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06/29/2012 Nikon at Jones Beach Theater Wantagh, NY

Stevie at the Nikon Theater at Jones Beach 6/29/2012

Stevie Nicks proved why she is the First Lady of Rock and Roll last night at the Nikon Theater at Jones Beach last night! The tixx were great (thank you Newsday and LiveNation), Marc Cohn performed a great set and by 9pm when Ms. Nicks took the stage we were all ready to see Stevie! With the refreshing breeze off the water and the wind blowing her hair which she notes always happens to her when she plays Jones Beach she launced into "Enchanted" from her solo album "Wild Heart." I have never seen her perform this live and her and her band really rocked the house! And yes when she launched into "Stand Back" the roar from the crowd was deafening. She and the band gave us a killer renditions of "Gold Dust Woman," and "Rhiannon," and the place really shook when they went into "Edge of Seventeen." It was great seeing her long time band leader and guitarist Wady Wachtel heading a really tight band. Stevie did a rare thing, she made the crowd happy by playing the songs we wanted to hear yet balanced them with the new songs off of her latest solo effort "In Your Dreams." Stevie just lost her mom at the end of December 2011 which she took really hard as does such things hit us all hard, she thanked us all for attending as it was really the first full show she gave since then and she was clearly moved by the love all of us shared.

I attended this show last night and was blown away. I have been a fan since 1979, but have not treated myself to a Stevie Nicks show in some years. I was amazed at how good she looked and how incredible she sounded. She spent much more time chatting with the audience and showing her great sense of humor and her heartfelt appreciation for the fans that come out to see her year after year. I think my favorite songs last night were the majority of songs she did off her newest album "In Your Dreams", especially "For What its Worth", Soldier’s Angel and "Annabell Lee". Other stand outs were of course Landslide, Enchanted and Edge of Seventeen which she rocked. She chose a great set that supported her new album yet had enough of her great hits to make everyone happy. The night was breezy, but watching her beautiful outfits blow in the breeze just added another dimension. She is still Stevie and is timeless. I recommend anyone thinking of seeing her to do it. It was a fantastic show!!!!

Just saw Stevie Nicks last night at Jones Beach (Wantagh, NY) and it was amazing. She looked beautiful and sounded amazing. The concert was also very heartfelt and touching. She actually sounded better than a few years ago.

I saw Stevie's opening night show at Jones Beach last and as usual it was a great concert. Marc Cohen opened up the show for her. As she told us it was a continuation of the 2011 In Your Dreams tour so the set list was pretty much as it was last summer, only difference was she opened up with "Rock and Roll" to get the party started. She looked great and was talkative. She told she lost her voice during rehearsals but she sounded good and was in good spirits. When she introduced Landslide she told us she sang it on 100's of TV shows last year and asked the shows if they wanted to hear something else and they told her no but she said it was an honor to have written a song so many people wanted to hear. The montage featured alot of pics of her Mom this round instead of her Dad. It has been very hot here in NY, upper 90's but the humidity makes it feel over 100. The amphitheatre is on the ocean so we do get a good cooling breeze so it was very comfortable but Stevie mentioned every time she plays Jones Beach it has a natural wind tunnel, at one time she looked up and demanding the wind stop blowing!! The sound system was very good and with the exception of Waddy and Sharon and Lori and Carlos the rest of the band was in different places, Al Ortiz was up on a stand behind Sharon and Lori. During the band introductions Stevie laughed and said she was confused because they changed everyone on her. She almost swore during the introductions but laughed and said she had to set an example for her band of thieves as she called them. There was no percussionist and Brent Tuggle was back on key boards and he played a third guitar on "Ghosts are Gone" which Stevie said was a song about all the crazies in her life!!! That song rocked as did "Edge of Seventeen". Again Stevie came out in a white dress and really got into that song. At the end she thanked us and started crying. She told us the last few months were really hard on her (she didn't mention about her Mom passing) and that she was greatful for all of our love and support. She truly is a class act, something that is missing from alot of celebrities today. I also want to say the security was a class act as well. We had 18th row seats on the floor and the one security guy let us go to the front of the stage to take pics of Stevie's microphone and let us go down real close to get pictures of her as well. All in all a great concert.

Great, great show- Love how she opened singing along with "Not Fade Away." The storytelling in between was clearly heartfelt- I think maybe she was worried how things would go concerning her voice, then things went well, and she was so happy that everyone noticed how well it all went.

The rest of the set list went like this:
Rock and Roll
Secret Love
Lady from the Mountain
Gold Dust Woman
Soldier's Angel
Stand Back
For What It's Worth
Leather and Lace
Annabel Lee
The Ghosts are Gone
Edge of Seventeen
(encore) Love Is

Terrific- She hit all the notes!
thanks again, Stevie!

