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07/07/2012 Seneca Casino Niagara Falls, NY

Theresa S.
I have been a fan ever since I can remember. Went to my first concert Oct 2, 1980 and have seen Stevie in concert numerous times. Last night, her voice was superb, strong and as magical as the that first concert over 30 years ago. Her ageless beauty and electric persona came through in her music. I loved the stories about her song writing and what those songs meant to her. I especially liked her story of Landslide and her father. As tears ran down my face as she sang, I always think of my mother and the time I left those lyrics on her pillow as I left to join the military. Not knowing that she was just beginning a battle with cancer that took her a few years later. Stevie enables us to say those things we have always wanted, but didn't know how. Don't miss this tour! It is truly magical.

I attended the Stevie's concert at Seneca Niagara Casino yesterday, along with the meet & greet with Stevie. First of all, I would like to commend her, along with all the band members & production staff, for putting on such an awesome show! Stevie was absolutely fabulous, stunning, & the sound was perfectly clear! I can't wait for her next show there! Next, & most impressive! was the fact that she was so warm & friendly to me at the meet & greet - she gave me undivided, individual attention for the short time I had with her, that I felt like I was the only one there! And, the picture that was taken of us was so perfect; it was absolutely incredible!! I want to Thank Stevie for taking the time out to create an experience I will never forget!!! Blessings until we meet again... (the fan she met who is shorter than her)

Nicole from Toronto, Canada
I had the pleasure of attening my second Stevie Nicks concert this past Saturday, July 7, in Niagara Falls, NY (I had previously seen her in Toronto, Canada, last year with Rod Stewart). Stevie was just AMAZING! She is classic, timeless, ageless...What a treat to hear her play for over 2.5 hours and tell a story for nearly every song. She sounded absolutely fantastic, I swear she keeps getting better as the years go by and her voice was so strong! Opening the set with classics by Buddy Holly and Led Zeppelin - brilliant! I absolutely love the In Your Dreams album and was so thrilled to hear all my favourites from her new material, as well as the old classics. Thank you so much for Annabel Lee! and Soldier's Angel!! What a stage presence Stevie is, and so humble, elegant and poised. Her band was fantastic also. I am so happy I drove down from Canada for the show!

My son gave me tickets to attend the Stevie Nicks concert on Saturday, June 7, 2012 in Niagara Falls, New York…..AWESOME AWESOME SHOW! I loved her in my teens in the 70’s and now in my fifties! I’m glad she’s still around and singing her old songs as well as her new music! Great show….awesome music…very special lady!!!!

Following shall be an account of this Magickal evening as travels were whisked and transported from CA, initially to Canada, then onward to NY in which to attend this Enchanted evening.

This whirlwind adventure began during the initial week of April upon receiving an email from fellow Stevie friend, John, announcing Stevie’s solo tour would be headed to NY. Offering an invite, to both, his home, as well as ticket to attend this show.
That evening the flight was schedulled... Travels to Canada venturing into NY were on!
Many days of visiting,. taking in the glorious Canadian sites, Saturday, at long last had arrived.
The drive along the QEW over the Canadian / NY border totaled nearly two hours… the afternoon was spent strolling the streets of the quaint little town, Niagara On-The-Lake, where we were joined by John’s cousin. Once through the border, at long last, the Seneca Niagara NY Casino was visible!
We arrived allowing plenty of time for wardrobe change, to relax, imbibe within adult beverages, whilst meeting other Stevie fans.
Time now to enter the venue -- the seats were spectacular – Section 101, Row #4! Up front, near the stage…binnocs were not required!
Once seated, we watched as eager fans streamed into the venue, seats filling quickly to this, Sold Out show!
Within moments, the lights dimmed, were completely brought down, the band members individually entering the stage..first Jimmy, then Waddy.. then, the image of Stevie walked on to the stage.. With this, cheers, whistles and applause erupted, as the crowd chanted Stevie....Stevie…Stevie! Within an instant, the lights were brought up – Stevie launched instantly into Rock ‘ n’ Roll…
Stevie both looked as well as sounded amazing! Her beauty, her smile radiating an inner glow.
Stevie spoke often to the crowd, welcoming us to The Seneca Buffalo NY, quickly correcting her error. Welcome to Seneca, Niagara Falls, NY! Sharing ‘this will not be a greatest hits tour. Continuing with, she would, however, perform songs from her solo career, as well as from Fleetwood Mac days, but, this tour is about her new album. Stating she has to move on to new things, move forward.’
Stevie shared many back stories of how the songs came to be. Her inspiration, history of the songs’ inception.
Stevie was adorned in a gorgeous little black dress with empire (slim) waist.. her beautiful long blonde hair flowed , reaching the small of her back. Her nails were painted red, she wore black, ankle-high boots. Diamond bracelet cuffs adorned each of her wrists. And, of course the beautiful crescent Moon necklace gently dangled from her neck. Prior to Stand Back, Stevie departed the stage, re- emerging from behind a screen partition, adorned in her signature black poncho encrusted with gold circles. The very same one worn during her days with Fleetwood Mac. Stating, ‘she just brought it out of the trunk a few months ago. It would be returned to the trunk after the tour’.

