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09/04/2011 Nikon at Jones Beach Theatre Wantagh, NY

Saw stevie at Jones beach last night. AWESOME show! Stevie looked FABULOUS!! Enjoyed it immensely!

Danielle & Diane
Ms. Nicks is truly an awesome woman and a true entertainer. This concert rocked the beach!! Stevie you just keep getting better and better. I had the honor of shaking her hand on this final night of the tour. This was a great venue and added to the magic that Stevie creates at every performance. She twirled and kicked her leg up in Stand Back and from there I knew the night was going to Rock!! Thank you for a great night and I can't wait to see you again. Waddy made the night for my mom when he gave her his guitar pick. We will both remember this concert for years to come.

Jenny & Allyssa
My 10 year old niece and I attended Stevie's show on 9/4 at Jones Beach. Thanks to the generosity of a friend, we wound up in the front row! I'm a huge Stevie fan and it was my niece's first concert so it was a BIG deal. We were having a great time dancing and singing when Waddy came over and gave my niece a big smile and handed her his guitar pic! She was thrilled, but it gets better. During the edge walk, Stevie came over and shook my niece's hand - for a long time - and then gave me a wink and shook mine. She was so sweet and gracious and really made our day! Needless to say, this was by far the best concert I've ever been to! Stevie is the best!

Barbara T.
Ok, so Stevie Nicks by the water, a beautiful night, the clouds were apparent but non threatening. Stevie comes on stage and the moon came out too.

It was mystical. She rocked Jones Beach. I have seen her quite a few times before and I felt that Sunday night was one of her best performances ever!

Her voice was flawless and her energy demanded our attention. The video she had playing in the background was a beautiful compilation of moments from the past . What a beautiful woman she has always been. I am just in awe of Stevie Nicks because of how she handled her career all these years with such class and how she gives it all she’s got from the first song to the last. Her presence on stage takes my spirit to a very beautiful place. When she sang Rhiannon something mystical was going on, I am not sure what is was…maybe the moon and the water and the breeze. There will never be another Stevie Nicks……and if there is…..it will be her.

Stevie rocked Jones Beach Sunday night in support of her first solo album in ten years. She was energetic and frisky on the last night of this leg of her tour. She told stories about her songs that I had never heard before. For example, she wrote Landslide after Lindsey left her alone in Aspen for a month as he replaced one of the feuding Everly Brothers on a tour.

My favorite line of the show: "Fleetwood Mac's only number one single (Dreams) hangs on MY WALL."

This was Sunday night's set list:

- Stand Back (multiple twirls and leg kick)

- Secret Love - new

- Dreams

- Moonlight (A Vampire's Dream) - new

- Gold Dust Woman

- Soldier's Angel - new

- Annabel Lee - new

- For What It's Worth - new

- Rhiannon

- Landslide

- Ghosts Are Gone - new

- Leather and Lace

- Edge of 17


- Love Is

Bill R.
I was lucky enough to attend this concert!! Stevie was absolutely fantastic!!! She looked great, sounded great, and seemed to really enjoy the audience. Thank you Stevie!!!! We can hardly wait for you to come back!!!!

Carl A.
I was at the Jones Beach show this past Sunday.

Stevie looked, and sounded fantastic! Congratulations on your new material, my wife and I are getting the DVD immediately!

Your voice sounded wonderful, you hit the highs and no sign of the strain I had heard a few years ago.

I have been a fan since 1977, so, I am dating myself here, but, listening to you, and your stories about the music are just an absolute wonderful thing to hear.

You sounded very sincere, and we loved your relating to the audience.

Please keep up your work, and we hope to see you in 2012!!!!

