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Fan Reviews - Benefit Concert, Caesar's Palace
Dec 8, 2006
from Patti in Pennsylvania
This is best I can remember. I am still in shock and so stoked! I arrived Vegas (late due to fight mechanical issues) at 6pm. Show started at 10pm. My flight out of Vegas was at 6:50am... Talk about whirlwind visit, and it was worth every moment!

Stevie came out in a short black skirt, and high boots. There was an arching, half circle screen in the backround (from TISL I think maybe?) in front of which she could strike poses coming down the runway b/w Jimmy and Taku. Very cool effects of her posing against that bright backdrop...

Bootylicious - intro

Stop Draggin

Outside The Rain/into DREAMS

Rhiannon - sorry, I miss Scott Plunkett's 'brand new for every show' Rhiannon intros, although Darrell is a terrific player too)


Stand Back (15 twirls, no kick that I saw, she was back in heels, no Reboks) Landslide Gold Dust Woman -a new outfit, a NEW antique looking gold scarf over a black bodice with sequins, and black lace from shoulders to elbows, and then black leather gloves coming up to elbos. Skirt was layers of black chiffon like an upside down bday cake. And high boots, not Reeboks.

If Anyone Falls -she told a cute story about when they made the video where they did REAL ballet with their friend Brad leading the dances and they were supposed to tip their heads WAY BACK and let him hold/catch them and she just couldn't do it, too chicken, so she made Lori do it, and now every time she sees how graceful Lori looked she is jealous. And she says her Mom tells her she must have been decapitated in a past life and that's why she's afraid to tip her head way back, like it's gonna fall off...

Fall From Grace - I really missed Mindy on this, somehow this reminds me of her rocking out!

How Still My Love - this must be a Vegas thing for her, I welcome it!

--Led Zeppelin - Rock And Roll -- Been a Long Time Since I Did The Stroll *not positive WHERE it was in the set list

Edge of 17 - Yes I shook her hand,! We were in row 2 dead center and easily made it to the stage near the center! She held my pal Carly and my hands simultaneously for what seemed to be a neat moment where she recognized us and really smiled!

Beauty and The Beast - call me old school, I still like HAEWAFY (& Scott Plunkett)

At one point she came out in a black velvet looking hat with a feather. (this was a different hat than I had ever seen). She had to hold it on as the back feather was too heavy and pulling it backward. (I've since read that this was during Led Zep - 'Rock n Roll'. Pics of it elsewhere on the net.

The Led Zep tune was just the bone we were hoping for I think! I kind of missed "I Need to Know", her version is more THE VERSION for me than Tom's now... Maybe b/c she played it all summer she pulled it for this show. It was a benefit for something called the "Epicurean Society for the Hospitality Business"...

Stevie was so on vocally and making LOTS of eye contract. She seemed to enjoy her first solo show in quite a while as much as we did! She looked great and seems to have lost some weight. Her waistline looked TRIM! Her face more beautiful than ever.

(in the order Stevie Introduced them)
Al Ortiz (sporting mega long hair) - bass
Darrell Green - keyboards & piano
Jimmy Paxson - drums
Taku Hirano - Percussion
Brett Tuggle - Organ & Guitar (accoustic guitar on Landslide)
Sharon Celani - backing vocals since 1977
Jana Anderson - backing vocals
Lori Nicks - backing vocals since 1979
Carlos Rios - left handed guitar
Waddy Wachtel - lead guitar & MD

Don Richner - Rancho Cucamonga, Ca
What a night is all I can say. I worked until 6:00pm left straight for the airport from work boarded a flight at 7:55PM got into Vegas at 9:08 in a cab by 9:30pm arrived at the Coliseum at 9:50 was in the 4th row by 10:00pm (talk about cutting it close). The set list was great.

Enchanted-Stop Dragging My Heart Around-Outside The Rain-Dreams-Rhiannon-Sorcerer-Stand Back-Landslide-Gold Dust Women-If Anyone Falls-Fall From Grace-How Still My Love-Edge Of Seventeen-Rock N Roll-Beauty And The Beast.

Stevie looked great (Glad to see the boots back) and sounded better than ever. It was great to see Lori back on stage. I got to shake Stevie hand during Edge of Seventeen what a great way to finish off the night. Can’t wait to see Stevie again.

