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03/24/2011 Philips Arena Atlanta, GA

Michael C
I have just returned from seeing Stevie Nicks in Atlanta tonight. I must say that I have never seen a crowd of people react the way they did tonight. I believe everyone felt the magic, and the love coming from the stage. Landslide brought tears to my eyes, as it does every time I see it live. Stevie rocked the house with Edge of Seventeen, and closed with a song that had even the toughest man crying! I can’t wait until the CD comes out! She is as Beautiful as ever, and still touches the hearts of anyone who will open their ears. This makes eight concerts for me, and I am 26. Stevie much ~LOVE~ Best Wishes!!

LOVED IT! All! Stevie could stayed all night and sang! Amazing all the songs through all the years!

John S.
I 1st saw Stevie Nicks as a 17 year old in 1974. Me and a buddy were told we had to see this new band Buckingham Nicks. We bought tickets for the outdoor show but on the day of the show it rained and thundered relentlessly all day. Most assumed show would be cancelled but they moved it inside. Me and my buddy along w/ about 75 others were treated to an almost solo performance and I was a fan for life. Now as a 55 year old man here I am with my wife rocking to a great show in Atlanta. Stevie was great. A true professional starting right on time and sailing beautifully through some of her greatest works. At 1st I did not get the connection between Stewart & Nicks but it was really a great combination. I have never seen Stevie look as good as she did when she sang w/ Rod. The Stewart show was much grander in scale and reminded me of Las Vegas. Stevie had a tight 7 band that was very powerful. Great show and one we can add to those past and present memory flashbacks.

I must say that I am on cloud 9 today after having had the opportunity of a lifetime attending Stevie Nicks concert in Atlanta last night. She was as lovely as ever and sang with the same passion as she always has. It was a wonderful surprise to have her come back on stage and sing two songs with Rod Stewart from his collection of hits. Stevie, thank you so much for a magical night and a career that has been iconic full of inspiration to many of us. Fondly, Dallas

I saw Stevie last night in Atlanta, GA. It was phenomenal!! Every time I see her Live it takes my breath away! Every song was wonderful & I loved the new song: "Secret Love" very beautiful. Stevie is always stunning in person absolutely gorgeous!! I went with my friends Marsha, her daughter Rhiannon & friend Drew. We always have to stand during "Rhiannon" as the song is her namesake. This made our third Stevie/FMac concert together & my ninth time seeing Stevie Live. I am 23 yrs old & have been a huge dedicated fan since 1997's "The Dance". Also very much enjoyed "Love Is" her third newest ballad. Outstanding show Stevie & the band you guys are really great!! Never have I been dissappointed at a show. Always great to see the band they do a great job for her. Can't wait for the new album in May so excited!! Rock on Stevie & the band!!

I just wanted to let everyone in ATLANTA know what a FANTASTIC CONCERT Stevie put on for us here at Philips Arena, she LOOKED AND SOUNDED FANTASTIC!! I have been (my Husband, and my Sister) going to see Stevie (and Fleetwood Mac) since 1997(The Dance Tour) and she just keeps getting BETTER AND BETTER!!!! I noticed everyone was singing with her on all of her songs, LANDSLIDE being one of the loudest!!!!! Last night was SIMPLY MAGICAL, Stevie had us from the moment she came on stage, her voice all night long was like listening to Angels in Heaven, she was strong , emotional, sincere, happy, and she sure looked good!!!!!!! I want to mention also how GREAT Stevie was with Rod Stewart, she came out and SANG AND DANCED HER BUTT OFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I also want to mention how SPECTACULAR Stevie’s Band was, Waddy is just phenomenal on guitar, Sharon and Lori looked and sounded wonderful, and the rest of the band was spot on each and every song...Stevie, I can’t wait to get your new CD, you also sang Secret Love at the Concert, and it was simply Beautiful. Thank you Stevie for all your Love, we need that in this Crazy and thoroughly Confusing world, where there is so little Love and Kindness., please keep touring, please come back to Atlanta, we LOVE YOU and may the rest of the Tour be as WONDERFUL AND MAGICAL as last night was, Take care, much LOVE and RESPECT.....A FAN FOREVER, Colleen

Just returned from the Atlanta, GA show. If your ticket has a 7:30pm start time, you better be in your seat! Stevie came on at 7:30pm and started rocking with Fall from Grace. Her voice is still amazing after all these years. Her new song Secret Love sounds amazing live and I cannot wait for her new CD. She closed the set with Love Is, a beautiful ballad from T.I.S.L. She returned to the stage and performed two songs with Rod Stewart. Thank you Stevie for another wonderful evening of music.

