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The Farmer's Daughter
- written by b. wilson
- copyright 1963, 1980 Irving Music, Inc. (BMI)
- appears on Fleetwood Mac - Live (1980)
- released as a single; b-side Monday Morning (live) (U.S.) March 1981
- released as a single; b-side Dreams (live) (U.K. February 1981)


I do come from miles away,
Ain't got no place to stay.
Glad to help you plow your fields,
Farmer's daughter.
Might be just a couple of days,
Clean up, rest, and be on my way.
Thank you, madam, much obliged,
Farmer's daughter.
So long, got to leave your land.
Many thanks, it was mighty grand.
I do hope to see you again,
Farmer's Daughter.
Farmer's Daughter.

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