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07/10/2012 Bank of America Pavilion Boston, MA

What a great night- me n my best friend from high school just enjoyed a trip back in time with a night of.high energy Stevie nicks music-she really is one of a kind. We danced all nite n it was poignant as Stevie gave time n praise to our veterans n my friends' son just got home after serving 4 years, which was the last time we both saw her together-it was heartfelt n simply beautiful. She sounds as good as ever n I just wish she had played Italian summer as that is my fav. from her new cd. She is the queen of rock n roll!

I don’t even know what to say, but I know I need to say something. Words will not be able to adequately describe the collective experience at the Bank of America Pavilion in Boston last night, and experience led completely and magically by Stevie Nicks. She had us in the palm of her hand from the first song and held us delicately, personally, and passionately until the end…along the way giving us the privilege of getting to know her better. She has been my favorite singer/songwriter since I was 13 and I am (egads) 45 now, and she STILL continues to amaze and inspire and remind us of just why we fell in love with her in the first place. I have been seeing her live since “The Wild Heart” tour in 1983 and have not missed one of her (or Fleetwood Mac’s) shows in whatever city I was living at the time (I am originally from Michigan). It is the rare and true artist who only grows in their craft year after year and Stevie is that pure creative spirit, driven to create, move, and touch through her music.

Now, the show….she did a perfect blend of the old and the new, respecting that we want to hear our favorites while sharing with us her new and fabulous “In Your Dreams”. She spoke so honestly about each song as if we were just a few friends gathered in her living room, there was no pretense, in fact she spoke with humility, often with humor, and always with gratitude. She’s just an adorable person.

But then….oh, but then…her intro to “Soldier’s Angel” (which, I confess, I had heard last year at the same place…but her telling of it is so honest and true that she told it again almost verbatim). Having the background made the song all the more poignant. She then went on to tell of a very special young man that she met at Walter Reed named Vincent. I have a lump in my throat right now as I retell this. Vincent was gravely injured and had a very long road ahead, with an amazing family by his side – who left everything to join him on his fight back from near death – and a very special angel. Stevie. The telling of this story was enough to bring us all to tears, told with pictures of Vincent and his family being projected on the screen behind the band. And then…in the silhouette off stage left you could see a line forming and you just knew before the spotlight hit them that it was going to be Vincent and his family and we collectively fell completely apart with emotion before she could even introduce them. When she did, Vincent received his deserved hero’s welcome in the form of a 2 minute long standing, screaming, crying, cheering ovation. He has suffered some brain damage and it took him a few seconds longer to make it to center stage. Stevie then introduced each member of his family – who we had just met onscreen a few minutes before. They each said “thank you” and then Vincent came to the mike…and received a repeat ovation…and concluded the moment with in a voice labored by brain damage, “she’s my best friend”. It took me well into the next song to stop crying. I completely fell apart. I wasn’t alone.

I told my husband that she still gives us reasons to fall in love with her again and again.

When I left her show last year I was so afraid that it might be the last time I got to see her, and what if she doesn’t tour again. I did not feel that way last night. As a matter of fact, I am sure that she will be out there performing and inspiring us for as long as she is humanly possible. For that we are extremely blessed.

Thank you Stevie.

Christine S.
Hello there, I actually wrote years ago explaining how I had been a huge fan of Ms nicks since i was 2 ( I was raised right lol) I'm 30 now, graduated art college and work at my citys police dept......finally have my own Stevie nicks room in my and my finances home and still and am rediculous die hard fan. Last night I saw her in Boston for what was my 21 time seeing her and I swear it gets better every time. I am lucky enough to be going to see her tomorrow for the 22 nd time at mohegan sun, I cannot wait. Anyway to the reason I'm writing to you now. Last night I brought one of my younger friends to her first Stevie concert and she had a blast, she had our whole row convinced I would meet Stevie one day, as I always will hold out hope for that one day to happen I'm just happy knowing I'm in the same location lol. When we were leaving we had grabbed a soda waiting for the lovely Boston traffic (that we have come to know and love lol) to disapate, we saw a limo and a bus getting ready to leave the back of the pavilion. My friend said oh look, this might be your chance..... when i got the feeling back into my body I said no she just busted her ass on stage, I respect her to much to even wait to watch her drive by. Of course I bawled on the ride home but it was still pretty cool to see... from a far. Anyway, I hope Stevie has time to enjoy the area a little today before tomorrows concert. Since she has said so many times she likes it here, and the weather is so nice now. That was it I guess I don't know why just thought I would say I hope she has fun here and here holding out hope one day I get to meet her. Thank you for your time again :-)

