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Stevie Nicks - FAN REVIEWS

08/08/2012 BOK Center Tulsa, OK

If you don't care for Rod Stewart, this is the place to be! Stevie comes out first, has a great band and the show went almost without a hitch. This was the 96th Stevie/Mac show I've been to, and my 100th will be with FM next year!

I attended the Rod Stewart/ Stevie Nicks concert last nite in Tulsa at the BOK CENTER. Stevie was beautiful as always and performed an incredible good show. Everyone seemed to be enjoying the show. It will be remembered by me as one of my best concerts. She took out time to honor our wounded soldiers as that is one of her loves and asked for contributions to that worthy cause. She should be remembered for doing this because I have not been to any other concerts that a star did this. Thank you Stevie. I wish there had been a tourbook for her but understand.

Donna M.
Wonderful concert last night. You are as awesome as always.

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