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03/02/2013 Fantasy Springs Indio, CA

On March 2 Stevie Nicks and band graced the halls of the Fantasy Springs Resort. So cool for Stevie to have ended her In Your Dreams Tour in Southern California. Once again for a few short hours I was in heaven. Now that I've settled a bit I can focus on this.

I do love to drive and this was a great excuse to jump in and head to the desert. Past the shifting white sands of the Coachella Valley. It looked much like my hometown's landscape. I just had to take a walk in it. My friends laughed when I got home with a rock for a souvenir. Wish it was something else but I'm saving up for Fleetwood Mac tickets, insurance, property tax..you know the essentials.

Once inside Fantasy Springs you knew who was playing that night. They had posters everywhere. Every time I passed one I found myself mesmerized by the fact that I was going to see Stevie again. A wish come true. Almost surreal. Then I passed Carlos Rios on his way back to the Resorts hotel and gave him a high five. Nice way to start an evening.

Upon entering the venue there was only one souvenir stand with some cool stuff. Magnets, tees, hoddy etc..Walking in to the venue floor I found two wet bars and a line up of white shirts standing in front of the aisle to the seats waiting to escort us. Feeling intimidated I turned around and found a more low key entrance.

Then before you know it it was Stevie Time .. Wahooooo .. She came out looking ready to give us the time of our lives as always. Starting with a rockin Rock N Roll cover that gets the blood going every time. On Enchanted she introduced the cape. Talked about how it has held up over the years saying good material will do that. I did notice she didn't look around as much as usual. Practicing for working with the Mac I guessed. Into Secret Love and my heart skipped a beat. Stevie seemed very up bet talking in a vampire accent when Moonlight came on. I was taken back to the Grammy Museum when she sang this while playing the piano to the audience at her question and answer gig. Dreams and Landslide were all done really well. I was told there was not much of backing behind the band at this concert. You know I really hadn't noticed Stevie was there that was all it took. Gold Dust Woman and Rhiannon were beautiful. Steve Real sounded better than he has before in Leather And Lace.

Stevie did her signature twirls and kicks much to the delight of the audience. I really love the long notes when she kicks her head back and lets go. Jimmy did have the pink drum kit with him this night.

The Edge of Seventeen was kick ass as always. At the end some people tried to get up front but the security blocked them. I did manage to hurdle some seats to stand at the edge and take Stevie's half gloved hand. She has the softest finger tips (and hands from times before) I have ever felt!

Then came Love Is.....emotions running high Stevie sang one of her best performances of this song. Looking towards where I was standing and her niece was sitting too. Till someone in the middle did a bird call. Nice one.

She kept saying She Will Be Back. I so look forward to seeing her again.

Excellent night .. I was standing, singing etc the whole time ... and cruise through LA to top it off. Sweet!

She Will Be Back :D

Rock n Roll opened, and Love Is closed, and for those in attendance there was a heavy dose of both given by Rock Goddess Stevie from beginning to end. As usual, Stevie brought her "A" game, and players, including her beautiful ladies in waiting, Lori and Sharon. And without a doubt, one of the best bands to hit the road behind any Rock Star. Hits from "Gold Dust Woman", "Leather and Lace", "Dreams", "Secret Love", and the Patriotic "Soldier's Angel" had much of the audience on their feet, some with tears in their eyes as Stevie sang in that incredible, one of a kind voice.

The love Stevie holds in her heart for her fans and her band was evident, as she told stories of visiting Walter Reed, and of her esteem for each band member. We were all "drowning in a sea of love" by the time Stevie left the stage, and it was exactly where everyone wanted to be. And in closing, all I can say is, I can't wait until I have the chance to be mesmerized all over again, which will be May 28th at Anaheim. Thank the Rock Gods!


Last show of the In Your Dreams tour. It was fabulous, as usual. Very touching band introductions, and Ms. Stevie telling the stories of each member, and how they have been such a blessing to her personally and professionally.

Ms. Stevie also told funny and touching stories for song introductions, and it was nice to get to see the more humorous and personal side of this amazing person and performer. Loved the "Twilight" moment of silence!!! Way to go Ms. Stevie!!

I only wish I had made more shows on this tour, but Fantasy Springs in Indio, CA will forever be in my Rock and Roll Heart as a personal favorite.

I have seen Stevie in concert before and as usual she was amazing. She has classic style. She blends her new music with the tried and true and it's seamless. Don't ever miss an opportunity to see Stevie!

What an awesome show! It was a very magical night. Stevie sounds as good as ever, the band was great. Can't beat listening to my favorite music live. Wish the tour wasn't over. (Seen two shows during this tour, would have been three if I could have gotten tickets to her birthday show in 2011. I also saw the show at the Grove in Anaheim in October 2012. Loved it! Much closer drive for me too since I wasn't feeling too well at that time But, the show took my mind off of that). I also attended the Premiere of the In Your Dreams documentary in LA last night. Loved the movie, I really did feel like I was right there. It was awesome to see the creativity process. Stevie is as adorable as ever. Love her!

Following shall be an account of this Magickal evening as travels were to Indio, CA this weekend.

This whirlwind adventure began during the morning commute to the office upon the 9th of January 2013. The local radio station (The Sound) announced Stevie would be twirling into town prior to the Fleetwood Live 2013 tour.

Upon arrival home, call was placed to the venue Box Office to inquire upon ticket availability… call was then xsferred over to the Resort to reserve the room for the weekend. At long last, the arrival of this Magickal weekend! Had not realized the many, many miles to the Palm Springs / Indio area…total miles driven this trip – 418.3, roundtrip! The weather was to perfection…glorious warmth! 85°!