What a beautiful show last night I was so proud to be from Boston when Stevie announced her friend Vincent a young man she met at Walter Reed ( walterreedsociety.org ) if you would like to donate Stevie wants us too! So the night was so beautiful the weather was perfect. Enchanted was so good to hear again, Stand Back was amazing! Waddy was so rocking last night it was great and they had Jimmy all by himself which was awesome!!! I just wished his solo was longer I love the way her plays those drums. Brett is back and he was dueling two instrument and really got into The Ghosts Are Gone.
When she stopped for a moment she talked about her days in Fleetwood Mac and how she is going on to do her own thing. So happy for you STEVIE! Darrell was just magnificent on those keyboards. Sharon really hits the high notes in all the new songs absolutely gorgeous. Lori looked radiant as well with her long flowing gorgeous red hair she was so happy and singing so proudly to all the new song.
Stevie, once again thanked the Boston audience for allowing her and accepting her new music. I was the first in line to hold her hand!!!! Before Soldiers Angel she explained about the song and how she had started writing it years ago. Then she went to Walter Reed and met Vincent ( from Boston) served in the war. Stevie introduced him. Vincent said " Stevie is my best friend" His mom and sister cam out and then THE DAD AND HE SAID " MY SON IS A HERO AND HE IS FROM BOSTON" and the crowd went nuts. Rhannion was awesome and Stevie twirled away. Lots of new hand gestures infact, at one point I wanted to put little string puppets on them and she could have had a puppet show it was way too cute. Stevies piano hands and air guitar was out all night ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL EVERY SINGLE SONG. Thank you Stevie once again you are amazing!
Peace, Light and Love always Vaaarrroooooooooooommmmm!! woman.....

Stevie's voice was "as good as it gets" great show.

Kathy G.
This is my second time seeing the In Your Dreams tour in Boston and it was just beyond fabulous. After she sang Soldier's Angel, she told us the story of Vincent and his family. Vincent is a young, wounded U.S. Military soldier that she met at Walter Reed a while back. She kept in touch with family during Vincent's very long recovery process. Well, Vincent is from Southie (South Boston) and she invited him, his sister and mom & dad up on the stage. It was so touching and one of the highlights of the show for me. Vincent was all smiles and he looked really, really happy. It was so honorable for Stevie to give them their moment like that - they totally deserved it. And the crowd - well, we Bostonians love our soldiers. I have a stepson currently serving in the U.S. Army and I thought about him as I watched Vincent making his way along the stage. Oh, did I mention I was sitting in the 5th row? I loved watching her sing Annabell Lee, Moonlight and For What It's Worth. For some reason Secret Love was dropped from the set. Would love to have heard New Orleans. I made it to the stage for Edge of Seventeen, but after 10 minutes security "got me" and made me go back to my seat. Haha - I didn't mind - I was just happy to be there.

Jim "Doc" N.
…Show opens up with Mark Cohn & colleagues… Playing a variety of his originals, culminating with “Walking in Memphis” before a short reset for Stevie’s band…

…She came on with that regular general fury she still has, playing a cover – “Rock and Roll”, By Led Zeppelin, and after a few songs, she declared that she would play the songs ‘she wanted to play’ instead of the regular hits she always plays when touring. Well, it is ‘her show’. …Should be her choice as to what to play - If the choice were mine, she would still play all her songs, at least once, which would probably take several days of continuous enjoyment on my part, but complete exhaustion on the part of the band, crew, and hers…

About half way through, she played “Soldier’s Mother”, and introduced a veteran she met in a wounded veteran’s Washington DC hospital some years ago, named “Vincent”. He walked out on the stage with his family. Stevie introduced them, and we were all very pleased to see his near full recovery.