Ken C.
I went to the final show of Stevie's concert tour at Jones Beach theatre last night and as usual she gave an awesome performance. After a week of earthquakes and hurricanes the weather was really nice, Jones Beach is on the ocean so there is always a nice breeze. Stevie mentioned she would like to move to NY because of the ocean which is the place she enjoys. While the concert was not sold out there were probably about 10,000 people there. Before the show an announcement was made that Stevie herself requested no pictures or videos be taken but of course no one listened to that request and the ushers were busy yelling a people thru out the show. The show was refreshing in the fact that Stevie played new music for the first time in 10 years. After awhile the greatest hits concerts become old and predictable so her new songs were a welcome change. All were received very well but I think the best of them was Ghosts are Gone, she did a really kick ass rock and roll version live, better than what is on the CD and the sound system was such that you could actually hear her on the tambourine. She was very talkative thru out the show and I think she did a good job of the song set and her voice was in top form. She wore a white layered dress for Edge of Seventeen with her black platform boots and she missed her cue on the first verse and she cheated everyone by cutting out the third verse all together where she does her primal scream! After the encore she brought out her entire road crew and Michael Grimm's band onstage for a final curtain call. As I said it was a great show and I am glad I was able to see the final show of her tour. If you missed this tour you missed a great show by Stev

Lisa K.
Stevie Nicks was phenomenal. Her vocals were astounding, better than ever. A truly talented and gracious

performer who makes you feel like a close friend, from the heart. The best show I have seen in years!

Luv her.

Kell A.
The night was beautiful ~ All set up in the parking lot as cozy as a gypsy's lair, complete with a blue lamp (given to me by my Mom) and every accoutrement white witches would need for a perfect night with the ultimate " Queen of Rock". As the patchouli swirled in the air around us the moon in it's second quarter directly above us & had just entered Sagittarius (my sign).. shined down on us in all it's glory... Attending this show the Last show of the 2011 Summer Tour was more then "My Sister of the Moon" (my sister) and I could have hoped for!! Interacting with Stevie fans is always one of my favorite parts of the show. As a true Stevie fashion-ester the fans truly appreciate the look ~ including feathered top hat, long flowing black shawl and 5 inch platforms with rhinestone studded heels. So many compliments on these shoes ~ I must give the shout out to Steve Madden for the gorgeous Partyy R's. Anyway back to the fans ~ Had a great time in VIP with all the party people you know who you are... I believe I found the youngest and newest fan at the show. Her name was Millie she couldn't have been more then 4. She was sitting down front with us. Her Dad was the keyboardist for the opening Michael Grimm band. With her Moms permission I showed her the Stevie way ~ before I knew it she was spinning and kicking up her little cowboy boots like an old school pro. She especially loved tossing the glitter around and looked like a little princess. Anyone who witnessed this would surely agree. Stevie has a way of making you feel like that. This women is a con-cement focused professional with a unsurpassed talent. Stevie has been a constant in my life ~ from my teenage years in the seventies and still going strong now. Her music has seen me through the happiest and hardest times of my life and her words are inspiring and insightful. Her giving nature, her dedication to the troops, her priority of forgiveness are just some her mantras that I try to emulate. She is a great example of what a women can and should be. It is obvious that she loves what she does and her undying devotion to her fans is awe-inspiring. This show as are all her shows I have attended make me feel privileged to be in her presence. LOVE IS....

P.S. I hope Stevie liked the hand made black paper roses there were only 1O left Millie took one home as a memento and I tossed one to Waddy!
Rock On ~
Rock A Little ~
Rock A Lot ~
Rock And Roll ~

Denise P
Attended Stevie's show at Jones Beach with my three sisters and niece. What a terrific night. Stevie was simply beautiful and her voice was magnificent. The show took right off from the first opening song of our favorite "Stand Back" to the beautiful ending song of "Love Is". During Love Is, you could hear a pin drop the crowd was so quite; just absorbed it Stevie. Stevie was so talkative and so funny too! Loved the display of pictures during Landslide on the big screen. The only sad part of the night was that the show had to end. We wished it could go on for another couple of hours. We love Stevie so much and were so happy to see her again. We love her new album; another classic. Looking forward to the next time seeing Stevie possibly with the Mac.

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