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07/28/2012 Consol Energy Center Pittsburgh, PA

Saw Stevie last night at the Heart & Soul tour with Rod Stewart. She was absolutely amazing as usual. And Rod was just as good as he always is. The only complaint I have is Stevie & Rod didn't sing together. I was really hoping for that. But it was a great show. My daughter & thought it was totally freakin awesome.

Jason F.
The Stevie Nicks/Rod Stewart "Heart & Soul" Tour concert in Pittsburgh PA was AMAZING! I saw this tour last year in Philadelphia & tonights show was everything thee 1st time was: PERFECT! Stevie & her crew sounded GREAT, looked GREAT, & overall were absolutely AWESOME! RAWK ON Gold Dust Woman! Your live shows RULE! ALWAYZ!

Jim (the other Mick)
First the good news; Both acts were different and both were Class A all the way, I was glad that Stevie went first I have begged people to let me in to Stevie for 16-17 years even for 3 minutes but alas I guess its meant for us Kimmy and Jimmy (the other Mick) to never meet either the real Mick Fleetwood or the Real Stevie Nicks or even the real Rod Sterwart'
Both acts has a sound guy problem Instruments were turn way up ;Vocals tuned down. In some cases people left early. Rod had the worst time of it, however he is pulled it in a very classily way A very exciting show! I would get my entire band (THE CHAIN TO WATCH AND POSSIBLY PLAY FOR STEVIE

Curt M.
I attended the concert in Pittsburgh, Pa. I was very excited to see Stevie as she missed Pittsburgh last year. I was however a bit disappointed that it would not be a solo show. I have been going to see Stevie since 1982. I was very much looking forward to the new songs especially Moonlight. Well as much as iI loved seeing Stevie....She should not be relagated to an opening act. One hour and 15 minutes was not nearly enough Stevie for me and only 2 new songs. VERY disappointed. Not in Stevie but in her not having enough time to perform the songs we had gone to hear.The crowd being mixed with many Rod Stewart fans did not lend to the normal excitement of being surrounded by others who share your love of Stevie. I hope that in the future everyone realizes Stevie IS The show....no need for Rod Stewart. I left after Stevie performed. I am a STEVIE fan.I hope for a solo show or a fFleetwood mac show where i can truly enjoy the woman and the music i love.

Jim T.
Well now from Detroit, to Cleveland, now Pittsburgh. Stevie was as always in great form, always smiling and reaching everybody with her voice. Surprised she did not do any songs with Rod Stewart this show, nobody knew why. It was a great show still. Her voice touching us with Soldiers Angel, and as always the wonderful Landslide. Rod Stewart was good again having the crowd into his good hits. I wish I could attend more shows, but to far away for the rest. Keep rockin Stevie, I'll see you again!!!

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