During a more somber moment, Stevie recanted her visit with thirty soldiers and their families during one of her day’s off spent at Bethesda Naval Hospital in Maryland. So moved during this time, spending seven hours with them came about the inspiration for “Solider’s Angel”. Adding after this visit, she considers herself a soldier’s mother. Sharing another poignant moment – during the 1990’s whilst travelling in the backseat of a bus with Mike Campbell provided the inspiration to write the next song; “ For What It’s Worth”. Stevie shared of the back story that led to “Landslide”. During a visit to Aspen, Colorado, with friends, one night she opted out of dinner plans, saying she felt compelled to remain in, to glance out over the snow covered hills. This song was written as deciding whether to stay with Lindsey, or move on. She decided to give him another chance. A quiet hush fell over the audience as the stage backdrop displayed images of her family throughout the years. Beautifully performed. Try as I might, tears began to well, spilling forth – as my own father most recently crossed over this April past.
John reached over, hugged me, gently cradling me throughout this song. Emotionally charged. The band was spot-on throughout the night.. Stevie air-played musical instruments keeping up the beat. The Setlist:
Rock ‘ n’ Roll
Secret Love
Moonlight ~ A Vampire’s Dream
Gold Dust Woman (with classic signature Gold shawl)
Soldier’s Angel (sans Lindsey)
Stand Back
For What It’s Worth
Piano Solo – beautifully performed
Intro leading into
Rhiannon! Beautiful, deep bow
Leather and Lace – performed with her voice coach Steve
Annabel Lee
Ghosts Are Gone
Band Introductions:
Keyboard / Guitarist ~ Brett Tuggle
Drummer ~ Jimmy Paxson
Pianist/ vocals ~ Ricky Peterson
Bass ~ Al Ortiz
Guitar ~ Carlos Rios
Guitar ~ longtime friend ~ Waddy Wachtel
Back Up Singers ~ The girls
Lori Nicks
Sharona Celani
Absent are Jenna and Taku
Drum solo –
Intro to stage walk – security allowing a scant few from the first two rows only.. turning many away.
Edge of Seventeen
Love Is
p This evening was truly an amazing Magickal experience. Stevie both looked and sounded stupendous – one of ‘ the’ most memorable performances ever!!!
Stevie’s voice, like that of an angel throughout the night. Beautiful, exuding an inner solace – confidence, contentment, centered , grounded and focused. Radiant beauty!
Met many new Stevie fans as well as reconnecting with fellow friends / fans. Donna Major, it was fantastic to see you once again! – albeit briefly prior to / after the show. Met and was introduced to Debbie, (friend of Donna’s), real sweetheart! Arlene Ventura, Kathleen, Evan, and Erin… Stevie fans shall be the friendliest souls ever! Many wondrous memories…
Merchandise: T-shirts, the Black T-shirt posted on FB – In Your Dreams- Stevie pictured with her familiar – Owl. This shirt was available in white only.. Pullovers, CD’s key chains; alas, less tour books.
After the concert John, Marni and I headed out, ended up at The Goodfellows on Pine Street. As the waitress approached our table, she proclaimed “ Did you just come from the Stevie Nicks concert?” Wonder what gave her that idea?
At that moment, one of the cooks emerged from the kitchen announcing they just delivered an order to Stevie’s camp at the Seneca NY Casino… naming off the items they had requested/ ordered. How cool is that…Makes sense as we were travelling behind the white stretch Limo in that whisked Stevie to the venue!
The night skies displayed the most magnificent encore during the return trip in to Canada.
Lightning flashed, dancing across the night / early morning (1:06 am) sky.. One flash – crackles of light – followed by another – zig-zagging upon the horizon – another, another.. one summoning the other…Spectacular! The Gibbous Moon accompanied our travels as well. Safe arrival home by 2:32 a.m. pleasant slumber by 3:40 a.m.!
Travels have found thine journey home safely to So. CA… This week / evening was spectacular…reinforcing those to hold on to and follow your Dreams…
They do come true.
For seven years ago wished this wish ~ that one day, Donna, John and myself would attend and rock together at a Stevie concert – beit in CA, NY or Canada.
This dream has reached fruition. A Magickally Enchanted experience!

The Moon Never Beams Without Bringing Me Dreams
Walk In Light

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