She encourages us to send whatever we can to the organization that helps these wounded veterans… http://www.operationward57.org/donate/donation-faq/

…Later the show continues, and that fury rages on, ending with “Edge of Seventeen”, and followed by “Love Is” for an encore – Want to know ALL the songs – Go to a show - You won’t be disappointed…

After the closing bows (which included Vincent and his family), they were all walking offstage, and a fan caught Vincent, and shook his hand. That continued for a short time with more fans seeming refusing to let him go, and nearly pulling him off the front of stage. At that moment, Waddy and Stevie were walking past me, (they were ahead of Vincent) – I shouted, and pointed back - “Waddy – Stevie - Behind you – Vincent”… Waddy quickly turned around and recovered him from the front of the stage and the show closed completely, other that the regular rush of the crew breaking down the set.

…As I often shout during the shows between songs when it seems appropriate: “Thank You”…

…And thank you also, Al for letting me know why Lenny Castro was not onstage with the rest of the band – (He just came off a different tour)…

…And thank you ALL – whom most of you are never seen, nor heard, but make live music possible…

Not only was Stevie at the top of her musical priestess, she truly is a hero. Her voice is as strong as I've ever witnessed. Her humanity brought me to tears! I loved her set list choices. Stevie's rendition of every song was studio perfect. Her story telling enveloped her audience. I loved being reminded of the reasons why Stevie is compelled to write. She lives through her songs, and I for one, cannot not help but to be swept along.
After singing about our troops in "Soldier's Angel" Stevie introduced us to Vincent and his family. She told of his struggle for life, and he referred to her as his "best friend". Very touching.
Vincent and his family rejoined Stevie onstage for the final bow. A fitting testament to Stevie's views on the admiration and support our troops deserve, and she delivers! I am extremely proud to be a Stevie Nicks fan. Thank you Stevie.

It was a concert for the ages and this is no exaggeration. I have been to over 100 concerts between Stevie and Fleetwood Mac. This one was extra special. Here’s why!

In addition to her amazing music, her unique voice, her mystique, her magical presence and her love for her audience we got to meet one of the soldiers who survived serious brain trauma. Stevie had visited him at some of her many trips to Walter Reed Army Hospital.

PFC Vincent Mannion and his family were introduced after Stevie sang Soldier’s Angel. This song is on her latest album In Your Dreams. But she had long given a copy of the comforting words to the countless soldiers she visited as well as, their families, doctors and nurses. Stevie’s poetry had helped to take away some of the soldier’s pain if just for a moment. She always knew she would record it as it was their song.

It was beyond emotional as photos of Stevie visiting with Vincent and his family were shown as she sang the song. When Vincent and his family walked onstage they were greeted with wild and warm applause. Stevie spoke about how the support of his strong Irish family contributed so much to his recovery as they were not going to leave that hospital without him.

Vincent, his mom, dad, and sister were all introduced by Stevie and each spoke to the audience. There was hardly a dry eye in the house as the emotion and joy of the moment along with the fear that it might never have happened just overwhelmed you. Vincent said to Stevie, You’re my best friend” and that spoke volumes about his love for and gratitude to Stevie.

The concert itself was memorable as Stevie bravely sang six songs from her new album after announcing that this was not a “greatest hits tour” The new songs were Secret Love, Moonlight (A Vampire’s Dream), Soldier’s Angel, of course, For What It’s Worth and Annabel Lee, my two favorites and Ghosts Are Gone. Stevie did a mesmerizing version of my classic favorite Gold Dust Woman. She opened with a cover of Led Zeppelin’s Rock and Roll. Although I would have preferred Stevie’s In Your Dreams the song really rocked! In addition Enchanted, Dreams, Stand Back, Rhiannon, Leather and Lace performed with her vocal coach, Steve Real, and Landslide all were sung with the love and conviction that Stevie still has for these timeless songs.

Stevie did Edge of Seventeen for her finale and at the conclusion walked across the front of the stage receiving gifts and flowers and shaking hands with her adoring fans. I can tell you I’ve had this honor of meeting Stevie at the stage many times and it is a thrill. This is a very special gift that Stevie gives to her fans.

For the encore Stevie did Love Is and said that we could interpret it any way we want. She was chatty throughout the concert giving some background about many of the songs especially the new ones.

At the conclusion once again Vincent and his family came onstage to enthusiastic applause and they all took the traditional bow with Stevie and her band. Stevie again thanked us for our support and especially for the way we welcomed Vincent. She said she would never forget this night and just how special it was to have Vincent there and for the reception he received.

