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Stevie Nicks Tickets Go On Sale Saturday, Oct. 16

In the last days of the year, Nicks will perform two shows in L.A. and one in Las Vegas.

By Rob Evans

Stevie Nicks will warm up for a New Year's Eve performance at the Las Vegas House of Blues with a pair of shows at House of Blues in Los Angeles, Dec. 28-29. Tickets for all three shows will go on sale Saturday (10/16) at noon Pacific Time.

Tickets are priced at $227 for the New Year's Eve show and $90 for the Los Angeles shows. The Fleetwood Mac singer hasn't revealed further touring plans.

Nicks' last extended solo outing was the 1998 ''Enchanted'' tour, which played arenas and amphitheaters in support of a box set release. Her last concert appearance was at last month's ''Sheyrl Crow and Friends'' event in New York's Central Park.

Nicks is currently working on a new album, which is being produced by Crow. No release date has been set for the as-yet untitled album.

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