and silk chiffon skirt; call 213-651-0331 for information to order Kent's designs.

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