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03/26/2011 Madison Square Garden New York, NY

There is nothing left to say that hasn't been said. Saturdays show at MSG was INCREDIBLE!!! Stevie was spot on in both voice and commentary. And Rod Stewart was simply energized. But I have to admit her duets with Rod during his set were magical. On both "Passion" and "Young Turks" she totally floored me. It was great seeing her on stage singing, dancing, and rocking with a fellow legend on his songs. Stevie came across as one of us fans enjoying Rod's great music. The crowd went wild. Definitely a special moment. I already have my tickets for their return engagement at MSG on April 6th. Like the title of one of Stevie's great songs, "I Can't Wait". If this show comes to your town DON'T miss it. Love to all the Stevieheads out there, Jim - Brooklyn, N.Y.

What can I say... Stevie Nicks at Madison Square Garden... once again the rock legend returns! Stevie looked and sounded great. Time has been a friend to her...voice strong and her appearance ageless. She seemed to be genuinely enjoying performing her set. We have to keep in mind that since it wasn't a solo tour; her song set was mixed up a bit more then usual and some of the "signature songs" like "Outside the Rain" and "How Still My Love" were noticeably missing. Also strangely missing from this nights performance was her cover of "Rock & Roll" and her band introductions.

Standback for me is always a highlight with it's twirls & kicks; it still has an energy all it's own; an energy that brings everyone to their feet. She also performed a new song "Secret Love" which she joked about how she was finally performing a new song. It was incredible live, the studio version doesn't due it the justice it deserves...it's a must hear live. If I had to pick one moment that defined her set, it would have to have been her performance of "Love Is" from TISL. She gave us some background on the song which made it's performance even more significant. She performed "Passion" and "Young Turks" with Rod Stewart.

If I had to pick something that was dispositive; there should have been more interaction between Stevie & Rod. The way it was set up it seemed as if the show / tour revolved around Rod. On that note, after all these years Stevie is still a true performer that doesn't need glitz to put on a great show.. it's truly all about the music.

What a night! Stevie's show at MSG was magical, from the moment she hit the stage, it was true "welcome to Stevie's world." Stevie looked fabulous as always, timeless true beauty! Her voice was in top form ranging from so strong to so soft. Stand Back and Sorcerer were two of my favorites of the night. It was nice seeing Sharon and Lori, they both never missed a beat. Loved the new ending ballad, "Love Is", this song has always been one of my favorites. Stevie's voice was simply angelic. So sad when the last song arrived. As usual, a Stevie concert always leaves you wanting more. Rod put on a great show also. He had a nice stage with lots of back up singers/dancers. Rod cutely danced around the stage performing all of his hits spanning over the years, it was very enjoyable. The entire night rated A+. Thank you. Denise

I attended the March 26th Madison Square Garden Concert with Stevie and Rod Stewart. I have not missed a concert in years and even flew to Red Rocks to See Stevie perform. In my opinion, Stevie has never sounded better!!!!!!!!!! She looked awesome and rocked the sold-out crowd! We were in a upper wing seat and couldn’t stand which made it difficult (honestly, I don’t know how anyone can see Stevie perform and not want to dance and rock with her) – but Stevie was soooo good that I just booked floor seats at the April 6th repeat concert!! If you can go- make it happen. Stevie Nicks is just getting better and better!! Stevie we soooooo miss the meet and greets! Please consider allowing them in the future.

I saw Stevie with Rod Stewart at the Garden on March 26th...what an amazing performance....what an amazing duet! Stevie was in perfect voice....brought back alot of great memories!

Great show at MSGarden on 3/26. I do Love Stevie when she plays Jones Beach, it's just more intimate! But whatever and where ever she just melts my heart!

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