Alberto Perez
The show was awsome....i flew from san antonio,texas just to go see her...she is still hot!!!i shouted "STEVIE YOU LOOK BEAUTIFUL' when she was singing Beauty and the Beast...i do not know if anyone noticed but,Prince walked in...the real one...he was there along with some body guards whom did not let me near him...as soon as stevie sang stand back...he left.....STEVIE..YOU ARE SO BEAUTIFUL...DAM WOMAN....YOU STILL HAVE IT...thanks for making ur fans feel good

Peg the cheese head
Thought everything was great. Stevie really looks great. Looking good personnally and in the new attire. This was my second trip to see her in Vegas. Yes, I made these trips from Wisconsin, it was well worth it. I was happy to hear her talk to the crowd. Her hug with the blond in the first row almost brought tears to my eyes, it was very passionate. I love what they do with the back drop. It was better last May but still great. Hope she comes around Wisconsin a bit closer, these trips are getting a bit expensive; but well worth it. You did a great job Stevie and you have an outstanding band. Keep up the great work on Landslide. I will always hold that song dear to my heart. It was playing on the way to my best friends funeral (she died at 48), she suffered for eight years from cancer. I feel at peace when I hear that song.

Pat from Kentucky
Stevie, I saw your show for the first time Dec. 8th @ Ceasars Palace.It was a Christmas gift for my wife. WOW what a show. Thank you so much.

Attended the concert, first time I have seen Stevie. The people around me must have been 90 years old. If I stood up for more then 30 seconds they would scream at you to sit down. If you want to sit at a concert....go home. As for Stevie....just completely breathtaking. I only hope she performs somewhere close to Maryland...I'll be there and hopefully right up front....where everybody stands. No fan memorabilia, being my first Stevie concert I was hoping to get a shirt, but I have my memories of how excellent she and the band were.

From Carly P. in Georgia
At almost the last minute possible, my friend Patti and I decided we were NOT content to just sit at home while our girl Stevie was performing in Las Vegas. After seeing her there in May 2005, we knew how awesome it would be. After a four hour nonstop flight from Atlanta to Vegas, and after Patti got delayed ALL DAY…we finally both made it…with just enough time to get ready and head to Caesar's. After a delicious meal at Mesa Grill, we entered the venue and continued on to our SECOND ROW, CENTER seats! They were incredible, thanks ebay! Stevie looked as gorgeous as always…and very trim. There were several new accessories, scarves, black elbow gloves…so elegant.

It was a rather short show I felt but that must be due to the fact that it was a benefit. My faves were Stand Back, Fall from Grace, and Beauty and the Beast…oh, and can't forget Edge of Seventeen…we made it down front and held Stevie's hand for a good amount of time…not as rushed as usual. The entire show was a dream~Waddy rocked his heart out and Brett did a great job, on Landslide especially...Taku, Jimmy, the girls, and Darryl were strong and steady.

Hopped into a taxi at 4:30 Saturday morning and caught our planes home…it was totally worth it and I KNOW we'll do it again! THANKS STEVIE!

Mary Mancillas
What a BLAST! Stevie was wonderful as ever. this is the third time that I have seen her at Caesar's and every time she is so mesmerizing. My husband and I were both fortunate enough to shake Stevie's hand and were welcomed with her engaging smile in return! Beauty and the Beast was by far my favorite but all was good! Keep on rockin!

Zantino Ochoa = Hayward, Ca
What more can I say about Stevie on Friday night amazing!!!!! Loved seeing her live again counted down the days to see her .. The show was more than words can explain her swirling around running towards the back of the stage to put on another outfit her famouse black high boots..Simply just the Stevie we all know.. (LOVE HER) Went to Vegas just to see her nothing more!!! Now waiting for the next go round and I will be there to see her once again. Zantino

The show on Friday was a lot of fun. Stevie was in a really great mood, and that came across in everything she did on stage. From the intro's that she did on some of the songs, her introductions of her band members, and her facial expressions. She seemed to thoroughly enjoy herself, and the audience thoroughly enjoyed that. As usual, she was very gracious near the end of the show and stopped to shake hands with the audience at the front of the stage. That always means so much to her very dedicated fans. Stevie - a sincere "thank you" for another great performance!

Michael Crumbacher, Los Angeles, CA
Three friends and I piled into the car early on Friday from Los Angeles and made our way to Caesar's where we checked into a beautiful room and had a great afternoon anticipating the concert.

Just about 9:45 we hit the Coliseum. Having never been to that particular venue, I didn't know quite what to expect from the seating chart. Our seats were excellent in the rear orchestra. I had heard that "every seat is a good seat" and that appeared to be the case.

