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Stevie Nicks - FAN REVIEWS

09/24/2012 Mahaffey Theater St. Petersburg, FL

Love Ya Stevie,

You think 4 just a moment, & say, ("Really, Has She Been Around for 40 yrs???). Well.Yes She Has!!! And can ,Stevie still rock and bring a house down , Yes She Can!!!! Thank u Stevie & Mahaffey 4 letting me have the opportunity 2 see my Rock & Roll Legend. Stevie has always relentlessly performed. We'll, the 70's, 80's were a hoot. But, you know what, Stevie is STILL HERE!!! And to not appreciate this Gem is a such a personal loss.

Stevie is the Storyteller, her heartfelt words in a song, will always be with us, Old or New...Her New CD "IN YOUR DREAMS" is a must.

Stevie, I have to personally thank you, from the bottom of my heart. Never expecting anything, but an awesome, memorable, concert...u completed my "Dreams" in St. Pete. Finally, being able 2 follow u around Florida over the past 12 yrs, Georgia & Colorada(Red Rocks),(Got 2 shake ur hand)...the autographed ticket completed my "Dreams." Religiously, never miss u.....Fleetwood Mac tour...oh, yeah, but, u coming back solo better b in your future..Never seeing u again, is not an option..."Italian Summer", such a beautiful song..can't wait 2 see u again and hope 2 hear us sing this one..Not 2 mention all the other wonderful songs u have written.

Love Ya Stevie..Greastest Songwriter,Performer, Entertainer of All Time!!!!

Love you.

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