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Stevie Nicks - FAN REVIEWS

09/15/2012 Stanley Park Vancouver,CA

Voices in the Park

The Stevie nicks concert in Vancouver last night was truly a gift form an artist who gets it. As a baby-boomer who grew up with the older rock and roll we cherished the quality but were not always proud of the delivery via substance etc. To see how far it has come and how now the purpose is clearly to entertain, give back and simply make people happy. Nicky knows we want the hits we knows and she delivered, she knows we cherish great musicians and she delivered. I feel blessed to have witnessed the show she and her band preformed outdoors last night. Magical and simply really really good.

Linda H.
Just wanted to add that seeing you Saturday Nite was incredibly enjoyable ..with dancing in the aisle and having security threatening me constantly did not take away the moment of listening to you sing. You brought me back to my young womanhood of 21 ...loved every minute listening to you and your songs. Great to see you haven’t lost a Beat ! Haven’t read any reviews , if there are any “sour” ones from Vancouver ignore them as Vancouver has a very weird way of enjoying themselves at concerts...unlike the U.K. and Toronto Ontario where I grew up, love Vancouver and everything the city has to offer, except the people here have some unusual ways perhaps those people are from the Prairies which is understandable. However, the concert was great and I enjoyed being there and found you Fabulous Darlinnnng...you look great !..I danced so much had to spend the entire day Sunday in bed recouping...worth it though.

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