Big THANK YOU for making Atlanta a stop on the Heart and Soul tour. I loved it! This my first time seeing Stevie solo and she opened right on time looking better than I do twenty years younger. She looked just the same as when Fleetwood Mac came to town a couple years ago. She sang beautifully as did the others who sang and played for us. They were all great! Special kudos to the incredible keyboardist who did a fabulous job especially on Rhiannon. He got a big hand from the crowd. Stevie did lots of mini costume changes for each song and I appreciated the showmanship that went into her performance as did everyone else in the arena. 'If Anyone Falls in Love" is my favorite and I got to hear it for the first time live. I was thrilled! "Love is" was her encore and as Stevie told us- it is an absolutely beautiful gem of a song. One of the great moments was Stevie and Rod singing together on Passion and Young Turks during his show. According to Rod, Stevie picked those two songs out of his repertoire to sing for us. It was a treat to see two legends enjoying themselves along with us. It was one of the best concert experiences I've had. If they come near your town, you won't be disappointed if you grab a ticket. I'm glad I did!

Looking forward to the next visit,

Atlanta, GA

What can I say? Stevie Nicks, as ALWAYS puts on one GREAT show. I am so proud to be part of her fan base. In case you all don’t know, this woman, the reigning QUEEN of ROCK & ROLL, is one TRUE talent! No one today could put on a show the way this woman can.

We had AWESOME tickets, FRONT ROW and almost center!! I was just to the left of Stevie (her right) and right in front of Waddy! I danced and sang EVERY WORD to EVERY SONG! I think that I even made Waddy laugh at my enthusiasm!

I am from NC and usually travel to wherever Stevie is on the east coast when she is on tour! I am her ONLY #1 fan and I am 26 years old. She and her band usually recognize me, I am the youngest one on the front row and I am guy who you would probably guess had no clue who she was! I try and get the audience as pumped up as I am when I am there and I know for a fact that Waddy Wachtel appreciated it this time! He shook my hand after their set and I got his guitar pick! He was so nice and a true CLASS ACT to speak to a fan like myself! My dream is to one day meet Stevie and actually be able to talk to her and the band and tell them what they have brought to my life through the music!

She started the night off right on time with Fall from Grace which was AWESOME as always! She led into her new song, Secret Love, which was also incredible and good to hear something new. She did several small wardrobe updates as well as changes, my FAV was the boots with sparkles that she wore while on stage with Rod Stewart. Her band sounded superb and Stevie was totally gorgeous! One song that surprised me she did was Love Is. I have LOVED that song since the moment I first heard it and am so happy that she is doing it LIVE. (Similar to Beautiful Child…..WAY better live b/c you can hear and see the emotion in that song)

I am hoping that Stevie will do a tour with the new album, In Your Dreams, which drops May 3rd in case you all don’t know…. GO PRE-ORDER IT NOW

Stevie…..MUCH LOVE and keep ROCKIN….

I had the opportunity to attend the Atlanta concert and am certainly glad I did. It was the sixth time I've seen Stevie live, and it was, perhaps, the best she's ever looked or sounded. She is, like her music, simply timeless. I drove five hours to get there and arrived at the arena 3 hours before the show. I originally purchased weeks before one of the less expensive seats, but once I got to the arena I decided to purchase a better seat so that I could be as close as possible to the stage. And I'm very thankful that I did! Stevie looks great, and her voice is as powerful and as enchanting as ever. Rod Stewart introduced her, and when he did, he referred to her as, "...one of the most iconic voices in rock and roll...," which is absolutely true. I can be in a crowded mall, with music playing that can barely be heard, and yet, when I hear her voice I instantly know its her. The arena was packed, and you could almost cut the anticipation with a knife. She came on to "Fall from Grace," then performed "Secret Love," the first single from her new album. I've been a Stevie fan since "Bella Donna," and listening to all of her songs really took my back. Most of the people around me were singing along on every single song, a testament to how well known her material is to so many. "Stand Back" had everyone on their feet. "Landslide" was amazing; to sit in a huge arena and hear thousands of people singing along took my breath away. I'm sure there is no greater compliment for a songwriter. One thing that made this show truly special for me is that, before the show, while sitting in the Atrium at the CNN building, I noticed that sitting not far from me was a woman who, as a young girl, went with me to my first Stevie Nicks concert 28 years earlier in Jacksonville, Florida. She was sitting with whom I assume was her husband, so I did not walk over and introduce myself. But it seemed fitting that she and I were reunited in this place at that time. (And Phaedra, you're timeless as well.) When I look through my music collection, and I look at the cds in my car, and I look at the music I have loaded on my iPod, it is clear to see that no other musical artist has had a greater impact on me than Stevie Nicks. So thank you Stevie; not only for last night, but for the last 30 years.

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