After a bit, Destiny's Child's Bootylicious cranked up...and shortly afterward...Stevie hit the stage!

I've seen Stevie and Fleetwood Mac many many times but none of my 3 friends had. From the first note...we were all "Enchanted". While there were no surprises in the song set...Stevie was in EXCELLENT voice...every note was perfect and the acoustics were stellar. And Stevie looked so slim and absolutely stunning in her beautiful lace outfit. As soon as I saw the boots...I knew it was going to be a great concert. Gone were the black tennis shoes! Whew!!

Her sense of humor came through brightly when telling the story of the making of the "If Anyone Falls" video and how Lori Nicks was braver than she when it came to letting her head fall back into the hands of their friend the ballet dancer. And now when she sees that video she's jealous of Lori "Loretta"...that she had the guts to give herself over to the dancer.

Since my first Stevie concert in East Troy Wisconsin on the Wild Heart tour in 1982...until 25 years later and last weekend...it is amazing how Stevie seems to just get better and better! And I believe I have made "converts" of my three friends. They thoroughly enjoyed every moment!

And like every concert...there is the drunk and/or obnoxious person who usually ends up right next to you. This time it was a drunken fool talking on his cell phone despite warnings from myself and others around him. It was toward the end of the concert and very annoying. I was surprised that the Caesar's ushers didn't take his phone as we saw them do that to some girls in front of us taping snippets on their video phones. Oh well, that didn't dampen our experience...just part of the territory.

The only other downside was that there was nothing to BUY! I was thinking I'd get a bunch of Tshirts for Christmas gifts for my other Stevie fan friends...but there was unfortunately nothing available.

Well, I see that Stevie will be back in March? I'm already planning the trip!

I was up graded to the sweetest car and we flew up to Vegas just to watch Stevie sing and she did. Stevie can hold it, sustain it, and carry it on and on and on. I have seen her tilt back her head and let it out. She can deliver and best of all she can do something with it. She puts it out there with a presents that is mystifying, captivating and just great to watch. She was smiling and it looked like she was having a good time too. Ceaser’s was a great host. Then it was time to fly back. Oh but I did have to give the car back.

Thanks Stevie it was a great holiday and happy holidays to you too.

Christopher Phelan, San Francisco
Flawless performance from Stevie! Well worth the quick overnight trip. She didn't talk much but she did mention that she and the band have been doing some one time gigs where they meet up, hug, catch up, but unfortunately don't get to hang out much before going on stage. As she introduced Sorcerer she said that the song always takes her all the way back to when she was in a band with Lindsey and Waddy called Buckingham/Nicks. The other little chat that she gave was when introducing If Anyone Falls In Love. She talked about making the video. Lori had to do some of the dance moves because she was unable to extend her neck all the way back. And now she was disappointed that she didn't do it herself. I was amazed to see Brett Tuggle as well as Taku Hirano. As they are both currently on tour with Lindsey Buckingham. No Stevie merchandise was available for this show. As the concert came to a close Stevie said to go and have a good time because was ever happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.

Mike, Las Vegas
Stevie's benefit at the Colosseum on December 8 was nothing less than amazing. She walked onstage in a new outfit, including high boots that stayed on throughout the show. She was absolutely stunning (I heard several people comment on how good she looked) and vocally she was in top form. The Colosseum is a great venue to see her in, and I hope she keeps coming back.....Caesar's Palace really seems to like her, and why wouldn't they? The set list was the same as during her 4-night run in May 2005, except that "Rock and Roll" took the place of "I Need To Know." Stevie was very animated, talking and laughing a lot between the songs. She really seemed to be having a good time. Her introduction of the band was longer than usual because she really wanted to express her gratitude to all of them, many of whom have been with her for a very long time. It was very sweet to see how much she appreciates all of them and how they all adore her too. I saw all 5 shows she did at the Colosseum in 2005, and I think this one topped them all in terms of audience reaction. Everyone was really into her, and lots of people were singing and dancing throughout the whole show. At the end, Stevie told us all to go have fun and remember that what we do here stays here (paraphrasing the infamous Vegas slogan). I think she's getting a little Vegas in her blood, so here's hoping we see a lot more of her.

Stevie’s concert last night in Las Vegas was fantastic, and was staged much like the Gold Dust Tour. They used the same half circle screen to project on, but didn’t use as many images of Stevie’s career. She opened with Enchanted, then Stop Draggin, and then into Outside the Rain & Dreams. She started out in a short skirt, then switched to her longer one for Rhiannon. She wore her boots through the entire concert. This is the first time I’ve seen that since the late 1990’s. She had the newest shawls on for Stand Back & Gold Dust Woman. She put on the ivory skirt for Edge of Seventeen. Then put on pants and the feathered top hat for the encore of Rock & Roll. She ended with Beauty & The Beast. Someone in the audience screamed out for Silent Night, but she didn’t perform that.