We saw Stevie Friday night at Nikon Jones Beach theater. I have seen her about 10 times and I think this was her best concert. She was so funny and personable. She sounded amazing, even though she had no voice the week prior to the concert. I look forward to seeing her reunite with Fleetwood Mac!

Stevie's opening night 2012 is now behind her and what a show it was (Jones Beach)! I've been a fan since the 70's and this was my 56 show and it was incredible. There are few very performers in there 30's, 40's or 50's plus that could even try to come close. It was one of my top 5 all time shows. I don't want to spoil it so I won't give you too many details. The song set was changed up, re sequenced and great. All the songs that you's expect to be there were with the addition of new In Your Dreams material, all of which is terrific.

The opening number will blow you away. Stevie looked (as always) great and is very thin these days. Her voice, I can't remember it ever being that strong and her performance was filled with power and emotion. All her trademark kicks and twirls were there. She shared some great stories with us and an emotional moment or two. You can tell how the passing of her mom has really affected her and she has put that emotion into her performance. She shared with us how this was her first time in front of a audience like this in 5 months and the audience welcomed her like she was an old friend they haven't seen in a while.

The new sequence and material makes it hard to pick just one stand out. You have the anthem Landslide, the new (and a fav) Annabel Lee and the one that is always my favorite live Standback. It's timeless and just brings everyone to their feet (it has a special place in my wild heart too!). At the end of the show she mentioned that she would see us all again soon.."maybe... tomorrow...maybe two days ..maybe next month...maybe next year.. but soon" Next Stevie stop for me and many of the folks at Jones Beach is Monday night at The Beacon Theater.

I have seen Stevie so many times both solo and with the Mac, I have sort of lost track – but it has to be in the 50 or 60 show range. That said, the show Friday night at Jones Beach would have to be among the top ten. The weather was perfect and Stevie looked and sounded amazing. She opened up with Rock and Roll the Led Zeppelin cover which told me this was going to be a high energy great night. The last time I saw Stevie at Jones Beach was on the Other Side of the Mirror Tour – this venue is a great place for her to perform at. I am going to see her in Hershey on July 3rd and can’t wait. She played several songs off the new CD including Ghosts are Gone which is definitely a favorite of mine – I could tell not too many people sitting around me either recognized the song or have heard the new CD – if you have not bought a copy of In Your Dreams you need to – it definitely some of the best work she has done since Belladonna. She had a back drop behind her that showed some really cool videos, which I believe may be included in the upcoming DVD release that is being worked on for the new CD.

Although it was a little humid and a little windy, the venue was packed and thrilled to see Stevie. I was at the last show of the previous tour and now the first of the continuation tour. The set list was similar but some notable differences. It was nice to hear enchanted with what seemed to be a slower tempo, a nice touch. All the choices from in your dreams were refreshing and it was nice to hear the background stories, particularly for moonlight. Stevie shared she had a hard past five months and even broke down at the end of the concert while thanking the fans. Stevie is a wonderful performer and a beautiful person. The concert was wonderful and we were all able to learn a little more about Stevie through her stories. We thank Stevie for her music and sharing her stories and art with us, the fans.

I have been an avid fan for over 30 years...have been to about all her shows...she is by far the most awesome she has ever been...hit every note and puts such emotion into each song...as usual. Love, love, love her!!! Her connection to the audience is very real as well.