At long last, nearly three and one-half hours, we have arrived! Settled into most spacious, gorgeous 9th floor room, time now to prepare for the concert! Am gladdened the room was reserved months ago, by Friday night all rooms were booked. The room key displayed a picture of Stevie, the date and time of concert! This was given to the guests as souvenir upon check-out!

(Note to Sherry – FB - SOTM friend) received rave compliments on the custom Stevie Top Hat – first by the bell boy, then the valet parking attendant! They kept marvelling at it’s beauty! (photos forthcoming) Time now to enter the venue -- the seats were spectacular – Section FF, Row 4; Seat #9 – isle!! Towards the left of the stage – perfect view of Stevie! Once seated, we watched as eager fans streamed into the venue, seats filling quickly to this, nearly 3,600 Sold Out show! Seated towards my immediate right were two gentlemen, from the LA area. First time attending Stevie, solo concert. Assured them both they were in for the most enjoyable evening ever! So warm and friendly…Stevie fans shall be the most, warm-hearted, kindred spirit folks ever. Most pleasant conversation. Within moments, the lights dimmed, were completely brought down, the band members individually entering the stage. Shadowy, silhouette, of first the girls..Waddy…Carlos, Jimmy, then, the image of Stevie emerges from behind the curtain… taking her place on the stage.. With this, cheers, whistles and applause erupted, as the crowd chanted Stevie....Stevie…Stevie! Within an instant, the lights were brought up – Stevie launched instantly into Rock ‘ n’ Roll… We were up on our feet within an instant! Stevie both looked as well as sounded amazing! Her beauty, her smile radiating an inner glow! Truly in top form. Stevie spoke often to the crowd, welcoming, thanking us for coming out to The Fantasy Springs Resort, Casino. Launching into a deep, sexy, vampiric-type accent… Too cute! Stevie was adorned in a gorgeous little black dress with empire (slim) waist.. her beautiful long blonde hair flowed , reaching the small of her back. Her nails were painted red, she wore the most adorable black, ankle-high boots. Diamond bracelet cuffs adorned each of her wrists. And, of course the beautiful crescent Moon necklace gently dangled from around her neck. After Rock ‘n’ Roll, prior to Secret Love, Stevie slipped on the black-vinyl metal, maille gloves… Stevie’s voice, like that of an angel throughout the night. Beautiful, exuding an inner solace – confidence, contentment, centered, grounded and focused. Radiant beauty! Stevie danced and twirled about the stage. The glow, was replaced with a sadness, more somber emotion, during one point, as Stevie announced this evening, was ‘the’ final show of this three year journey of In Your Dreams Tour. Promptly adding, though being on the road with her band, they will be deeply missed, time now to switch over to rejoin Fleetwood Mac for one year. Twice eluding to the fact, “ a year is not that long”.. So perhaps another Stevie Solo album and tour yet to come for 2014!

Stevie shared with us, her adoration of The Twilight Saga… saddened to see the conclusion of the series… hanging head low, as if mourning (dramatic flair)…With this the band launched into Moonlight (Vampire’s Dream)..Beautiful!

Stevie shared many back stories of how the songs came to be. Her inspiration, history of the songs’ inception. Prior to Stand Back, Stevie departed the stage, re- emerging from behind a screen partition, adorned in her signature black poncho encrusted with gold circles. The very same one worn during her days with Fleetwood Mac. As she proclaimed, the same one worn for the past 150 years... This evening was truly an amazing Magickal experience. Stevie both looked and sounded stupendous – her voice strong.. clear, spot-on throughout the night. During a more somber moment, Stevie recanted her visit with soldiers and their families during continued efforts in support of the Water Reid Center. So moved during this time spent with the soldiers came the inspiration to write “Soldier’s Angel”. Stevie dedicated the encore, Love Is, to her niece, Jessica. Adding, who, although, she did not yet know it, would be someday, the next Stevie Nicks… Gentle curtsey…with such grace ..beauty

The Setlist:
Rock ‘ n’ Roll
Secret Love
Moonlight ~ A Vampire’s Dream
Gold Dust Woman (with classic signature Gold shawl)
Soldier’s Angel (sans Lindsey)
Stand Back
For What It’s Worth
Piano Solo –
Intro leading into
Rhiannon! Beautiful, deep bow
Leather and Lace (duet sung with vocal coach)
Band Introductions:
Keyboard / Guitarist ~ Brett Tuggle
Drummer ~ Jimmy Paxson
Pianist/ vocals ~ Ricky Peterson
Bass ~ Al Ortiz
Guitar ~ Carlos Rios
Back Up Singers ~ The girls
Lori Nicks
Sharona Celani
Saving introductions of for Waddy lastly… Stevie kept her distance, adding quickly Waddy was not slightly under the weather…
Guitar ~ longtime friend, business manager ~ Waddy Wachtel
Absent are Jenna and Taku
Drum solo –
Intro to stage walk – security allowing a scant few from the first row only.. turning away many!
Edge of Seventeen
Love Is

Merchandise available, tee shirts, sweat shirts, key-fob, In Your Dreams CD…

(Absent from this setlist (as previously included for the Wiltern 2011, as well as The Seneca Niagara Falls 2012 shows) – The Ghosts are Gone, Annabel Lee, as well as Italian Summer)

Recommendations for this venue – relax on the strong-armed Security.. requesting fans to be seated.. allowing only a handful of the first row, only, near the stage during The Edge walk…

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