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03/23/2011 St. Pete Times Forum Tampa, FL

Stevie was so beautiful and amazing as always. The woman still has it. As being a love of my life, literally... my father introduced her music to me as a very young girl, I have fallen in love all over again. She looked amazing. Sounded great. I was actually scheduled to take a college algebra exam, so I went to class so upset knowing Stevie was just down the road. Well, professor let me take exam a little early (knowing she was in town and I loved her, as I just wrote a report on her :D ) and I finished exam in just enough time to get there and buy a ticket. Loved, loved, loved it!!! Opened with "Fall from Grace" and did the usuals, but each time you hear them, its differeant in some way. She finally sang "Love Is" from TISL. Been waiting for her to sing it live for so long. Saw her around the same time in 2009 with Fleetwood Mac. Even in the last two years she's proved herself a legend and still ready to rock a little as ever. She's beautiful and her voice is enchanting as there is no other! There is something bewitching about her, as there has always been. STEVIE... I loved it!!! Keep up the great work. So excited for album to hit the store shelves. This is a concert you don't want to miss. It was my third time seeing Stevie in last five years, and this was the best. Third time is a charm ;) Stevie, you rocked it as you usually do. Best wishes with the rest of the tour. Hope you tour yourself when new album comes out :)

Check it out fans/ lovers/ followers/ all those she has bewitched over the years and anyone who wants to have a great night.
Much love to all,
Britney Rios
Tampa, FL

Saw Stevie at the forum tonight! She opened with her new single, everyone loved it. Glad to see Waddie & the rest of her band were there too. Great songs, Landslide, Rhiannon, Dreams, Gold Dust Woman to name just a few. Stevie was great & even though she didn't spin during the 1st part of her show...when she did start spinning it was beautiful. 8 - 10 consecutive whirls in a row! Made me dizzy trying to keep count. Spectacular show, and did I mention she has a new closing Ballad (this makes 3)... guess you'll have to go to the show to find out cause I'm not spoiling the surprise. Show was just too short!

Stevie rocked as usual! Never sounded better- she ended with a new song- THIS IS LOVE( from Trouble in Shangrlia CD) She sang it beautifully. Rod was good also! GREAT SHOW! You will not be disappointed!

Awesome show----Stevie at her best-- Concert in Tampa kicked ass--well worth the $. Took a while to warm up to Rod Stewart after Stevie.

I attended the concert on 3-23-11 at the st.pete times forum in tampa fl. OMG the concert was great.i think stevie gets more beautiful every time i see her and her voice is phenominal.if you are thinking about going to a show on this tour,i highly suggest you go.if you happen to read this ms.stevie nicks,you really are spectacular and hope to see you many more times.you are just such a beautiful person inside and out.i love you

Attended the 1st night of Nicks/Stewart concert. Both acts were FANTASTIC....BUT the crowd was left wanting more...everyone was expecting some duets between them and there was not even one. I have seen Stevie about 20 times and can never get enough. Rod Stewarts set was amazing and the show he put on was fantastic... He tired a bit at the end which was caused by the flu...

i've seen fleetwood mac before and attend a lot of shows during the course of the year. the tampa show was f****** amazing. she sounded great, looked great (maybe a little wasted, but hey, it sure didn't affect her performance)) and put on a great show. she should have been the headliner. highlights were landslide, i don't think there was a dry eye in the house and cover of Rock and Roll. Would recommend seeing this show if you can.

Great Concert!
Stevie was slim, sleek & sassy!
Loved her hair, her cool bead fringed gloves and as always her Top hat with a BIG red feather.

“The BEST songs of the Evening”
Good – “Fall from Grace”
Even Better…-“Rhiannia “
BEST – “Love Is “ – my very favorite and it’s my heart also (brought tears to my eyes)!
“White Winged Dove” had a New twist to it and I actually liked that she only waved to Fans by the stage vs hand touching ( I am always jealous because I’m not one of them)!
The New song was nice, I look forward to the New CD.