Stevie lingered at the stage waving to us and Vincent leaning over even shook hands with a few fans. Stevie ever caring and motherly said, “Be Careful” to him. It was an honor to be in the audience for this most memorable evening. Thank you, Stevie, for continuing to give your fans the joy which is you and your music.

Timothy M.
In your Dreams returns again to Boston Massachusetts. No this was not a greatest hits tour Stevie made that clear from the start, and with great cause.
This show was serious and poignant on many levels for myself and for the true fans who have stayed with Steve from the start. For me personally it was a miracle I even was able to be able to attend the show faced with a life and death situation in my personal life, So yes I had front row and being so close to the magic can at times be overwhelming emotionally.
In your dreams songs this time seemed different almost like a little more worn in a good way.
You could see and feel the love Steve has for these songs and with good cause.
For me and for all the fans that night listening to Soldiers angel will take on new meaning for each of us.
Stevie let us see another side of her and showed something so personal and private that was moving.
War destroys families and takes away brothers, and sisters, Mothers, and fathers.
Soldier Vincent was invited up on the stage with his whole family and if you were not moved than you are not human.
To see the struggle and fight this young man has gone through to defend the united states to give each and everyone of us the freedom too many people take for granted brought me to tears and many other people to tears. Stevie made it clear that she is not just a rock star something a lot of her fans have known for years.
Stevie has been able to get me through some of my darkest times and most frightening times in my life through her music.
The music has the power to heal and to fuel our souls.
She has given so much up for this rock n roll life but has helped millions of her fans get through daily struggles life can throw at each and everyone of us, it still amazes me how she still shakes as many hands as she can at the edge of seventeen song.
As I reached up and took both her hands I also put a light blue African grass woven bracelet into one of her hands which to me signifies the eternal circle of life.

Thanks Stevie for another night of healing, rock on ancient queen.

Ann R.
I Saw Stevie in Boston Tuesday Night! The poet of all time! She looked like a Rock Goddess ~ Sounded like a power house and brought the house down with her energy.
Stevie said she would probably never have another number one hit again ~ I say every time she opens her mouth it is a number one hit! Adored by all ~ She is the greatest artist that has ever lived!
Chills, tears, laughter and awe ~ I felt every emotion ~ Stevie Nicks The Legend! Rock on gold dust women!!!!!! Yet another flawless performance! Love you! YOUR NUMBER ONE FAN!!!!!!!

Brandi N.
Some day Stevie Nicks is going to hire me to ghost write her autobiography – just as soon as I convince her we are perfect for each other. I just saw Stevie in concert again last night in Boston and I am, as usual, amazed at the talent and dedication of this woman. Even as she enters her mid sixties, she is sexier, more passionate and more talented than performers one-third her age. And, she’s done it all without ever cashing in on her position as a sex symbol. As the woman who penned some of rock ‘n’ roll’s most recognizable songs like “Landslide” and “Gold Dust Woman,” Stevie has earned her position in music history as the only woman to successfully lead a band while simultaneously piloting an equally successful solo career.

I have been enthralled with this gypsy woman ever since I awoke to “Sometimes It’s a Bitch” blaring from my clock radio when I was 13. As a woman and a writer myself, I see Stevie as a role model. She struggled for years cleaning houses and waiting tables before joining the British blues band Fleetwood Mac with then boyfriend Lindsey Buckingham when she was 27, basically turning it on its ear. The group was looking for a guitar player, not a female lead singer and songwriter and only took her because Lindsey refused to join without his musical and life partner. The band figured that if she sucked they could simply sack her.

At first no one took her very seriously and she had to work twice as hard to prove her worth as critics dismissed her as flaky and her voice as too raucous. During her second album with Fleetwood Mac, Stevie finally earned the respect she deserved when she penned the band’s only number one single, to date “Dreams,” and has since become the most successful and most beloved member of the seventies super group, much to the chagrin of former boyfriend Buckingham.