Rebecca & David
First of all let me just begin by mentioning that we traveled 5 Hours from Massachusetts to see Miss Nicks at Jones Beach and couldn't be happier to do so! This was our first time at the Nikon Theatre and it was just a perfect night for a Concert on the Beach. Although it had been very hot and humid all day, with the lovely breeze from the water, we found it quite comfortable and enjoyable. The crowd was great as was the security very accommodating to fans dancing in the aisles, as I like to do, whenever possible.
We loved that they played the recording of "Not Fade Away" from the Buddy Holly Special she did with Waddy preceding her entrance on stage. It got everyone fired up for the live performance about to happen. Stevie opened with "Rock and Roll "one of my all time favorite Led Zeppelin tunes that she does so well, that I suspect it's one of her favorites too.
Then the big surprise of the night was "Enchanted" very high energy and she really got the crowd going. Then was "Secret Love" off the new "In your Dreams" CD. Would love to hear her sing The title song in a future show, hint, hint!!! Then came "A Vampire's Dream" Stevie explained the history of this song as starting out being about She and Lindsey back in the 70's and then turned into the story of Bella and Edward when finished in 2010.
Next the staple "Gold Dust Woman" and then the heartfelt "Soldier's Angel" complete with her story of visiting Walter Reed, another from her latest CD.
"Stand Back" Love to Rock to this one..... and she was wearing her Original Black and Gold Polka Dot Shawl for this, as Stevie commented to Us! Then "For What it's Worth " off the new CD she mentioned she collaborated with Mike Campbell from the Heartbreakers to secure this Gem. "Rhiannon" was next, quintessential Stevie Nicks. of course!
Then she brought out her vocal coach, Steve, who has really been instrumental in helping her preserve those golden vocal cords and joked about how "Now they were going to sing, "Leather and Lace" like it was their fifth grade recital and their parents were in the audience", very humorous and off the cuff, Stevie couldn't stop laughing about it!!!
Then came "Annabel Lee" we all read the Edgar Allen Poe poem in High School and or College, the poem, written in 1849 transcends time, and is as poignant today, especially set to that awesome melody and musical score.
"Landslide" was next, my very favorite song she has ever written and sings, as so many others, of us feel the same way, that's why Stevie joked about doing all the promo for the new CD. "I was all over TV singing this song over and over again. Aren't you sick of it, don't you want to hear something else, anything else, maybe just for me? I mean anything!" "No, well okay" "But you know writing a song like that is a real gift and I am grateful for it." she said, and so are we Stevie!
Next came "Ghosts are Gone" a real Rock song with a hard edge that Dave Stewart was involved in the making of and I can tell Waddy enjoys, cuz he does some serious shredding on this number! After this, Waddy's guitar was really smokin' and Stevie announced that she would "Go to tent now!" Very Funny! ha ha! Waddy broke into a little solo and the intro and then Stevie entered the stage dressed all in White for "Edge of Seventeen" just an awesome performance that blew us all away. "The Edge Walk," which ended with Stevie being so excited to seeing one of her youngest fans, gave a big expletive by raising her hands in the air and then hugging her. You know that girl is a "Fan for Life," for sure! Her encore was "Love is" a song that really showcases her vocals, for she sings it with such perfection and feeling, it makes me cry every time I hear her sing this one Live.
All in all a very Beautiful expression from a Master Performance Artist and a night we will treasure in our memories forever. Stevie broke down at the end, very emotional. She said it had been a difficult 5 months (referring to her Mother's passing ) and that she was grateful that we all came to see her tonight and that she'd see us in the future, again. Thank-You Stevie, you, are a very Beautiful and Blessed Soul and we are so very grateful for all you do to spread the Magic that is You around so generously. Love You, Always.

Kels Belz from New York
There is nothing like the beach on a steamy summer night, especially when Stevie Nicks is starting her tour and you are lucky enough to be there. The rituals began with the usual "setting of the mood" with the pre/show tailgate festivities. Over the years I have become quite the professional, every detail in it's place. The table draped with a pashmina, upon it a blue lamp, incense burning, moon & gem stones, feathers and lace and the always handy witches almanac and of course the I pod on a Stevie shuffle. When my "sisters of the moon" arrive they are greeted by a host of refreshments and culinary delights and they are always impressed by my efforts. The sun had gone down the moon had already begun to rise, it is time. We head to our seats, top hat w/feathers flowing in the breeze, my lace shawl just off my shoulders, flowers for my girl in hand. The seats were amazing although I knew I wouldn't be sitting. We usually are right up front but this time we were behind the box seats and were able to see the entire set and enjoy the show the way it was meant to be seen. We decided to save the up close for "Edge". It was beautiful, I really enjoy all the new stuff especially "For What Its Worth". I love doing the car, knock on your door hand motions along with her. I love the song and it makes it fun. Stevie's voice was amazing as always and she spoke to us as if we were old friends(really old). All the references to Edgar Allen Poe and the 1800's were off the hook. When we did go up front I was dead center right beneath her for "Edge" the flowers were collected and as always she rocked that song. I was not prepared for what happened next. As she began to close the show with" Love Is "I saw a sadness in her eyes and when she explained the song means different things to different people. I could tell she was thinking of her Mom. I immediately lost it and cried through the entire song and at the end Stevie pointed right at me I felt so deeply connected to her and the song. Then she began to cry and thanked everyone for their support. Then Stevie explained how hard it has been for her & Chris, it was raw and very emotional to see her in such pain but uplifting to feel love gets us through. It was a moment I will never forget.
Rock On~
Rock A Little~
Rock & Roll~
Rock Star~

Fantastic… Saw you with fm at atlantic city and you are the best. Love your style and clothing choices. Actually I use LeMer every day since I saw an ad about yu not going a day withoutit. Love you.

Stevie Nicks has been a rock music icon now for several decades now but her fans adore her not just for her music or her unique style. More than anything else, Nicks' honesty is at the heart of the bond between the singer/songwriter and her fans.

