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July 9, 1998
Stevie Nicks Back on Tour
by Shawn Sell
Gannett News Service

Stevie Nicks gets her kicks on the road.

Which explains why the bewitching icon of the '70s pop is back on the bus (literally this time) crisscrossing the country on her summerlong solo tour.

"After a concert, there's no better feeling than getting on the bus and hitting the road," Nicks says.

The Enchanted Tour "is my whole world, my work -- it's me this time," a contented Nicks says backstage at Nissan Pavilion.

Despite the steamy 90-degree night, Nicks is the picture of high-priestess cool. The only things glistening on her face are the tiny crystals glued to her forehead in a diamond shape.

Any meaning here? "They're just for fun," she says. "My niece first told me about them, but they're hard to find."

Nicks isn't. After a critically acclaimed reunion tour with Fleetwood Mac that ended in November, she jumped at the chance to release "The Enchanted Works of Stevie Nicks," a three-CD box set. "I am truly free to do what I want. This is a diary of all my stuff."

Indeed, Nicks is more of an open book. She still wears her fanciful flowing dresses (and changes them often), but she's slimmer, more energetic and chattier with the audience than on previous tours.

More than other parts of her past. Reminded of a previous interview at her home, Nicks shakes her head and laughs, "Was that back in the late '80s? I don't remember much about that time -- good or bad."

Someday she'll write about it all. "I will do my book when I'm sure no one will be angry about it. I've got so many stories, so many secrets -- good secrets -- that I'm dying to tell. It will be fun to read."

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