Stevie seemed very happy and put on her usual great show. She talked about filming the video for If Anyone Falls, and how funny it was to do the ballet parts. Then she talked about the fact that when her band does shows like this benefit that are not part of a long tour, they only see each backstage right before they perform. Then after the show they all go home. So she was especially happy to be interacting with her band members during the concert. And her band was very loose and relaxed also. Lori sang along with Sharon & Jana all night. Stevie sounded and looked absolutely wonderful. There are many times on stage when she is dancing around where she still looks like she did in her younger days, and that’s amazing.

I LOVED the concert and all the people. It was like a dream come true and I had so much fun!!!! Stevie was beautiful and sang so good. I haven't had that much fun in such a long time. Thank you Stevie and everyone in the band, you were AWESOME!!! :-)

A friend and I flew from Orlando FL to Las Vegas to see Stevie in concert and again she blew us away. 100% real Stevie, often talking with the crowd and her band, amazing show. She blew us all away on Gold Dust Woman and Stand Back, esp with her spinning during that number. The band was great and so were the back up singers as usual. Cant wait to the Tampa show Feb 2007. WOO HOO

Scott Cushing, Celebration, FL
My partner Dave and I arrived a couple of days early, taking advantage of Caesar's "Stevie Package" for this special benefit concert. We attended one of Stevie's Vegas shows last year, so we were eager to see how this one night only concert might differ from those shows.

Essentially it was the same set as I recall from last year. Taku Hirono was on board for this night, however, which is always a plus. Stevie looked radiant and her voice was in top form. She honestly gets better each time I see her. As a longtime fan of 30 years, this particular night was a special, if not bittersweet for me. Having been recently diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer, I've been undergoing several exhaustive weeks of chemotherapy and radiation treatments. When my partner learned that Stevie was performing this one night, he said we needed to go and that somehow he'd get me there. After some juggling of schedules, and final blessings of my doctors, we were cleared for the trip to Las Vegas. Once there, however, I was pretty wiped out and could do little more than stay in my room, gaining strength for show night.

The crowd was eclectic group of the benefit foundation supporters, hardcore Stevie fans, and well dressed Vegas night owls. I expected something to be said about the scholarship foundation, but heard nothing. Stevie, however, was definitely in a lighthearted and jovial mood, laughing and more talkative than I've seen her before. Last year a Vegas reviewer criticized the background video during If Anyone Falls, failing to see the connection between ballet dancers and the song. Stevie told a great story about the video and some history behind it. The crowd was definitely excited and you could hear outbursts from all over the Coliseum. I even saw older men in tuxedos whooping it up and yelling Stevie's name. Someone behind me a said, Wow, she sure has some die hard fans. How true.

Since we were seated a little further back than we normally do, I guess my only criticism would be that they could have made better use of the half moon video screen to showcase Stevie. There were precious few images of her or the band up close, and even some of her signature poses and stances during certain songs were poorly lit. That's a perfectionist's selfish wish that every opportunity be made to highlight our beautiful Stevie for the entire audience.

As stated previously, this event was bittersweet for me, as well as my partner Dave. Several times I noticed the tears streaming down his face and I knew what he was thinking. I was just happy to be here, but I would have loved to be right down front (my normal location), especially during Edge of Seventeen when Stevie greets her fans. I knew I didn't have the energy to pull it off, so watched others enjoying their special moment, remembering my own similar moments from the past. Thanks yet again Stevie for a another great show - hopefully it will not be my last!

My 12-year-old daughter and I often take road trips, and I had been getting her into Stevie's music. (We'd crank it way up and have Stevie sing backup for us.) We flew to Vegas from Hawaii just to see Stevie. The show was awesome; the best concert we'd ever been to. An unbelievable show, starting with the first note of Enchanted all the way to the end (even with the interruption of that crazy lady talking on her cell phone during Beauty and the Beast). Thanks, Stevie, for an unforgettable weekend!

Christine, Rockford, Illinois
I flew in from Chicago Friday night with no room for traveling errors! I had several people that were going to go with me, but were not able to so I ventured to LV by myself.