Jones Beach was the start of Nicks' summer 2012 concert tour - her first performance since her mother's death in December 2011. After the opening number, Nicks confessed that she had been unable to rehearse with the rest of the band because she lost her voice a week before, so she'd be flying by the seat of her pants.

The show didn't look it. Nicks' voice was in fine form and it had the perfect blend of polish and spontaneity.

And it takes a confident artist to start a concert with a cover of famous song from another performer. Nicks' opened her show with a rousing version of Led Zepplin's "Rock and Roll" to great applause.

The biggest problem with any Nicks' show - and it's one more performers wish they had - is that she has such a deep catalog of great songs, it's impossible to work them all in, even when not promoting her latest album. Still, certain songs are all but guaranteed, mixed with six new songs.

Nicks' lyrics are still sheer poetry - lyrical and truthful but not literal. Her patter between songs, though, is from the heart. While introducing "Annabel Lee" she joked about hanging out with Edgar Allen Poe adding, "He was married - but that's never stopped me before."

But the most raw moment of truth came at the end of the concert. While taking her bows, Nicks was clearly choked up, tearfully thanking the audience for being there as she sang for the first time since her mother's death. It's just one of many moments over the years that Nicks has completely shared with her audience, creating a bond of trust and admiration that stretches beyond appreciation for music.

True stars connect to their audience in a deep way and Nicks' sincere emotion, which carries over to her songs, was just more proof of her enduring legacy after all this time.

Cool Chip
The weather was fantastic and both Stevie and Marc Cohn put on fantastic sets at Jones Beach Friday night. To catch her breath between songs, Stevie banters with the audience where fans are so eager to hear that you can literally hear a pin drop. After Stand Back, she held up the cape and said it was the original one and that it was holding up pretty well. I yelled out "So are you!!" She said "Thank you!" After having grown men in tears with her poignant finale "Love Is," Stevie broke down in tears herself noting that this was her first concert since her Mom's passing and that it had been a very difficult past five months.

Set list:

1) Rock and Roll (Zepplin Cover)
2) Enchanted
3) Secret Love
4) Dreams
5) Moonlight (A Vampire's Dream)
6) Gold Dust Woman
7) Soldier's Angel
8) Stand Back
9) For What It's Worth
10) Rhiannon
11) Leather and Lace
12) Annabel Lee
13) Landslide
14) Ghosts Are Gone
15) Edge of 17
16) Love Is5

Currently 23 years old, I have loved music and performing since I can remember, however it wasn’t until I discovered Stevie Nicks that I became truly inspired. This was the fourth time I’ve seen her perform and I have to say, each time she gets better and better. Her poetry and lyrics are such magic and are just so real and relatable and her voice and presence is as beautiful and strong as ever. I attended this performance with my mother (who is the last member of my family to attend one of Stevie’s concerts with me) and she enjoyed it just as much as I did. What touches me the most is all of the stories she shares with her audience. Anyone can stand on stage and sing, but what Stevie does is perform. She makes her songs come to life with the background stories she tells about each song and with the projections floating around behind her. She allows herself to be vulnerable when she shares her stories with her audience, which is feature that is very unique to her performances. The first moment that stuck out in my mind was at the very beginning of her performance, when she shared with her audience that she had been unable to rehearse prior to the concert because she had lost her voice. She even said it herself that not many performs would share that with an audience, but she felt that we needed to know that. Another moment that truly touched me was at the end of “Edge of Seventeen” when she went by the edge of the stage to shake hands and collect the gifts that her wonderful fans had brought for her. One of the fans that had given her flowers was a little girl, maybe 5 or 6 years old. Rather than shaking this girl’s hand, Stevie gave her a hug and even posed for a picture with the girl. As always, I was thoroughly touched by her genuine appreciation of her audience, and especially by the extraordinary sense of appreciation and joy she displayed towards her sweet young fan. Lastly, I was speechless and also in tears when Stevie once again opened up and allowed her audience to see a vulnerable side of her when she had a tearful moment at the very end of her set. She explained to us that this was her first performance since the passing of her mother, which made the performance a bit more emotional for her. This was such a raw, truthful moment in which she really allowed her audience to be a part of her life. Not many performers would allow their audiences to see them in such a vulnerable state, which is one of the many personal qualities that sets Stevie apart from the rest of the music world. I will continue to attend her performances as long as she continues to perform.


The little girl Stevie hugged at Jones Beach on 6/29/12 is my daughter. If there is anyone who has a picture of my daughter and Stevie, could you contact me or send me the pic at (Rprezz1@yahoo.com)

I would be forever grateful since I could not get a picture since I was holding on to my daughter.

Thank you.

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