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Stevie Nicks - FAN REVIEWS

08/03/2012 Amway Center Orlando, FL

Joey P.
All I can say is wow, in the 30 years of Stevie/ Fleetwood Mac concerts, I would have to say this is in the top 3. She was absolutely stunning, her voice was amazing, I could not have asked for anything more.....Thank you Stevie!

Stevie was sublime as she talked, twirled, and sang her heart out at the Amway Arena! I don't know how she does it, but this was my 32nd show and she gets better every time. Beautiful imagery flowed behind her as Stevie was very relaxed, happy and seemed to be having a ball. 'Gold Dust Woman' was a definite highlight including a sultry belly dance throughout. Landslide was very a touching encore and many of us had tears. Stevie sang a few new, well kinda new, songs 'Secret Love' and 'Soldier's Angel' which was begun with a story of Stevie's trips to Walter Reed. Very moving. Stevie rocked from beginning to end and Rod Stewart kept the party going as only he can. A wonderful night with lots dancing and great new merchandise~thank you

Melanie B. & Donna G.
Friday, August 3rd was a very special date night for my mother and I. Both of us love Stevie and she had never seen her in concert. Stevie was amazing, her voice sounded just as rich and soulful as ever. The imagery from the lighting and screen behind her really gave a heightened aura to the show. She was so full of energy, dancing and spinning around the stage. We loved the part when she danced behind Waddy, the images on the screen where so unique and could have been sculptured. The Walter Reed story brought us to tears because we have several men in our family deployed at this time. Soldierís Angel was so moving! Landslide has always been one of our favorite songs and it felt like time stopped for us. As, my mom and I held hands, singing and crying, we both felt like we were on stage with her. It was a moment in our lives we will never forget. Thank you Stevie! Music has changed so much, but you are always here to remind us what it should be!!! Your band was awesome, as usual. We wished the show could have gone on all night. Rod Stewart was very funny and entertaining, a pleasant surprise. It was a fabulous show and we have already purchased our tickets to see you in New Orleans, LA on Sept 22nd! We canít wait!! We wish we could have the opportunity to meet you. Maybe one day we can make it to California for the Fleetwood Mac experience! We adore you. Thank you so much for sharing your stories and music!!!!

Much Love.

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