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Stevie Nicks - FAN REVIEWS

11/19/2011 Sidney Myer Music Bowl Melbourne

Julia Tyabb Vic
Stevie is the best. Show was fantastic. Great mix of songs and she sounded so good. Enjoyed every minute of it. And to top of the best night...... I got to shake her hand! I love you stevie!

Denise G.
I have seen Stevie every time she has come to Melbourne, solo or with Fleetwood Mac throughout the years.... In my opinion and the crowds overwhelming response to this magical performance...this was the best show I have ever witnessed in her career! Stevie was at her best, she was on fire.... She seemed so relaxed and at ease, talking between songs and admitting her chatter was unrehearsed as she hadn't perfomed in 3 weeks. Her voice was like fine liquid gold...so pure... After all these years of being so close to her, but yet so far away, I was finally able to hold her hand and give her a big cuddly Koala bear... I'm on cloud 9 and I don't plan on returning....

Thank you Stevie for such an enchanting evening - Rock on!

This was the fourth time I had seen Stevie Live! The first time she caught my eye was around 1981, when "White Wing Dove" aired as a TV Simulcast in Australia. I have been a fan ever since, both of Stevie as a solo artist, and Fleetwood Mac. In Melbourne, Stevie's voice was just as it has been, since Bella Donna, and the Setlist was a great mix of new and old material which meshed together seamlessly. Like many that night I had the honour of holding Stevie's hand, but also got to personally pass on to her a copy of our band's (made up of men, with Acquired Brain Injuries (ABI), and Early Onset Parkinson's, and Alzheimer's Disease) first music clip "Chevy 46" as seen on You Tube, at which moment in time Stevie looked at me, then thanked me for it. This just made my evening as next time, Stevie, or the Mac are out again, I may not be able to go due to my illnesses. A Truly Magical Evening, luckily captured in some pictures, to remind me, as my memory deteriorates over time. Stevie, you are an inspiration to many, and you openly respect, and gladly acknowledge your fans, you are a true LADY!

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