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Stevie Nicks - FAN REVIEWS

07/27/2012 Verizon Center Washington, DC

Stevie rocked the house last nite in Washington. Again, it was like seeing a dear friend. Before she came out on stage, they played Not Fade Away on the p.a. System which was a great way to start the evening. The band was tight- Waddy was amazing! Stevie really looked like she was enjoying herself. Stevie gave us a memorable evening of beautiful music because she made it so personal. During Landslide, the video playing behind her was very moving. She reminded us to take care of each other and love one another. A great concert by a great performer.

Debbie W.
I just saw Stevie and Rod in DC...All I can say is amazing!! Both sounded the best I have ever heard them. Stevie was in great form...talking, twirling in her high heel boots, voice was excellent! I have been to her concerts for over 30 yrs and this by far was her best vocal preformance!! And then Rod....WOW! I was worried his voice would be weak but no to the contrary! He was in great voice as well! Wild dressed women, soccer balls flying...a true GREAT SHOW!! I adored tonight..wish I could see it all over again! Love you both! A very satisfied fan!

Michael O.
I have seen Stevie many, many times since my first show of hers in 1985. Once again in D.C. this year she did not disappoint. The highlight of the show for me, was to hear the new songs live, 'Secret Love', 'For What It's Worth' and 'Soldiers Angel' - the latter more amazing live than on the cd. Singing it live zested it up with all of the magic that she intended in its writing and it was wonderful to hear the back-story on how and why it was written. Stevie's voice sounded amazing, although she was a bit more subdued than I am used to seeing her. What a great concert! Rod was good too but Stevie was the main attraction in my eyes!

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