I had been up since 5:30AM so when I was waiting for the concert to start I was starting to feel a little worn out. But when the lights when down and Stevie came on stage I was standing up and continued to stand and "rock a little" for the entire concert. I was full of energy! It was one of her best concerts and I cannot wait to see her again. I am already planning the trip to Florida. I had a great seat and made it to the stage to shake her hand during "edge of seventeen". Needless to say, a highlight of my life and many more "dreams" to come.

Leanne Fraser
WOW! That was the best night ever! I came from Calgary, Alberta Canada to see this concert and it was really the best night I have ever had. Stevie looked and sounded amazing. I saw Fleetwood Mac in Calgary in 2003 and that was great but I have come to appreciate Stevie even more as an artist and mesmerizing person since then so this was just incredible to me. Every song was amazing but Gold Dust Women and Stand Back filled me full of such joy! Landslide and Beauty and the Beast brought me to tears......she just sounds so amazing and is full of emotion. I really loved the Led Zeppelin cover as well. It was neat to see Stevie in pants! It was a really fun song! Her clothes as always were absolutely beautiful. I do believe I was one of the younger fans there... that I saw anyways. I am 27 and people find it interesting that I am so into Stevie and that I listen to most music before "my time". She is really just a wonderful talent! It would be so great if she came to Calgary or anywhere out west in Canada! I will definitely try and see her again in the future......its just not the same watching my DVD's over and over as in person! I will never ever forget that night.

My friend Laurie and I flew in from San Francisco to see our girl, and we were glad we did. As usual, Stevie was incredible. She sounded great and was in a very playful mood throughout her performance. The two outstanding highlights for me were the slow intro to "Rhiannon" (her voice was very delicate) and "Beauty and the Beast" (just heartwrenching). It still makes me bust a gut that she is the only entertainer in the universe who can get hoots,hollers and applause for spinning !!! I also was having flashbacks of Stevie of days gone by while she performed: she has certain unique mannerisms and facial expressions that age has not tarnished. Thanks Stevie !!!

flew from Dallas/Fort Worth to Vegas, just to see Stevie, I have been going to her concerts since 78/79 when I saw her with the Mac. I think this show and the Gold Dust tour,( I went to the Woodlands for that tour) are the very best ever. I do not know how she just gets better all the time. I would never get tired or board of seeing her.
Vegas she look great and sounded amazing. I am still waiting for the chance to finally get to shake her hand. Maybe next time. I am going to try to get to one of the Florida shows. Every song was a hit, I really enjoyed Fall from Grace. the only problem was people telling me to sit down. I told them I did not fly from Texas to see the backs of someone's head I came to see Stevie. Anyways, the magic, the fast music, the energy, the Queen of Rock herself, how could you sit at a Stevie Nicks Concert!!! Keep Rocking Stevie, we love you and you just keep getting better. I Cant wait to see you again soon.

Dana from Pittsburgh, PA
I am still in total awe, after seeing Stevie so many times solo and with Fleetwood Mac I never thought I'd land in VEGAS to see her, I asked everyone to go with me, about to go solo from PITTSBURGH, PA, my new friend Traci at the last minute decided to go with me. It was a spur of the moment decision made by our husbands so just for the night out to Vegas we went! Stevie was INCREDIBLE. She seemed to be having so much fun and she was in such a wonderful mood. This show was more emotional than others. It was so surreal just to be there and to see her down there twirling and just singing all her songs and pouring her heart out, seeing what she was brought here to do in her life, she has so much love for her fans and has given up so much for "us", her songs have so many memories for me, I was in tears and so were the people all around me! I realized that I am too much of a Stevie fan to sit far back ( I have been front row 3 times ) and the people around me were just sitting there, I couldn't believe it! You are at a Stevie Nicks concert and she is singing Stand Back and people are just sitting there, well...not me and Traci ... and the people around us weren't very happy but we didn't care. I finally got to hear one of my favorites "If anyone falls" it was beautiful. At one point Stevie and Waddy were hugging, the backgrounds were beautiful, I believe she was showing Sulamith Wulfing clips, she came out with Enchanted and it showed her baby pictures...all the decades of Stevie Nicks, that is what I mean, such a surreal moment, to see her as a child then see her at 58 still performing better than ever... It was priceless ... Let me quote Stevie " what happens here ...stays here....." gotta love her!!! Special hello to our new friends Donna and Gayle from Arizona....Stevie fans are everywhere and there is such a special bond. My 4 year old son adores Stevie and thinks she is his "fairy godmother!!! " Love you Stevie!!!!

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