Though successful and talented beyond comprehension, Stevie is far from perfect. Like every human being she is beautifully flawed, and she’s honest about it. As a nonfiction writer I appreciate when someone can take themselves to task just as much as they take everyone else. Stevie spent decades addicted to cocaine and painkillers. She had affairs and ruptured breast implants, and she’ll tell you about all of it. She’ll tell you all of the dirty details, her role in the chaos and how she dug herself out of hell with her bare hands and a little help from her friends. She takes all of the pain she’s walked through and turns it into teachable moments, and as a result she is a better artist, a better woman and a better mentor for the next generation of female musicians. In the fifteen years I have seen her in concert, I have never seen Stevie not completely covered from neck to feet, barely even a wrist showing, and I can’t imagine a more appealing or enchanting woman who oozes the natural allure that emanates from Stevie.

After getting her head straight, Stevie started visiting wounded soldiers at Walter Reed hospital in Bethesda, Maryland. Most of these men weren’t even born when she was at the height of her fame snorting a hole through her nose the size of a quarter. Sure maybe they remember their parents rocking out to “Rhiannon,” but these wounded warriors have no idea who Stevie Nicks is, and that’s just fine with her. She brings them iPods loaded with her favorite music. She sits with them. She listens to them. She becomes their mother, sister and friend.

After she first began visiting Walter Reed in 2007, Stevie wrote a poem turned song called “Soldier’s Angel” that appears on her most recent album, “In Your Dreams.” At the July 10, 2012 concert in Boston she gave a lengthy introduction to the song that included an onstage appearance by Vincent Mannion, a soldier with Traumatic Brain Injury whom she met during some of her first visits to Walter Reed. Mannion and his family walked onto the stage and embraced Nicks, and amid tears Mannion told the crowd that Stevie was his best friend.

I have my own issues with war and the military because my father suffered severe post-traumatic stress disorder upon returning from Vietnam and died of alcoholism in 2008. What I can appreciate is Stevie’s commitment to fighting for the best care for these wounded soldiers without taking a stance on the war. No matter my opinion on combat, Americans returning from the trenches deserve the best care available and instead often receive worse care than stray animals, as was the case with my dad, and when he died and was buried in Arizona, I had my own white-winged-dove experience mirroring “The Edge of Seventeen.”

One of the things I love about Stevie is that she’s real. Despite not living in the real world (as Tom Petty likes to remind her), she continues to make new music four decades into her career because that’s all she’s ever wanted to do. She doesn’t need the money or fame. She doesn’t care if she sells a single record. She does it because she loves it, and when you see her onstage, it’s obvious. She has given up everything for her art -- love, family and a good portion of her sanity -- but she’s not bitter. It would be easy for a woman to get angry about not being able to have it all the way a man can. Her male band mates have young children, an option she gave up a long time ago, because unlike men, women don’t have fifty or sixty years to decide that they’re going to have a family when they get around to it, and few men can withstand being with a powerful women who is always on the road and is more successful than he will ever be. Most men just aren’t this secure. For many women at the top, it’s one thing or the other.

Despite all of her sacrifices, its clear Stevie has made the right choice. The world is a better place because she’s in it. She’s found out how to navigate and succeed in a man’s world on her terms, as a woman, and she’s an angel to people like Vincent Mannion and his family, and to little girls like me, who can see by her example that it’s okay to make mistakes, it’s better to keep your clothes on, and if you want something badly enough, there is no other option except to go out and get it.


Christine D.
I attended Stevie Nicks' concert at the Pavilion in Boston last night. Fantastic show! Stevie was very engaging with the audience. It was especially nice that she paid tribute to wounded troops and brought a soldier named Vincent on stage with his family to honor his service and the service of others like him.

Donna N.
Stevie is like a fine wine.....she just gets better with age. The July 10th concert at the beautiful Bank of America Pavilion (which will always be Harbor Lights to me) was my 30th Stevie Nicks show.....what I consider a milestone. It was probably one of the top 3 shows I have seen from the ageless Queen of Rock. I also got to shake her hand during the Edge Walk, exactly 25 years after doing it in 1986 during the Rock a Little tour.

Experiencing Stevie's relationship with soldier Vincent and his family made the concert a once-in-a-lifetime event also, illustrating her timeless commitment to soldiers, dating back to Desert Angel and the first Gulf War.

To those of you afraid you won't see Stevie in concert again, do not despair. She will tour until she can't possibly do it anymore. It's her life. It's why we love her so.

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