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09/03/2011 Jiff Lube Live Bristow, VA

All I can say is I love Stevie. She's amazing, timeless and truly inspiring. She loves what she does and she adores her fans. This was my 4th time seeing her in concert, twice solo, twice with Fleetwood Mac. There's something so much more magical and special, seeing her solo. She sounded great tonight! I loved hearing all of the new songs and of course the classics! I loved hearing Annabel Lee and she even sang Leather and Lace! But the most beautiful song of the night was the final song of the night...Love Is, and it left me in awe. Stevie put on a great show and her voice never sounded better! She's still got it...and to me, she always will! It was great seeing the entire place packed full of people who love her just as much as I do. And I loved seeing all of the photo's through out her career on the screen behind her. I love you Stevie! I truly can not imagine my life without you! You are the Queen of Rock and Roll!

Finally, after all the years and all the concerts (I have no idea exactly how many), I secured front row seats to Stevie. I can truly say after the fact that the money didn't matter. I was still pumped up for several days afterward. Always good to hear Gold Dust Woman, Dreams, Stand Back. For What It's Worth was very good live. Moonlight and Annabel Lee are my favorites off the new album. Leather and Lace was incredible with her voice coach, seemed to be the biggest ovation of the night. Stevie was incredible period, as always. Might have been the largest crowd I've seen at that venue for her solo. Love you Stevie! Thank you Sharon for being there on tour from the beginning. Thank you Waddy and Lori for coming back out on the road. And thank you Carlos for the guitar pick. I gave her flowers during Edge of 17, got to speak to her, and I don't remember much after that :) Looking forward to seeing her again, perhaps after another FM album?!?!

Kristal R.
Several weeks ago, I finally talked my daughter (age 19) into going to a Stevie Nicks concert. Her friend Matt helped me talk her into it. Matt ended up loving the show and thinking Stevie's voice sounded great and sounded even better live than on CD. He loved the song Annabel Lee. My daughter Emily said, "Well, mom, why didn't you name me Rhiannon?"

As for me, a long-time fan? I've been listening to Stevie's new CD, In Your Dreams. I'm glad she played a lot of those songs and told us other stories during the show. She played Stand Back, Dreams, Landslide, For What It's Worth, A Vampire's Dream, Annabel Lee, Soldier's Angel, Ghosts Are Gone, Edge of Seventeen, and Love Is. ( I might have missed something, sorry.)

Before she played Soldier's Angel, she told us the story of how she was asked to visit Walter Reed Hospital, and she went. After she visited the soldiers, she went to meet her car and it was lost. So, she was there when wounded soldiers were coming in on ambulances--lights flashing--emergency mode! And how all that changed her, and she finally wrote a song about it. I love the CD version with Lindsey--their voices sound great together on that song. On stage it was just as great . . . sometimes when Stevie sings her new songs on stage they sound even better than the older ones. But, it was really sad, too, and you could feel that she was very emotional about it all.

Her introduction to "For What It's Worth" was a great story about a lake that was really a mirage and how they drove to it and never could quite get to it because it was a REAL MIRAGE that cowboys and Indians had died trying to get to it. She's extremely funny. Then they decided to videotape some of that trip for the song. The videos of Stevie and her parents were also sweet when she sang Landslide.

Stevie is simply one of the best rock & roll songwriters ever, male or female. And the world needs to acknowledge that fact. Period.

All of her band members and Sharon Celani and Lori Nicks, and Waddy Wachtel were all awesome, and this was the best thing I did all summer! A great way to end the summer! Hey, the new guy, Michael Grimm was pretty great also.

And we were a great audience, if I do say so myself.

Timothy Y.
I drove down from Baltimore, MD to see the one and only Stevie Nicks and she has never sounded better. I was especially looking forward to seeing this show because of the fantastic new record “In Your Dreams”. She did not disappoint. The new songs sounded great! As I have seen her pretty much every year since 1988, the change up in the set list was most enjoyable. Of course, it would not be a Stevie Nicks show without the favorites “Dreams”, “Gold Dust Woman” etc…. The mix of the old and the new songs worked really well. This was easiest the best Stevie Nicks show I have seen. She looked and sounded terrific! Thanks Stevie!!

My wife and I went to the concert in Bristow Virginia on September 3rd. It was a great concert put on by Stevie. Even though she may be 63 she still rocks like a 20 year old. From the opening of Stand Back to the very end with the Edge of Seventeen she at her absolute best. Her voice is as strong or maybe even better than ever. She played a variety of past hits mixed with new songs from her latest album. Her Leather and Lace duo with her voice instructor was great! Landslide was/is one of her best sentimental songs that was performed with true emotion by Stevie. Her band has to be one of the best! They seem to really enjoy performing with her and are they are impeccable! Michael Grimm who was her opening act even performed with her band for one song. It was a great evening that me and my wife will be talking about for years to come. Hopefully she will be back in DC area the next time she tours because we will be there.

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