Only 2 of back-up fabulous singers were here and they were sexy in their short skirts & long legs!
I would have loved to hear more from the beautiful Sister of the Moon, but Rod Stewart’s presence was as VIBRANT as it was 25 years ago and I really did enjoy him. I believe “ Forever Young” is a correct phrase!
Everyone would have loved to hear both Stevie & Rod sing a duet together, was what everyone in the audience was saying.
Stevie has left the world a better place than she found it and always gives the BEST she has!
Keep the Music coming Stevie!

VsisteroftheMoon (Vikki)

I usually don't take the time to fill out reviews, especially of concerts, but last night I took my wife to see Rod Stewart and Stevie Nicks in Tampa. We are huge Rod Stewart fans and when we heard Stevie would be touring with him it was a no brainer to attend!

The concert was AWESOME! Stevie came out around 7:40 and played for an hour and a half! She looked great and sounded even better. The band sounded polished even as it was the first date of the tour. She brought the house down with Stand Back and encored with a cover of Led Zeppelin!

I would have liked to see Stevie and Rod duet, but I can't complain. With today's economy a double billed show like this really gives you some bang for your buck! Well worth the price of admission.

Great Job Stevie!

Been to a BUNCH of Stevie concerts, she was amazing and once again rocked the house!
Went to Tampa, St Pete Times Forum. She never disappoints, her voice was even better than ever. She wrapped us all in her magic once again. No-one else can make you believe in everything like she can. So once again, I, and all who were there, thank you. Met new and exciting fans, had a great time! The queen of rock still rocks. But not a little! Alot! :)

I loved the concert! Love Stevie Nicks! The only thing I disliked was she did not sing "Leather and Lace"!!! I was looking forward to her singing that song the most. I was very disappointed that she did not sing it! Other then that GREAT CONCERT and Stevie you look Great!

And if I ever see you again I hope you sing that song just for ME...lol!

What an incredible night! After driving from Jacksonville we were too excited to rest waiting for Stevie and Rod. Stevie was full of energy, slim and toned and having a blast. Rocking from the start with Fall from Grace she never let up for almost 2 hours. Beautiful images filled the screen behind her and Landslide with the many clips of her dad was definitely a tear jerker. Twirling, telling stories, singing a grouping of Fleetwood sings like they were written yesterday, Stevie just lit up the night. How is it possible every time I see her ( this was show 25) she looks and sounds better than before! Rod Stewart was also amazing, thank you to whoever put these two together. His full energy soulful set was a perfect compliment to Stevie. I too was bummed there were no duets, but thankful Rod still performed in spite of his illness. Great merchandise this time around for both and we are hoping they come to Jacksonville..would love to see them again!!

Stevie Nicks proved once again she is the Queen on Rock & Roll. from opening with "Fall from Grace" and closing with "Love is" she rocked the forum. I was glad to hear her sing those songs from her "Trouble In Shangrlia" album. some people may think they were new songs but they have been out for years including "Sorcerer" I have been able to see her quite a few times over the years and she just gets better and better. She had the crowd going throughout her whole set. I can not wait for her album to come out and she will be on the Today show that day. She is a Great Poet and Performer as well as a Inspiration to everyone! I can relate to all her songs and I believe everyone else would say the same! She looked great and I can't wait to see her again! Thanks Stevie for giving your fans a chance to see you on tour! Much love!

Travelled from England to see Stevie for the first time. She was magnificent. Rhiannon is a long time favourite and it was a great rendition. The encore of Rock and Roll was brilliant. Rod Stewart was a good showman and entertainer. But if you like rock Stevie Nicks has to be the one. A brilliant evening and well worth the journey.

Awesome show by both Stevie and Rod. Took a long time friend to see Stevie who has never seen her live before, she was amazed! Stevie was beautiful, sounded incredible and was just amazing! Love the new song on the new album (especially the album cover since I have a white horse also). 'Love is'..literally had me weeping it was so touching and a favorite on Shangri-La album. Rod Stewart was very engaging and fun despite still being ill. Great evening!

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