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Stevie Nicks - FAN REVIEWS

12/10/2011 Derwent Entertainment Centre Tasmania

Warwick W.
I know quite a few of stevie's songs and was really looking forward to seeing her live for the first time, given this was her first trip to Tasmania. What we (the audience) were treated to was really something ... a 4 and a half hour extravaganza and what personally was the best "value" concert I had ever been to.

It started with support act Irishman Brian Mc Fadden and friends who played a very pleasant and relaxing accoustic mini-set including a lovely song he obviously wrote for his darling of the time, Delta Goodrem. This was folllowed by Dave Stewart and a large ensemble of backing artists who really "rocked it out" . They created an absolute wall of sound that kept on pucnching out at you. There is nothing that guy can't do with a guitar and the extended versions of some of his big hits with Eurithmics were epic... enormous. He was very impressive, as were all the assembled artists.

When Stevie came onto stage, the audience were in the mood, and the anticipation was and atmosphere was palpable. I not only enjoyed her singing, which was everything I had wanted it to be, but also the other stuff, like the way Stevie used colour and form in the video clips (and a massive screeen) including pieces from various stages of her life and compliment the songs. The whole thing was so beautifully and so professionally done, but yet in a very personal way that really did touch those that were lucky enough to be there. For those many of us who hadn't seen or met her, she gave to us, with "somewhat naked explanation" of her songs and the emotions behind them, the honour of a more intimate insight into her life, the meaning behind the songs and also who she was/is as a person .... as well as an artist, She is obviously a person who sees the beauty in other people, with the sincere way she recognises the contributions of those around her, and as such is clearly a beautiful soul herself. She sounded great and the song arrangements were totally first class, but moreover, that she was humble, real , very warm and appreciative made her concert experience resonate so much more deeply for me. I was totally taken in and charmed ... as I am sure the others were from their reaction to her music and her shares!! I rave about that concert and went straight out and bought her new work as well as a "very best-of" for Christmas. Thanks so much Stevie for including Tassie on you itinerary. Thanks for assembling all those people to do it "properly", not cheaply.

I went to see the artist. I was unaware it would be such an intimate experience because she was such a lovely soul, I felt that I had actually met Stevie the person, I felt honoured by that .... and it was very nice memory for myself, my wife and sister.

ps: my whole family loves your music too.

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