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Stevie Nicks - FAN REVIEWS

09/01/2011 PNC Bank Arts Center Holmdel, NJ

In Holmdel, New Jersey, soulful singer, Michael Grimm, set the tone of the evening by belting out some familiar tunes – warming up the stage for the Queen of Rock and Roll. The iconic blonde-haired beauty shared her new—and old—life experiences through her epic lyrics. Stevie told the stories behind each song, smiling, joking around with her band mates and her audience. At one point, a fan yelled out for Stevie to do a particular song that was not on the set list. Stevie playfully replied, “I don’t even remember that the lyrics to that song and I wrote it!”

Legendary classics like Rhiannon, Stand Back, Dreams and Edge of Seventeen were performed with fiery passion, along with new songs from the In Your Dreams album which included: Secret Love, For What It’s Worth, Moonlight: A Vampire’s Dream and Soldier’s Angel.

Overall, phenomenal, positive energy exuded from Stevie, her band and her fans. If you have not had the opportunity to see Stevie Nicks live, what the heck are you waiting for?! It’s pure magic~

I have seen Stevie quite a few times with Fleetwood Mac and solo only once before. I brought my two kids with me (17 & 12) who have both grown up listening to FM and Stevie Nicks. When we saw Fleetwood Mac a couple years ago, my Daughter thought that was the best concert she ever went to (and we had just seen Bon Jovi and she thought FM topped Bon Jovi!) I have to say though, this was probably one of the best nights she has sounded that I've seen her and looked great. I had read some earlier reviews where people were not dancing, but at the PNC, I think the audience sat for what seemed like only 5 songs....The flow of the show was great, her talking to the audience was awesome, and she seemed to be having fun even though shes been on tour for some time now...She didn't disappoint for the PNC audience!

She started the concert with Stand Back which was a nice surprise. Last time I saw her solo the concert started with Outside the Rain, which was always one of my favorites, but as she said "this is not a greatest hits tour" and did not do this one song--but that was ok!! Instead we got a treat to "Leather and Lace"....She did the classics from FM and blended in her new stuff. I bought the new Album, the first day it came out, and had been ready for the new songs. Ghosts are Gone was great, as well as For What its Worth. Love Is, which she closed with, was very-very good. My youngest daughter likes the new song, as I do as well, Italian Summer, but she did not sing that one--Maybe next time!!

I wasn't initially planning on attending the concert since I had seen her so many times with FM. But I am glad I went as again, she looked great, and sounded awesome and really made it for a great night with my girls!!

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